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Found 106 results

  1. Applying from UK, ACT state sponsored. Lodged my 190 visa application with DIPB on 24th March, applied for UK and Australian PCC on 5th April, attended UK Medical 5th April (7-10 days to process), no case officer as yet (only been 2.5 weeks) so none expected yet. My plan of attack is to upload ALL my documents before a CO is assigned and hopefully just receive a surprise email one morning with a visa grant, rather than chasing more paperwork and dragging the dreaded process out. Just a note for others, once I applied for my visa, it wash't until I logged in to my account again that I realised I could upload all my docs such as skills assessment, IELTS etc. Then I also realised there was a link telling me to organise my medicals. Have a good look and navigate the site well people!
  2. Hi everyone, As the giant thread can be a bit hard to keep up with, I thought it might be best to set up our own one...? I also thought it might be nice to keep up to date with everyone that's submitted in March 2012 so we can share our visa woes/timelines/queries etc? With that in mind, my info is below... Submitted 16/03/2012 Rec'd 19/03/2012 Money debited 19/03/2012 Co Assigned: 20/03/2012 Email rec'd saying no further docs required: 21/03/2012 Temp Visa due to be granted : Mid August Good luck to all of us Marchers! :wink:
  3. Myself, Hubby and daughter will be moving out to Sydney March next year, Hoping to go to the Eastern Suburbs if i get the job i want in Randwick. Would be nice to chat with anyone planning a similar move to discuss plans and practicalities etc! Becs x:biggrin:
  4. Hi All, Applied for 457 on 12 March via an agent (Fragomen). Havent hear anything!! Anyone received 457's this month and if so how long did it take you? Thanks, Paula x
  5. Hi guys, my names Ashley. I'm a mental health nurse working here in Glasgow. I'm 24 been qualified and working for addictions and child protection for the past 2 and a bit years. I'm planning to move to Melbourne in a years time the now (Oct 2012) for good however i'm coming out to Melbourne for a holiday/visit in march 2012 for 3 weeks. My flights are all booked. Would anyone kindly meet up with me for some drinks and show me around the city. Will be travelling myself. Highly appreciated it. Thank you
  6. Gazbaz1

    March Holiday

    Morning All My family and I are going to Brisbane (Narangba) in March next year for a 2 week reccie holiday, does anyone have any suggestions for good entertaining days out for the family where they will be in awe at what Oz has to offer? We are due to stop over in Abu Dhabi for a few hours what amount would you recommend we take money wise for the airport?
  7. Hi there, So excited :jiggy: we are going over to Oz next year for a 2-week holiday to get our passports stamped. We have 2 young children and have decided it would be nice to have a pool. We're looking for a 2-3 bed place with a garden for the children to run around in. We will be hiring a car so being near public transport isn't really a neccessity. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of the kind of rent we should expect to pay. We've priced a few places which range between $1000 and $1200 for the 2 weeks. Do you think this is expensive? The areas are Belmont and the other is Myaree. We want to be quite close to Perth, the airport, Freemantle and beaches. If anyone knows of any rentals available for next March/April next year would you mind giving me a shout please? Thank you
  8. Gazbaz1

    March Reccie

    Morning Just a few questions honest. Me & my family are going to Brisbane (Narangba) on a 2 week reccie holiday in March next year, could do with some help as to the following questions. Can anyone recommend good family areas for us to visit and possibly check out the housing? We are hoping to visit a few schools to get a feel for the educational system any recommendations? I have been on the visa website and from what I can see there are 2 types of holiday visas, 1 is free the other is $75 but they both appear to be for the same type of visit which 1 is best suited to us? Whilst out there I am hoping to spend a day or 2 with a local employer as to see how they operate. Would I need the business visa for this? All answers and anymore info provided are greatly appreciated. Regards Gaz
  9. Guest

    18th of March?

    I have been seeing "18th of March email" and not sure about this. Can someone please enlighten me on the details of this email/mail? I did not receive anything from DIAC if I should have received one. Thanks.
  10. Guest

    nurse moving to oz in march.

    hey, im very new to this. Im a nurse from the uk, moving to sydney in march next year after a 6week break in china. Any other immigrating nurses here? AHPRA have my registration forms and are processing them (money gone from account etc) and im on with booking my medical. Just looking to chat or get advice from any other ppl in here in the same position. Im very anxious about the move but excited. hope everyone is good shelbert85:confused:
  11. Hi everybody, I applied for a family sponshored visa on Feb 3,2011 and received on March 18th the famous letter, stating that within three months our case will be allocated to a CO, but I am still waiting!!! Does anyone who received this letter have a CO asigned? Best regards!
  12. Hi all, Has anyone else received a letter on March 18th or 21st from DIAC? It was the one that the allocation dates update mentions as a special note on 8th June update. I am applying for 175 as an electrician. The detail issued on 8th June update backed up the letters sent in March to specific Priority 3 applications and told them to get medicals etc done. They said that they anticipated that a C/O would be allocated within 3 months of the letter date, which for me is now over 3 1/2 months ago. I am hoping that with the Priority Group changes on July 1st that this is still the case. Has anyone else had the letter sent in March and have you got a C/O yet? Regards, Mick.
  13. Right this is it: I am in VICTORIA I moved into the rental in March with a *major* rental agent. To cut a very long story short it was filthy and garden overgrown, grill was not working - this was specified on moving but said it would be fixed urgently. I report that the oven turns itself up and down and only 2 of the 4 stove rings work. Fast forward 2 weeks and the landlord decides to move rental agent to another *major* rental agent in Mornington!:swoon: I go through the story with her and she promises to follow it up. 27 workmen later the landlord has chosen who will fit the new oven and stove by a plumber, the electrician needs to come in and a cabinet maker to complete the 70's kitchen look... GREAT!:nah: We are now in July, I have had the oven and stove sat delivered in my lounge room and no date for installing only that it will be July... AM I WITHIN MY RIGHTS TO ASK FOR A RENT REDUCTION?? I CANNOT (really) COOK DUE TO THE OVEN THERMOSTAT GOING UP AND DOWN, A CONDEMMED GRILL AND 2 STOVES TO MAKE A FAMILY MEAL FOR 4? I am soooo over all this please help :cry: Can I also add we have remulched all the front garden beds, cut back all the horrid wavering creeper plants and made the place look so much better. At the 3 month inspection I really emphasised the need to get it sorted with obviously no success :frown:
  14. Dear If you are 18th March 2011 mail receiver then according to DIAC you will get a CO within 20 Days ( Last date 18 th June 2011) . And I am still waiting for CO What about you ?
  15. We received an email back in 18th March saying that we would get a CO in 3 months but have still not heard anything. The 3 month period is not up until mid June but am just wondering if anyone else is in a similar position? Am I right in assuming that we will be contacted by email when we get a CO?
  16. Guest

    the 18th march emails

    Hi, We were one of what seemed to be many people that received a mail to say we should have a c/o within 3 months and to go ahead and do p/c's and meds. We just wondered if anyone who got the same mail has got a c/o yet. I suppose i am hoping lots of you will reply yes so that i know things are close but i'm dreading hearing too many no's. thanks
  17. Guest

    18th March Email Receiver Club

    Dear Please mention if any one (who have already got 18th March email) - have any update after sending PCC and Health Report ?
  18. Hi Everyone, all of you that have got their visa will know why you need to shout about it.. and all of you still in the process, dont lose hope it will be here one day, Thanks to everyone for all my silly and frustrating questions you have helped me with over the last two years, Andy :biglaugh:
  19. I am from a HIGH RISK country VISA TYPE : 176 (Family Sponsored) Application Lodge : 29th September 2010 ( Web base) Got Email from DIAC - 18th March 2011 Medical Done; 4th April 2011 PCC sent : 06th April 2011 please knock if you get any response from DIAC or change in on line status after sending PCC and Medical.
  20. Guest

    Driest March for 60 years

    Could this be Global warming :eek: Sorry Steve mate, but you choice to live in Bonny Scotland :cute: Driest March for years. Provisional Met Office rainfall figures for March indicate that the month is likely to be one of the driest on record Driest March for years - Met Office
  21. GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION PROCESSING INFORMATION This is an automated e-mail response which provides updated information on processing of applications for General Skilled Migration (GSM). This information is updated fortnightly. Last updated 18 March 2011. Please do not send enquiries or reply to this email address as this mailbox is not monitored. Contact details for GSM are listed below. We value your feedback and suggestions Please take a moment to help us improve our communication with you by completing a short survey. Note that no personal information will be collected. If you would like to complete the survey please go to: Processing Times Automated Email Service Survey Current Processing Dates If your application date has recently come into our current processing date range you should allow at least 6 weeks to enable a case officer to complete the initial assessment. Please refrain from sending requests for an update on the status of your application within this 6 week period. Priority Processed Applications Under the priority processing direction we are giving priority in allocation to applications with a nominated occupation that appears in an active State Migration Plan - Priority Group 2. Priority Group 3 applications are allocated only where all Priority Group 2 have already been allocated. Priority Group 4 cases will be allocated once all Priority Group 3 are allocated. To determine which priority group your application falls into please read the information on the department’s website at: General Skilled Migration For further information regarding State Migration Plans please visit the department’s website at: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/statmig-fs.pdf http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/statmig-faq.pdf Applications lodged before the following dates are currently being considered by a case officer: Priority 2 State Migration Plan: Please see the attached document for important information relevant to those with a current application in Priority Group 2. (See attached file: Important Information for Priority 2 applicants.pdf) Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 18 March 2011 VE 176 (paper): 18 March 2011 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886: VB 886 (e-lodged) 18 March 2011 VB 886 (paper): 18 March 2011 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 18 March 2011 VF 475 (paper): 18 March 2011 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VB 886 (e-lodged) 18 March 2011 VB 886 (paper): 18 March 2011 Priority group 3 Please see the attached document for important information relevant to those with a current application in Priority Group 3. (See attached file: Important Information for Priority 3 applicants.pdf) Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 VE 175 (e-lodged): 2 June 2009 VE 175 (paper): 2 June 2009 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged):2 June 2009 VE 176 (paper): 2 June 2009 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 2 June 2009 VF 475 (paper): 2 June 2009 Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) subclass 495 and Skilled – Designated Area Sponsored subclass 496 UX 495 and UZ 496 (e-lodged and paper): All applicants who have an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 have been allocated. Skilled – Independent (Residence) subclass 885 VB 885 (e-lodged) 2 September 2010 VB 885 (paper): 2 September 2010 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886: VB 886 (e-lodged) 2 September 2010 VB 886 (paper): 2 September 2010 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VC 487 (e-lodged) 2 September 2010 VC 487 (paper): 2 September 2010 Priority Exempt Applications Visa Subclasses 476, 485 and 887 are exempt from the current priority processing direction. Applications under these subclasses will be processed in the order in which they were received by the department. Applications lodged before the following dates are currently being considered by a case officer: Skilled – Recognised Graduate subclass 476 VF 476 (e-lodged): 2 December 2010 VF 476 (paper): 2 December 2010 Skilled – Graduate subclass 485 VC 485 (e-lodged) 22 December 2009 VC 485 (paper): 14 November 2009 Skilled – Regional subclass 887 VB 887 (e-lodged) 17 February 2011 VB 887 (paper): 17 February 2011 Subsequent Entrant Applications All subsequent entrant applications for subclasses 485, 487 and 475: 7 March 2011 Processing Times Estimated processing times for GSM visa applications can be found on our website at: Client Service Charter Estimates of processing times that apply to different types of applications are provided as a guide only. As processing times are dependent on a range of factors, individual processing times may vary considerably from the published estimates. Factors that can impact on processing times include, but are not limited to: - completeness of application - how quickly applicants respond to requests to provide documentation - medical complications - police checks - checks with third parties to verify claims made in an application. Contacting Us Providing additional documents Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit supporting documentation electronically. Providing scanned copies of documents reduces postal and administrative delays in receiving and processing information. GSM processing offices accept scanned copies of original documents (non-certified) provided they are in colour. If you scan documents in black and white, then they must be scanned copies of certified copies. The valid file types for attaching documents are BMP, DOC, DOT, GIF, JPG, PDF, RTF, TXT and XLS. Information which will assist you in attaching documents to your application or in emailing them to the department is available on the department’s website at: Attaching Documents to a General Skilled Migration Visa Application Online applications If you e-lodged this application you are strongly encouraged to attach all the supporting documentation to the application in the web-browser. This is the preferred procedure for providing supporting documents for an e-lodged application. If for any reason you cannot attach documents in the browser then you can email the documents as scanned attachments to the following email address: gsm.documents@immi.gov.au Paper lodged applications If you lodged a paper application you can still provide supporting documentation electronically by emailing the documents as scanned attachments to: gsm.documents@immi.gov.au When emailing documents to the department please quote your Transaction Reference Number (TRN) or file reference number for this purpose. Do not send this office any original documents or provide paper copies of documents previously attached to the browser or sent by e-mail unless asked to do so by a departmental officer. Medical Results If you have undertaken your medical examination with Medibank Health Solutions (formerly Health Services Australia), please do not post your medical results to us unless your case officer requests you to do so. Please store your results in a secure place and do not open the sealed envelope. ENQUIRIES Email Our preferred means of communication for GSM enquiries is email. Before you contact the department with general enquiries about the GSM program, you should first read the relevant website content and links provided in this email. If the website information does not answer your enquiry, please refer below: If you have not lodged a GSM visa application, and would like more information, use the GSM Pre-Lodgement Enquiry Form at: General Skilled Migration Pre-Lodgement Enquiry Form If you have lodged a GSM visa application, but it has not yet been allocated to a case officer, and you have further queries, use the GSM Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form at: General Skilled Migration Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form Allocated to a case officer: Once your application is allocated to a case officer, assessment of your application will begin. At this time, your case officer will provide you with a specific email address and you should correspond directly by email with them. Telephone: 1300 364 613 (in Australia) for the cost of a local call; or +61 1300 364 613 (outside Australia) Contact Hours (Australian Central Time): 0900 to 1600 Monday to Friday Please note: due to the large volume of calls we receive, from time to time you may experience lengthy delays before getting to speak to a customer service officer. LINKS General Skilled Migration – What's New What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration -------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Notice: If you have received this email by mistake, please advise the sender and delete the message and attachments immediately. This email, including attachments, may contain confidential, sensitive, legally privileged and/or copyright information. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. DIAC respects your privacy and has obligations under the Privacy Act 1988. The official departmental privacy policy can be viewed on the department's website at Department of Immigration & Citizenship. See: Privacy
  22. DIAC Liaison Meeting – Canberra 10 March 2011 DIAC Attendees_---> Kruno Kukoc, First Assistant Secretary, Migration and Visa Policy Section Joanne McKern, Migration Agents Section Andrew Daly, Migration Agents Section Linda Bone, Migration Agents Section Susan Murray, Deregulation Strategy Section Amanda Pohl ,Assistant Director, Sponsored Skilled Visas Dwayne McMoore, Business Skills Program Mary Miller, Freedom of Information Michael Willard, Independent Skilled Migration Brooke Thomas, 457 Section Elizabeth Carter, Skilled Migration Section Greg Phillipson, Legal Section MIA Attendees Sharon Harris, MIA National President & Qld Branch President Boniface Town, MIA National Vice-President & Vic Branch President Mark Webster, MIA National Treasurer & NSW Branch President Maurene Horder, MIA Chief Executive Officer Kevin Lane. MIA Professional Services Manager Law Council of Australia Maria Jockel Nick Parmenter Office of the MARA Christine Sykes, CEO Stephen Wood, Deputy CEO Temporary Work Visas Discussed visa simplification for work visas There will be further consultations about simplification of temporary work visas. Visitor visas will also be simplified – there will be a paper out in a few weeks. DIAC has put out discussion papers in June and Dec 2010 and will be engaging with organisations, including the MIA, which responded to these. DIAC is not looking at extending eligibility just reducing the number of visas. They will meet with stakeholders in confidence prior to producing legislation. New Short stay activity visa o Will subsume business visitor visa within this subclass o Will most likely be e-lodged o 8112 will be abolished – there will be no work rights on visitor visas. Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance rate was 40-45% in 2005-06 – this included movement records which are now not part of FOI. There was an ombudsman investigation and as a result changes were made. 2008 task force consisted of 60 staff over 6 months – worked on the backlog of some 3000 applications. Compliance rate now 90%. Centres operating: o NSW o Victoria o Nation Office – media and highly complex/sensitive cases. DIAC is trying to institute a cultural change in relation to FOI and openness – for example encouraging officers to hand over documents during processing (eg movement records, Xmas Island cases, copies of decisions). Investigation/compliance sections tend to be the most difficult – a lot of documents, many of which are sensitive, and there is a culture of resistance. FOI is pushing an “if not, why not?” approach to release of documents. 24 hour processing model being introduced – do as much as possible within 24 hours, including requesting the file, issuing acknowledgement. A case management approach has been introduced – talking with the client about what documents make sense to release – particularly where a very wide range of documents have been requested. Agents should not send $30 with an FOI request – this is no longer required and is troublesome to refund. Agents should make FOI requests as specific as possible. Where a client requests “everything” DIAC will send a standard letter back asking for a more specific request. Business Skills Program A discussion paper for review of Business Skills has been issued – 33 responses currently being reviewed. No policy position within DIAC has been formulated yet. The MIA’s submission was discussed. The MIA requested that DIAC provide more statistical information to allow for more informed submissions to be made. The feeling at DIAC is that a 2-stage process is preferable to granting PR then monitoring. Business training: DIAC acknowledges that there is a weakness in skills of case officers. Accountants have been hired at Adelaide and Perth to address these weaknesses. ENS/RSMS PAM for ENS is due to be rewritten, even after 2 April changes. ENS Review is at the gathering evidence stage. Discussion paper will be issued. Looking at “aligning” 457 and ENS – removing red tape for the transition, including looking at English, sponsorship approval . RSMS: DIAC is of the opinion that this delivers for regional business. Skilled Occupations List Skills Australia reviewed the SOL in October 2010. Refer to Skills Australia website for which occupations might be removed as they have an occupation by occupation analysis. New list should be announced in May 2011, to take effect from 1/7/11. If an applicant has lodged and occupation is removed from SOL then they will still be eligible, but will lose priority processing. DIAC is looking at changing regs to facilitate this. There are now fewer applications being lodged than available places in the program, and DIAC anticipates processing priority level 4 in the coming year. 457 457 Occupations List was recently changed – these were as a result of the ASCO -> ANZSCO shift. Occupations removed had dropped in terms of skill level. Occupations added had increased in skill level. WTO considerations require that most occupations at skill level 1-3 be included, and also keen not to disadvantage employers. DIAC analysed activity in the occupations removed – all had less than 10 applications lodged. A new 457 booklet has been released – seeking to make it clearer for employers Significant increase in demand this year. Priority processing for flood reconstruction – so far only 9 approvals. There have been delays due to sponsors needing to get documentation together. No update on new training benchmarks being introduced. No update on e-lodgement for overseas sponsors or centralised processing. National Resources Sector Task force Recommendations of task force included: o Improving information & support o Expedited visa processing o Enterprise Resource Agreements for large projects. The ERAs will involve a head agreement under which contractors can access labour agreements “off the shelf”. For labour agreements, 2/3 of these are now signed off within the department rather than needing to go to the Minister. Significant increase in approvals of LAs. OMARA Code of Conduct There will be changes to the Code of Conduct in Mid August – these will be minor in nature, and will be to clarify the requirements. Major ones are being discussed – there will be consultation before these are introduced. A tender has been issued for developing an ethics framework – this will result in an ethics statement and methodology to be used in an ethics “refresher course” which will need to be undertaken by existing agents. PAM3 updates The MIA raised the matter of delays in policy being updated in LEGENDcom. The Department to see if it is possible for any updates case officers may get before LEGENDcom is updated to be provided to the MIA. Case officers bypassing registered migration agents The Department has agreed to issue instructions to case officers, especially in certain overseas posts, that appointed registered migration agents should not be bypassed. Adherence to law The MIA brought to DIAC’s attention instances where some case officers appear to be failing to follow the law correctly because they are applying policy rather than the law. This is to be the subject of further discussions between the MIA and DIAC.
  23. Any Foo Fighter fan ex pats out there who are in Brisbane or would travel there to see this great event? I have one going as my friend has let me down. Be great to find an ex pat for it to go to! I am also looking for some fans to enjoy the gig with so is anyone going or can you put me in-touch with anyone who is? Thanks guys
  24. Is anyone going then? Or did anyone go to the Manchester one? If so how was it?
  25. hey all, open to both regulars and newcomers, the next sunnie coast barbeque will be at Bulcock Beach, Caloundra, on Sunday 13th March. meet near the kids play area from around 10am, bring your own food to barbeque and wear some comfy shoes as we usually go for a beach walk afterwards. I think there may also be a morning market at Bulcock Beach. and if you have probs finding us, my mobile is 0400 497 080 looking forward to seeing you / meeting you, cheers sg (sue)