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Found 97 results

  1. misssmileygoldcoast

    Manchester - Vigil - SEQ

    Hello Does anybody know of any Vigils being arranged on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane for the awful Manchester attack? I know they are arranging one for Sydney, outside of the Consulate but I am hoping there will be one in SEQ somewhere. Thanks
  2. Hi all. Just wandering if there is anyone from Manchester liviing on or near the Goldcoast. From a place called Failsworth myself and was interested to hear from anyone who lived in Manchester.
  3. Guest

    Hi from manchester

    Hi all.... Just registered on this this am....so am new....Were living in Manchester at the moment and off to Melbourne probably November by the time the AHPRA pull their finger out and get my husband on their nursing register......Have 2 kiddies.....age 3 and 7 months old....and were so looking forward to leaving the Uk...Any advice would be greatly recieved... Nikki...
  4. I would really appreciate to hear from any of the nurses who were interviewed by the NSW crew in September either in Manchester or London this year and are awaiting their 457 or PR visa. The interviews were arranged by professiobnal connec tions agency and Health Staff recruitment.:daydreaming::confused: Please get in touch so we can keep in touch and update each other as well as sharing ideas.
  5. When we put in our visa application at the end of May we resigned ourselves to the fact that it coud take 18 months to 2 years to see any progress. So we got a bit of a scare last Tuesday when we got an e-mail asking for our medicals and police checks in the next 28 days. Lots of OMG and SH**, this is all getting a bit real and scary and a lot sooner that we had anticipated or planned for. So Police check applications have been sent off and we had our medicals last night - very impressed with the process and service at Spire Hospital in Manchester who only started doing these medicals in October. So now we are waiting again, but with the realisation that if there are no problems we could be taking a trip to Oz by the end of next year to validate our visas - so now for some frantic saving to pay for the flights and accommodation so we can at least make it feel like a holiday/chance to see places when we get there. Aileen
  6. Love Shoes

    The medical centre in manchester

    As everyone probably knows by now we or should I say my hubby is going for his medical next week with Dr Smith in Manchester. Could anyone who has been please confirm that it is near the ADSA and Trafford Centre? Hope so because we both know where that is, plus our appointment is seriously early so we don´t want to get lost and be driving around for ages getting stressed out and raising the BP! Can I also just say a huge thank you to anyone who has answered any of my queries and tried to alleviate our worries about these medicals. I have been a member of ex pat forms before and just want to say that this is the best one I have come across for correct information, friendliness and sympathy! Great work guys! :hug:
  7. We have flights booked from Manchester with Singapore Airlines and just wondered if there were any PIO members on the same flight? We fly out on Fri 13th Jan :eek: in the morning with the Newlands :wub::biggrin: Mandi x
  8. Booked flights- woooo!! Going from Manchester to Munich then on to Singapore then Adelaide!! Just wondered do we stay on plane when at Munich? Only there for 1 hour 10 and its same plane/flight number so not sure if we will need to get off or not? Thanks
  9. Proview220

    House for sale Manchester.

  10. Looking to move to and work in Australia? Visit the FREE SkilledMigrantJobs.com expo. We have employers seeking health care professionals, tradies, mechanics, engineers, mining, oil and gas professionals to name a few... Register on SkilledMigrantJobs.com.
  11. Hi, Just thought I would drop a line to see if anyone else was going to Manchester on Monday for their medicals. We are booked in at 1:30, but knowing me we will be in Manchester form around 11 as I hate being on the last minute. I understand that their is parking bays outside the medical centre so we will park up and have a walk round before going in.
  12. Hi all, Now we have a case officer we have booked our medicals, and are going to Manchester on the 19th September. Was just hoping someone could explain the process in Manchester and if we need to take anything with us. none of us are on meds or anything and we are not under a doc for anything so from what I read we only need to take ourselves and wallet. I am getting a bit worried as we carry a few extra pounds (not of the money type) and hope this will not hinder our application. :wacko::err:
  13. Thats the headline, doesn't seem much, these numpties were doing a drugs or terrorism raid on a house and they had their pictures taken fooling about and one of them posted it on facebook, which has seen them get sacked. Joey Barton tweeted on twitter some rubbish and now he's been told by Newcastle, they don't want him. What i have noticed over the last couple of years is that with most places cutting back on staff, that what you wouldn't get sacked for a couple of years ago, today the chances are you will. To me its a cheap way of reducing costs, they are offering redundency all over the place, in the police force, government and council jobs, prisons, nursing, teaching and banks etc, but i have witnessed an increase of people being given the boot for things that they normally wouldn't have. Is it because of the increase in social media, or just a cheap way of cutting costs?
  14. We're flying to Perth from Manchester on Sept 4th, it goes via munich and singers. We change plane in Singers and I imagine just pick up some Germans and fill up in Munich. Anyone flying on our flight?
  15. thepallis

    Medicals at Medmigration Manchester

    Been for medicals today, not as bad as I was expecting (not sure what i was expecting). Dr Smith was absolutely brilliant put us at ease even 17 yr old son who in his words (cannot see himself living in OZ, so not coming), we'll see I am hoping with all my heart he changes his mind, thats another story though. They were fine everything all ok, just wait for bloods to come back next week. Good luck to everyone going for theirs.
  16. Yay, I have just booked medicals for the family and me. I got the first appointment which was 18th March and so anyone else looking at booking should expect a three/four week time lag from calling them to actually having the medical done. Anyone know how long it usually takes from having medicals done to receiving visa grant? Thanks:jiggy:
  17. theskeers

    Manchester Expo?

    Hi all Does anyone know when there is a seminar or expo in or near Manchester please? cheers
  18. Guest

    Just had medicals!! MANCHESTER

    For anybody who has not had medical's you will probably be feeling how we did ( honestly you don't need to there is nothing to worry about at all ) My Experience:- The night before........ I did not sleep well I was ill this was down to nerves as I had read on here that many medicals had been referred and I had all sorts running through my mind ( I have since realised there was absolutely nothing to worry about ) I was up at 5.00am fresh as a daisy for the day ahead. We ( me 23 OH 27 ) arrived at the clinic for our appointment in Manchester with Dr Smith, Dr Smith was fantastic and put our minds at ease and was very proffesional throughout the whole medical examination and would highly recommend him in the future. I will just run through what happened in the examination room:- We had our Weight, Height measured, Bloods, Then I had to go down to my underwear, again Dr Smith made me feel very comfortable, offered me a chapperone and told me what was happening at each step, Dr Smith checked my movements, reflexes, ears, eyes, eyesight, and also checked our urine. The medicals we're sent through E-health so should fingers crossed have the results back on Monday :0) Next we had our X-rays with a gentleman called Tony, he was very friendly and made me feel comfortable throught. All in all we had a fab medical experience and had nothing to worry about. I have also had an email from the ACRO advising that they received our application on the 06/06 but will only be processing them from today within the processed guidelines ( 10 working days ) I am pulling my hair out as CO has asked for everything to be back by the 27/06 :0) I am praying they will send it in the next few days so that we can get out visa in the next few weeks. Thanks Bowow
  19. They are asking the local people where the cuts should be made, Chief Constable Peter Fahey has arranged meetings at town halls across 10 Greater Manchester authorities, to find ways forward on where to make the cuts. Greater Manchester Police cuts Reckless cuts to our local police go way beyond what is necessary and will put the safety of communities at risk. Almost a quarter of all posts at Greater Manchester Police are being cut and these will lead to a loss of up to 1,500 police officer posts, and 1,400 civilian jobs. Chief Constable Peter Fahy has been put in an impossible position and has acknowledged that the cuts are “huge” and that Greater Manchester police will have to make “very difficult decisions about the service to the public”. With one in five people losing their job it is hard to see how frontline services will not be affected. My son wants to become a police Officer ............ theres not much chance of that happening in the next few years.
  20. Shoni8

    just done MEDICALS manchester

    HI weve just done are Medicals at Manchester...two Adults and one child under 15....DR Smith was Brilliant and put everybody at ease with jokes and banter about football etc...we had a 12 o,clock appointment and was done and dusted by 1.30...the only down side.........the COST...DR Smiths cost £450......X RAYS.....£225.....yep £675 for an hour and a halfs work DEFO IN THE WRONG JOB!!!!!!:biggrin:
  21. hellsbells712

    Medicals in Manchester

    Just thought I would post how our meds went and some tips for anyone with medical problems. Well, we had our meds done today in Manchester. Well, I tell ya all. Dr. Million is fantastic. He is so good with the kids. My 4 year old got very upset and was crying when she had to leave Dr. Million and his toys. Both kids took to him as soon as we walked through the door. And that is a big shock. It usually takes about half hour to come round to strangers. Chocolates, sweets, biscuits and toys did help I think. LOL. And he did let them both use his otoscope to look in Mummy and daddy's ears, just cos he could see they were getting a little apprehensive about what he was going to do. He even gave Natasha 1 of the dolls to take home...Awwww, but after we had our xrays she did give it back, bless her!!!! All pretty straight forward. Was in just over an hour. And then had xrays. Apart from 1 of us, the rest of us had previous medical history. But all went well. Weight, height, wee sample - pretty easy as we had got slightly lost on the way so was busting when we walked into his office.:eek: He just laughed and showed us in the right direction. Pretty quick physical exam - listened to heart, chest, quick feel of neck + stomach, checked spine but that's only cos I had a nice 6 inch scar down my back. Not a problem as it was over 10 years old. Didn't want any reports or thought I would need referring for review. Checked Blood pressure and then took bloods and that was it. Never checked my eyes but did hubby's that's only because he wears glasses. 6 year old son had a heart murmur as a baby, requiring surgery but was discharged at age of 3. So, I was so prepared, had all the letters for 3 years he was being treated, but Dr. Million didn't want them. He wanted a "Contemporary " up to date report......So advice is....if you have any significant med problems in recent years, make sure you bring a very recent report. Only 1 extra document can be attached to your medical forms so it's no point bringing years of reports expecting them to be sent to DIAC. He will use them in his assessment though. If you can get a contemporary report make sure it states diagnosis, treatment received, if any treatment now and what they feel treatment is required in the future. Never thought of getting an up to date report:arghh:, could of had that, I work at the same hospital....:mad: So he gave us 2 choices - submit paperwork and see if DIAC refer on, or, for us to go back to our Cardiologist and get up to date report. Chose the latter, rang Cardiology sec as soon as we left and I should have a letter by the middle of next week so success there - no significant probs. We did have an up to date report on OH's CFS / ME prior to the appointment. No issues. Kids just had weight, height, chest + heart examination, quick feel of tummy, 6 year old had wee sample. That was that. So nothing negative about the day. Kids had fun, I felt less anxious once we got there and started chatting to him. Just remember folks - get very recent reports to bring with you. By all means bring any medical documents you have so he can read but he wont use these to send to DIAC unless you have 1 from recent and make sure it is dated. Oh and Don't forget your debit card.:laugh: £517.00 for 4 of us to have medicals. 2 adults - me needing everything doing, Neil not needing Hepatitis bloods.... kids didn't need any bloods as they are under 11. Plus £85 each for xrays - just adults again as kids under 11. Hope this helps someone. It is worrying but be prepared with reports and you will be fine. Good luck everyone and I hope I didn't bore too many. x Helen
  22. Hi We are looking to appoint the above agency to help us with Visa application but wanted some feedback on them?
  23. Proview220

    Medicals in MANCHESTER

    Did any one from PIO have medicals in MANCHESTER today 8 4 11, there was a couple of familys also having Medicals, Called the Butler Family, the Jones Family, I wonder if you was one of them familys and are you on PIO??? if so would be nice to say Hello:wink:
  24. tonyman

    Manchester City v stoke united

    so where are we all watching this formality ..............i do hope they keep those childish long throws away ....it ruins the game ........thats the only thing i dislike about stoke , there silly throwings .....we could all do that ,try and throw the ball into the keepers area and if we did how silly would football look .............carry on doing that and they wil soon be back in the old 2nd division....
  25. ive got my doubts about tonights game ......pool are going to be well up for this one and City may hold back a little with the FA cup in mind ........ I would take a draw on this one ............:yes: