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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, This is a total shot in the dark but I am desperate. My daughter needs urgent major dental work done, which as you know is extremely expensive out here. We are relatively new to Australia and because we weren't sure if we were going to stay, (many issues including the main one homesickness) we didn't join a health plan. Probably silly I know. But to our horror we have discovered that our eldest needs quite a bit of work done on her teeth ASAP. Does anyone know of a dental fund you can join and claim straight away on. Obviously if there isn't then we will just have to bite the bullet and pay for it all. I can't have her in pain at the end of the day.
  2. Major iron ore project in the Pilbara one step closer Updated August 09, 2011 13:49:25 The Environmental Protection Authority has recommended the State Government approve Aquila Resources' West Pilbara iron ore project. The project involves the development of eight iron ore deposits south of Pannawonica, and a heavy-haulage railway from the mining area to the proposed new port at Anketell Point, north-east of Karratha. The EPA says a number of conditions should be imposed on the project, including measures to protect rare flora and fauna. The EPA report is subject to a two week appeal period. Aquila says work is continuing with the State Government on the design of the proposed multi-user Anketell Port. First posted August 09, 2011 13:36:03
  3. Guest

    major issue

    According to my agent, if you have a sponsor from a state and not on the SMP, but you are on the SOL. Your application is dead, as there is not cat for your application as of yet. He said the sponsored on with a occ on the new sol :shocked:of the new cat 4 is family not state Anybody if this is correct?
  4. Hi all, Im very new in this forum. I really need some help. Im applying graduate visa 485 and i have banking finance major (just graduate) and i need VETASSESS to assess my qualification for TR. The thing is i dont know which SOL is suit me. I dont have any experiences. Could anyone please help me which one should i choose? Can i choose internal audit???? i think that is the closest one if im not wrong. Thank you very much..=)
  5. Hi Everyone, I would be really grateful if anyone could give me an indication as to whether my father would be likely to be able to get a tourist visa.. First up, we're still looking into travel insurance and clearance from the doctors to fly so fingers crossed there, but basically, he's had 2 strokes and a kidney transplant (no longer on dialysis but was for many years). He's 67, would I be right in thinking that because of this he would be best off applying for a 676 visa instead of a normal ETA? If it makes any difference he's a UK citizen and my parents are only looking to come over for my wedding here! Any advice would be great! Thanks
  6. Hi guys, My wife has slightly higher level of SGPT (ALT) and SGOT(AST) (both of these are liver tests) but she doesn't have any of TB, HIV, Hep B and Hep C. All of these are negative. I am worried about whether SGPT/SGOT are gonna pose any threat to our application OR these are not that significant to affect it, provided that there are no major problems? Anybody who knows about these tests or have any idea about them?? Thanks Kind Regards
  7. Its about time banks here got a grip. Really are third world at times http://www.smh.com.au/business/major-banks-cancel-credit-cards-after-breach-20110527-1f72w.html
  8. Guest

    A major depression

    Would that be me or qld 7 year high ,7 year low Hear it alot (no not voices ,i hear people say it ):wideeyed::eek:
  9. Guest

    Major Dilema - 175 or 176

    Ok here's soemthing I hope someone can help me with. As previously discussed, my wife has her heart set on Perth, and I think I would like the laid-back outdoorsy lifestyle there too. I qualify for a 175 visa (IELTS withstanding), which obviously gives me the freedom to go anywhere, and chase any job. However, my 'skill' is also on the WA list of state sponsorship. Whilst this restricts us to Western Australia, it wouldn't be dependent on getting level 7 in IELTS, and I believe has a chance of coming through quicker then a 175. What's the best way to approach this? Should I carry on with my 175, or look into the possibility of 176? How long would it take to get State sponsorship? If it helps, I fall under 1261111 (ICT Business Analyst), and have been 'passed' by the ACS. Thoughts? Comments?
  10. ARGGGGHhhhhhhhhh Just been through the check list for the Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176) and came across the last check list box (and prob on any visa requirement!!!) Military discharge papers!!!!! One slight issue, while I was in for 4 years, I was a good boy, however, when you join at 16 your told 'never fall in love or it will be the end of your career' 4 years later I meet my misses and the rest is history....basicaly my papers say 'SNR' (services no longer required, long story:wink:, it should say 'honourable discharge' but things happend, like they said 'never fall in love'!!!) 7 years on I am now thinking this will ruin my chances of getting a visa. Its a long shot but anyone been in a similar boat stressed, major stress!!!:confused: any sort of advice will do
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to know what would be the effect of SMP on the processing of onshore visa. Since the fact, SMP(176) would be processed in Adelaide and the onshore visa are processed in Brisbane. So is there any major impact of the SMP on onshore independent visa? I also heard someone saying on other forum that with SMP being announced the DRC would be revoked from category 3? Can any RMA or pomz shed some light on the same. Cheers Adi
  12. Hello all, This place is a wonderful resource and I'd like to thank all those who make it such a friendly and useful place to spend a few (lots) of hours! I realise it has to be our decision but would really appreciate some advice. We are a young married couple who are moving to Oz late this year. Hopefully it will all go well and we'll settle down and start a family there in the next few years. I work in an office and my wife is a pharmacist and we have narrowed our choice destinations to Melbourne or Sydney (and surrounding areas of both). The dilemma is that we really can;t choose between the two and for me, house prices are an important factor. We will have quite a healthy budget of between 500-700k but would want a 3+ bed house within 60 minute commute of the CBD. Is this possible? Obviously we don't want to live in a 'bad' neighbourhood and would udeally love to be within easy reach (20 minute drive or less) of a beach? Could you please help us in offering some pearls of wisdom where this is achievable in both Melbourne and Sydney? In summary, 500-700k budget, 3+ bed House (would love a bit of land for pool etc but not a must), within 1 hour commute of CBD and ideally, within ralistic reach of a nice beach. I know it's a tall order but would love your advice! Thanks in advance all!!!! Dean (and Mariella)
  13. Australia has fastest-rising food prices of any major developed nation | Money Matters | News.com.au just letting you know:dull:
  14. Hi All Thiess are a huge Aussie company who seem to be involved with civil engineering, mines and all sorts. What they actually do is too technical for me. Their website is here: Thiess Currently they are recruiting for the huge desalination plant which is about to be built near Melbourne. I have not checked whether they are recruiting for any of their other projects elsewhere but there is a map showing where all the projects are, with links to each one. It is an excellent website and given that employer sponsorship is the new game in town, anybody who knows anything about building a huge plant of any type would do well to examine the Thiess website. They are mainly looking for a project management team for VIC at the moment, I suspect. They say they will start recruiting for tradies and others later in the year. Cheers Gill
  15. Prompted by another thread that stated that Government Departments in Perth were still using Office 2002. Whilst applying for jobs at major stores last week, a member using my computer kept having her attachments (CV, References) rejected. It was only by trial and error that we discovered that they only accept .doc files that are based on Word 2002 or earlier. We were using 2007 and it wouldn't accept them, so it will pay to save a copy of your documents in Word 2002 format. kev
  16. Guest

    Hi major stress info needed

    We are at the begining just started online vetassess and starting to organise all paper work,i have not posted many threads but have read many and hope someone can help. My oldest son is not my husbands and we have reshearched that we need a statory declaration from his biological father. we have had no contact with him since my son was five months old, i no where he lives and was going to make contact and ask for the stat dec i thought that as he has had no intrest he would just sign and be done with it, but sods law he has bumped into a friend of mine and now is asking about contact. im not sure excatlly what he wants i have emailed him and had no reply,but im now worried because he seems intrested after 7 yrs that he is going to refuse to do the stat dec.What can i do if he does refuse as it seems so unfare after 7yrs he could come and mess our whole future up. Also my son does not no about him as he was so young when we split he only nos my husband as his dad and allthough we will tell him he is still a bit young to understand.:arghh:
  17. QUEENSLAND'S developers are pulling the plug on major unit projects, stopping millions of dollars in construction in the state's southeast. Their actions are also undermining the job market. more
  18. Guest

    is money a major issue

    Hi again, just wondering what other peoples opinions are on this, whether people plan their migration solely around their money situation Apart from the obvious like needing to cover visa, medicals, flights etc what is the general feeling about having enough money to live on I suppose i'm asking this as we're going on a student visa and we've covered enough to pay for the 2 yrs college fees, 2 yrs school fees, flights, medicals, visa etc , 3 mths rent and a small amount of furniture and very cheap 2nd hand car the rest of living expenses will have to be covered by jobs we won't be able to get whilst there and both of us are only able to work 20 hrs a week but i'm not too worried as like the saying goes "where there's a will there's a way" i know till we get PR (if we get it) it will be a bit tough but my thinking is that it will all be worth it in the end what do you think ?????????:smile:
  19. Hi all, Just wondered if there is anyone else out there who has applied for a permanent visa (175) and who's occupation is on MODL list but still waiting for med requests? we lodged our application through a migration agent back in January and still no Meds or police check request! Its driving us batty now, the migration agent thought that we would have them requested by June and here we are in August and still nothing. We are aware of the backlog of applications from last August slowing things down but our agent reckons that there doesn't seem to be any logical process in the order that they are looking at the applications - he's got clients like us from Jan still wait for med requests, others that have been waiting since last august and then others who lodged in December who have had theres ages ago?!?! Anyone shed any light on whats going on or is pulling their hair out going through the same thing?? WE WANNA GET OUTTA HERE!!! LOL Julie :arghh:
  20. Didn't know whether to post this in here or Jobs & Careers but here goes. After 5 days in Melbourne and four interviews I have been offered two posts. The first was a permenent position offering a $80k package plus super at 10%, medical insurance and bonus scheme. I was over the moon at the prospect! The next day I got the second offer of a contract position over six months (possibly longer) offering $500 per day. My question is this: given that the contract position does not pay super, holiday, sickness or medical insurance is it really that much better? Could I fall into a higher Tax bracket with the contract work? I have until Monday to decide and could do with some advice on how it all works. Thanks in advance... Dan ps: in Oz are you over the moon or under it?
  21. Well we have hit our first major stumbling block today. We had our house valued and its not enough. We knew the market is not good at the moment but its still between £15K and £25K less than we were expecting!!! We can't believe its that low. We bought the house 3 yrs ago brand new (4 bed det) for £215K and last year put on a huge conservatory which cost £12K. We are in a lovely cul-de-sac with a decent garden which has woods at that back i.e. not overlooked. Oh well the dream was nice while it lasted.
  22. Guest

    major problem

    Hi i have been onsite today a manchester airport in da sun and got a weeee to burnt, just wanted to know if any ladies out there who would like to rub abit of lotion on me pink bits. LOL Sorry if you think i am mad but hey I am:jiggy:
  23. I am having a bad day today, I feel really down. I was fine until last night when my Mum called, she has been doing the international caller thing with BT where you pay £5pm and get free calls for upto an hour anywhere in the world. Last week she rang in a state as her bill was really high, after researching on the internet we discovered that the 'free' calls were only valid for 600 minutes per month, and she had gone well over that. I told her to ring BT as when they recommended this package to her, they never said there was a minute limit. We assumed after a month her minutes would start again, but she called BT yesterday to check and they told her that when you go over 600 minutes in a month they cancel the deal and it can't be reactivated for 12 months!! They will also not put her on any other discounted package for that time. She was so upset and angry, as had she been told about the minute thing she would not have gone over it, and then to be told it would not be reinstated!! However, BT have decided to reimberse all the international calls she was charged for which is something I suppose...but she would rather they reset it up! Then I get an email from her this morning, as she went over my nan's last night and called BT from there to see how many minutes nan had left...for them to tell her she did not have international caller!! My Mum set it up for her so she should have it, Nan had to upgrade from light user to caller package 2 to be able to get international thingy, and they did the package 2 but not the other... Anyhow, I have been in tears this morning, it seems someone up there does not want me to have an easy time over here talking to my family...mums wireless router is broken too and has to go back! I feel so isolated now, I was talking to mum every few days and the kids were too. I feel like a massive ogre taking them away from thier loving family...what right do I have to do that? My poor mother was so upset, she was so close to my kids, I am so horrible to do this to them all. My son still wakes at night sobbing he wants to go home to nanny's house (we lived with her for 3 months before we came here) My daughter misses her grandparents but does not want to go back...ever so she tells me, she loves it here, and has a glow about her I never saw before, she says England is boring! Hubby and I love it here, 'cept missing family. I just feel so guilty, is this normal? I am thinking of looking into Skype and getting it for mum too, but she is SO not up there with technical things! Hubby was really great this morning and has said if I need to go back for a holiday then we can find the money - we originally planned to go back in Jan for a few weeks, but now we are earning in $ can't afford it. My Nan was really upset when we told her as she is too old/sick to fly here, and we won't see her now until my sisters wedding in 2010 (2 years away!) To top it all off, mum was supposed to be coming out in Sept, but went to book her flights yesterday and they have gone up in price by £150! She will still come, but how rubbish is it all happening in one day? Is it right to rip your family apart, I seem to be getting it from both sides (mum & son) at the moment! Sorry to depress, but I sure as hell feel alot better now!
  24. Guest

    Major Dilema !!!!!

    Jesus they are like buses nothing for ages then 2 come at the same time... For those who dont know the complicated world of Helaine a brief summery....OH is Painter & Decorator 9 yrs experiance, TRA took away pathway D (our only way of going) Traybear gave us a contact who may sponsor us in Brissie,have to send all info to him this week........ ( this is where we really want to be, brother lives in sunshine):yes: now wait for it... Company in SA has recieved OH CV from ????? want OH to go to work for them will get us sponsorship via SA gov its 1000's miles from bro....... Dont know what to do, spent the last 12 months researching and talking about sunshine coast dont have a bloody clue about SA.........WHAT SHALL WE DO !!!!!
  25. Hi all, Our agent has advised us today that there is major processing delays on the above visa's, anyone still waiting?? Em x