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Found 6 results

  1. compare to Aussie men? Look at the British and European born and educated counterparts:sad:
  2. The Pom Queen

    Arranged Marriages

    I was glad to hear that a 16 year old girl brought a court case against her parents and won in an attempt to stop her being forced to marry someone she didn't love. The problem is how will this girl be treat by her family now. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/brave-teenager-beats-bride-plan/story-fn7x8me2-1226152244034
  3. Disclaimer: This post refers to marriages/relationships between nationals of different countries, e.g. Oz/NZ + Brits. It has nothing to do with racial or religious relationships. I often wonder how many mixed marriages, where one party is living in their partner's country, succeed to the extent that both people are truly happy? When you are young and in love, it is so easy to follow your heart. Everything is new and exciting, and life in another country is one big adventure. Getting used to a totally different way of life can be fun. At the beginning. In fact, this feeling can last for years and years and years. However, the brutal truth is that the partner who is away from home has had to make major compromises, giving up everything that is familiar and comforting to effectively begin again. And as the years turn into decades, decisions made when you are young can start to feel less right as time passes. And if you discuss the issue with your OH, their reaction may often shock you, as they have become used to the status quo, and can't see any need to change it. In fact, many are unwilling to even consider a change. Well, why should they? They are living in their own country, in a life that is extremely familiar, so exactly what compromises have they had to make over the years? None that I can see. But what about you? You thought you had committed yourself for a few games, when suddenly you find that you have actually committed yourself for the entire season, as the rules changed without anyone telling you. You keep giving and giving, until one day you have nothing left to give. You want to go home. You yearn for the comfort and familiarity of your home country. You want to revive and relive the memories that have laid dormant for so long. So you have a choice. Stay or go home alone. Which for a lot of people is no choice at all. And yes, I am speaking from experience. I met my Brit husband while I was working in Germany, and we came back to the UK to live. I can't lie - it was fun for years, but then I started to get seriously homesick, only to be told quite bluntly that Australia did not figure in his plans at all. He said he loved me to bits, but simply couldn't tolerate living in Australia, even though we had discussed the possibility occasionally. End of discussion as far as he was concerned. In order for us to stay together, my only choice was to live in a country which, although I adored it at first, have gradually fallen out of love with over the past few years. I feel I have been sacrificed on the altar of my husband's total inability to consider my needs and my wants. But if he had agreed to try Australia, was I then not placing him in the same position that I am in at the moment? A very difficult situation, with no easy resolution that I can see. So, mixed marriages? Compromise or sacrifice? What is everyone's views?
  4. Just interested how many there are of us, out there. Most know my story but for those that don't........ I'm Australian and came to the UK looking to see the world b4 i got to old, I met Tracy here in the UK fell in love :happy_face_love_in_ 5 yrs later and we are still going strong looking to head back to Oz December 2010. I've found having a UK partner brilliant in regards to living in the UK it does help having inside knowledge on the place, the only draw back is that it's harder to share new experiences together as Tracy has travelled around alot seen alot etc. Tracy has a great family who i adore so there are no problems there just wish (sometimes) that I could have mine around me as well, like Christmas times, bithdays etc, but I know Tracy will feel the same when the roles are reversed..... I only hope I can do the same for Tracy when we get to Australia Geoffrey
  5. tracy123

    Mixed Marriages

    So come on how many of us are out there? For those that don’t know me I’m Geoffrey (Australian) Tracy (British) and we live in Blackburn UK. We plan on moving to Melbourne in January 2011 if the court allow us to take Jake (Tracy’s son with us). So what are the positive/negatives of living with someone who is a native of that country? Me I’ve found nothing but positives living with an English person in England. Anyway it will be great to get us all on one thread, look forward to reading your stories All the best Geoffrey
  6. Interesting article on Ninemsn this morning... Hundreds of sham marriages exposed I can't believe there were so many Spouse/De Facto Visa's issued last year- 40,000! I knew we weren't alone! :wink: But I hope this does't mean the application process is now going to be harder for anyon who is yet to apply!