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Found 96 results

  1. tonyman

    Man Bags

    what do you think of man bags? my wife bought me one here and ive only used it twice ........we do need them the amount of cr*p we carry in are pockets these days , but whats feeling about them , i would never have on in the uk but probs feel better using them here .........?:embarrassed:
  2. Im sorry but are some people so naive, it's well known you get ripped off in these types of places:no: SINGAPORE - How does one end up paying more than $2,000 for an item that costs only about $900? Filipino client support executive Nicholas Frias, 23, who visited Singapore last month, did. He paid $2,106 for the 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi to a shop in Sim Lim Square. Mr Frias, who arrived in Singapore on June 20, first went to other malls but found that they were sold out He then went to Sim Lim Square around 4pm on June 25. He was, at first, delighted to find out that the 64GB iPad 2 at Mobile Evolution LLP cost $890, before taxes. The same model is priced at $928 at the online Apple Store. The salesman, Eric, then charged Mr Frias another $68 for taxes, and asked $958 for the device. Mr Frias agreed to pay another $28.90 for a warranty which came with a free case and screen protector. Eric then left the shop and returned 10 minutes later with a $1,148 bill that shocked Mr Frias. Apparently, the huge bill was for coverage for two years and the $28.90 quoted was the monthly premium. That added up to a total of $693.60, still $454.40 short of the $1,148 charged. The shop did not state what the additional $454.40 was charged to at that point. They also refused to reduce the warranty period when Mr Frias asked for it. In shock and not wanting to cause any trouble, Mr Frias just signed for it. He ended up paying a total of $2,106.
  3. Guest

    Man dials 999

    Check out this link, unbelievable :shocked: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-dials-999-mistaking-the-moon-with-a-ufo.html It must be awful to work for emergency services call line, with all the crazy calls from time wasters.....
  4. The Pom Queen

    Man dies in Sydney Immigration Centre

    A Sri Lankan has man died at a Sydney immigration centre.:sad: The Department of Immigration said the man was discovered in distress at his accommodation in the Sydney Immigration Residential Housing complex early today. An ambulance was called and CPR done but the man died shortly after midnight. A department spokesman said police would investigate the circumstances of the man's death. He expected it would also be subject to a coronial inquest. The dead man's family are overseas and the department is seeking to inform them of the event.
  5. Rachael R

    Has anyone used homebuyer man?

    Has anyone used any company that buys your home from you? We have been up for sale for a long time and we have had it now, we just want to get over to OZ now and start our new life.:wink:
  6. I wish someone would have told my dad that, I use to always get a belt or a slipper:sad:
  7. My husband flew out for Canberra today & wanted me to ask how/what you're doing for the derby on October23rd. He's an Aussie but has been here for 9 years & is a huge Man Utd fan & won't know anyone in Canberra so if you fancy a pint or 3 he's your man. He'll be working in Braddon, living in Karabar. Just PM me your email addy and I'll pass it on, or I can give you his if you prefer I'm being the go between as he's not yet on the website lazy so and so. Ta!
  8. thought i would join in too.......i can think of 100`s but why do you detest the scum.....:biggrin:..........
  9. Hi, PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA LODGED/ WHAT MAY THE TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS BE?) Madly in love with my aus fiance - we met in Scotland (my land)in March 11 and fell pregnant within that month. We lived together for 3 months until we made the decision to move back to Oz to live and raise a family. My fiance had taken a year career break over here and has now moved back to her excellent job in the Australian Government - i plan to join her in a month. It is now September and we have not yet lodged the prospective marriage visa. But when we do in a week, I am hoping we can get a CO asap and advise them of my intention on heading over early for the arrival of our baby. Q1. Does anyone know if you still need to meet the tourist visa criterion i.e $3000 for 3 months and $6000 for 6 months etc or as she has a job with maternity pay, they may waiver the criterion a little due to her income supporting me? I am a chef but there is no work in scotland so we have found the last 4 months hard trying to save for PMV and flights along with bills being executed over here. Thank you for reading my post. Q2? Can you call up and get a CO immediately for a PMV?
  10. The UK's Foreign Office says it is working to secure the release of a kidnapped British tourist whose husband was murdered during a robbery at a luxury Kenyan beach resort favoured by celebrities. The incident happened overnight at the remote Kiwayu Safari Village resort, close to Somalia, where artist Tracey Emin and actress Imelda Staunton have stayed. It is believed the armed gang responsible were from Somalia and may have used a speedboat to get away from the island. A Foreign Office spokesman said: 'We can confirm that two British citizens were attacked overnight at a beach resort north of Lamu, near the Kenya-Somalia border. 'One was killed and another kidnapped. We are working closely with the Kenyan authorities to establish further details.' The spokesman added: 'We are working to secure the safe and swift release of the British national... and ask those involved to show compassion and release (her) immediately.' Officials in Kenya say the couple were attacked on the first night of their stay at the resort, which consists of 18 luxury cottages spread along a private beach. Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere said they had come from a trip to the Masai Mara reserve and were the resort's only guests. A Kenyan security official said a policeman arrived to see six men carrying the woman away. He decided not to shoot in case he hit her. There is speculation the kidnappers could be from an al Qaeda-linked group called al-Shabab that holds much of southern Somalia. Advice posted on the Foreign Office website advises travellers against going within 30 miles of the Kenya-Somalia border. The resort says on its website: 'Kiwayu Safari Village takes your security and safety very seriously. 'We have our own organic security protocols as well as a professional security structure which provides us with overarching security and safety 24 hours a day.'
  11. The Pom Queen

    Man sued by wife for lack of sex

    It's bad enough when your wife divorces you over a lack of sex and the judge rules you "solely responsible." It's worse when she takes you back to court two years later and garners 10,000 euro in damages. But this apparently happened in—where else?—France, where a man known in court documents as Jean-Louis B. was ordered to pay out around $14,000 to his ex, answering the prayers of dozens of stand-up comedians and talk show monologue writers: The 47-year-old ex-wife then took him back to court demanding 10,000 euros in compensation for "lack of sex over 21 years of marriage". The ex-husband claimed "tiredness and health problems" had prevented him from being more attentive between the sheets. But a judge in the south of France's highest court in Aix-en-Provence ruled: "A sexual relationship between husband and wife is the expression of affection they have for each other, and in this case it was absent. The ruling is based on "article 215 of France's civil code, which states married couples must agree to a 'shared communal life,'" which the judge holds includes sex.
  12. tonyman

    Glory Glory Man United

    this guy seems to get more tv attention than Fergie ........?why do the camara men always focus on this guy............:confused:.......who is he or does he own utd.......?
  13. Im 22 and heading to Oz in September and Im just wondering is it easy to get jobs in Oz and wheres the best place to go to find one. Im not qualified at anything but have expierence working on building sites and im willing to do any sort of work.
  14. ....Let's make Neanderthal Love, In this Neanderthal world. There's a profound thought to leave you all with as I go off to bed.
  15. Englishlover

    I do not understand English man

    Hi all, I have been daiting an English man for 3 years already. We live in the different country. We met 2 times in 2 years and we will meet again soon. I am the person who flies to see him in the UK (he is responsible for airfare). One thing I am concerned is that he never introduce me to his family. When I asked him about this, he said he would consider it but not confirmed. Then , it led to argument. Normally, what is the meaning in English culture when a man introduces his partner to family. Is it so important? Should I bother it?
  16. The Pom Queen

    Welcome home sh7t Man No Way

    It's great to see you back:hug::hug:
  17. Todays announcement that another 8 prisons are to be put up for privatisation has come as a sickening blow to the prison service and its members. HM Prisons, Lindholme, Moorlands, Hatfield, Onley, Coldingley, Durham and Acklington, could be privatised very soon, with the loss of hundreds of prison officers jobs and those that are left, will have to accept a £6 to £8 thousand pound reduction in their wages and loss of most of their pension rights and it is a kick in the teeth for these hard pressed professionals who deal with the most difficult, dangerous and disturbed people in the country. We are not the only professionals who are being savaged, the police, nurses, teachers, bank, government and council workers, plus others, too many to mention are being attacked and i am just at a loss of trying to understand what the government is thinking and how will all this help the country to come out of this 3 year recession we have been in? :mad::no:
  18. last night i was tickled pink .....i was arsed if i was gay.....:biglaugh::biglaugh:......well hello.........:biggrin:...5 children later , lots of lovers , lots of broken hearts ,lots of knock backs.......i would love to replay some moments ...:wubclub:.....but thanx Wicky , you made me larrrrgh and that dont happen too much in Eastenders does it........:wink:
  19. So are you a "their english,of course i want them to win" kinda of person?or like me "balls to them,i'd rather do the 100 metre sprint,barefoot over a track of upturned bottle tops than man utd win" person?:cute: Fact is i'm being honest,im not nationalistic so dont care about the english aspect,their our biggest rivals,they would'nt want us to win and thats fair enuf,i prefer it that way,thats footy,if it was arsenal or man city i wouldnt be bothered either way,but man utd and chelsea feel the same way about us as we do them,im talking in general here btw:wubclub: So im off in a mo,but i'l leave that to the footy fans,i know nicks been and bought a man utd top for the final:biggrin::wink:
  20. tonyman

    Man City

    i do hope most of you will be cheering on the blues , we deserve this , we want to make this club massive again and compete with the elite ............if Stoke were to win it would be just like when Wimbledon won , a bit of history , ...........if we play like we did against Spurs then we shall be ok but if we play like we did against Everton then God help us as Stoke are so good at the defensive game and those silly throwins and some set play .........i will be flying my flags .........................:notworthy:the mighty blues
  21. Hi My OH is a man city supporter and has nowere to watch the game. :cry: Is anyone else watching it or do you know were they are showing it around the Gold Coast? We are staying at Ashmore Palms and there is no way of him watching it here. Thanks Jill :notworthy: xxx
  22. Toolbox

    A brave man

    Here's a brave man for you:no: His agent has said on his behalf "he has nothing to appolagise for":err: Even if it was'nt deliberate (which of course it was) surely he could have said sorry:mad: [YOUTUBE]92nfiMOgmpY[/YOUTUBE]
  23. National treasure Claude Choules - Australia's oldest man and the world's last surviving World War I veteran - has died, aged 110. I salute you Claude http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/world-war-1-hero-claude-choules-our-oldest-man-to-turn-110/story-e6freooo-1226050495952
  24. tonyman

    Man Bag For Sale !!!!!

    stunning white and blue man bag for sale , no more over flowing pockets ,no more loosing you wallet or phone .......keep them all together in this stylish man bag.........man bags are a must these days ,even the hardest of men have been seen with them .........Vinny Jones goes nowhere without his and die hard Bruce Willis swears by them ...........offers above $10 will only be considered ..............:GEEK: