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Found 22 results

  1. shah123

    Skill Assessment -AIM

    Hi I am looking for skill assessment through AIM for Sales and marketing manager. I work as Deputy Marketing Manager for an education company. Education: I am a University gold Medallist in Marketing where I perused my Bachelor and master in Marketing. Experience: I finished my marketing internship - 3 months I was hired by my current company for a probation period for three months as a trainee and then was promoted to senior executive and currently I work as a deputy manager for the company where I look after 4 offices (around 20+ employees) and report to the national director – all this experience sum more than three years approx. ( 38 months ) 1. So, is it advisable to apply for skill assessment for AIM considering they only look for more experienced people? 2. Are three years enough to apply considering the seniority of the position and education in the same field? Thank you in advance Regards,
  2. My name is Chris Baddeley and I am the Sales Manager for Vodafone in Victoria and am currently recruiting for Business Development Managers due to headcount growth in the state. If you have a proven track record in sales and are hard working, energetic, hungry for success and looking to earn in the region of $80k - $100k please pm
  3. Hi, has anyone got any recent info on what it's like to get a teaching job or retail management job in either perth or Melbourne please :wacko: Thanks
  4. simon9274

    Office Managers in ACT

    Hi all, my wife and i are thinking of applying for a state sponsored visa to ACT. My wife is an office manager and currently this is a classed as limited on the occupation list and she will have to go through the verification stage and gain acceptance even before we can lodge an application for a visa. My question is that because she works for an engineering company will this make a difference bearing in mind the kind of industry in Canberra and will this be assessed as part of the verification criteria. Any advice from personal experince or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. Simon.
  5. Good Evening all... After trawling through posts on here, much of the construction discussions relate to trades, i.e brickies etc looking to move over, and not much on site managers or project managers. After spending many hours looking through many job sites it appears there are a few positions available, (as long as your not fussy on location) is this actually the case and would there be demand from overseas in theese areas, and would my quilifications count or equate to anything in Oz, I am a site manager with a degree in construction management, and hold all relevant tickets, such as SMSTS an CSCS cards etc Secondly my partner is ozzy, and so i believe i can able for a de facto visa, has any one had experience of this? Looking forward to hearing from You. Thanks
  6. Are you an experienced Recruitment Branch Manager or Recruitment Consultant looking for a role in Sydney? The Adecco Group is the global leader in HR solutions. We are a Fortune 500 company with over 28,000 employees and 5,700 offices, in more than 60 countries and territories. In Australia, Adecco places 8,000 temporary employees with more than approximately 3,000 clients throughout Australia. We currently have openings in the Sydney area for experienced Recruitment Branch Managers and Recruitment Consultants. If you are interested in knowing more please send your resume to internalrecruitment@adecco.com.au
  7. Hi All I am looking to make contacts in the Hospitality industry, as I hope to move to Oz one day (if my application ever reaches the top of the pile) I have a skills assessment as a Hotel/Motel Manager and am currently working as a coffee shop manager, although I am also the cook and baker!! Anyone out there involved in this industry in Oz who fancies a chat please reply, i would be grateful for any inside knowledge going. Hazeeel
  8. Hi, Not sure of all the details just yet, but are there any Child Care Centre Managers looking for fulltime work near the city? Please PM if interested. Tracey
  9. Hi, I am employed in the NHS as a GP Practice Manager and wondered if anyone is in a similar role and whether they found it easy to transfer skills over? To be honest if it meant me getting a job I would work as a GP receptionist and work my way up! I'm not precious!! :biggrin:
  10. Hi There is there anyone out there who works in the following areas, Company Buyers/ Procurement managers If so please contact me via PM Earl
  11. As a new starter to the immigration process we have a lots of questions and the whole process seems quite daunting. Our background is we are a married couple (both aged 37) with two boys under the age of four. We would like to emigrate from the UK to Victoria State. My wife is a part-time primary teacher and I am an energy manager. Our questions are: are teaching jobs still in demand in Australia? Are energy managers jobs easy to come by and becoming sought after like they are in the UK? Where is the best place to go to find energy manager jobs? What is the best option, to try and find a job and be sponsored or apply for a visa and then look for a job in our fields? Seek state sponsorship? We understand there is a points scoring system for visa applications, where can we find the scoring mechanism? If anyone can help guide us with our queries, we would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.
  12. Are there any Transport Managers on the forum who can offer any advice? I work as a transport manager for a car auction company and wondered if the role in Australia differs much from here in the UK? We are hoping to settle in or around Brisbane/Gold/Sunshine Coast or thereabouts. Will I need to gain any Australian qualifications to carry out the job? Are there many jobs available in this field? I currently hold a national CPC qualification. I would appreciate any advice you can offer me, Thanks, Paul.
  13. Hi guys im hoping that on here there might be a few car salesman or sales managers in Australia pref Sydney / brisbane but if not would like to hear from you as im coming over to Australia soon as i get a sponsor thanks mark
  14. Hi, I am currently at the early stages of working through an agent to get my skills assessment underway in order to then apply for a state sponsored visa with WA as an IT project manager. This role has been recently added to the on demand list for WA but does this actually mean that the state is crying out for PM's??? Seek.com does indeed show a number of roles for PM's but that doesnt necessarily indicate the true demand as there maybe 50 people all applying for the same role.:twitcy: Is there anybody out there that can provide me with some re-assurance that this role is indeed in demand and that (assuming you have the skills/experience..etc) finding a job should not be an issue? What are the expected rates for contract IT PM's? I need heeeeeeeelllllllllppppppppp:wacko:
  15. We are in the final stretch now, unless the government decides to take accountants off the CSL! Got our CO assigned a few weeks ago, meds and PCCs done so all going well we should be in Oz sometime in June. Was wondering if anyone knows what the job market is like in Adelaide - hoping that accountants are still one of life's boring necessities over there!:twitcy:
  16. Australian Institute of management report finds: Australian executives have come out on top in a new survey comparing management styles in Australia and the United Kingdom.The survey, called Quality of Working Life was based on responses from more than 2,500 executives in the private and government sectors in the two countries. It showed that Australian managers were considered less authoritarian, less bureaucratic, more accessible and more innovative than their British counterparts. The research program was developed by the Chartered Management Institute in the UK and supported by the Australian Institute of Management in Melbourne. It was conducted by researchers at Coventry and Lancaster universities in the UK and by Monash University in Melbourne. Survey data revealed Australian managers were much more inclined to consider that change in the workplace improved their motivation levels, productivity, employee participation, well being and morale. (see table below) “The research is a very positive pointer to the capabilities of Australian executives and reflects the strong performance of the business sector in recent years,” Ms Susan Heron, CEO of the Australian Institute of Management (Vic/Tas) said. “Overseas companies that are looking to invest money to establish operations in Australia or develop existing assets here will welcome the survey results.” Less than half (46 per cent) of the UK respondents said they had trust and confidence in their senior managers compared to 62 per cent of the Australian respondents. In another positive indicator for Australian management, local executives surveyed were more likely than their UK equivalents to be proud of their organisations (76.5 per cent of respondents compared to 67.4 per cent) and also more satisfied with their jobs (71.2 per cent to 62.2 per cent).
  17. Guest

    Care Home managers

    Hey all Myself and husband are planning on moving to Queensland, next year, all being well. I was wondering of anyone has any idea of jobs available in care homes and where do I find my job category on the Skilled Occupations list? Iam a Registered Manager of a care home for the elderly with Mental Health Problems. I am concerned that my NVQ qualifications which are up and above the Degree level, will not be recognised by care homes in Australia! Does anyone have the same problem?? All advice recieved will be greatly appreciated!!
  18. Hi! I'm struggling to find a skill area that my work experience falls under. My job title is Solutions Manager and i work within the transport industry creating logistics solutions for a variety of companies. I don't fall under the Supply and Transport Manager as i don't manage a transport team but i've just seem the Specialist Managers category. Has anyone applied for a visa under this skills classification????? Cheers!! Clare
  19. We were told at an Expo that Perth wouldn't be a great place to find a position of work as a project or operations manager. I don't really understand this as surely whatever type of business a company is, surely the staff need managing?? We are still open to advice as to where to settle and work is really the major factor. As much advice as we can get will be greatfully received!! Thanks you all. Lisa and Paul
  20. Hi All, I keep on reading about people earning less in Aus then back in the UK, is this the case for all jobs or specific ones. Reason i ask is that i was told by a guy at work (aussie) that marketing pays comparitivly better, any advise would be apprciated. thanks, Salma
  21. Hi we are thinking of moving to Oz and are going through the processes at the minute to gather as m uch information as possible to see if this is viable. I would just like to know if there is a call for experienced managers for bars and warehouses in and around brisbane? I manage 40 people in a 750,000 sqft (95,000 pallet spaces plus bulk area's) warehouse for retailer mfi and my partner works as an assistant manager for a branded food led public house. we both have exstensive experience in our fields. Main questions, sorry to go on, are, is there work available and if so what would be an average wage for the roles? also must ask what is the best area for a hot and dry climate most of the year please, as brisbane is not a fixed destination, again sorry for all the questions. if anyone can help we would be most grateful Kind regards damion
  22. Hi there i have a question my self and husband and children r considering the move to oz . Looked into seeing if we have enough points and have come across a situation if we put in our ocupation as insurance we dont have enough points,but if we list my husband under manager as he is md of company and me as company sec we have enough points. BUT have been told that the chances of being accepted under the manger job description is vey remote as it has a 70% rejection. Was just wondering if anyone had any advice ? or if anyone had gained visa this way? Thank you Michelle :lol: