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Found 8 results

  1. Evening, i was thinking about this and how reliant we all are on our mobiles, wherever you go folk are chatting away or texting like mad or playing games on them. I personally really only use my phone for work, i did have an iphone but it lasted 5 minutes as they are not great in my line of business :eek:. Anyway how did we all manage before they came along and how would you manage if yours were taken away? :unsure:
  2. Ronan20

    How do Dads manage??

    I going to be separated from the wife and kids for a few months while I set myself up in Brisbane. I'm leaving behind 3 kids who will be 7,3 and 1 by the time I go. I'll be apart for about 5 months, and that is the bit I'm not looking forward to. How do other dads manage?? Ronan
  3. I have just accepted a job offer in Sydney and we are looking at how we will manage our accomodation situation. I will receive 2 weeks paid accomodation from my employer so will probably come out on my own to start with, and then expect to need a short term furnished let so that my wife and daughter can come out and join me. The idea is that my wife can then find our longer term rental while we wait for our furniture etc to arrive. Our problem is that we would ideally like our daughter, aged 5, to be enrolled in a school as soon as possible so that she can get settled into a new routine, this will also give my wife time to find our longer term rental. However, we do not want to have to enrol her in a school and then to find a long term rental somewhere else and then move her. We were wondering how others had managed to work this, whether it be in Sydney or other cities. We understand that furnished lets are scarce compared to unfurnished and a quick research on Sydney tells us that they are very scarce in the area that we would ideally like to secure our longer term let (The Hills area). We don't have anywhere in the UK that my wife and daughter could stay while the furniture is shipped, so they need to join me in Sydney as soon as possible. Given that the shipping could take say 12 weeks, we would not really want to keep our daughter out of school for 10 weeks or so until we are in our new longer term rental. Any ideas or experiences about how you managed your move and schooling for children would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Que Sera Sera

    Selling the car...how did you manage?

    Hi we are flying to Perth 9 weeks today :jiggy: We have a car to sell, but we need a car as we live in a village and public transport is frankly pants. How did everyone else overcome this? We need to put new MOT on it and then start trying to sell it, but when? Can anyone tell me how they managed? Many thanks :wubclub:
  5. davet19650

    ant tradies manage a meet up

    Hi all you guys down there any tradies manage a meet up for a chat about work, especially painters and decorators or any one who can tell me more about the work situation, we are heading down on the 5th march , going to be staying in carramar for our reccie and validation for 3 weeks, and would be great if there is anyone down in that area who is willing for a meet, If you can can you please mail me a contact number so we can bell you once arrived and arrange to meet up somewhere, Will also be looking SOR in the mandurah area as still undisided as where to eventually move to, Many thanks to anyone who can help Cheers Dave
  6. Hello, Does anyone want to take over looking after the spreadsheets from me? I won't lie, you have to clean it up everyday. I'll do one last tidy up and pass it over if anyone is interested? If so, please let me know here. Gill is it worth setting up a google PIO account to transfer the sheets over? Thanks Drew
  7. Hi, My hubby is relocating with his company on a 457 visa, hoping to apply for a permanent one after a couple of years there if we are happy. He has been told that his salary is going to be somewhere in the region of $65k. We are going to be moving the Sydney area (not likely to be living/working in central Sydney, more likely to be outskirts, even as far south as Wollongong/ north as Newcastle). We are a family of four, two small children (one 2.5 years and one 5 months). We are lucky enough to own our home in the UK outright so won't need a mortgage (I've been looking at house prices etc and know what we can afford around Sydney). We will also be selling a business in the UK and, apart from moving /visa costs and making an investment in his new business in Australia, we will have a fairly sizeable chunk of money in the bank to pay for rent/start-up costs etc when we arrive, plus plenty left over. We do not have an extravagent lifestyle, we don't often eat out or take expensive holidays, neither of the children are at school yet and we have 'normal' stuff rather than expensive/designer brands. We both drive and would need cars, but we tend to choose family cars rather than posh ones! I don't have to work in the UK (I don't want to return to work until the children are at school). So my question is could we survive on a salary of $65k? If not then I will have to reassess our decision for me not to work and either go back to my current job (which I actually no longer enjoy and would involve me taking exams before I could register in Australia), or perhaps look at other options (I make blinds and curtains for friends and family and have often thought about doing this as a small business from home). Any info/advice would be most gratefully received.
  8. Hi all Just wondered if anyone can tell me if $4000 per month is enough to run a house (family of six!) ??????? My hubbies a plumber and will have to work for a company when we first arrive, until we get settled then he'll take the plunge and go self employed. But the salaries ar'nt so good (about $50,000)....... and we can't rely on a job for me at first, as I will be far to busy, sorting things out and shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!! You now what I mean girls!!! :wink: Also, we will rent at first but we will eventually need to have a mortgage now, (probably $1000 - $1500 per month coz will need 5 bed place coz we have three strapping teenagers and one 10yr old) as the houses have gone up quite a bit since we first started this visa process last year.......... I found this budget planner, below and other links to work out how much you can borrow, and how much it would be and any stamp duty you will have to pay (scary!!).... which were useful too!!! But to use the budget planner you have to know how much things cost in Oz in the first place.!!!!!! :confused: Any help appreciated Ta Sally-Ann http://www.echoice.com.au/servlet/HomeLoanInfo?pn=/homeloancalculators/budgetplanner.html http://www.echoice.com.au/servlet/HomeLoanInfo?pn=/homeloancalculators/index.html