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Found 123 results

  1. Hello! I am new to pomsinoz but I would really appreciate any help you can provide. I have been a kindergarten/preschool director for 5 and a half years and before that I have been an early childhood teacher for three years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education. I am planning to migrate to Oz as a Child Care Center Manager (ANZCO 134111) with the Direct Entry stream - 186 visa. The first step in this process would be to get a successful assessment from TRA. I think immi requires a BA for this position (because it's at skill level 1). As a kindergarten director I have done all the tasks (and more) listed on the immi website for this job and the kindergarten where I have worked resembles in a lot of ways a Childcare Center (after-school, offered lunch, nap time, etc.). I believe these should be enough but I am not sure what TRA is looking for... Do you think I am qualified enough and have enough work experience to get a successful assessment from TRA? Any advice you could give me would be great
  2. Is anybody here going to apply for 139914 Quality Assurance Manager or has already applied for it? Let's share information.
  3. Hi everyone Please can somebody tell me that if i have 2 years of human reaource advisor expwrience and 4 years of human resource manager experience in a school, will i be able to get a positive skill assessment from AIM? THANKS
  4. Hi Everybody, I am intending to apply for visa 189 as Construction Project Manager but I am little concerned because I was not actually practicing construction in a strict sense since a while. So I am working as Contracts Manager (Admin) in construction projects since 10 years, however, I have a Civil Engineering degree and I had around +3 years experience at my early years as Construction engineer. I also have an LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration. So my questions are: - Given the above can I apply for a Construction Project Manager? - Is there a minimum activities of Construction Project Manager that need to be included in my Company letter of experience under the Contracts Manager? if so what would be the acceptable minimum match between both positions e.g. 60% or what? - What would be the main criteria of assessment that could make it or break it when it comes to a case like mine? Sorry for the elaboration and looking forward for your advice. Regards, SH
  5. Can anyone help? We're about to get my husbands skills assessed as a Construction Project Manager. He can evidence this role since April 2007 to present. He also has a degree in Construction Management awarded June 2010 and a HNC in Construction awarded July 2007. As we were completing the form online, this paragraph came up - "This occupation requires a qualification which is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor degree or higher degree, in a highly relevant field of study to the nominated occupation. In addition to this, applicants must have at least one year of post-qualification employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years in a field closely related to the nominated occupation. If employment is not post-qualification, then five additional years of closely related employment are required. If the degree is not in a highly relevant field of study, three years of employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years in a field closely related to the nominated occupation is required. This is reduced to two years if there is an additional qualification at least at AQF Diploma level in a highly relevant field. A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a positive Skills Assessment Outcome. If the qualification(s) is not at the required educational level, employment will be assessed below the required skill level." As he only qualified with his degree in June last year, he obviously doesn't have the 'one year post qualification employment'. Although he's been in the role for 4 years and holds a HNC. Anyone know if this looks like a problem? :eek: Thanks
  6. Hello everybody, I know I'm new in this forum, however I'm friendly and respectful and I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice. I'm currently working in a large company and my employer would like to sponsor me. We have come up to two options: a) Production manager (manufacturing) or b) Primary foods inspector I am currently holding a diploma of business, diploma of management and diploma of administrator. My employer is very happy with this, but do you guys think I could get the 457 visa with these diplomas? I've been thinking to complete "Advanced diploma of management" as well, would that be enough? Thank you in advance, Demmu
  7. I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Production.My experience is as follows 1) Pipeline Valve Industry - 2.5 Years as Quality Assurance Engineer. 2) Software(IT) Industry - 9.5 Years . Currently doing the role of IT project Manager. I am bit confused whether I can quote my IT projects in CDR and request for assesment as a Engineering Manager (ANZSCO 133211) from Engineers Australia. Note: IT project Manager ( ANZSCO 112411) is no longer in SOL else ACS skills assessment under RPL was the best option. Thanks In advance for all your inputs.
  8. Hi I am a HR Manager hoping to gain a skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional visa to Oz. The AIM criteria for the assessment of a HR Manager talks about 'senior functional management' and stipulates that the applicant must; have reporting responsibility for a number of managers who themselves manage a further group of managers be the most senior functional person in the organisation Whilst I consider myself to be a solid HR Manager, I do not meet the above criteria since my organisation is large and is not structured in this way. Also, when I look at the ANZSCO criteria my skills and experience closely fit this criteria. Are there any HR professionals who have experience of going through this process successfully who can advise me. I don't want to pursue the application if I have misunderstood and 'HR Manager' means 'Senior HR Manager' and I don't meet the criteria. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks, Upping sticks
  9. Hi there, we have ss with the ACT but are still waiting for their SMP to come out. Has it come out yet? We have an ASCO code of 2231-11 Systems Manager and apparently its not on the new SOL and if its not on the ACT's SMP then we have very little chance of going to Australia. Is this true? I am waiting patiently as I am sure everyone else is. I know we need to wait for the ACT to release their SMP. Do you think they will be releasing their SMP soon? We applied years ago and it sure feels like we've been waiting for about 10 years! What happens if our code is not on their list? What must we do? Can my husband reapply for a new code to the ACS? Also, because my husbands skills were assessed by the ACS years back - about 3 yrs, do we need to get them re-assessed? Please could someone answer at least a few of these questions. I cannot sleep !! :arghh:
  10. What do you think....Poll runs until there is a sacking/resignation</SPAN>
  11. Hello Australia, I am an adaptable spa professional who has just moved to Australia and is looking for sponsorship anywhere in Australia. I have experience in product development, business development, sales and spa management (from concept to launch). I have also owned my own spa product range which was sold in the UK and Ireland. In addition I am HR and training qualified and have over 8 years experience in both operational and senior roles. Please get in touch with me if you have any roles in the spa/well-being industry or if there is any helpful advice to be obtained. Many thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards Oliver Beck
  12. Hi, we would like to try to apply for a state sponsorship under GSM. I have 45 points alone and need 65. I am going to sit the IELTS test to try to get band 8 which will get me the 20 points i need- urgh- quite hard. However, if I get band 7 I will get 10 points and then I will only need 10. Want to try to get a state nomination which will give me 5 then need 5 from my partners skill. He is a very experienced office manager but has no 'formal certificate ' as such. does anyone out there know exactly what VETASSESS will ask for if we aply to try to get his quals assessed? Thank you- appreciate any help I can get with this one!!x
  13. Red13sc

    Vetassess - Office Manager Help!

    Hi, I am about to send my skills assessment to Vetassess for Office Manager. I really want to get this right first time so any help or experiences from people who have applied as an Office Manager would be appreciated. I have 3.5 years experience as an Office Manager and a NVQ Level 4, however this is in accountancy, would this be classed as a relevant field? I do have to carry out financial duties as part of my role as the Office Manager and my employer felt this was the best qualification to enrol me on, I completed it this year (2011). Also does anyone know what the 'Transcript' is in the required documents? Lastly how many payslips do they need? I can only find my last 6 months and would only be able to gain printer copies from my employer if they need more. Has anyone has a successful assessment? How long did it take? I travel to Oz in December and would like to have it all wrapped up and passed by then so that I can try really hard and find a sponsor whilst on my WHV. All help appreciated.
  14. The principal purpose of the role is to manage the daily operations of a S.M.A.R.T repair centre. As Manager you will be responsible for the proactive management (within agreed KPI parameters) of repair centre volume, quality/rectification, production efficiency in a safe environment, customer service/engagement, recruitment/retention of team members, overall team performance and communication, local end to end parts management, on-site consignment inventory management, scoping and customer invoicing in order to ensure quality and expedient repairs to our customer’s vehicles. Key Duties Accountability for leading the end to end repair/production processes (inclusive of repair validation, scoping, parts sourcing, scheduling, finalisation (including quality review), invoicing and complaint handling in a safe environment; Proactively lead the Safety Charter on site “Be SMART, Be SAFE” ensuring all OH&S matters including recommendations from safety audits are implemented within agreed timeframes. When necessary operate an effective “Back to Work” program for all Workers Compensation claims; Manage a balanced scorecard of KPI metrics within agreed targets – to include but not limited to ARC, Cycle Times, Rectification, Strike Rate, LTIFR, Labour/Paint KPI’s, employee satisfaction &retention; Agree the repair centre booking structure with the COO and resource accordingly to meet volume targets. Liaise with “Front of House” to ensure seamless customer service. Suitably engage with customers on site through an effective “Meet & Greet” process. Effectively communicate all “Not Suits” to our partner daily via photograph. Manage alternative volume sourcing models in conjunction with the COO and our partner to support volume targets. Treat customer’s vehicles and belongings with respect at all times; Ensure an effective process for scoping, quoting and parts management with the Estimating team, assisting/supporting the Estimator wherever necessary. Effectively manage all vendors (parts, paint & consumables) within approval limits set by the COO and minimize inventory/Work in Progress; Establish quality control and audit disciplines and processes to ensure quality repair techniques are consistently used within your span of control, with regard to achieving the target KPI Rectification rate per annum. Undertake a monthly Rectification review with the customer and ensure continuous improvement actions are taken as required; Assist the GM HR in the recruitment (as agreed with the COO), management and development of your team members (including appraisals, disciplinary action and continual improvement); Effectively manage the custodianship and maintenance of property, tools and equipment. Maintain adequate security procedures, including shop opening and closing; Foster a positive work environment for all team members and visitors and treat all team members with respect. Develop the “huddle” framework for effective team communication; Provide a cohesive operation to contribute to maintaining the company's system of accounts on all company transactions and assets, in particular review all scoping and job costing for accuracy and integrity, COD payments on parts, payroll authorization, accurate invoicing and parts administration; Maintain Clean Workspace Policy; Maintain uniform and wear in accordance with Company Policy; Approve all site Overtime & Hours worked each week; Perform non-core tasks as directed by the COO from time-to-time. Skills & Attributes Demonstrable experience in a leadership or management role where lean processes, teamwork, customer focus/orientation and technology are drivers of business outputs Highly organised with ability to complete multiple tasks at any given time and deliver to deadline. Able to work unsupervised Clear effective communication with customers Develop and maintain business relationships with suppliers and stakeholders Ability to build positive team based relationships Ability to implement strategies, policies, process, systems and guidelines for team members Ability to communicate effectively and work cohesively with the site team and Management Team Assertive in dealing with delegation and management Knowledge of repair techniques are desirable and ability to effectively engage with customers Experience Experience in establishing and maintaining Operational Processes and Procedures Experience in effective team leadership & customer engagement Experience in the use of a range of financial and workshop management systems Other Related Role Guidance Some Travel and after hours work as required. CSRA Values will be at the core of all this role undertakes. This business must be profitable in its own right and at all times – all activities and functions undertaken must have this thought central to any decision or action. Sponsorship is available initially on a 457 visa and later the company will sponsor the candidate for permanent residency when eligible.
  15. Republishing a job posting for one of my clients; unfortunately this will only be of interest to someone who is already living in Oz and with the right experience - so just in case: ======================================================== My client is seeking a Franchise Operations Manager to join their Senior Management Team, reporting directly to the CEO, to lead the operational management and delivery of creative, innovative, high quality operations to an expanding nationwide network of Franchise outlets. This is a senior appointment with a potential pathway to CEO in the future. We want to appoint the very best person to this role. Your career background is of importance and clearly your competences and personal qualities, especially your leadership skills will be excellent with a strong track record and proven ability in working within, and providing leadership to, cross functional and virtual teams. The applicant will have an appreciation of all aspects of Franchise Operations and the challenges that face both the Franchisor and the Franchisee. Your background will be in business management ideally in the Franchise sector, the candidate will be able to demonstrate direct experience working in the operational aspects of a relevant business as well as other pertinent experience in people management, financial/budget management, and ability to work with a nationwide team. How you work will be as important as what you have done. Absolutely key will be your openness to change, persistence towards excellence and ability to motivate others – this role will be key in driving the company’s growth plans and your ability to work effectively and achieve results will be crucial! The candidate will have an appetite to seize an opportunity and accelerate the growth of an established business with 35+ franchise offices already in operation. Key Responsibilities · Lead and implement operational aspects of the franchise network · Lead and promote the business vision within the Franchise network; · In accordance with the corporate strategic plan, deliver the Franchise strategy ensuring that HQ is fully aligned with the Franchisee business requirements working directly with the owners of individual Franchise’s and other members of the senior management team. · Lead the achievement of excellence in delivering professional services through a network of Franchise operations · Manage (and grow) a small team of business support specialists and admin support staff to meet the needs of the business and franchise network · Support local and national thought leadership achieving nationwide recognition as a market leader and high brand visibility and preference. · Advise the CEO on compliance and risk related issues and directs the group’s compliance with OFT and any other legal obligations as set by Australian governing bodies; · Create a framework, comprising of external market factors and internal considerations, to help prioritise most appropriate activities for the Franchisee’s needs; Key Attributes of the right candidate · Proven leadership and delivery skills · Strong analytical, judgement and decision- making skills. · Excellent oral and written communication skills that demonstrate clarity of thought. · A strong understanding of business processes and of the importance of meeting organisational compliance objectives, and a record of delivering business results that meet strategic aims. · Sound understanding of Franchise operations and models · A motivational individual, able to listen and build consensus, but can provide clear direction as appropriate in a changing environment. · Tenacious and clear-sighted in pursuit of the opportunity for the company. · A team worker, able to build collaborative and effective working relationships with Franchise owners and business partners at all levels. · Sensitivity to the requirements of others; has tact and diplomacy and can manage ambiguity and balance differing interests. · Committed to valuing diversity and works in a way that demonstrably fulfils that commitment. · A quick learner; responsive, and able to adjust to new cultures and new organisational dynamics · Strong IT skills and experience in managing outsourced service providers Please apply with full CV and particulars of relevant experience to richard.moss@eborders.net Applications close Sunday, 22nd January 2012
  16. Hi Can anyone let me know what the average salary would be for a construction manager/site manager? I am an experienced project manager but because I do not have a degree I need to apply as a Building Associate! There I am expecting that I will need to drop down to site manager level but need to know how much that will pay to determine if it will be worth going. Also are there plenty of opportunities in WA for site managers?:wacko:
  17. Greetings all, I'm hoping to get assessed by AIM as an engineering manager because of my degree is in engineering and i have relevant work experience and the required potion within organization structure. I have heard that although AIM is the best path to get assesd as Engineering manager, its also the hardest one to get a positive assessment ! :confused: Has anyone in this forum been through the skills assessment process recently ? Has anyone received a positive outcome from AIM ? appreciate it a lot if you can provide tips or advice. Thanks ,
  18. Hi I am Air Conditioning & Refrigeration mechanic/ Project Manager looking for work in the Perth area. We have our visa and plan to emigrate to Perth ASAP. Anyone willing to offer employment I would be truly grateful. I have 20yrs experience A/C, Refrigeration, Mechanical and BMS Controls experience on the tools as well as Project management experience to boot. C.V available if requested. Or PM me. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon. Si and family.
  19. Guest

    HR Manager assessment

    I am just starting the skills assessment process for my visa application and I have been told it is very difficult to get a successful assessment against the HR manager (60 points) due to me not having an number of HR reports (which you tend not to have as an HR Business Partner). Has anyone experienced such difficulties? I am not sure whether it is worth making a case to the AIM to prove that i am working at a Senior Level although have no direct reports? I could apply for the Personnel Officer (50 points) but then i would be ten points short of the 120 required for a skilled migrant visa. Any advice would be much appreciated
  20. The Pom Queen

    Property Manager Needed - Goondiwindi

    The above position is available on a 4250ha property situated approx 100km north west of Goondiwindi as part of a progressive family farming enterprise. The successful applicant should be able to demonstrate: - Sound ability in property management including opportunity fodder crops and broadacre farming,mechanical & welding practices. - Sound knowledge of cattle breeding including good record keeping. - AG Vet/Chem Cert required. - Good communication skills. - Be able to plan and carry out a hands-on operation this is not an office job. - Must be able to perform under minimal supervision and manage other staff. - HC/MC Licence an advantage. 4 bdr, air conditioned brick home. Primary schools approx. 20km. Secondary school in Goondiwindi. Pm for info
  21. Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Australia next August (2012). We are on a permanent resident visa and would now like to get a job as soon as possible. I'm an HR manager of 31 years old with more than 7 years experience and extensive exposure to Industrial relations (International). Currently working in the Packaging Industry, previously in the Automotive Industry. Our first intention is to go to Sydney, however, we would be happy to go anywhere in Australia where we could bothe get a job (Husband is IT consultant, specialised in Oracle) Anyone in the field has done the move? I'm just starting looking around.... wondering if it makes sense to have my skills assessed to "prove" to Australian employers my experience in the field. Wondering if it makes sense to go to law school to grasp the main points of Australian labor law... but feeling the cost very expensive for uncertain result If you had any advice on where to start, that would be muche appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  22. hi all, wondering if anyone has advice for me. ive been in the pub game for 12 years , got all qualifications needed to run pubs in uk , but when ive looked into migrating to australia this trade isnt recoginsed?
  23. We are urgently looking for a Stage Gate Project Manager. Your primary responsibilities will be; • Lead multidisciplinary teams working with defined project schedules to drive results – ensure effective communication between key stakeholders to keep projects on track. Direct the milestone target activities of teams for the duration of their involvement in the project • Responsible for managing multiple projects simultaneously including project planning, estimating, tracking, scope and risk management, execution and reporting. Manage changes; resolve or escalate project issues through the use of red flags and scope changes. • Ensure project documentation is organized, updated and accessible • Ensure artwork generation, approval and management supports project delivery • Responsible for effective execution, maintenance and ongoing improvement of the Stage Gate process To be successful in this position you will have: • A relevant tertiary qualification • Pharmaceutical experience will be advantageous • 3 – 5 years Management experience • Experience in scoping, planning, organizing and directing multidisciplinary projects • Experience in use of Microsoft Project and Office • Managing budgets and cost schedules
  24. I am planning with my wife on Emigrating to Australia under the hotel Manager catagorie. Does anyone have any advice???
  25. HI were wanting to come out and taste the Aus lifestyle visiting my Mum in Brisban We are looking for employment whilst out there on a working visa or to get sponsered My partner works for a large company mammas and pappas in there warehouse as a manager I currently work as a bar manager and have been involved in pub work for the past 5 years how ever previous to this i was a fully qualified beauty level 3 ITEC trained beauty therapist working on 5*star cruise liners and after that working for a year in a medical asthetic clinic doing all aspecs of beauty working with machines such as ipl Ideally we would love to get spondered on our roles but are also intrested in hearing from people just doing warehouse/bar work that would be willing to offer a 6month working visa placement Thanks Joy and Mike