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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, my wife is a main applicant for ENS 121 visa and she is AHPRA registered so no need of IELTS for her. However being a partner I have to provide evidence for English language. I am originally from India and become British citizen in Sep 2010. But not sure whether this will be enough to prove and also passed IELTS Academic module with overall 6.5 band but the only issue is I appeared for the test in Sep 2009 more than 2 years ago. Is it possible to provide evidence that I am in UK since last 7 years and working in IT dept for a NHS trust in London for last 3 years so this way I can confrim that after passing IELTS in 2009 I am working in English speaking country or I have to sit for IELTS General module again to score 4.5 which is not tough but..... Appreciate any advice or info who has gone through this situation. Mansawant
  2. Hi all, Living in UK and currently considering a move to OZ. This has probably been covered already and I appologise if it has been but I'm new to this forum. I'm very interested to hear from people moving back to the UK as to what the main reasons are. thanks in advance Claire
  3. Hi there lovely people! Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to answer a quick Q I have... I am preparing to apply for 175 visa. I am a Pre Primary teacher and am the main applicant. I have to score 8 on the IELTS but am wondering if my partner needs to also complete the test (he is a secondary applicant on my visa). imm.gov say that secondary applicants need to show that they have competent English skills. He has a NVQ level 3 in Lift Installation which took 2 years (part time) to complete. Please help! Emma
  4. Hi there I've recently been offered a 457 visa to come to work in Sydney which is a dream come true, but my husband and I are trying for a baby. I would be the main applicant and my husband as the secondary. Does anyone have an idea of the ramifications of being the main applicant and being pregnant on this visa? I don't want to ask the company looking to sponsor me what might happen if I was pregnant, as it might scare them off, and this opportunity is too good to pass up. Equally though, the biological clock is ticking! Anyone had anything similar happen or any advice? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks Pennie
  5. Hi, Can anybody send me the names on the main hospitals in and around Sydney City Centre? Much apprecaited. :biggrin:
  6. Guest

    SA SS -just docs for main app?

    Can I just clarify- For SA SS I'm main applicant so I'll need a copy of my passport- does my OH need passport/birth certificate/photos??? etc. We're not married- dont know if that makes any dfference for SS? Thanks
  7. Okay so a good mate's wife has decided she's had enough and is going back to the UK with their 2 year old. No courses completed - no degrees conferred. What are the options for my mate if he wants to stay on? How long does he have ?? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Main applicant advise pls

    Hi folks, Myself and OH are both currently having our skills assessed. I know this is costly but we both feel that it will be beneficial if and when we ever get to Oz. My occupation is in schedule 3 and my OH's is in schedule 4. We will be applying to WA for SS hopefully soon and then applying for a 176. My question is - Who should be the main applicant? Any advise would be appreciated.
  9. Just to clarify something: We have the 176 visa stamps in our passports and my wife Lisa is the main applicant. Am I correct in saying that I will need a tourist visa if I travel to oz before Lisa has activated the visa. JOHN
  10. Hi All, Due to work issues, no job at present (yikes) OH is joining us later. I have just realised, having booked the flights, that he was the original main visa applicant. Although we have validated our visa already and it says he must enter OZ before us, does this apply when going back? I'm suddenly thinking 'oh crikey what if they turn us away and send us back' thats me and my daughter. Thanks for any replies :-)
  11. I wish to submit my Visa 176 online. Do i submit both the forms together or, the Sponsor first and then Main applicant later? Thanks in advance.
  12. We received our family 176 visa and I (main applicant) done my 2-days reccie in Australia three months ago alone. Now, can my family enter Australia to settle there permanently without me accompany/travel with them? Peter
  13. After a (heated!) discussion with my father who is visiting here at the moment, I wondered what people's main reason was for emigrating here. I know often it's a combination of reasons, but what is the main one that either made you move, or is making you want to move to Australia? I've put the same poll on the Poms in Adelaide site, and wondered if people's reasons over the whole of Australia vary at all.
  14. Hi all, I run an English pub in Main Ridge. It's not quite the same as our good old boozers in London (from where I emigrated 2 years ago with my Aussie wife), but it's getting there! I'd like to get more expats in to let me know what they think, and to have a free pint on me if they mention this site! I'd love to have some pom friends over here (have none unfortunately!) so come on over. Billy Pig and Whistle 365 Purves Road Main Ridge
  15. Yesterday it kicked off again in Birmingham city centre ., between the so called " English defence league " and anti fascists, with 90 arrests . Police struggled to keep the two groups apart, bricks and bottles were thrown . The english defence league ,are basically white football supporters demonstrating against Islamic extremism. This is the 2nd time in a month , that there have been clashes. I fear this open hostility will eventually spread to the major cities of Australia, as it did in Cronulla last year - www.sundaymercury.net ps The media are trying to keep the lid on this by saying this is a fascist v anti fascist argument ......we all know its more straightforward than that. These are the first open demonstrations against Islam.....any opinions
  16. We are currently applying for a 176 SS Visa. In an ideal world (assuming that we are successful and got the sponsorship) we would move together - with a job arranged for at least one of us... I want to ask this question now so that if we are granted the sponsorship I know when and who (DIAC / State?) to ask if the following is possible. My OH is the main applicant on the 176 SS, however he can only leave work (end June & Dec, Re: teaching contract) and therefore there may be up to a 3 and 9 month wait before he can move. He will be able to validate his visa during this time as we could visit for a holiday. My query is - if we were granted SS - and if I was able to secure employment. Assuming he had validated his visa - would I be able to move to Australia before him to take up work - with him then following later? If so is there anything we need to state to DIAC or the State in order for this to be allowed?
  17. Our 175 visa application is 4/5 months away from being hopefully approved, however I have just been offered a job in Sydney / NSW. My preference is not to travel to Australia on a 457, as it has limitations when travelling with a family. We are both on the CSL, however my wife's occupation is on the NSW Sponsored Nomination list which obviousley means that our residency visa will be processed as a priority if she gets nominated by NSW. So basically is it possible to change a Second applicant to the main applicant and is there anything pitfalls that we should be made aware of? Or can we simply proceed as a priority application on a 176 when my wife is nominated, even if she is the second applicant? Thanks
  18. Not that this is on the cards for me and my hubby,, but ive been reading so many threads lately that have mentioned a split in the family after going to Australia, and unless you have a crystal ball who knows whats up the road for any of us.. I would like to know how a split will impact on the rights of the person who is not the main applicant on a 176 or 175 visa (can they still work what is there visa status) and if that differs were there is sponsership etc, also the dependants that are of working age, any information on this would be helpfull... regards dizz...:wubclub:
  19. Guest

    Changing main applicant

    Hi guys We applied with myself as the main applicant (Accountant) application (175) submitted 21 Dec 2008 and it seems to be very slow (as everyone is aware). My wife is an occupational therapist and i was wondering if is possible to change the main applicant, as health professional's applications seem to move a bit quicker. Any thoughts? Cheers Garth and Jen
  20. hi guys, im just planning ahead. Just wandering if i lodge my application with IELTS band score (average band of 6.5) with main application 175. Would it be possible, before a decision is made that i submit a new ielts score of 7 in each band? so i can get the 25 point instead of 15.. (i had calculated my points and it is about 130 without band of 7). just want to be on the safe side.. cheers john
  21. Interested to see what the MAIN reason people have/had for moving to Australia
  22. Guest

    main residence status???

    here is a question for you, we are moving out to oz in june next year and need to remortgage our house in the uk before we go. I want to keep on a residential mortgage and benefit from the lower rates of course. My brother lives abroad and has managed to be lucky and acheieve this for the past 4 years without being questioned somehow. The question is does anyone have any insights on how to do this officially or by other means? My plan is to say that we want to keep it as our main residence as we plan to return in a couple years? thanks in advance
  23. Hi, Me and my wife want to move to Australia and where wonderring if anyone can give any info on where to find jobs to match our skills & qualifications. Im a qualified Gas main/service layer and my wife is an Occupational Therapist, any info would be appreciated. Cheers, Mark
  24. Hi, My wife and I are seriously considering a move to Australia, just getting fed up with the attitude of politicians here in the UK. We have a young family (boy and girl aged 4 and 6) and feel that for their sake and ours a move to Oz would be best. I have lived for 5 years in Newcastle NSW as a teenager back in the 80's and I have very fond memories of that. We do have some family and friends in Newcastle but this would not be our preferred destination (Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth would be). Fortunately before we left Oz in the 80's my parents and I took up our Australian Citizenship so we are free to move whenever we want (my two kids have their citizenship certificates now). The biggest issue for me is work. I graduated as a civil engineer in 1992 and worked in that profession for 7 years. I became chartered just at the very end. I felt the money and opportunities in Civ eng were very poor so I moved to work for a bank in IT. I enjoy my IT occupation but the type of technology that I work with (mainframe) is not very much in demand, but civil enginnering does!! So probably the best employment opportunity for me is to move back into civil engineering. Do most poms moving to Oz have work lined up before moving? What is the best way to meet / contact prospective employers? I am going to a moving to Western Australia seminar in Edinburgh on tuesday. I guess because of the citizenship status we are in a better position than some others - but for me the employment and securing a half decent job is my biggest concern. anyone have any ideas on what the job situation is like in australia just now? anyone in civil engineering it would be good to hear from you.
  25. When sending information with the main visa application do I need to include all the certificates and detailed work sheets that I sent for the TRA or do I just include the information from the TRA, employers letter and copy of TRA application form. Not sure how much stuff to send them. Thanks Woodview.