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Found 14 results

  1. Came to Melbourne a month ago and I have been staying with family ever since I've found it hard to get out there and spark conversation with random people, given the environment I know there wouldn't be an issue I am a naturally talkative Person I think it's the fact that I'm away from people in a similar situation and I'm living in one of the suburbs where the average age is around 80 aha, thinking of moving to Sydney for a while going for an explore ect any suggestions would be great, x
  2. 24 yr old male hairdresser/barber looking to move to Victoria. Worked and lived in Victoria for 1 year on working holiday visa, seeking emigrating. Have reference from employer in Victoria!
  3. tonyman

    Single White Male Wanted

    my mother in law will be living here soon and she is 62 , blonde , attractive,good fun , non smoker ,like to go out to theatre or dine out , easy going , any problrms then ask me , seriouly if i didnt think she was ok i wouldnt be putting her on here .......she is now a PR perm resident ....if interested pm or use the thread , as there is no hidden baggage ......................
  4. Guest

    Any male advise for my Hubby

    Hi, my husband will be the one to get the ticket! to Oz. I am sooo keen its unreal and at the moment he is still unsure. Main reasons: the security of what we have here and going somewhere and loosing it all. I am trying to convince but its coming across pushy , I am a women what do you expect! Any advise from men that maybe have gotton over that barrier or who can see that life has the greener grass would be great. Thank you Also support from girlies would be fab too, when he decides i will feel much better as a bit in limbo at the moment x
  5. I KNEW it needed changing but I STILL said 'stuff it, I'm going to the pub first.' Well, you know what happened next. Just lucky I'd been canny enough to stash a few sheets in the drawer next to my 'throne'. Do women always remember to do things like that? If you are lucky enough to have a wife, is it a measure of her love for you that she will come running with a new roll when you call out? When I was a nipper I used to call out 'I'm finished' and Mum or Dad would come racing up to take care of things. Would a wife do that kind of thing? ''Unprepared in Surry Hills'
  6. tonyman

    Male or Female

    We must have all asked ourselves the question sometime in our lives ........i wish i had been born a female or i wish i had been born a male ............i know from a sexual way that many males including myself .....if i was born a female i would be a lady of the night and enjoy the intercourse , thats what most hot blooded males want......but is this true .....for me yes......
  7. Hi all. Just signed up with the hope of finding some friendly people in and around Adelaide to get to know them and stuff over the internet to meet up when I'm over there... have some drinks, and do whatever you do over there! I'm staying in Glenelg for the first 6 months or so as I have a job around that area which is why I'm coming over in the first place! I'm 20, very friendly, down to earth, easy to get along with, love the outdoors and I'm a professional Arborist here in the UK. I play drums, piano and didgeridoo. Hope to speak to you soon, Harrison
  8. Hi, im Martin, 25 from London. i will be travelling to Sydney on my own to work for 6 months at the end of Sep! dont really know anyone there, so will be great to meet some people here?? So if you any of you guys are in a similar situation, want an extra friend for drinks, clubs, activities, beaching or just to hang out and explore Sydney please private message me to swap facebooks if i can, i also want see as much of Australia as possible in the 6 months (outside of having to work full time!!). So if i have the time, possibly Melbourne, Gold Coast, Fraser island, Whitsundays etc. I've also booked a 2 week holiday in Thailand towards the end of Nov. Also plan to take surfing and diving courses! (havent done that before!) and any other ozzie stuff i discover while im there! Thanks!
  9. Is there such a thing as the 'Male Menopause'. Got a mate who has just hit the BIG 50 and he seems to be going of his rocker. I know you ladies go through the menopause and you have my sympathy, but I reckon the men of PIO should be made aware of the possible signs. 1. Insists on playing House, Garage, Shed, Patio, Conservatory music wherever he goes. 2. Said music is normally blasted from 'Whoofers, Hoofers, Double Base, Ultra Treble, sound system that he has fitted to his car. 3. Said car has gone from a family Mondeo to a vivid red soft top Audi Sport. 4. Can normally spy a MM (Male Menopauser) in his convertible Audi Sport come rain, shine, sleet, snow, etc, no matter what he WILL have the roof down. 5. Instead of a Flat White Coffee, he now orders a 'Skinny Mocha-chino, with soy milk, and a double shot of espresso. 6. Has his hair deliberately coloured 'Salt 'n' Pepper' by the 'Unisex' salon as he thinks this gives him the Richard Gere look. 7. Starts to wear Levi 501's AGAIN, boot cut, that cut him in half. 8. Goes on a fitness spree. Attends his local Gym wearing a 'Golds Gym New York' singlet that allows for a lot of 'Spillage' to occur. 9. Now has a personlised number plate that says, 'STAG 1'. 10. Refers to his wife when in company as 'She, her, or that. 11. Learns how to use predictive text on his brand new 'Blackberry'. Even though the messages never make sense he perseveres nonetheless. 12. His diet now consists of Blueberries, anything with an anti oxidant in it, and any food that to most is disgusting. 13. Decides that the latest 'Family' holiday is going to be in 'Get laid for one free drink'. This is a small island of 'Never Never Land. 14. Has decided to take a spa break, ALONE, in order to 'find' himself. (If he looks closely enough he will find himself up his own backside) 15. Refers to the fairer sex as 'Chicks', Sweetie, and Babe. 16. Insists on driving his daughters 17 year old mates home after they visit, even though before he couldn't have cared less. Roof down, raining, and everyone gets soaked, but he insists that its 'Cool'. There are loads more I would imagine, keep them coming. And no before ANYONE says it I don't do any of the above, maybe except for the Levis thing.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  10. blondie

    Male intruder - warning

    Last Tuesday at 1 am an intruder broke into my daughters house. The most worrying aspect of this is that the man is a locksmith and had been out to her address 24 hours previously to help her into her house after she had lost her front door key. She called the Police and the matter is now to be investigated. Obviously I cannot give details of the mans name or phone number but I would like to use this site to please ask you all to take care. Leave a spare key with a neighbour or friend, get to know your neighbours if you are new to the area, as my daughter is. If this has happened to you, or anyone else you know, please ask them to contact CIB at City Division (Tel: (07) 32582582) If you have been a victim of a break-in then you are able to contact your local crime prevention officer who can advise about the security of your home and give further help and advice re personal safety. Blondie
  11. Firstly thanks to all who read this, here is my story.......... I am a 24 year old fully qualified electrician, I hold a JIB gold card graded as approved. I have seven years experience and currently work self-employed. I am NICIEC fully approved also. People have always told me to go and work in Oz and the idea has always appealed to me. My personal cirumstances have changed a lot over the past 12mths. A long term relationship has broken down, family are now spread all over the UK and as we all know, work in England is thin on the ground. I travelled the US this year following the break up of my relationship. I met the most amazing Aussie girl. She is a school teacher from Brisbane and we hit it off instantly. We are in constant contact and very keen to get to know each other further and see if we have a future. I have very few ties to the UK these days, no children or mortgage. It seemed ideal to come to Oz to work for a while and see how things develop. I thought I'd be killing two birds with the one stone, working in Aus as I'd always wanted and being with this girl. I now unfortunately realise the issue is slightly more difficult. I dont want to apply for permanent migration without spending a significant period of time within the country, travelling a little and allowing our relationship to progress to a level significant enough. I am aware of the working holiday visa, but doubt this would allow me to work within my trade, due to VETASSES etc. Also my fear is getting out there and doing casual work for a year, building an amazing relationship and then having to return to the UK after 12mths, start a whole new process and not see her for ages, thus damaging the relationship. Are there other VISA options I can explore under the skilled migrant schemes to allow me to get more time over there to assess my situation and then apply for permanent migration whilst there, circumstances permitting? Any advice on sponsor companies etc or just general next steps would be greatly appreciated, the sooner I get the ball rolling the better. I have contacted immigration agents via email, but they just want to take my money to process applications, not give me any real world advice regarding my situation. My points score was 140, so should be no probs there! Thanks a million, Joey:jimlad: PS. I posted this in welcome also. Apologies but Im unsure the exact area I should post this in!
  12. Guest

    Male friends wanted!!!

    Hello me and my partner have moved over to perth a couple of months ago and we would like to meet some friends for the both of us! i need my girls for shopping, girly chats and dancing and he needs the guys for football, drinking and what ever else guys do!! we live near hillarys and would love to meet some new mates!!:hug:
  13. Guest

    Male, 19, Perth =)

    Hi all, Thought I'd introduce myself. =) My name is Chobi, and I am originally from Cornwall. Moved to Southern Perth near on 9 months ago, currently living in Port Kennedy. Cheers all!!
  14. Throught i throw my first BBQ this weekend wishing I didnt come up with the stupid idea got my partners friends coming over and the stuck up oz pair who i can't stand just glad the Father and mother inlaws are coming as i really be in trouble as the diplomatic hat would be on all day as i know if i get drunk i could up set the apple cart.:arghh: Dam i begining to sound like an cranky old pom and im no where near as cranky as i sound lol (Opps i was cranky on the weekend as i got left doing baby sitting duties and didnt open my mouth to say i wantted to go out with her and the girls) Well i better get my ass moving into the City I go again and im so not up for this today wondering if this is only a Male fase or a bad dream which every it is i want it to end didnt move this far to whringe like a pom lol :unsure: