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Found 122 results

  1. I am a Pakistani CA with around 11 years audit experience (Internal/External). I would like to ask whether the Pakistani CA has a job market in Australia ? is yes, which state is suggested ? in case, no-then i am planning to go for CPA Australia will that help and will i be able to get any exemptions on the basis of my current qualification?
  2. PomPomBuckley

    Time taken to sell house in the UK

    Hi folks :-) Please excuse me if this question has already been asked recently. I have done a search and nothing relevant appeared hence the new thread. We are looking at emigrating in a couple of years (OH is from Brisbane) to live with family. After researching a little it would seem opinion varies on when to put the house on the market when selling to emigrate. We live in a terraced house in Yorkshire and with the market being a bit more fluid recently up t'north I hope it won't take long to sell, when the time comes. We think that first time buyers and landlords will be the main interest. My main question is what area do you live and how long before you planned to leave did you put the house on the market and how quickly did it sell? Do you have any tips for me? I am starting renovations soon (I am a big planner!) as it's quite an old house but mainly just decor and replacing flooring in the works. Any advice appreciated. Thanks! :wink:
  3. Hi all, Quite interesting forum, pleased to read so much information conveyed in one place! I'm a Security Professional with 12+ years experience in the field, also holding market recognized certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CEH, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL and Prince2. Could you please share how the Infosec Market currently is in AU? I'm moving to Australia by december, and just trying to figure out how long it might take for me to find a job, since I've got no local experience (what seems to be a big issue). If you are IT, but not into security, your opinion will also be appreciated! CISSP
  4. I have heard this for the last 10 years, they are always saying the bubble is going to burst, it hasn't happened as yet. Yes we get spikes but nothing else. AUSTRALIA'S love affair with property is about to be tested amid predictions prices will plummet by as much as 60 per cent, with capital cities hardest hit. That’s the Armageddon-esque warning from leading US real estate analyst Jordan Wirsz, who believes Australia is heading towards a property bloodbath as the global economic downturn spreads to China and eventually here. Mr Wirsz advises Fortune 500 CEOs and fund managers on investing in real estate. He predicts that a flood of properties will begin to hit the market in Australia from next year as investors scramble to bail out, leading to a property crash of magnitude the country has not seen before. “Right now is not a time to be buying real estate in Australia," Mr Wirsz said. "The market has slowed substantially but residential prices are likely to fall up to 60 per cent, possibly even more, within five years." The outlook is even grimmer for land investments, which Mr Wirsz said are more speculative and will plummet by as much as 80 and 90 per cent in value. Commercial property will also take a hit in line with the residential sector shedding at least 50 per cent of its value. Mr Wirsz pointed to artificially low interest rates, high loan-to-value lending practices, overinflated property prices, unrealistic vendor expectations and Australia's large number of second mortgages. “I’m bearish about world real estate but I couldn’t be more bearish about the Australian market," he said. "There have been corrections but they don’t hold up to the scale of what is coming. "The paradigm is that nobody ever believes house prices can go down but those who have bought at the top of the market are going to be sorely disappointed." He predicts property prices will be on a slippery slope next year when interest rates begin to rise, commodity prices peak and China's demand for Australian exports slows. A sluggish recovery will begin in 2016. “If you are homeowner, be cautious, get rid of your debt, consider selling if you don’t plan to be in your house for more than seven years and downsize or become a tenant," he said. The only winners will be real estate agents cashing in on bank-owned properties, he added. Adding to the glum outlook, properties in capital city would be hardest hit “because Australian cities are some of the most overvalued in the world and more speculative than regional areas", Mr Wirsz said. Mr Wirsz joins other international naysayers including visiting US economist Harry Dent who recently said Australian house prices were 50 per cent overvalued. With few exceptions, local experts disagree with their predictions. HSBC’s chief economist Paul Bloxham said for property values to crash there would need to be sharp rises in interest rates, unemployment and housing stocks. That combination is not on the cards, he said. "I am not of the view that there is a looming housing bubble in Australia as it seems many doom and gloomsters are," Mr Bloxham said. "Surely if the market was going to collapse it would have happened in 2009 after the Lehman's collapse when we had the biggest aversion to housing assets that you’ve seen. "All we saw was a 3 per cent fall in house prices and then they rose." Mr Bloxham believes an undersupply of housing, more rate cuts, low dwelling price to income ratios and strong overseas demand for Australian assets will act as buffer from global instability "Some commentators aren’t doing the calculations correctly, they typically look at detached houses in the capital cities, they don’t incorporate apartments and regional areas, and they overstate the level of house prices to income." Sydney real estate agent Charlie Bailey of Ray White Inner West believes there will not be a burst because there is no bubble. "People have been predicting house prices to fall every year and every year we have an increase in prices," Mr Bailey said. "In Sydney, we have 20,000 people a week looking for accommodation and not enough supply. "I can't see the city's housing infrastructure changing any time soon so a prediction of a 60 per cent fall in property prices is a big call."
  5. BrownEyedGal

    Car Boot Sales Sydney area?

    Hi All Does anyone know if there are car boot sales held in Sydney - not garage sales or markets - just car boots? I had a quick look into getting a stall at a market but it asks for some type of insurance cover which I'm not sure I want to get into. I've got heaps of things to get rid of/sell, (some has already gone to the second hand shops). I don't want to do Ebay or Gumtree. Grateful for any ideas BEGal
  6. Tasmania bucks the trend and has seen a drop in unemployment, with the exception of Western Australia it currently has the lowest unemployment rate in Australia. http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2011/11/11/275861_tasmania-news.html
  7. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/australia-home-prices-look-wobbly-says-keen-2011-12-02 This guy is seeing red flags for the housing market AND the economy in OZ. Can some people who are in Australia comment on how the housing market is going over there?
  8. There's been some concern over the past few months about house prices and the existence of a bubble here in Oz. The jury's still out, it seems, but for new arrivals wondering whether to take the plunge or not I came across this blog which admittedly has a SE Queensland flavour, but may have broader relevance: http://thewesternburbsblogger.blogspot.com It's a little opinionated in places but there's some useful info in the posts which could give you a flavour for what's going on out there and save you some legwork. Good luck either way!
  9. I'm considering a move west away from the busy-busy, expensive-expensive life in Sydney. How is the IT job market in Perth? I have 18 years industry experience in both technical and managerial roles, mostly in financial services. I'm open to long term contract or permanent. I've been on Seek looking and it certainly comes behind Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane (in that order) in terms of number of jobs available. - Is IT a growth market at the minute in Perth? - Are there many IT jobs in the mining industry? - are they usually city based? do you need prior mining experience? - Is the contract market bouyant? Look forward to your replies. Rucati
  10. I've read many horror stories about huge competition for rentals with dozens of people turning up to open house viewings. Once in Brisbane, I'm going to be looking for a long term rental, possibly on my own a lot of the time after hubby starts work. Is it OK for me to view alone, taking along his ID? (that's the stupid question!) Are there particular areas that are massively popular and get more competition, or is it a general scrum everywhere? And types of houses? Most likely we'll just want a 2 bed townhouse, preferably in or near Northgate. As I'll be out of work the first few weeks, will I be at an advantage being flexible with viewings? Are there even individual viewings? I've heard of individual appointments turning into open house! I'll be putting the pack together as I've seen suggested many times, I'm sure this will help, but with 6 weeks to go am already pulling my hair out with stress! Cheers :wink:
  11. jgt

    gap in market !!bananas

    Hey all.spotted gap in market,BANANAS , everyones moaning about the prices so if you see a shadey guy in the shadows in oz ,just whisper the code word, (oy hows a about a bit o yer nana, sure we can do business. wink wink. WANTED Banana mules for illegal import of bananas..UK to AUS ,must be able to walk in a jiffy and look inconspicious. .Good money for the right bunch o people. Previous slippery characters need not apply. :biggrin:
  12. Can anyone shed some light PLEASE??? My wife and I are at the stage where we are doing our research, collating all our research ready to submit to ACT for SS and eventually 176 visa. Over the past few months I have collected numerous job ads from seek, my career etc etc etc. All the ads collected are in a word document but looking back at the doc I have a few questions. I achieved an AQF in Print Machinist, MUST the job ads be specifically for a Print Machinist? I've been in printing for 15 years and therefore been involved in every sector of printing, so would it be ok if I include in my research (this is the document I will eventually submit to ACT for sponsorship) print sales jobs, design jobs, management jobs etc etc etc. They all involve printing but not Print Machinist specifically as my AQF states. Any help??????
  13. What, When and Where: Next Market Saturday, 3 September 2011 The Surry Hills Markets are an essential fundraiser for the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, specialising in handmade, second-hand and recycled goods. The Markets are held from 7:00am to 4:00pm on the first Saturday of every month, at the corner of Crown and Collins Sts, Surry Hills, in Shannon Reserve, Surry Hills, regardless of weather. In wet weather, the market may be restricted to the paved area. Over Christmas and New Year, the normal schedule is maintained. Come and enjoy!
  14. AaronS

    House is now on the market

    Our house hit the market this week. We've got it priced to sell. Hopefully that happens before we leave. Will be a bit tough if it doesn't but we've worked through tougher situations.
  15. Guest

    Brisbane job market

    Hi everybody! Thinking about moving out to Brisbane on a 457 visa. Girlfriend is a Senior Occupational Therapist with all the qualifications so we'll be using her as the main applicant. I would prefer a job in the construction industry doing labouring or something. Question is what's the job market like at the minute for labouring jobs? Is there much available and what's the pay like? There are plenty of jobs for the girlfriend and we don't have any kids to worry about. Hopefully we should be able to make ends meet down under? Thanks! Cidedrinker
  16. Guest

    BT Expand Into Australia!

    Well it's a global company and very experienced at providing this sort of thing. I wonder if they would have won the contract if it was the WA government that was making the decisions? http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/business-old/british-telcommunications-wins-fiona-stanley-contract/story-e6frg2qu-1226116159580 http://www.btplc.com/News/Articles/Showarticle.cfm?ArticleID=089401CD-F787-455B-AF97-4C03B9F0BBDC
  17. kellyjamie

    having a market stall??

    hi all i was wondering how i would go about getting a market stall? what and where would be the first to look? Thanks kelly
  18. Does anyone know what the Melbourne job market is like in November/December? We are due to arrive at the beginning of November and hoping that the job market will still be good and not start to decline like it does in NZ... we have been told that this in not the case, but would like to hear other confirm this!!!! :unsure: Thanks!
  19. Sherbetdip23

    On the market????

    Hi All We put the house on the market a couple of weeks ago and are getting impatient already :biggrin: Who else is just waiting to sell before they can go? and how long have you been on the market?
  20. Hoping someone could throw some light on the Market salary rates criteria, I note from the potential employers point of view they have to clarify rate of pay for potential employee etc. I note it states within the five Market salary rates categories that if you have benefited from falling under the concessional English category that the base Market salary rate is $81040.? can anyone shed any light on this, and am I assuming rightly that means if you hold a UK passport then this should be the base rate prescribed by the employer?? From a skype call I believe our potential employer is offering an annual salary of below that and nine weeks on his application for sponsorship and nomination is yet to be approved- and I am starting to worry now something is wrong..... I'll attach the link also, thanks in advance http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/457-market-salary-rates.htm Karen
  21. On a 457 visa, we got off the plane on the 30th March and went straight into a serviced apartment, booked for a month from the UK using http://www.notonenight.com.au, and it has worked out perfectly. I agreed with the other half that while I was a work (I started on April 4), she would spend the first couple of weeks full-time house hunting before worrying about job hunting. She spent every day for the first week: 1) repeating house searches on domain.com.au slightly tweaking the search criteria to see what popped up 2) phoning estate agents 3) visiting the areas of interest looking for estate agents and houses to let 4) viewing complete dumps but not getting too disheartened as it was only week 1 5) filling my diary on Saturday with viewings. We saw a few houses together on Saturday and applied for 2 of them on Monday morning before 9:30 am. By the afternoon, I had paid the bond over and have a lovely place to move into at the start of May. Top tips: A) It's a full time job to find a house in Sydney in the current rental market - don't do it half heartedly as you'll miss things. B) Be prepared to look at different areas. The perfect house by the sea with a 2 minute walk to the office is great for when you buy, but the nice rentals are not always where you start looking. We've ended up in an area totally different from where we started looking, but the time the o/h invested in house hunting turned up some lovely areas we hadn't considered (all with nice schools and shops etc.) C) Get a good application in place before visiting houses. Know what you're going to put in the form - they're all the same so the answers don't change and some agents want them filled out immediately after viewing, so take a pre-filled draft with you (they're on the domain web site) so you can fill out the forms quickly before rushing to the next viewing. D) Also, make sure you have your evidence photocopies with you (references, payslips or work contracts, bank statements etc.) and a nice covering letter introducing yourself to the landlord saying what a lovely family you are and why choosing you as tenants would be the right thing - a bit of job and life history, the sort of thing you'd like to know about people if you had to choose who you were going to rent your house out to. And all of this will bring you success - maybe not in 1 week like it did for us, but it does work. We were given this advice by a good friend and it sounded daunting but it worked, which is why I'm passing it on. Good luck!
  22. Guest

    Job Market

    Hi All Im 22 from Essex near London for those of you who don't know your geography :tongue: Anyways.. because of visa ruling I can only get over on a working holiday visa because I do not possess the 5 years in Recruitment needed and only have 3 which is frustrating as I am already a manager of where I am now but have always wanted to move to Oz so have decided to make the leap. This means im risking it as I want to continue my career and do not want to settle for something that is going to just mean Im wasting a year of my life albeit in a beautiful country. To the point then.. What is the job market like in Sydney and/or Melbourne for office based jobs or more in particular in recruitment if anybody knows it would be much appreciated?? Thanks x
  23. kellyjamie

    Next step house on the market

    well we had the surveyor and photographer here this morning so house will be formally on the market next week, just have to hope it sells and quickly would be good. Funny as tpday was the first time i actually said to someone "were emigrating to australia" and was actually able to mean it and know we really are moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Hi, We're moving over to Perth in June (all being well) and have 4weeks accomodation arranged (me, Karen, Nathan 4yr and Kate 2yr). How easy/hard is it to find somewhere to rent on a longer term lease (6months). We're currently looking at Manudrah. Any help on this area wrt availability vs people applying would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve.
  25. Auction rates fudged by failed campaigns. Up to 50pc of auctions going unrecorded Agents "don't want to report failures" Results still robust, analysts say EMBARRASSED agents are covering up a growing failure to sell homes at auction by not telling reporting bodies about their failed campaigns. Figures compiled by research agencies Australian Property Monitors and Residex over the past three weeks show that between 10 per cent and almost 50 per cent of auction results across Sydney went unrecorded. The reason was embarrassed real estate agents wanting to avoid reporting of failed auction campaigns, said leading property analyst Louis Christopher, managing director of SQM Research.