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Found 20 results

  1. Guest

    Well done Mark Webber!

    Fab drive by Mark Webber today - his first win of the season, in the last race of the year and he still managed to come third in the drivers championship! Hope he comes back next season with a clear head, positive attitude and drives his socks off! :biggrin:
  2. Hi all, I've just sent in an online application and payment for my GSM175. I had my TRA as General Electrician from 2007 which they told me is still valid. I'm a little concerned that I didn't reach the pass mark on my points test. I only scored 110. I am applying for my wife and two sons to come with me. I cannot score any points for my wife's job as it does not appear on the SOL list. She works for the CITB in the apprenticeships department, which is a key role in most tradesman's careers. Do I need to do the IELPS test even though I am English born and bread, or do they look in to your application and your family to see that fact? This would get me the extra 10 points I need. Thanks, Mick
  3. I was adamant that we were not going to exchange our cash unless the rate hit 2 dollars to the pound. However I am beginning to wonder if that is being a bit optimistic! Lately I am beginning to think that $1.80 to the pound is going to be a more realistic figure. The rate hit the 1.80 mark last week and dropped again and since a leak last night that China's economy is slowing, it has risen today to $1.75. What is everyone else thinking? JOHN
  4. My admiration to Mark Webber, during todays grand prix he had a massive crash, not sure who's fault it was, but thankfully both drivers were unhurt. YouTube - F1 (movie 05) - Mark Webber CRASH & FLIGHT- GP EUROPA 2010. There was even reports that he sat down in the pit lane and said, 'Throw another prawn on the barbie mate'.:biglaugh: Amazing that after a crash like this he managed to walk away from the car and still give an interview and remain upright.:notworthy: Cheers Tony:cool:
  5. Guest

    What is the ielts pass mark?

    Hi just got OH ielts test results through.I know you need 7 or more but is that in each section or the overall band score. He got 7.5 listening,5 reading,8 writing,9 speaking and an overall 7.5.
  6. Guest

    Mark Webber

    For those interested in Formula One, Mark Webber once again proved in 'practice' that he can drive as well as anyone else. Fingers crossed he can do it on race day, (tomorrow). I will always stick up for any Brit in most sports, but I have to admit that I will be cheering for Webber tomorrow, even if it comes down to a Button/Webber/Hamilton fight. Nationality aside he is one of the nicest and most polite drivers there has ever been. Fortunate enough to meet him three years ago and he took the time to talk to me for around five minutes. Never once did he try and ignore me, (I would have done). None of the arrogance and self importance you might have expected from an F1 driver. Maybe this is the problem, not arrogant and self important enough to ensure consistent wins. As a footnote. Mark I salute you:notworthy:for what you did at the Aussie grand prix when you took Lewis Hamilton out. At times young Lewis needs a good slap down. There again, the Victorian police did this when they impounded Hamiltons car.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony
  7. gilliantay

    The 1 Year Mark

    Well, 1 year and a few weeks to be precise......how time flies when you are having fun ! Just thinking how quickly this year has passed and how much we have acheived since landing here a year ago. We both work full time and live quite comfortably although didn't quite manage the mortgage free scenario. Our son (15 now) has settled into the 'Ozzie' way....speaks with an aussie twang, wears 'thongs' permanantly (couldn't get his trainers off his feet at one stage although I still prefer the term flip flops to thongs) and he now wants to start playing cricket !!!, plays for the local soccer (football) team and travels up and down to Melbourne to watch 'The Victory'. Our house build is in the final stages so life is good...................................so I thought. I have just been hit by the biggest steamroller imaginable - right out of the blue - didn't even see it coming................ I suddenly have the deepest desire to go home...........now where did that come from ? Answers on a postcard please............................................. This feeling has taken over my life at the moment - I am cranky, tetchy, finding fault with everything and everyone, and in general, not a nice person to be around. When I have my rational head on (which isn't very often at the moment) I just know that I would be back in Scotland for 2 weeks tops then wish I was back here again. I worry that if I booked flights (for a short trip/holiday) I would not want to get on the plane to come back here again. I worry that if I stay here much longer, I might end up in the throws of severe depression !!!! I so want to shop in Tesco and Asda....Marks and Spencer..I want to be able to walk to the shops.......walk to the park........walk to work..........not be reliant on a car just to get a pint of milk ! I want the postman to put my mail through the letterbox... why do they not have letterboxes here ? I want the nurses I work with to be more interested in caring for the patients as opposed to being more interested in blood and x-ray results. I want to see green grass, hell, I just want to see the colour green. Hopefully this feeling will pass as quickly as it came.......................... Is there anyone else out there who feels the same as me ? Rant over..........just felt the need to get that off my chest................Thanks for reading..................:confused: Gill
  8. Did anybody use freight-forwarding and pack themselves? Any advice? cheers Mark, Penny-Lee, Casey, Elli, Tommy and George - BECK6:jiggy:
  9. Guest

    Ielts pass mark?

    Just wondering if someone who knows may be able to help me with this. My Sister in law is putting together her Skills assessment and then Visa application. She is Foreign and although she speaks English fine, she is about to start the IELTS course in her country. Can someone confirm what the pass marks are now for IELTS. She is applying for a skilled independent 175, as a Computer professional and I'm not sure does she need a 7 on all categories? Any help would be great, Thanks, REDS :laugh:
  10. I can put up with the Pom's escaping with a draw in the cricket when Mark Webber wins a grand prix race !:yes::yes: Mark Webber wins maiden F1 Grand Prix - Motorsport - Sport - smh.com.au
  11. I know that you in particular Jo will be getting really excited about your citizenship ceremony this week. I also know that you've both had other stuff to worry about recently and I just wanted to wish you both well and hope you have a perfect day when you finally become Pozzies. I'm sure Kevin will love the photo's and they'll make him smile xx Luv Ali, & Co.
  12. sykestykes

    Wherew Are you Going Mark 2

    Hi Everyone, the last poll didn't work I told you I was blonde As I'm a bit of a Goldfish, I keep forgetting where everyone is headed to. I have set up a poll which hopefully will help me to remember, and will also be useful for others to see which members are going to the same place as them. I have set up an option for those of us who are coming back to the U.K. Of course, the people who have already settled in Oz and are not moving back are more than welcome to join in too! Sue x
  13. mr luvpants

    House around the 450 mark?

    Hi We are fairly certain we want to live on the GC/SC. We can not really spend more than $450K on a house (hopefully less) and have seen some "lovely" ones on realestate.com.au. But are we being realistic? Are we going to get a nice house for this or have the EAs been very clever with the photos? I know it depends on what area we decide to live in but overall are we being realistic or are we looking at spending a lot more than that to get our dream house. Hope that makes sense! JOHN
  14. Guest

    ali over 5000 mark

    well ali on 5008 how has she done it ,bet the pc is hot , well done ali. eddie:huh::cool:
  15. Guest

    Mark from Vetassess?

    The dude that was on the Vetassess stall was called Mark and seems to deal with the skills tests over here in the UK, did anyone manage to get any kind of contact details from him at all, ie, Phone number, email anything like that?
  16. Guest

    Mark & Amanda.

    Hi all. My husband & myself along with our 2 children 9 & 5 are looking to come to oz. my husband is an office manager but only for a small company & I work for a bank (Halifax). We really don't know where to start. Been thinking about it for about a year now, time ticking by and now we are 35. Do you think we have a chance?
  17. Charlie Chuckles

    tra post mark ???

    sent tra wed 22nd (special del) approx 4 days to del.read tra will be valid if post marked before 1/9/07. Is the post mark they talk about the date stamped in britain or a date stamped on receipt in aus
  18. I just wanted to tell you all how much i love my Mark He sold his much loved, very precious Motor bike today (VTR 1000 Firestorm). He is a very sad, Heart broken Man. We hope to be ready to go to OZ this time nx yr and wanted to sell it now incase nx summer it doesn't sell for the right price, and then we are stuck with it before we leave. Also i bought it for his 30th bday, and i think he felt he could use the money to get me something special for mine. (of course there is no need,... just the one Diamond will do) but it does mean we can put it in the Aus fund. Thanks Mark Leanne xxxx
  19. Our good friends (and godparents to my youngest) who live in Germany have just received their positive TRA result. :jiggy: Just wanted to say a big congrats Sailor Boy and Nana, I know you read this site and wanted to say cant wait for the Barbies on the Gold Coast guys. Looking forward to seeing you's in a few weeks. Em, M, Ellapops and Libbyloo XXxx
  20. Just wondering if anyone has had experience of investing with the Australian government in order to meet the 120 point pass mark? We are 5 points short so will be following this route and have been presented with a list of investment authorities and we're wondering which one to go with. Could anyone out there offer any words of wisdom?