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Found 23 results

  1. My details have been added to DIAC's skilled database. Has anyone ever gained an interest or job from companies prior to immigrating.
  2. Mummy Mann

    Skills Matching Database

    Hi all Just wondering if anybody has had any employers contact you for employment following adding your details onto the skills matching database.
  3. Hello poms, I got my visa on 28th march and on 9th april I go mail from Skilled Migrants Job Matching Service.. so I need to fill form on this http://www.skilledmigrant.gov.au website.. During filling form they asked for preferred location of job means VIC,SA,WA,ACT and in last All States.. Now I am sponsored by SA can I select All states ?
  4. Guest

    skills matching database

    Hello Just filling in the app and wonder if anyone has found going on the Skills matching database to be of any use? Thanks Michelle
  5. Has anyone received an email about this following a visa grant? I registered on the Skills Matching Database when I originally applied, but didn't expect anything from it (and I was right). I've had this email come through today from skilledmigrant.gov.au, which looks like a similar thing. It seems a bit weird however, as it talks about the MODL. I don't whether it's my suspicious nature, but it seems a bit dodgy (asks for visa grant number and passport number).
  6. gaz n family

    Help with Skills Matching Database

    I have been able to distinguise which is my entry on the Skills Matching Database. However, in my opinion, the discriptions and contents they have used does not stand me in good stead against peers, they have not chosen the best from my CV/Resume. Is there anyway i can get this amended, i assume i cannot do it myself? Wonder if its possible to send them my entry how i would like it to be seen? I mean, I have had several recent qualifications to do with my skill, they have included 3 qualifications, 1 my HND for my trade and the other two being 1 maths and 1 english GCSEs i sat when bored, which will not help me get that engineering job.
  7. Guest

    SKILL matching database

    heys guys, I just come of the phone an employer :err:which has seen my skills on the skill matching database:wideeyed:, and want to interview me.:cry: can this be true, someone pinch me:arghh:
  8. What a pain, I had input all my qualification details, then the last page wanted my CV uploaded in rich text, which I did. It then it said it could not upload because I had images on the file!! There are no images on my CV, which was completed in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Has anyone else had this and what did you do to rectify? Thanks in advance.
  9. B1K3R

    Skill Matching Database

    Hi there, I am just wondering if the Skill Matching Database is really used by employers. Has anyone of you (or know anyone) where Skill Matching Database has played any part in getting a job offer or been contacted by any employers? Cheers B1K3R
  10. lavender776

    Skill matching database

    Does anyone have any feedback about the Skill matching database? To be honest, until I received an email yesterday telling me my details had been enetered onto it, I had forgotten that I had filled this in as part of the application process.
  11. Waitingawhile

    skills matching data base

    Has anyone actually gained employer nomination via the skills matching data base? As I will fall into Cat 5 priority processing just wondering what to do for the best.
  12. Guest

    Skills Matching Database

    how do you go about getting yourself listed on the skills matching database ? Skill Matching Database (SMD) if I follow that link it takes me to a page that seems to be a search function for employers to look through prospective employees, how do you enter your details on it ? :embarrassed: hopefully not a stupid question but I cant see where to add my details
  13. Guest

    Skills Matching Database and IT

    I know there have threads in the past asking about the SMD but I was wondering if anyone with IT skills had bothered with it and if so whether you get anything back from it?
  14. Hi, i have been trying to work out how long for a case officer after receiving email informing that we have been added to skills matching list! Some people seem to have waited a long time for this email and then received a case officer quite quickly?? Please can someone share their experience? Thank you
  15. Guest

    Skill Matching Database

    Hello all, my first post and i guess many more to come later as we have all decided to leave the UK and head out to oz:) anyway i was just wondering has anyone had any luck with the Skill Matching Database ?? I work in the IT field as a network engineer have around 5 years under my belt, i can get more points if i go in as Printer as this is what i did before, but as you have noticed i have left the print trade and not done it for 5 years.... so i guess i have 2 questions that i need help with comments please would be great thanks
  16. The subclass number 134 visa - the Skills Matching visa - is often overlooked as an option for migrants to Australia. Even as we approach the 1st September, 2007 changes to skilled migration it can remain an option. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Advantages of a Skills Matching visa are: - no points test - reduced recent work experience requirement - lower English language competency requirement Such a strategy involves lodging a valid application before the end of August 2007 (form 47SK - including the completion of the Skills Matching pages, plus a skills assessment classification). A State Nomination can follow later. Best regards.
  17. Guest

    Skill matching on visa

    I am wondering whether to fill in the part j skill matching database. I am in touch with the garages (i am a mechanic) in Brisbane but am wondering if it's still worth me filling it in. Anyone any thoughts? Thanks Woodview.
  18. Hi Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with the Skills Matching Database. I've received an email from DIMIA advising that I'm now on it, but I'm not really sure how it works :? Thanks Lee
  19. Lynandsean

    Skill matching visa

    Hi there Have read some posts regarding the skills matching visa and am wondering if this will work for my daughters boyfriend who wishes to join our family when we move off to oz (fingers crossed!). He is 21 and has been working for a landscaping company training as a landscape gardener/hard landscaper since October 05 approx. He is also doing a years C & G in hard landscaping which he will complete in July. We had ruled out the 136 skilled ind. visa as he hasnt been working in this for long enough and he was therefore going to apply for a student visa to continue studying in oz for 2 yrs in the hope that he could get a PR after. The queries seem to arise regarding the length of time working in the job the TRA require you to provide and the length of time needed to qualify for this visa. Gonna check out the immigration website but the input here is invaluable (specially when your brain has just decided to go into a senior blonde mode!?!?!) Our daughter is gonna apply for a student visa as she wants to do her physio degree in oz and we are also advised that she could also come as a 'last remaining relative' at some point as long as she doesnt get engaged/marry her boyfriend !?! Any feedback would really be appreciated. Lyn x
  20. Guest

    Skill matching database

    Anyone on this , or has anyone been "The Chosen One". What happens and what experience do you need in your trade yvonne
  21. ali

    Skill matching Data Base

    When I sent off my PC's & change of circumstance form, I also completed Form 47SK (skills match). I've received an email saying that my skills were put onto the data base today and would stay on for 2 years or until I migrate to Aus - has anyone had prospective employers contact them via this route? and more importantly would they put me on the data base if I wasn't going to be granted a visa??? At least I know that my PC's arrived safely, I was begining to think they'd got lost in the post. Ali
  22. Hi - I wonder if anyone can help. We're just putting together our 47SK (independent skilled visa) and we have the option to register on the Skill matching Database. Sounds like a no-brainer for my partner (the main applicant) who is a plumber and we've filled in the necessary bits. however, my question is, can i (as the spouse) who is not being assessed and has not had my skills assessed still fill out the Skill Matching Database as well? I can't find any information that says I can't, just wondered if anyone else has done this? If all else fails I'll probably just fill it in, because if it's wrong they'll just ignore it but would be good to know for sure. Cheers all
  23. Guest

    Skills Matching Database

    Hi guys - just wondered, is it worth going on to this database? We are applying under skilled independent as my hubby is a carpenter. Does this database cover that some of job or is it geared more for professionals? More importantly, does it cost any more on the application if you say you want to go onto the database. Thanks