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Found 16 results

  1. Anyone been though this? My son goes to an "outstanding" small town primary school (1 class per year). Everyone knows everyone and it works really well. The areas of Brisbane we are looking at all seem to have massive primary schools. I am a bit worried about the change from 1 class per year to about 6. Do sensitive children get a bit lost with it? Are bullying/problems kept on top of? I'd really appreciate any feedback, thanks.
  2. whichway

    Massive Arguement

    Tonight I had a massive argument with my now husband (still is weird to say). It was huge, our biggest argument yet:mad::mad::mad: So he went to some other room in the house totally slamming two doors (dunno where the doors came from unless he went to the loo) and I decided to go out for a walk with the dog and the pram to calm down. On my way out I left an A4 note on the table (that already had important numbers on it) with F*** OFF!! in massive letters. I was SO angry when I wrote the note. I was going to walk to my friends house but then I realised I don't actually have any friends who live less than 20 kms away..... so I just walked round in a circle... Now I am thinking about it it is so funny :laugh::laugh: I got back and was doing my best to still be angry when he asked me if I still wanted the note with the numbers on it. I guess you had to be there but it was very very funny.:laugh: Now of course you wouldn't know any of it had happened.:cute::wubclub: Everything has changed in my life and I can't be upset for long...It's fab. I even feel great after an argument. Maybe it's the adrenalin?? Anyone got any good argument stories (not awful ones with bad endings:no:)?
  3. Hey! not sure if anyone is feeling the same but my partner and i visited some of his family in Brisbane last year and stayed for 6 weeks! ever since we returned to the UK, we have not stopped thinking about Australia and are desperate to make the move! we have been researching and looking through visa options for a while now and just about to apply. we are both young (22 &23) and i am worried that we are being too naive and possibly selfish thinking we can move to the other side of the world and be fine! we both love australia and feel like we would have so many more opportunities and just a better life but i am also worried about the close family and friends we are leaving behind and can't help feeling guilty and also scared that we are making such a massive move!! i know everyone goes through this but has anyone experienced this or in the same situation and feeling the same?? i think it would really help to chat to someone other than the family/friends that we will be leaving... thank you in advance, xx:biggrin:
  4. For those interested in a bargin or stocking up for oz M&S have a massive spring sale starting today.
  5. sleepywombat

    a MASSIVE thanks to RNS staff

    Hi All I made the unfortunate mistake of tumbling down a set of stone steps last week and making a huge mess of my shoulder. I kindly passer-by called for an ambo for me and I was whisked off to the Royal North Shore Hospital. I was operated on on Thursday arvo and then sent to recuperate on the orthopedic ward until I was fit enough to leave yesterday. I understand that the surgeon who took me on was one of the best in his field (which may have been necessary given the nature of my injury!) and he and his team were wonderful. I am now the proud new owner of a plate, a few screws, what looks like a tidy scar and a nice big box of Endone!!! I was completely amazed at the level of care that I received from everyone I encountered. The Ambo crew, the staff in Resus, Emergency and the ward, the operating team and even the boys trolleying me to x-ray - everyone was kind, warm, friendly, apologetic and patient. I have had many experiences of hospitals in the UK where I have felt I have been almost in the way and an annoyance.... Not here... Staff of all nationalities catered to everything I needed and made my stay an awful lot less distressing than it could have been. I only hope that as a holder of a reciprical medicare card, an Aussie-in-need in the UK is given the same attention and care as I have been lucky enough to have received here in Sydney. Medics - you are wonderful people - thank you....:hug: C x
  6. Guest

    Massive CRB problem

    Hi everyone, First of all, I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone for the help they've given me, as I only seem to be asking stuff at the moment. I do appreciate all the help! Unfortunately I have a massive problem related to my teaching registration with the Victoria Teacher's Institute to do with my CRB checks. Because I've lived outside Australia the application form says I need to provide my CRB documents from my time in the UK, and the problem is I no longer have the official documents (lost in transit months ago). The main trouble is that you can't get re-prints of your CRBs, and I can't re-apply for an enhanced disclosure in the UK because I have no employer to counter sign it! I looked into Subject Access Reports that you get from the police but not sure if they'd be accepted. Does anyone know if a basic disclosure would be accepted here, as I can still apply for one of those (I think! I need to call them tomorrow to check). If not, does anyone have any idea at all about what I could do?? Or have I just screwed myself out of any teaching work in Melbourne? :cry: If the basic disclosure isn't enough I was hoping they might accept character references from the heads of the schools I taught at in the UK. I mean, if i'd failed my CRB check in the UK I wouldn't have gotten a job at those schools!! If anyone has any ideas I would be so so grateful!!!
  7. Guest

    Have I made a massive error

    I have not yet mailed back the form confirming my WA SS. I applied for my 176 in April. Am I still Cat 4.... With Weddings/Moving to Aus/Everything changing every five seconds, It completely went out of my head.......have I made a VERY costly error........ Say it isn't so............
  8. Guest

    A massive thankyou!!!!!

    Hi everyone I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who commented on my posts. I have just come back from a Recce to Perth and Freo and I have to say I LOVE IT!!! We are about to set dates to move etc and are looking for a long term rental. The packing has begun and Its all so REAL now :wacko: Its good to know there are people out there in the same boat ( so to speak) who share their experiences, it really does help!! so Thanks again and thanks to all those people who sent me Private messages. Will keep you posted :biggrin: CHEERS!! :hug:
  9. Just to let you all know that from the 1/3/10 there has been a massive increase in shipping cost , PSS who are moving us Monday have sent me my invoice, we have a 40ft container including a car which should have cost £5,142 but today when I recieve my bill I have an extra £568 to pay which they say is increase shipping cost.....so just to let you all know.....that if you are moving within the next few months and have already had your shipping quotes confirmed this will NOT be the price you pay unless you have had your quote within the last week so you need to check with your shipping company and get a new quote or you will be left with a nasty shock like we are!! .....I think they all think we are made of money!!! On top of the insurance and £48 for custome sercurity our bill in now £6,742!!!!!.....alot more than we had budgeted for......Louise
  10. Hi Just read this article on 'Perth NOW' online and i was wondering if currnet WA resisdence can tell me if the energy bill increases of 23% in 09 has been felt as much as this article is making out? Shock for households as power bills to surge $270 a year | PerthNow We move to Perth in the next 3weeks and seeing that there has been such an increase this year, and a planned 26% increase next year, it is a worry what with us going out with no jobs and starting a new ect ect. They are saying that the average family has had to find and extra $270 already to cover the increase, that will surely double with the 2010 planned 26% THATS MASSIVE! :wideeyed: Obviously you find it, you have to find it, but how do energy bills get paid in Aus, can you do monthly direct debits or do they have to be paid in one big hit? If so then a hit of over $400 in one month is nasty. :huh: Is this increase to be a yearly thing!?!?! Any advise or info most appreciated. Thanks
  11. I've been attacked with the usual bites these past few days. The itching is driving me mad and I'm using all the usual stuff, however on my foot/ankle I can't see a bite as such but over the last 24 hours my foot is warm, hugely swollen to the point I can't get my thongs on properly and feels really puffy and tight. It's red but not overly so and warm but not hot, I feel fine otherwise just the itching and increasing swelling...tracking up my ankle now. See a Dr or self-help?? I should know really just want some extra advice from anyone who's had the same thing.:wubclub:
  12. Just wondering, how can there be a skill shortage here now with so many people losing their jobs and the unemployment rate at 4.8%. How are people still getting in on work visas ? I think any of you planning on coming here should hurry it up if that is what you want because surely this will all change soon as things get progressively worse in employment here.
  13. Guest

    In a massive quandry...

    :wacko:Hi all, have been offered a great, well paid senior M&A role in Sydney. I was all geared-up to take it in September, and had given in my notice at work here having experienced quiet times due to the credit crunch etc (which doesn't seem to have hit Oz quite so hard). Then there is an added complication in the shape of a girl who lives out there already. Both of us would like to move things along relationship-wise (we knew eachother in the UK and spent a holiday in Oz together earlier this year), but she emphasised I shouldn't move because of her. That's a fair point, as we've not really had enough time together to decide 100%, but whilst I think I had convinced myself that I was moving for career reasons, now it is crunch time, I'm not so sure. Also, there have been some changes at work recently here that have improved things considerably. I suppose I underestimated how much I am settled here (plus my parents are getting on a bit - something of a concern), but conversely, I wonder if I'd regret the opportunity to spend a couple of years in Sydney...and more to the point, miss out on the girl. But if I'm really moving because of her, and things didn't work out, the way my job works is that I'd be stuck out there for at least 2 years. Am under pressure to decide from all sides, and haven't slept a wink for the past 2 days.
  14. Latest news from government budget for 2008/09 "IMMIGRATION Minister Chris Evans wants a major overhaul of the migrant program to boost numbers, promote unskilled as well as skilled applicants and gear Australia to the new global competition for workers." Labor promises massive increase in migration to lure workers | The Australian
  15. What can I say, just having a moan really, after 5 months on the market and a change of estate agent later we finally got an offer on the flat, a good offer at that. Great we though until we recieved a letter from GLasgow Council to say that they wanted to re-do the roughcasting on the front of the building. Well that also comes with a £16k price tag per flat. They say it comes down to a vote amongst the people that stay in the buiding but if you are a council tenant (1 in the building) or a pensioner (1 in the buiding) you get it for free and if you are single thats everyone else apart from us they will be entitled to a minimum of 50% discount with addition discount dependant on income. Can you believe it, I am desperatly trying to talk my neighbours out of this because we cant sign any contract for the sale if there is a pending debt, if this goes ahead no doubt my buyers will pull out and even if we get another buyer we will make nearly no profit on the sale after paying out the £16k. It never rains but it pours. Starting to think maybe these are all signs that we shouldnt be going. boo hoo Mandy
  16. Hi Folks, This is our first post on this forum. Done lots of reading and have found out loads of useful info. from this site so thanks to everyone for that! We have three girls, twins of 4 and a 5 year old. We lodged our application just over a week ago. My husband Rich is a Plumber/Gas Fitter and he's our ticket. John Adams is our Agent, he's cool, very prompt and helpful. We re looking at emmigrating to Perth, not sure on North or South yet. That's our story so far, just playing the waiting game now... Beki :roll: