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Found 14 results

  1. Charlie Westover

    A (kind of) Diary Thing!

    HI GUYS, My name's Charlie and I'm currently sitting in Kuala Lumpur Airport at 3:45am waiting for my second flight. I'm just over half way through my 17 hour wait in the airport, bored, tired and out of things to do, so i've decided to keep a blog/diary type thing, not really too sure what to call it. I'm 21 and from London, i've always been interested in travelling and decided now was the perfect time to do it. I'm going to try and keep this up to date and post almost daily, although that could go completely out of the window considering I'm completely winging it and haven't got a real clue where I'm going, what I'm doing and whether i'll have access to the internet. I hope you enjoy my adventure! Also, i've started a little blog online also, what I put on here will really be more of a cut-down account of whats on there, although I will probably put things on here that aren't on there and vice-versa, all depends what you's wanna know about. Feel free to ask me anything as I go along and I'll answer to the best of my ability! Whether people read this or not I plan to continue writing it, as I just quite enjoy writing haha. Anyway, at some point before my flight i'll leave another post of what my journey's been like so far...
  2. Hi all, I'm a Malaysian female heading over to WA mid April'13 on a 475 Provisional RSS visa. According to my visa, I will have to live and work in Perth's outer regions to which I have chosen Peel, South West and Great Southern :err:. I will be going alone so I plan to land in Perth for a couple of weeks to familiarise myself, apply for jobs and plan on where to stay - a shared acommodation somewhere in the Southern Region, so that it would be easier and faster to get to job interviews. I don't enjoy clubbing or hard partying. What would be ideal are areas that are easier to find shared accommodation, convenient to a good methodist church, dance classes and a park to roller skate. Any recommendations on which areas I should check out or any suggestions on making the transition would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Guest

    Flying to WA

    Hi, Just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out in January 2013. I am thinking of staying a few days to stop off before I get to Perth. Any advice would be great. I am thinking of stopping in either Thailand, malaysia, singapore or hong kong. I am quite flexible about it all and have looked into flights, accommodation etc. cheers, Ian.
  4. Has the Australian Government got no compassion? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-13637307
  5. Hello all due to fly out to Melbourne on may 26th with malaysia airline which as far as i had seen on skytrax have a 5 star rating so felt reasonably happy with, however after having a little search around i keep reading bad reviews which is now worrying me a little as we have a 3 year old daughter flying for the first time with us. so really looking for anyones honest review on flying with them Many thanks
  6. Yesterday we went to the flightcentre shop to check out how much a 5 night holiday in Malaysia (both KK and KL) would cost for a family of four. The cost we were given was $7k, which we thought was a bit high. We know it is high season as the kids break up, but is there anywhere we can look/go in Sydney for cheaper flight deals?
  7. Dawny

    malaysia airlines!

    Anyone flown with Malaysia airlines, who can give me an insight to what they are like in general! Also any info on Kuala lumpur airport as we will be there for around 4 hours, just really want to know anyones experience there! Many thanks Dawn x
  8. Hi all - I'm looking for recommendations for companies that provided freight services from Los Angeles to Malaysia. I don't have enough stuff to fill half a container, just a few boxes of books and old clothes. I appreciate any comments.
  9. Malaysia Airlines currently have a sale on one way fares from Australia to 6 cities in Europe including London. The sale is valid for travel from January to June inclusive and fares start at $889.00 including all taxes. You must hurry to book these fares as the sale closes on 31 January 2010. To book one of these fares contact my friends at Best Flights on 1300 767 757 or log on to Australian Travel Agent : Best Flights Online Travel Agency Australia. Terms and conditions apply,fares are one way economy class and may not be available on the date you wish to travel. This announcement is for the information of PIO members only and Mitta Valley Travel accepts no liability for failiures of third parties.
  10. I am ready to apply for my 175 visa and wanted to hear from anyone in a similar position to me to see if they've run into any problems... Background: UK citizen (31 years old) applying for a 175 visa and on the CSL (Mechanical Engineering). I am currently based in Malaysia, have been working here for the last 4 years and my fiancee is Malaysian (she will be de facto partner). We have all the paperwork ready to go, IELTS is done for my fiancee and we are ok on points The part I am concerned about is the fact that I am British and my girlfriend is Malaysian. I wonder if anyone else has been in a similar position and run into problems? Also when do you have to submit bank statements etc to prove how much money you have? My finances are scattered all over with some in offshore accounts, some in Malaysian accounts and some in British accounts. Thanks for your comments in advance.
  11. Guest

    Malaysia Airlines

    Anyone used them Any good? Just booked Friday 28th for those upset by my departure Home-->
  12. Did anyone use Malaysia as a stopover? Seriously considering this as an option as Malaysian Airlines are the cheapest that I have found for a one-way flight. It's them or Singapore Airlines I think.
  13. Hi, We are about to book our flights to Melbourne, we are going with Malaysia Airlines and I just wanted to ask has anyone else been with them recently.. We have a very fussy 7 year old eater. He wont eat anything spicy, mostly eats chicken nuggets, burgers etc. Does anyone know if they have kids menu, and what kind of food is served on it. Etc Etc.:realmad:
  14. hi all, we fly out on 17th march with malaysia airlines and wanted to know if anybody had used them and what they are like? hubby's sponsor has paid for the flights so we didnt really have a say in the matter, we have 2 kids so also wanted to know what it is like for them, ie food, entertainment etc, thanks in advance, sheena :smile: