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Found 30 results

  1. Hi I am looking for skill assessment through AIM for Sales and marketing manager. I work as Deputy Marketing Manager for an education company. Education: I am a University gold Medallist in Marketing where I perused my Bachelor and master in Marketing. Experience: I finished my marketing internship - 3 months I was hired by my current company for a probation period for three months as a trainee and then was promoted to senior executive and currently I work as a deputy manager for the company where I look after 4 offices (around 20+ employees) and report to the national director – all this experience sum more than three years approx. ( 38 months ) 1. So, is it advisable to apply for skill assessment for AIM considering they only look for more experienced people? 2. Are three years enough to apply considering the seniority of the position and education in the same field? Thank you in advance Regards,
  2. I am considering getting a TEFL qualification on order to teach around the Noosa area. I taught English years ago in Hungary and have been doing travel marketing since. Is a TEFL useful in Oz?
  3. I see on the SA they are offering state sponsorhip for Sales and Mraketing. Does anyone have any info on the process and what the job prospects are. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone I'm hoping to hear from anyone who has been employer sponsored (457 visa) in either the Marketing Specialist (225113) or Market Research Analyst (225112) occupations... I'm a 26 year old Brit who is currently working in Adelaide on my working holiday visa; I've secured a role with a university here and can currently work for six months on my existing visa. It was a permanent position, and the university decided they would rather hire me, if only for six months, rather than any of the other candidates that applied. I've been in the role for nearly a month now and the Director of my team would like to sponsor me (on the 457) but her initial discussions with our allocated HR person have suggested that it wouldn't be possible because my role isn't specialised or senior enough to pass the immigration process. So, my Director is encouraging me to find examples of people at a similar level/in a similar role that have managed to get sponsored under these type of roles. She's introduced me out to one of the most senior people in the university, and has their support to progress discussions with more senior HR staff. A bit more about me and my profession... I work in a relatively new sector for Australia called alumni relations and development. It's essentially relationship marketing and fundraising in higher education - hence why I'm looking into the Marketing Specialist category. I am in a level 6 'Officer' role which pays around $70,000. My role basically involves identifying contacts with the ability to make major donations (5, 6, 7 figures) to our institution (through various types of research and analysis), and developing fundraising campaigns and strategies to secure those gifts. I have five years experience of working in this sector for a university in the UK, as well as level four professional qualifications in marketing and fundraising (Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Fundraising) and lots of additional training. The main downside is that I do not have a degree, though I understand that a minimum of five years relevant work experience could be considered as an alternative. I'd love to hear from anyone else working on a 457 visa under either of these marketing categories, particularly at 'Officer' or 'Co-ordinator' level. Any information on how straightforward your employer-sponsored application was, and any other information that would help my case with HR would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Fern
  5. Outsource Sydney is looking for fun-loving, and outgoing individuals who can become the face of our client’s brand and enjoy working in a fast-paced customer service environment! Our Management team believe that experience and skills gained within the Hospitality, Bar or Retail industries are undervalued and they are very transferrable into what we do, so this experience is highly valued and desired! We are looking to take someone with NO experience from an Entry Level position and train them up into a Leadership role within 4-6 weeks and (for the ambitious and career focused) they have the chance to become the new face of our growing corporation, with the possibility for Australian sponsorship!! WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING? Working with Outsource Sydney, you will be based out of our Surry Hills office working within a young, fun and dynamic atmosphere. A successful candidate will: • Interact with customers to create brand awareness and advertising and customer support for our clients • Work within one of our fun and professional sales and marketing campaigns! • Have the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace • Be available full time and is willing to get started in 1-2 weeks (or even tomorrow!) Outsource Sydney highly value skills and experience from different cultures, countries and backgrounds from all around the world. If someone proves to be a valuable asset to the company and also demonstrates a great work ethic and dedication, we will explore Sponsorship options!! Please send your CV/ Resume directly to our HR Manager Lauren at info@outsourcesydney.com or contact our HR team directly on (02) 8246 7108. Because we are looking to make contact with potential candidates within 1-3 business days, an Australian phone number and valid email address are both essential.
  6. Our client's come to us in the area of Sales, Promotions and Marketing solutions to deliver their message in a fun, yet professional environment leaving them to focus solely on their specialist area of experitze! THE ROLE To be considered, all you will need is: Enthusiastic and confident attitude Great student mentality (to learn and apply) and We are looking for a fun, and dynamic candidate with the ability to have fun but also maintain a professional work ethic! Our office environment is friendly, exciting and energetic for those individuals who don't want to be couped up in a quiet office all day, love being around people and want a fun and exciting career opportunity, we would love to hear from you! If this sounds like something for you, please forward your CV directly to our HR Manager Lauren at info@outsourcesydney.com or apply online today! We aim to contact successful applicants within 1-3 working days via email or phone (so please be sure to include current details). (NB: If you are excited about the opportunity to relocate to Melbourne, Victoria with us, please inform us when you apply!) Outsource Sydney Foster Street Business Centre Suite 4 33 Foster Street, Surry Hills Sydney, 2010 02 82467108
  7. Entry Level Sales and Marketing Advisor This position is Entry Level, so no experience is necessary but experience in the Hospitality, Retail or any Customer Service industry, is something that is highly valued by our HR team! Outsource Sydney is becoming one of the fastest growing Sales and Marketing companies in the Sydney area, with plans to take on Melbourne in May after our success in 2013. We are looking for team-oriented people with the ambition and self-motivation to strive to their full potential. We are looking for Entry Level Sales and Marketing Advisor's to help with our goals for expansion for one of our Fortune 500 Clients. We feel that someone with this experience thrive in our fun and energetic work environment and deserve the opportunity to have a successful career where they can put their personality and transferable skills somewhere they are prized! Apply Today If You Have; • Experience in the Retail, Hospitality or behind a bar • Confidence to communicate with all different types of people, from all walks of life • Incredible student mentality • A great student mentality, the ability to learn and apply • A current and valid Australian visa, to work on a Full Time basis! This is a Full Time position (minimum of 4 days) And all applicants must be available to start immediately. The right candidate will be chosen after a face-to-face interview with one of our managers. Candidates must be good with people and have a high level of integrity to work with our internationally renowned clients. **If you are interested in the possibility of finding a long-term career opportunity, http://www.outsourcesydney.com
  8. Hi, Just wondering is it possible for an international student to find a marketing/research related job with a sponsorship (186 Direct entry stream)? I am seeking advice as my visa will be expired at the beginning of next year. Thanks !
  9. Hi Guys, First of I know this is a very personal decision - still I'd like to see what your opinions are (especially Raul and other Migration specialists). Occupation : Marketing Specialist, ANZSCO 225113 Transition stream : In about 75 days I will qualify to apply under the 2 years 457 (same employer) category. Direct Entry : I have a positive VETASSESS skills assessment towards my Master of Marketing + previous work history I nominated the Marketing Specialist for my 457, I will nominate the same for my ENS186. IELTS is not an issue for me, its simply the cost. Given my employer may take 2-4 weeks to organise the NOMINATION paperwork, does it make sense in pushing and going under the Direct Entry? I have seen people previously suffer from waiting (i.e past June 30th in case new rules come into place). All other paperwork for my VISA (police clearance etc is actually ready, I just the NOMINATION paperwork from the employer). Thoughts?
  10. Hello everyone, am I in the right place for some advice on moving to Australia?? Myself and girlfriend having been mulling over a move to Australia for far too long, and we've decided to make a decision once and for all. We both want to live & work in Australia having visited on a number of occasions over the past few years. We have spent the past 6 months trying to find a 457 sponsored job in Australia, however the barrier of being in the UK at present constantly leads to rejection. We are both 30+ and degree qualified, one as a Digital Marketer and the other as a Health Promotion worker, however neither fall onto the SOL. Our only option now appears a risk or reward trip to Australia, giving up our jobs in England, in search of the Australian dream? We don't have too many ties here so this could happen very quickly and the funds are in place for at least a 6 month stay. I would love to know if anyone has actually done & achieved this?? What is the secret to success? I would also welcome honest advice from people, do they think it is possible to just turn up in the country and get a 457 sponsored job? If you've read this far, then thank you very much, look forward to hearing from you.
  11. Hello Everyone, I wish to apply for Australian Immigration. I request your guidance for a step wise visa application. Following are some of my particulars, Field : Marketing/Advertising Exp : 3.5 years IELTS : 7 in all bands Years of Education : 16 I would highly appreciate if someone can guide me for filing my application. Looking forward for a positive response from the Forum Members ~ God Bless
  12. My husband was a radio announcer for years (including work as a promotions manager and as a copywriter), he has since spent the last couple of years selling advertising / marketing (but always with a sales focus). He hates this - he doesn't have the cut-throat attitude needed and would rather have the client only buy what they actually need for their business, which isn't always the best for targets! He is wanting to get back into a more client-centered job once we arrive in Melbourne next month, we are thinking copywriting, marketing ideas, charity work or corporate communications (internal). With the job market being tight and me having already secured work, is it worth him finding a company he would actually want to work for and doing some work experience/offering his services as a consultant? Does anyone have any ideas of how to go about this? Thanks for your time,
  13. Like many couples in their early 20s, my boyfriend and I are keen to see more of the world and experience other cultures and jobs. We're very fortunate to be in good jobs here in the UK. But living in Australia has always been a dream, and we can't help but think that now is the perfect time, as we have no real ties here, just our jobs. And I'm sure our families will manage ok without us for a year We both have first class honours degrees in Business/Marketing. My boyfriend has two and a half years' experience in clerical officer/office management roles. And I have two and a half years' digital communications experience. We were hoping to get some first hand and honest opinions on Sydney's job market. We've worked so hard since leaving uni to try and get up the career ladder. So we're really keen to continue to advance our careers while we travel, and it will play a big role on our final decision to move. I was thinking about contacting recruitment agents for advice on temporary roles. But as we're not planning on going until the end of summer (UK summer), it seems to early. I don't really know where to start. Any advice is welcome! Thanks J
  14. Jessandhan

    Marketing in Australia

    Hi all, I've been working in marketing for nearly 3 years in London. I'm keen to make the move out to Australia but don't want to go and work in a bar/fruit pick. Is there any way of finding work in marketing or such like - would this be possible or just unrealistic?!
  15. Hi, While my husband is a Pom we are already living in NZ where we are planning to move from to Melbourne mid 2013. He has been in media here for many years, and the last 2.5 he has spent working in marketing/sales (due to the small city we're living in). As sales isn't his passion he is thinking about retraining, possibly to work in IT (he used to be a buyer many years ago) or telecommunications. I guess I'm just feeling it out - does anyone know of any reputable training establishments? Or companies that will invest time/effort into someone that has the skills but not necessarily the qualifications? His other option is to do more marketing/media work, I think he may not be as keen on this as he doesn't want to be 'stuck' in a sales role where he would much rather be doing something creative. Your advice will be gladly received!
  16. I am looking at moving to Australia from the UK. I currently work as a sales and marketing manager within the hardwood industry and have been doing this job for almost 12 years now. Within that time I have studied a 5 year business management degree at Birmingham university various college courses and also owned my own business which my current employer bought off me. I have visited Sydney, the Gold Coast and also Brisbane and would consider these areas. If you would like to know more about me then please feel free to email me simonpurchase@hotmail.co.uk I am looking at full time career and would have no plans to move back to the UK. If you know of any good jobs then please get in touch it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of going through my Partner Vias application and have just been told no more documentation needed (YEY) but that the grant date is looking more like the 9 months time scale (boo) making it August time rather than the June date that i hoped for. However i am super keen to move over to Perth before August if possible and qualify for a WHV but am concerned as to what jobs i would be able to get on this whilst waiting for August to arrive. I currently work in Marketing in the UK and I aim to do this over in Oz in the end, but get the impression a job in this sector wouldnt be possible whilst on a WHV?? Thoughts? Help? Advice? Anything would be great - THANK YOU!
  18. bonza2211

    Vetassess October 2012

    Hi guys, About to embark on a skills assessment for the 186 ENS visa. Highest Qualification : Masters in Marketing (sydney Uni) Work experience Post Qualification (Masters) : 19 months fulltime - Marketing / Advertising industry (1 year 7 months) Proposed docs : Skill assessment form Master degree certificate Masters degree transcripts Statement of service / employer reference Tax return Payslip Employment contract Originals (if copies then notarised by justice of peace) The above clearly demonstrates I am in the industry and job closely linked to my area of study. Do I need to submit my undergraduate study/work experience PRIOR to Masters(highest qualification?) I don't want to slow down the assessment with unnecessary information that is redundant. Cheers Bonza
  19. looking for sponsorship opportunities in Oz in the field of Marketing, Communications or Equality if anybody can help or point me in the direction of anywhere?? Kind Regards, :biggrin::biggrin:
  20. Hi all I am hoping you can help. Do you know if companies in Australia recognise membership of the UK and Europewide professional body for Marketing and PR called the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Or are there specific professional bodies in Australia that are best to join? As I can't find anything about it, all I have found is one for journalists. Thank you in advance for your help. :biggrin:
  21. We moved here in March and it hasn't been what we expected. With all the talk of the economy booming etc. I felt sure that I would have no trouble finding work in Marketing and Events Coordinating which is what i was doing back home. In reality I am still out of work and not getting anywhere fast. I am having to start a temp job in a call centre to get out the flat and make some money. I am sick of having to deal with recruitment consultants who talk utter sh*t to you and do not bother their ass when it comes down to it. I am going to give up on them now, stop calling them regularly on the phone and try to go it alone more on the job applications, which isn't so much the done thing here. I feel like I have taken a step back in my career and to be honest, right now I am left feeling like I want to go home and my partner is feeling the same. Even though I know I will not be able to get a job there either. So now I'm stuck. I'm going to give it till Jan as my sister is coming to visit over Christmas, if I don't have a proper job by then and start feeling like it's working out then I will go home. So to all of you wanting to come out there who think it is a land of opportunity I would say it's not and be very wary. It's ridiculously expensive as well, so really consider it very, very carefully.
  22. Location: Hillarys (on the marina!!! with sea views!!!) Stipulation: Permanent Residency holders only please Salary: Neg. dependent on experience We urgently require two SEO / Link Builders to join our Online Marketing team in Hillarys, Western Australia. This position is ideal for graduates and those seeking to start a career in Search Engine Optimisation or Online Marketing. Although we are more than open to hiring those with experience as well. For those that need it we will provide full training, exposing you to a wide range of Online Marketing concepts and tasks. Your primary responsibilities will be: • identifying potential link building opportunities; • reviewing and responding to incoming link exchange requests; • planning and establishing relationships with potential website partners/advertising opportunities • proactive link building for our network of websites; • monitoring, analysing and reporting on link building activity across our network; • and competitor research. The ideal candidate will: • have excellent written and spoken English; • show a high level of attention to detail; • be able to work methodically; • have professional email communication skills; • be computer and Internet literate; • be used to working with Microsoft Word, Excel, email clients and the web; • and be familiar with the Internet as a search tool for research, shopping, general lifestyle and hobby use. Training will be provided Previous experience in Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or Link Building would be helpful but is not required as full training will be given for each aspect of the job. Knowledge of HTML or other coding languages is not required. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an international company with a solid reputation in the industry and gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing. About Infoactive Media: Infoactive Media is a cutting-edge Online Publishing firm specialising in the development of interactive websites and advanced business information services. We are committed to the creation of useful and compelling destination sites that empower our users. Examples of our online business directories include Bizwiki and Australian Exporters . Originally established in the UK, Infoactive opened an office in Australia in early 2007 and is expanding its reach as a global player in the online content market. Infoactive Media Pty Ltd is based in Hillarys with stunning views of the Indian Ocean and Hillarys marina. Our sister company, Infoactive Media Ltd, is based in Hampshire, UK. This position is offered by the Australian company and is only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. We are not able to provide visas for this position nor are we looking to hire anyone that already has a 457. Recruitment agencies need not contact us. Please PM for further details. I look forward to hearing from you! Teresha Aird | Marketing Manager Infoactive Media Pty Ltd Suite F4, 45 Northside Dr, Hillarys, 6025, WA Australia
  23. Guest


    My better half will have a job in Sydney when we arrive. However, i will need to start from scratch! I work in the marketing industry in the UK for a company that builds and runs marketing databases for companies selling products to consumers. Some of the companies are in the DIY, hotels, holidays, personal finance and publishing markets. We run marketing programmes and loyalty programmes for some high street retailers and I know that some of the software that I sell is available in OZ and that those companies have offices out there. I design and sell the programmes and have been in this for over 12 years now. does anyone know how well developed the market in Australia is? I know of quite a few people that have moved out to Oz to work in some of the agencies but it's really just understanding how well developed direct marketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing is and whether there are any opportunities for me or will I need to change direction! Thanks
  24. Australia world’s ‘dumb blonde’. AUSTRALIA is viewed as the ”dumb blonde” of the world, attractive but shallow and unintelligent, according to a visiting British branding expert…. Mr Anholt yesterday addressed a conference on international education in Sydney organised by IDP Education, the international student recruitment company half-owned by 38 Australian universities.
  25. Hi, Could anyone recommend PR, marketing, advertising recruitment agencies in Sydney? Thank you!