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Found 160 results

  1. Pretty simple, 1 persons says a word and next person carry's it on to make a story OK here goes. Suddenly -
  2. Its very early days for us, we have only been here three weeks of our three month reccie trip but Hubs and I have already been talking about the possibility of making the move a little more perm. His employer also wants to talk to him in the next couple of weeks re the possibility of migrating so you would think that we would be really pleased. However whilst we were chating about this possibility, Hubs told me that he would consider moving for a max of two years but that he would never see Australia as home and would want to return to the UK. So now im in two minds, do we make the move and just enjoy the two years here, hope that we both fall in love with the place and that we both end up wanting to stay. Or do we put a stop to things now and return to the UK and consider other options i.e. maybe moving somewhere different within the UK as we have already desided that we do want a change. I think the big stumbling block for my husband is that he is very close to his parents but they would NEVER fly to Oz to see us. I know some of you may say that they would once we are out here but this is a def no - they wont fly. Obviously i would miss them too, they are like parents to me but i also want to make the most of my life and trying this different way of life / experience i think would be a great thing. What would you do? Emma x
  3. Hi My Name Is Kelsey I Am 13 And I Have 3 Younger Brothers Who Are Age 12, 8 And 6 We Have Applied To Move To Perth And Hope To Be There By Next September We Are Probz Moving NOR And I Am Looking To Make Friends That Live There Already Or That Are Moving There Soon!! :jiggy:
  4. Hi there, My name is Natasha and I'm 26yrs old... I have been in Australia for 6yrs (2yrs traveling), I was in a 7yr relationship that is no longer and feel I am starting all over again... So I have just moved into Manly and keen to meet some like minded people, I enjoy all kinds of activities and adventures! I'm very easy going and bubbly.... Really keen to make some female friends... If interested in meeting for a drink/coffee ect, let me know
  5. Hi there, i'm living in Westmead NSW, and would really like to make some friends in this area. I'm finding it difficult to meet people as i'm a nurse and work silly hours but would really like to meet some people to go for coffee or a nice drink on a sunny afternoon!! I'm very easy going and miss the social life i had with friends back home in the UK!! I've been in Westmead nearly five months now, and now the weather's improving it would be good to get out and about and enjoy the Aussie life. :jiggy:
  6. Hi. I moved to Turramurra in July 2010 and looking to meet some new friends. I am 38 from Grays Essex and looking to meet up with other brits regardless of age sex etc. I work in the City and live on the north shore. also i am a drumer so anyone who can play or sing interested in starting a band let me know. Send me a message if you want to meet for a coffee/ Drink etc All the best Dave
  7. Hello People Me ( Dan ) and my girlfriend Bex ( 27 and 22 ) have moved out here from York to start our new lives. We are both Nurses and are looking at making new friends. We are really easy going and love to socialise. We enjoy live music, outdoors and fitness. Let us know if you fancy meeting up. That would be great. Thanks Dan
  8. Hi guys, my partner Jim (24) and is moving to Australia next week (i'm an aussie) and we are looking for some new friends to hang out with on the Gold Coast. :jiggy:
  9. jem32

    What a mistake to make !!!!

    Not sure what I am asking here, We were just about to apply for 475 visa and we had enough points, We both thought we had been in Oz for a year in 2002 but turns out it was just 6 months so cant ask for 1 year work in oz with 5 extra points, That leaves us with 60 points..... Oh well just have to come up with a plan b and how to get there. jason
  10. Hi, my name is Kristy, mother of 3, and business owner (sort of lol), i work as a photographer and artist, mainly in the wedding industry and baby photography... My art work already has started to sell world wide and i'm hoping in the next 4 years to generate a business i can run from Australia as well as working as a photographer there too... My dreams not short term and it's going to take some time to achieve, i'm hoping when the day comes i'll have everything in place and will feel confidant to take on what needs to be done and do it well. I'm hoping to make some new friends here, get some advise and just see how things all work in a sense with other people as well as my self. At the moment, my 1st aim is to make a strong income for myself, after all no point in migrating without it, would love to get in touch with any other photographers?
  11. Guest

    1 year left to make the move

    Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone who has or is in a similar postion as my family and I. We had our permanent visa granted 4 years ago. We validated our visa in May 2008 but have been living in the UK for the last 3 and a half years. We are now in a position were we are able to go but I wondered what implication that has on getting a resident return visa if we have not been resident for 2 of the 5 years. Would we be able to apply for it still 2 years from now? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi All , PomsinOZ is really a great site where I got registered and now we have Grant letter J Thanks to PomsinOZ.. Now that we got Grant letter on 12 OCT ‘11, we are planning to move to Melbourne from Singapore. From few posts I came to know that a couple require AUD 20k in hand to land in Melbourne.. So with this amount, how many months we can stay .. Keeping in mind that we need to search jobs.. I am counting on worse situations.. I also have my Uncle in Australia who is citizen there whom I can count ... Can we plan our move together if we have just AUD20k in hand? At the moment , i feel making this decision itself is Critical of all .. :biglaugh: My Question in short is : “When can we make a decision of moving to Melbourne to land safely?” (a) Only if I have AUD 20k in hand ? (b) Only if I/my spouse have good job in Melbourne ? © Or both ? Any experienced answers please J
  13. Hello, My name is James and i'm 26 orginally from Henley on Thames. Looking to meet new likeminded people. Like socialising and fancy doing something this weekend if anyone is up for it? James
  14. Hi! My name is Laura! I moved to brisbane last year with my boyfriend, and we're working on a 457 visa. We're gonna be here for at least another 1-2 years then carry on travelling the world! :-) I'm 23, and i'm a nurse, working in the community and my boyfriend is also 23 and works in a printing factory. Its quite frustrating that we haven't made as many friends as we thought we would. I work solo, so i don't really meet anyone. And in my boyfriends job, everyone is really old apparently, lol. It can be a little lonely as i'm used to having girly get-togethers, and i know that my fella wants some guys to hang out with and do 'guy things'. - plus he's not the best shopping companion! ;-) I just wondered if there is anyone in brisbane who could do with a new friend? Any girls who might like to go shopping, or for dinner or after work drinks, or even just hang out at the beach sometime, or any guys who like surfing/golf/fishing, or even if you're a couple in the same boat as us, we'd love to meet you! I'd also love to meet any other nurses out there to compare experiences as i have many questions! :-) Thanks!!! Happy easter everyone!! xxx.
  15. Guest

    we need to make a decision!!!

    ok need some advice as my husband is about to be offered a position in melbourne and want him to start as soon as they can sort out his sponsorship etc. We have an 8 year old girl and currently live near the coast in the uk so would ideally like to move to similar situation in melbourne, renting. We need a good school, preferably catholic and within walking distance of the house as i don't drive. can anybody suggest decent places with good transport links to the city (for him) and ideas of cost of 3/4 bedroom house. His salary will be 80k and i will eventaully work part time in childcare. Can we afford to live and save on this sort of money. We've all got our heads around moving but cost of food bills and utilities is throwing me plus making a decision on an area to move to. many thanks for any replies.
  16. Hi Everyone!! My name is Wesley and my partners name is Suzie and we have both been living in Sydney now for 2 weeks! Were both from the UK (obviously! lol!) and managed to get a work sponsorship visa! We are both around 26 years of age and would like to consider ourselves as quite outgoing! :biglaugh: We like to do the normal things - socialising, checking out new places, going out for meals, gym and partying! We are looking for like minded people (singles, couples, whatever) who enjoy a good laugh and fancy catching up! If your interested give us a shout! Wes & Suzie
  17. Guest

    cant make a decision

    Hi I have been reading some posts on here, am new to this site. Wonder if someone can help me, l am planning to move to australia just on a career break from the uk. I have an interview coming soon with the Thomas Embling hospital and am quite nervous and anxious as l do not know what to expect. I have worked in a low secure unit here in the uk, but sounds like Thomas Emblish is maximum security. Can someone tell me how this place is like, how its like to work there, how is the environment like how is team work, do you get support from other colleagues or managers. Just want general information/advice about how its like to work there. I have already got another job with Healthscope, in Bundoora and this is in an acute mental health ward. but thinking of working with a government hospital as l have been made to understand there is a lot more benefits. Can someone confirm this? Whats best, working for a private hospital or government hospital Would be grateful for as much advice as possible. I have got my eligibility for reg, all l need is a job then sort out my medicals & visa Notty
  18. Hi we have just moved to perth and loving the experience but need to meet others who have been through the same experience. ups and downs of it all. we live in willetton SOR, family of four, husband and two teenage boys. need some female company. if anyone fancies a coffee or get together please get in touch. I don't bite honest.:biggrin:
  19. Kimbodia

    Why did you go to Oz?

    Hi All Hubby and I (early 30's) have been talking about a move to Oz for years, but always for when we had children and were more of a family. We now have a 2 year old daughter and hope to have another child before long and feel that perhaps now/soon is the right time. It may have been covered on other posts and if so I'm happy to be directed to them, I'm keen to know what attracted you to Australia and what (if anything) was missing/lacking in your life in the UK? And has your wishes been fulfilled by the move? I'm trying to find like minded people or people in similar situation s to ourselves to try to help me gauge what we're set to gain (the weather being the most obvious). My husband is a Design Engineer, I'm a stay at home mum and intend to be for a good few years yet. We have a relatively nice life in the UK, money to do the things we want to (nothing flash), nice home (again nothing flash) but in short terms we don't have much to grumble about in terms of our standard of living here. We do however desire adventure, a change, the experience of living in other countries. We feel the world is a big one to live in the same country forever more. I have a bit of a strained relationship with my family and feel that it may well do me a lot of good to put a bit of distance between us but not sure I need to go to the other side of the world to achieve this! My husband and I backpacked as a couple about 8 years ago and spent a few months living and working in Australia during that time. I had a very different outlook then but I do remember feeling very much an outsider in the workplace, more down to me than the Aussies, perhaps as I knew I'd only be in the jobs (I had 2 jobs whilst there) for a couple of months. A very strange thing to say is that I remember feeling that I felt very foreign out there and really the only significant difference was my english accent! It just makes me wonder how well or not I would settle in, obviously my outlook would be so different to last time. Feel like I'm rambling now so will leave it at that. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, my name is Lindsay (26) and ive been living in Malvern, Melbourne for around 18 months with my partner (33). Ive made a few great friends but am looking to meet a few more people like me who enjoy shopping, cinema, girly nights, drinking, dancing and socialising! When you have a group of friends who you leave to go to the other side of the world it can obviously be hard and id like to meet some like minded people....im sure theres plenty out there! Im also available to offer advise to anyone coming over here so let me know if you have any queries on renting, furniture hire, areas, work etc etc and ill be happy to help. Look forward to hearing from some friendly people soon! Lindsay :v_SPIN:
  21. I am really going mad with this decision:arghh: I came home for my "do I want to move back home?" so that I could decide. I thought it would be a no-brainer and I would def want to stay in UK. But I got here and after a few days I think yep, Oz is the place for me. Then something crazy happens, and one of my friends 'pops' round unannounced to visit me. It was brilliant!! I haven't had any one do that in the 4 years I have been in Oz. Only in the last few months have I had any friends to speak of at all. So since I have been back I have been to see my friends a few times. Sounds so small but when you have been as lonely as I have it just brightens my day. Then...my parents who have applied for a visa get a case officer. So now the pressure is on, the decision has to be made. To be entirely honest I have not experienced what would be a great Australian lifestyle due to a) having no friends b) having a partner who didn't want to do anything with me (and I mean ANYTHING) c) becoming depressed due to a + b Don't get me wrong I have made many efforts to get friends and get out there but tbh I am not afraid of doing things by myself but when you do it for years and years it does get tiresome and lonely. Now my partner "guarantees" me that when I get back to Oz (assuming I have decided to live there) we will do things together. But I am totally over it! I have really decided that when I do get back I am not assuming that he will help me enjoy what Australia has to offer and will instead go back to doing things (which will be more fun now) myself and my child. To top it all off. I have dreamed of having a house close to shops and a pub, and of course one has come up in Oz (we would be skint but I would have enough to go to the pub at least once a fortnight). My mum is really keen on coming to Oz and my Dad is on the fence, he'd be happy anywhere. But if he stayed in UK it would be less hassle. If my mum came certain aspects of her health would improve due to the weather. Recently I started on antidepressants (maybe 6 months now) which has made a great impact on my view and I feel a lot more positive. But I just cannot make this decision!! I know it is mine to make, and everyone around me is aware. But please any advice would be brilliant. For more info, in Oz I have a brilliant job (and I know it is only a job) but having a crap job has a huge impact on ones life. My partner too has a brilliant job. Thanks in advance x
  22. I have read and heard many theories about our dreams, some say it is an outlet for our inner emotions, some say nothing more than an escape from the modern day world, who knows. But all the same we all dream and often remember little or as the day goes on we forget them. But last night I had the weirdest one ever, well at least the weirdest I can put up on a family forum.:embarrassed: It only seemed to last no more than a minute or so, but I reckon it was longer. Anyway, I envisaged a pig, little one it was, and his mum and other brothers and sisters were running toward a hill, but the pig couldn't run as he had a very badly broken leg, all tucked up under him and for all his might he just couldn't keep up and tried in vein to call to his family, but no use, he hobbled and dragged himself, but he just couldn't make it. But the strange thing is that the pig transformed into a human, couldn't recognise the fella involved, but he too had the broken leg and was crying for his family to come back and get him, but they just kept running away. Seriously, I woke up in tears, really sobbing I was, after a cuppa and a ciggie I soon enough regained a sense of reality, but it was one of those dreams that really hit home, and unlike many others I can remember it very vividly during waking hours. I have NO idea what it means, but if my family ask me to go for a walk today over the fields, and my good lady is holding a hammer, I'M NOT GOING.:mad::idea::shocked::biglaugh: So what's the weirdest dream you have had and did it make any sense at all? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  23. Hello my name's Ronan and I am moving to the sunshine coast in Queensland in November and am wanting to make new friends before I am on a plane on the way there. Anybody already there or going sometime soon interested in dancing (not ballet), Biking, Rugby or cricket???? Thanks:jiggy:
  24. Hi all not been on here for awhile read posts often and they have been v informative and helpful. We went to an expo in leeds and OH was verbally offered job with liebherr. We went to london following week and he had an interview and was offered job with them in singleton area nsw..i have sister who lives in sydney so position was great. We now have formal offer from them and i cant make the income outgoings figures balance. They have told us that their fitters enjoy a good lifestyle with a good work life balance ! The hours are v family friendly i cant argue with that and with the benefits that come with PR ie lower tax lower medication fees and free schooling for our 3 kids it would be economically ok but we have got to survive at least 2 years on a 457 before they are willing to sponsor us should we at that point want to stay. Expected income is between 80-90k inc average overtime hours so have done all my sums on 85k pa, school fees are 15000 pa for public school 6000 for a christian school but we are not church goers and i would struggle to send them to one. outgoings as follows per month.. (some are estimates some are from posts on here/my sister or research i have done.) Rent 1600 (4 bed in rutherford area around 350pw) med ins 263 (inc dental ambulance optical) me meds 140 (im diabetic on an insulin pump) food 1000 elec 100 rego and ins 120 (for 2 cars) mobiles 60 broad band 100 tv 40 total pm 4223 per annum 50,676 fuel 800 plus school fees at 15,000pa=65,676 income at 85,000 minus tax of 25,480 and medicare levy = 58,245 leaves us minus 7431! Have i been too pesimistic with my figures? We really want to move to oz id go anywhere but being in same state as my sister was the icing on the cake.. cant see how we can go?! how do people do it?!? There is the possibility of a job in perth with them fifo so alot more money but OH worried about heat at mine sites and affect being away for 2 weeks at a time will have on our family. We dont really know much about perth either which doesnt help. Anyone else on here been offered work with or are working for liebherr?!? Thanks for reading any advice will be greatfully received..mrs henderson.:v_SPIN:
  25. Guest

    You couldn't make it up.

    I used to love Richard Littlejohn on sky when he used to point out ludicrous things happening up and down the country and at the end of the rediculous story he would say .............. you couldn't make it up. Well heres one for yer .............. the government are hammering the hard pressed working man and woman at present, we are all having to tighten our belts and what have they just announced ? They are spending £156 million pounds sending people round to our houses to tell us not to use our cars and to use public transport ............ £156 million pounds wasted at a time when the country is skint ................. You couldn't make it up.