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Found 28 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Australia Flood Map

    No matter where you live in Australia this map will let you know if your suburb is at risk, you can use the drop down menu to predict what the storm surge is going to be and then take a look at the map to see if you are at risk of flooding. http://flood.firetree.net/?ll=-27.8390,138.1640&z=13&m=7
  2. Just as the title suggests. I am getting fed up trying to sort out our 175 I am considering on going on a 457 visa and securing a job so we can get out to oz quicker. Anyone heard of or used MAP recruitment? Thanks in advance
  3. The Pom Queen

    Aspley Brisbane Flood Map

  4. The Pom Queen

    Ashgrove Brisbane Flood Map

    Ashgrove Brisbane Flood Map [ATTACH]3711[/ATTACH]
  5. The Pom Queen

    Ascot Brisbane Flood Map

    Please find attached the flood map for Ascot in Brisbane flooding_ascot_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_ascot_flood_flag_map.pdf
  6. The Pom Queen

    Annerley Brisbane Flood Map

    The flood map for Annerley flooding_annerley_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_annerley_flood_flag_map.pdf
  7. The Pom Queen

    Algester Brisbane Flood Map

    Flood maps for Algester in Brisbane flooding_algester_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_algester_flood_flag_map.pdf
  8. The Pom Queen

    Alderley Brisbane Flood Map

    The Flood map for Alderley in Brisbane flooding_alderley_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_alderley_flood_flag_map.pdf
  9. The Pom Queen

    Albion Brisbane Flood Map

    Here is the Flood Map for Albion in Brisbane. flooding_albion_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_albion_flood_flag_map.pdf
  10. The Pom Queen

    Acacia Ridge Brisbane - Flood Map

    Here is the flood map for Acacia Ridge in Brisbane flooding_acacia_ridge_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_acacia_ridge_flood_flag_map.pdf
  11. marta

    Melbourne print cycle map

    Hi there, I was wondering if you guys know where I can buy a Melbourne cycle map somewhere in town. Yes, I did see the Vic cycling website but I prefer something in print and colour to use during a bike ride as I am fairly new in town. Can I get something like this in the tourist information centre or in some particular bookshop?
  12. Hi,:err: We have googled and found small unhelpful maps, can anyone recommend a place we can buy one from please. Many thanks Tania
  13. Guest

    Tom Tom SD map card

    Hi Everyone Hope this is the right spot to ask for any info on obtaining in the UK a Tom Tom SD card for Aus - especially WA. Thanks very much David
  14. Hi I've looked in all the local bookshops but cannot find a good fold-out Perth map showing the suburbs. I know there are lots online but you cannot see what they include or how detailed they are. Can anyone recommend a good map that will enable me to get a good view of Perth and all the local suburbs ? Many thanks Roy ... Awaiting WA SS ... with crossed fingers !
  15. paddygunner

    map of melbourne by pop density

    Anyone able to help me in locating a map of melbourne by population density. Just need to have an overview of where the majority of population are based as opposed to checking each suburb's population figures. thanks paddy
  16. mr luvpants

    Perth map

    I have a Perth and WA map that we bought and is only used a few times so is in really good condition. Dont want anything for it. Is there anyone on here that would like it? PM me your address and I will send it out to you. JOHN
  17. The Pom Queen

    Alternative map to google

    Yes, I know I am being lazy and could do a search but I have no idea what search terms to use. A member once posted a map feature like google street view but it was more up to date, can anyone remember what it was called please.:notworthy:
  18. Do you remember the first time that Australia was put on the map for you. By that, I mean was there any particular occasion or person that made you first think about Australia? Was it when you started thinking about migrating, or have you been interested since you were a child? For me, I remember my dad telling me when I was a child that his parents were supposed to have been Ten Pound Poms after the second world war, but my gran found out she was pregnant with dad just before they were due to leave so they decided to stay in the UK. I have no idea how true that is (because both of my grandparents and my dad are now unfortunately dead) but that is the first time that I remember wondering about Australia and whether I would ever get to live there. It is something that stayed with me throughout my childhood and into adulthood, and I remember talking to my hubby about it when we were first together. Fast forward twelve years, and we are here! Funnily enough, as I mentioned in the thread about how some settle and some don't, I feel far more settled here than I did in the UK for some reason, so maybe I was always destined to be here in one way or another. Who knows!

    Tom Tom Map Downloads

    Hi All Very, very exited, we fly this Thursday to Singapore then onto Adelaide, then Brisbane for a month - feels like waiting for Xmas when I was a child!!! Can anyone point me in the right direction for a download of all maps of Oz for our Tom Tom- just thought someone may know of a site other than Tom Tom itself, that might be a little cheaper. Thanks for any help anyone can give, Lynda
  20. We are looking at moving to Melbourne in Feb and I'm desperately trying to find an up to date street map of the city and surrounding suburbs. I know I can use on-line maps, but i just find it easier to look at a book! I've searched everywhere and even contacted UBD direct to see if they have any UK suppliers. The short answer was no! Postage from Oz is extortionate and shipping will take weeks! If anyone knows of a secret bookshop or of one that is burried in their bottom drawer and is not needed anymore, please can you let me know. Thanks.:biggrin:
  21. Guest

    Australia Map for Sat Nav

    I have a Mio Navman M400 for the UK and I want to activate the Australia map held on it - does anyone have a product key / activation code to unlock the map please????
  22. Guest

    Map of UK migration agents

    Hi all. I've put together a Google map of : all the Australian registered but UK based migration agents (RMA), plus dedicated UK offices of Australian based RMAs and offices of a select few who are good operators but not RMAs (including your favourite pair of ladies, Gill). The list excludes KPMG, Fragomen's etc who don't need the marketing help and couple that I've omitted for various reasons. Agents and individuals, feel free to contact me to add an agent to the map or do it yourself if you can do so without messing it up! The map is to help anyone wanting to contact a UK agent find out where the nearest professional agent is to their location. I've asked some of agents to update their own contact details, at this stage the embedded details are mostly just the business name and location on Google maps. Here the link, and it is also in my message signature for a short while. UK-based migration agents for Australia - Google Maps :cute:
  23. The Pom Queen

    Map of Fires Burning Around Victoria

    For all those who are worried about loved ones who may be affected by the fires you can call 1800 727 077 . Also take a look at this map to give you some idea of the fires and their locations. Google Maps
  24. Guest

    Tra map suspended indefinitely

    Hello Everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the TRA have suspended the MAP indefinitely. workplace.gov.au - 1 Skills assessment for people intending to migrate to Australia Sorry to all those who have been holding out for this. :arghh:
  25. HI all I have been waiting for confirmation from a migration agent that the TRA will be starting the new MAP route with effect from the 1st Sep 08. Having looked on Go Matilda today it seems that this has now been delayed. My family have been waiting for the 1st to start our application process running but now it seems we shall have to wait. Does anybody know if this is true as its not on TRA website. If anybody knows a bit more about the current situation in respect of the new MAP process could they reply. Thanks Guys Shane (Plymouth UK )