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Found 96 results

  1. Hi All Firstly, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area but I would really appreciate other PIO members thoughts & for the long story! We employed an agent to manage our migration application for a 176 visa at the end of February 2011 & we were advised to apply under myself with a skill of Program/Project Administrator with state sponsorship with SA. Fine, I completed all the forms for VetAssess, collated all the required information (employment history, payslips, certifications, IELTS, stat decs etc) & sent to the agent at the beginning of April. Once received, the agent advised they needed some additional information so this was duly collated & posted (express & tracked). Unfortunately, this documentation went missing & took a month to be received. Everything was then put together & we thought it was being processed for the skills assessment. Turned out that it was never processed as the agent was concentrating on the July 1 changes & our case was put on a back burner (even though they kept promising it would be submitted) for 2 months. July 1 changes were now in place & I ended up having to complete a new skills form for VetAssess. For this, I completed a Stat Dec for my current employment (to be used alongside additional documents) to avoid the reference part as I don't want my employer to know yet (just in case they think I won't be applying myself) & an employment I had between 2003 - 2007 (company had been bought by IBM in 2007). When I returned it I got a response from the agent telling me I had not completed important sections (contract negotiations & management) on the stat dec which are key to the program/project admin skill. My response was rather blue & along the lines of I won't lie on a stat dec as it has nothing to do with what I do. I then got sent the ACS forms & RPL to complete with no ANZCO code or explanation on what I was being put forward under. It seems my agent is now having difficulty understanding what I do. Its not the first time I have questioned what skill I should be going under but now they are sending over roles that couldn't be further from my job. I currently work in IT as a senior service technical lead & change management for a Global Application Support Team supporting 3 enterprise applications (18 months). My previous role again was in IT in a global capacity for enterprise application management & support for 4 years. Prior to this I worked with one of the applications I currently support but in a business capacity for 3 years & before that I was a horse riding instructor. I however, do not have a degree, only A-Levels & BTEC in Business Studies. This is their reason for using VetAssess & not ACS as I will be deducted some experience years for not having a degree & that my role has not always been within IT. I am certified in the applications I work with (cloud based CRM Systems/e-Marketing tools/Customer Satisfaction Tools/ Collaboration Tools) & ITIL V3 Foundation certified. I have worked in a support/development/BA capacity for the last 5 1/2 years. From all your experiences & knowledge can anyone advise if there is anything suitable on the SOL?? The agent is being as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment & the advice is non existence. Direct questions are never answered. It seems they want me to decide what is the correct option without any knowledge of the process. I am now questioning what I am paying a large sum of money for (other than submitting forms). Any thoughts will be gratefully received :spinny: Thanks A
  2. Guest

    Making new friends

    Hello I am new to the site and to Australia,I have come to stay with my daughter and family,in Currambine Perth,and I would like to make new friends while I'm here and I wondered if there are any members on this PIO site who would like to socialise and do some sightseeing??? In England I was an organiser for a supper club and outings to various places. I hope that someone will answer my request even if they are unable to meet up. Thank you for reading this post. Decembergirl
  3. Guest

    Glacier making in the desert

  4. Guest

    making friends in oz?

    hi.. my partner and i are planning to move to australia.. but im concerned about leaving all my friends to be a stay at home mum with our daughter until i also have a job... does anyone have any advice?:wacko:
  5. The Denham family are a family of four, 32, 30, 4, 2. They live a peacfull little town in essex called 'south woodham ferrers',near chemsford. But one day after several hard days at work Mr and Mrs Denham cried ' there must be more to life then this!'. So they decided to move their young family to a slower, sunny place. Where kids can be kids, and family time is playing not watching tv. Perth appears to be the place for us, although I did like the look of adelaide. We have a 3 week visit booked in may, so only time will tell. I am a cancer nurse working at Southend hospital & hubby works for Ford motor company. I have some family but we are not very close, so I was thinking 'why not start making friends now'. Although Perth is a big place, as brits we are used to traveling. So if friendships are made, we want feel as lonely! (hopefully). We are attending the 9th march meet up at the 'halfway house' A127, so please pop along. I know, abit long winded, just thought it would be a good idea. All replies welcome!!!!! Michelle, Jon, Kiera & Erin
  6. I found living in country town areas difficult in australia. I am now in the city. I spoke to an australian lady married to an englishman who knows that it can be hard to integrate. She said that as an australian she would find it a culture shock moving to a country town and that she would last 2 minutes and her english husband less. I have found it easier to integrate in the city than in small country towns. If people move to country towns how did they make it work. I was in a country town in sa for about 18 months all up before heading to the city via the uk. I was working lots of hours dong over time and did not integrate as much as i should but with irregular work patterns and very long shifts it was against me. If people are moving to the country areas, it would be good to have a forum to help people as i think the culture shock is even bigger in these areas. There were many warm and welcoming people and i always enjoyed seeing english people who had lived in the area for many years. Is it just my opinion but is it much harder settling in country towns than cities? I guess life is what you make it wherever you are - but i take my hat off to people who have moved to country towns integrated and would always want to stay there. I did not quite manage to make it work as well as I would have liked. Basically is the culture shock significantly greater moving to country rather than city? Is it ever possible to gain an impression of the sheer size and vastness of australia - i think on those long lonely country drives it serves to enhance this further? Read on some forums that many australians in the cities would ever entertain moving to the country, so be interested in some sociological takes on this question. I came out open minded when i moved to the countryside but left slightly disillusioned.
  7. mrmash

    Finally making the move

    Hi, Thought I'd post and say hi. Wife and I have finally decided to move from Scotland to Australia. Looking at Melbourne or possibly Sydney. We both work in the rail industry which still seems to be looking for engineers and project managers so hopefully won't take too long to find a job. Quite daunting looking at the list of things we need to do before we go, but exciting too. Looking at 3-4 years first while renting out our house in Scotland then see if PR is the way forward. Matt
  8. Cam

    making friends

    We're thinking about coming back to Sydney, we had a great 8 months whilst I was on maternity but had to go back as job opps were poor at the time, otherwise we would have stayed. My worry is making friends so that you feel less lonely, and did find a great playgroup in Coogee before. I'm currently pregnant with baby no. 2 & we're debating whether it would be best to come out a couple of months before the birth and then be able to link up with an ante-natal group or wait as we did before until 4 months, part of us is wondering that linking in with a group before birth and in the early days might be a good idea, or is it just a bit random & silly? :jiggy:Useful to know other peoples' thoughts!!!! Especially if you've had a baby in Australia. Thanks, Camilla
  9. Hiya I have been reading a thread about repaying UK debts before leaving for Australia. I tried to get through every page of the thread but got bogged down in all of the comments about the banking collapse ... moral responsibilty to pay off debts etc! :confused: What I would like to know is this: If I enter into a DMP with my CC and Loan companies in order to try and repay my debts quickly (and stop the interest building), will this affect my visa application? I have no intention of running away from my debts but also do not want to be stuck in the UK for many years to come whilst I am paying them off without entering a DMP. Any advice would be very much appreciated xx
  10. Hey I filed for an online application Sub-Class 176 in Feb 2011(No CO yet). 1) But my dilemma is that I accidently entered an incorrect date for my time spent in last ten years. 2) I travelled into Australia this last past month as a tourist which I think I need to declare. Can anyone help me in how should I go about making amendments to reflect changes to a submitted application. Finally, should I get my meds done since I have not heard from a CO and it seems it will be a while?
  11. The Pom Queen

    Brit blows house up making vodka

    Please don't tell me it was a PIO member, Pablo, Sh7t man, Lemmings:idea: A BRITISH man was left dazed and wandering the streets in his singed underwear after almost blowing himself up brewing home-made vodka. Ten neighbouring dwellings had to be evacuated after Lawrence Toms, 43, had a tinker with his distillation equipment, sparking an explosion so powerful it blew out the windows and damaged the roof of his home in southern Wales, newspaper the Daily Express reported. Neighbours said Mr Toms, an inventor, had been making vodka after downloading a recipe from the Internet. The crews of four fire engines battled a blaze while Mr Toms was taken to a specialist burns unit for treatment. Police have begun to investigate the explosion. Mr Toms is believed to have made a still in a bedroom of the terrace house. "It's crazy. You don't go making something like that in a terrace street, especially where there are kids about," neighbour Susan Minty told the Express.
  12. I went to North Bondi RSL last night for a coffee after my swim at Redleaf and they were holding the regular Tuesday Quiz Night. I didn't want to stay the night there but I did watch the first half and wrote down as many of the answers as I could (not many - it's useless trying to do a quiz on your own. You need a minimum of four.) It seemed like pretty good fun to me, free to take part with various groups of friends and families. You don't just answer questions either as you have to 'get involved' too. At one point, everyone stands up and adopts one or other position as the compere reads out a name and asks 'is it the name of a horse or a porn star?' Eventually one or two people are left standing and get a prize. At another break the compere asks each team to send up a driver's licence photo and he picked the ugliest and again awarded a prize to the 'winner'. As I left, one lady from each table was standing on the stage taking turns to launch a paper plane, again with the one flying furthest getting a prize. If I had wanted to stay I would have asked one of the tables if I could join them. I've done that before. Anyway, it just seemed like a good way to get involved in some kind of social life as there are similar quiz nights all over Sydney. Three pubs in Surry Hills host them on different nights of the week. People get a meal, have a few drinks. I enjoyed it just watching It's good-humoured too and people get to know each other. I remember going to a quiz night once in England and my mate Nick hissed at me (his stage whisper was louder than an elephant's bellow) 'KEEP YOUR ****ING VOICE DOWN. DO YOU WANT THEM ALL TO KNOW THE ANSWER?'
  13. He used to make the lunches when I lived with him, cheese, tuna or mackerel, salad, toast, Viennese Whirl or Bakewell Tart to follow before I went to work, and pack something nice for that too. After my Mum died in 1997, he lived on until 2005 and I made the mistake of thinking he'd live forever! It was like living with a best mate. Strange how I think of my parents at odd times. When I see a house for sale near me I want to tell them about it. Now I'll drive down to 7/- Beach for a swim, eat my lunch and think how much my Mum would have enjoyed swimming here!
  14. Guest

    Making The Move To Brisbane

    Hi Guys I wondered if any one can help me with any information in order to make a decision about moving to Brisbane. It it something I have thought about for a while since the recession and cuts that we are going through at home in the UK (amongst other reasons)... I have been offered a position as a Recruitment Consultant in Brisbane on $55,000 pa. My fiancee is also happy to come (she i has moved countries before). In the UK I am earning £20,000 pa and so obviously I was attracted by this increase, the weather and lifestyle. However, more an more people are mentioning the increasing costs of living out in Brisbane. How does it currently compare with life in the UK? Is the grass greener? I am feeling more and more torn towards the decision. Also, I have to either accept or reject the offer in the next few days!!! Help!!! Is $55,000 enough to live comfortably on? My partner is a cleaner in the UK and would be looking for similar full-time work over there on my visa. Are we in for a rude awakening. Or will the lifestyle make up for this? Any thoughts would help us a great deal. Thanks in advance. Adamz:arghh:
  15. Guest

    Making friend is difficult?

    I find making friends over here so hard. I moved here 5 years ago from England to Brisbane. I accept that things are completely different here to England some good some bad and I have always appreiciate different cultures/interest/religions etc etc But I've just found making friends so hard and awkward, I feel like it's a mission, there's no flow in any conversation, people don't understand my humor, and I think I've just had enough. And it gets me down so much because I love this country but I've never experienced feeling so isolated from a whole nationality of people. I know they'll be some aussies saying ''well if you don't like it bugger off' ''Well we'll just have to see what the aborigines have to say about that, ay! It's that exact arrogance I can't stand. Has anyone else had difficulties making friends? I live in Brisbane, and I feel like my mind wants to blow up sometimes, I don't get the people, their attitudes. Perhaps us 'pommies' are too soft, but I believe in self respect and giving it back, I find having both these traits make you come across as a weakling and it will only get you knocked down and walked over.I have gradually found myself loosing my sense in humor I once had and have now adopted this defensive attitude in preparation for cocky, smart uncalled for remarks. I apologize if this is just too personal and may offend australians, and I have met some really lovely people here, just not enough of them.
  16. Hey all, I've recently relocated from the UK into my girlfriends place in Melbourne. It's pretty small but took her ages to secure because of all the challenges of renting - it's certainly different from the UK where the application + acceptance process seems a lot easier. We've been looking for a larger place and found one that my gf has fallen in love with. It's spacious and in a great location, but has a horrid bathtub that has cracks allover the floor and ideally needs replacing. 1) Does anyone have any suggestions on making an attractive application? The cover letter, application by me with no Aussie (or UK) rental history etc. 2) To "sweeten" the application ourselves we have decided to offer some money towards the replacement of the bath - we love the place as somewhere to live, but the bath is ultimately a bit of a showstopper. It's 500 bucks which ultimately pulled out of nowhere... doe you think this would get their attention? TIA for your help! ~Tyler
  17. Would be nice to have a little chat with anyone who's making the big move too. (Qantas) We'll be the one giving bo*****ing's out left, right and centre to the kids, who'll be racing around us while were trying to get sorted.lol
  18. Hi guys. Me and my girlfriend are looking into moving to Australia. We have lots of questions regarding the visa process & visa costs, locations to move to, looking for work, and moving pets. OK, So we are both english born and bred I am 26 and she is 28. I am a welder (boilermaker) and my trade is on the SOL list. She works in an office as a debt collector. We are not married and have no children. My main questions are... 1. What type of Visa would be best for us in terms of...how long the visa will take to grant us access, the best visa for us to stay in Australia, how much the visa application will cost, and what other costs there are (Medicles???) 2. Location, any body reading this would like to recommend any where?, i have family in Perth and Brisbane, My heart says Perth but i would love to live in Sydney. Any ideas on things to do, property costs, bills, costs, food, schools??? Any help on these subjects will be much appreciated. Also about renting/mortgages. If we do make the move we will be renting for quite sometime while we either build up a deposit or find a cheap enough house to buy with a small deposit. What are the costs of renting and is there anything we need to know (we would be looking for a place that allows pets, do land lords usually allow that?) 3. Work situation. Work is becoming few and far between in the uk right now and thats what has me looking into it (plus a change in life style). I have been looking on Seek.co.au and there looks to be plenty of work about in all regions and it looks to good to be true....so my question is, is it true? (lol) They look to be paying $25-$35 p/hr over 40 hours a week. How good is that and how far will that get us? And what type of work could my girlfriend find? She has previously worked as a debt collector, banker and worked in a real estates. 4. We are looking at bring over pets. A dalmatian and a cat. i have looked into costs, but i dont have much info on it, could people shed some light on this please? AARRRRGGGGHHHHH my brain is fryd already! :mad: lol Any help would be much appreacited guys!
  19. Anyone found it demoralising getting to know new friends in Oz then they leave? Been here 8 months now, met some great friends and have lost count the amount who relocate home or somewhere else for work issues. Fair enough Its probably because we make friends with ex-pats that this happens more often. Just lost 2 good mates and probably lose another few in near future for various reasons, its very hard to get a support network that everyone talks about when you have this constant cycle. Anyone else experienced this???
  20. Waitingawhile

    making a new life on your own

    A friend of mines husband has just left her for a coworker! She is Ozzie by birth he is English and they made the move so he could be with his family in WA not hers who are in NSW! A number of relationships I know of have quickly broken down with the husband going off with an Ozzie girl despite having small children etc... is it just the stress of moving countries which topples people over the edge when they would normally have stuck around or even the exciting pull of a new country and the desire to have no strings! My view is that it is probably just an existing problem that is amplified by the move-I am interested in other peoples views. Has anyone viewed the visa process and getting to Oz as the final push they needed to leave their relationship - I have a few friends who have found the pull so strong that in the end they just up and left their partners who didn't want to leave the UK or were in 2 minds about it when they got there! They simply just left! One female friend was admittedly escaping what we now know to be a violent relationship. And if you did it, how did you fare...did it make or break you? She appears to be thriving and still going it alone! :huh:
  21. Guest

    Making new friends

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but my wife has just been made a job offer in Queensland and it looks like we'll be heading to OZ within a few months. Great news, however i was wondering if there are any stay at home husbands out there that would like to share their experience, making friends, new social life etc. We have 2 little boys aged 3 & 18 months. I guess my main concern is about creating a new social circle as i dont think stay at home husbands are the norm although i may be wrong? I am quite outgoing, have too many hobbies so i'm told, mountain biking running squash etc. Thanks Andy:eek:
  22. Evening all, Me and the wife have been discussing how easy or difficult it will be to make new friends after moving to Oz. We have probably like others lots of friends some old some new some through school and kids sports clubs. We are pretty out going folk anyway and have always found it reasonably easy to get on with others. So whats are your experiences or thoughts about meeting new friends?
  23. Are the DIAC just out to make money out of the interest of your money invested in them to gain a visa or are they genuinely incompetant ( I wonder!!) Why is everyone confused? Why the long delays? Why the frequent changes to suit themselves? Do they really want to give you a visa or are they after the interest on your money? Anyone know!!!!!:skeptical:

    Making a Will

    We are flying out to Sydney next month and tonight we have been ticking of things to do and came upon the 'making a will' and the question came up with a problem. I have two children who will remain in the UK who are in their 20's at present and I have a boy 8 who is from my current marriage who will be emigrating with us. Recently as the only daughter I inherited my mothers house which I have now sold. The money from that and the sale of our present UK house which is in my husbands name only will be used to buy a property in Australia. So what happens when I die with regards to my share of the Australian property with regard to my elder two children receiving their share that I specify in my will. Would my husband have to sell the family home or would the older two have to wait until my husbands death to have them get what I wanted them to receive maybe years earlier? Anyone else had this problem, did you make a will here in UK and then make a new will in Australia?
  25. Guest

    making new friends in perth!

    hi, my name is mya im 11 years old, we are hoping to move to perth in may ,probably around joondalup wanting to make some new friends before i make the move!Abit scared at the moment ...i live in bristol england and im looking to find friends who live in perth to ask questions to find out about what there is to do in perth.hope to hear back from you soon.thanks :cute: