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Found 80 results

  1. Hiya, just hoping for a bit of advice. We're currently in the process of applying for a Spouse Visa for my OH and estimate it will be processed mid Oct to mid Nov. I am also pregnant and this wait for the visa means that I will probably have to give birth here in December (as we would need to put notice in at work, arrange shipping etc.), then travel over when the baby is about three months old. Has anyone flown with a baby this young? I know they are all different but I'm hoping that he/she will sleep through, leaving both myself and my OH free to handle the temper tantrums of our toddler! Has anyone had any experience of this? (I won't even go into the migraine I get when I think about looking for a rental/jobs/sorting out all the red tape with two young ones...) Any advice very welcome!!
  2. Guest

    Money Going Mad ??

    Just wondering what everyone is thinking of the current rate of exchange. Just took a look on OZFOREX and its, Aus $2.11 to the £. Bloody hell, that's even gone down from the $2.19 we saw 2 weeks ago when we were over there!! How bad is it gonna get??? That’s a long way from the highs of last Summer at 2.52, and it’s just dropping and dropping. It seems the more you have to take with you the more you stand to lose. Just wondering if anyone has any new views on this subject, I know we have all talked about this time and time again before, but it is an important issue don’t you think. I know from my recent experience that when it come’s to doing the dirty deed of exchanging your hard earned over to Aus$’s its a reality check when you realise how much you are losing. Sorry if this sounds negative, maybe it is , but for sure it’s realistic EMMY:arghh:
  3. BritChickx

    We're Going Mad

  4. Guest

    Mad Plumber

    It that time again peeps to get banned, yes the Mad Plumber has returned, shows how easy it is to get back on here, oh well time to get banned yet again by the spineless admin...bollox:tongue:
  5. Newly arrived in Brisbane. I need a phone number so bought a $2 Optus SIM card from the local Spar. I seem to have activated it fine but am having trouble recharging - it seems non-Australian credit cards are a no-no, and my UK paypal account is no good either. I'm genuinely flummoxed and have no idea how I can get credit on this stupid thing! Can anyone help?!
  6. pommiecheeks

    Are we mad?

    Hello all. We are a family of 4; husband and myself, two daughters 18 and 10 years. Just got the go ahead (today!) to move to Melbourne in early December with my husbands new job. My concern is we do not have enough time to sort out visas and flights, not mention letting the house, removals...etc. Is this time line optimistic? The new employers are keen to get us there before the schools close for Christmas and are happy to pay for a 3 month serviced apartment until our belongings arrive. Has anyone made the move in such a short space of time? Or are we setting ourselves up for failure? Its all very exciting but I can't help feeling just a little bit rushed.
  7. Brilliant clip of a routine by Stewart Lee (remember him? 'Fist of fun' I think) [YOUTUBE]AXHq0F4nG5A[/YOUTUBE] For me, he sums up perfectly some of the divide of opinion on pio regarding the much maligned 'PC brigade'. Enjoy
  8. BritChickx

    PommyPaul's gone mad

    'Hi, Me and my girlfriend are travelling together and would be real keen to take up this position, i like wearing red and have a big santa belly so would love to use my talents and my girlfriend is quite partial to green so she could be my elf. Love to hear back from you Cheers Paul and Stacy' This is in reply to a job advert we saw which involves putting up christmas deco in sydney. :biglaugh: Loony! Have you ever applied for a job and added a bit of humour to it? Paul would love it if he wasn't the only nutter around :wink:
  9. Guest

    Are we mad

    Were an Irish family of 6.I'm 43 OH 44,we have been to Oz twice before,once backpacking for a year and then few years later for 6 months with 2 of the kids.We have since lived in Spain and California.We now feel its time to go again things have got so bad here in Ireland,were back here 4 years now.Our kids are aged 14-8. The trouble is when we mention going again family and friends think were mad,maybe we are mad or to old,but we just cant seem to settle,we loved Australia both times,hubby is a plumber so he's on the list. Just wondering has anyone else moved alot with kids,mine are happy to go so thats not a problem,so far it dosnt seem to have done them any harm,infact its made them very confident in any situation and they have had some wonderful experiences. One other thing our 3rd child has some special needs and developmental delay,which may well stop us getting into Oz anyway.Love some opinions x
  10. Hi New to this so this may have been asked before! Myself and my husband are wanting to emmigrate to Perth, however neither of us have even been to Oz let alone Perth and wonder if moving out without visiting first is a good idea? Any advice would be appreciated!!:biggrin:
  11. OMG what has happened to PIO, I only posted one little news article and now all CTF has gone sex mad, maybe we need to have an XRated Forum:tongue::laugh:
  12. bensdad

    I think I'm going mad!

    As the title says I think I'm going mad, we are nearing the final stages of our 176 everything met and meds finalized still no visa. Am I the only one who checks their email every hour for news! Then I try to waste time on here only to find other threads that state just cause your meds are finalized it doesn't mean they are met. Then the paranoia sets in! I hate waiting at the best of times I'm sure I'm going mad! Any suggestions lol Waiting for my referred meds!
  13. Hi I will be 10 in November and my family are moving to PERTH in January 2012. Is there anyone who is goiing to PERTH or is there already into soccer or any sport or that supports LIVERPOOL ? I would like to talk to you, thanks :chatterbox::chatterbox:
  14. Hi everyone every so often something happens and i think to myself WTF surely thats a wind up, but no it turns out its true, for instance............ Today its reported on sky news that the new government are looking at stopping benefits for alcoholics and drug users if they don't attend treatment courses WTF? sorry don't mean to offend. Then i was watching the uk borderless programme the other day and they raided house after house and found illegal immigrants galore, but gues what............. if they don't have a passport, they just let them go WTF. Again today on sky news, The Lockerbie bomber thats not dying, well not dying quick enough. How would you feel if a relative had died on the pan am plane, my mate from school was on it and the only man convicted of the murder of 280 innocents is set free (i don't believe he did it, but he was found guilty) and he is released on the grounds that he has only 3 months to live and today is the year anniversary of his release and the idiot doctors who said he had 3 months to live have now said he could live up to 10 years WTF. Just how wrong does something have to be, before you lable it has............. Is it me or has the world gone mad?
  15. It has been reported today, That a primary school has taken it upon themselves to ban parents attending their child sports day, for fears of the children mixing with strangers! I personally think that this is going a step to far, not only do the children look forward to this event, and do nothing but report back on hard they have been practicing, and asking if you will do the parents race :wacko:, but it helps them with their confidence! Sports day will end up as just another boring games lesson! There's me thinking authorities were busy promoting healthy exercise? Next public parks will be closed for fear of mixing with other strange parents, or fast food places, like macdonalds and the cinema will all be things of the past!! Whilst i appreciate you have to have eyes in the back of your head and be on your guard in certain places, but the school playing field is surely not the place!
  16. As some will know Bob Dylan turned 70 today,:shocked:. I must admit I never really got him when I was growing up. To me he sounded mournful, miserable and as if at times he was singing filled with helium gas, BUT. As I have got older I have become somewhat of a fan, not of all his stuff, but lyrically some of his tunes are brilliant and well worth listening to. So what do you reckon, a man of his time, beyond sell by date, or truly inspirational. Cheers Tony.
  17. Guest

    Mad to leave without residency?

    I've been in Aus for almost 12 months on a 457... it's looking like work would be happy to sponsor me to stay and I've been reading that the "Decision Ready Checklist" ENS applications can be processed pretty quickly (ie a few weeks). But... I'm thinking about whether to head back before then - perhaps in May/June ish... Reason is two-fold really 1) We want to start a family soon, and 2) I'm looking for a new job and there are more opportunities for me in my field in London than in Sydney. Part of me thinks if I can stretch it out to next year and get residency it means we're not closing the door behind us (well for a few years anyway I guess), but that probably means waiting before trying for a baby and I'm getting v broody... Another part of me knows that the UK is home and where we want to bring up our children so what's the point? Our time in Australia was always on a grown-up working holiday (I asked work to transfer me here, we could get some sun whilst saving for a deposit and being totally selfish before it was time to settle down), but now I'm more keen on settling down than living 12000kms away from friends and family..... Don't get me wrong, we're having a nice time and I loved sitting in the Orbit Bar yesterday having a cocktail, but it's just not 'home'. Just wondering what you'd do in my situation!? Thanks!
  18. Hi all, I am asking my self am I crazy, I have a great job, wonderful home, a loving wife, and cherished children. But since last weekend the wife and I have now made the decision to moved down under. Southern Australia fever has us gripped and now in the cold light of day the realisation of the daunting task hits me! i'm sure it will be worth it in the end. :biggrin: Oh this is my way of saying hello
  19. AAARRGGHHH Please tell me i'm not the only one who feels this frustrated!!!!!! I just wish I could do everything myself. I hate waiting. I hate leaving things for others to do. I am better at sorting everything than anyone else (hehe). I WANT CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! :arghh:
  20. ellasdaddy

    Ive officially gone mad haha

    So i was on here this morning when i happened to look at the time, my computer said it was 8.25am i thought crap i thought it was like 7am, so i grabbed the kids bundled them in the car and went to school I was all panicked thinking they were late for school ( i hate lateness and always try to be wherever im going at least 10 mins early), so their was me running down the road with my 3 year old on my shoulders my 4 year old on my back and my 10 year old trying to carry 3 school bags, 3 lunch boxes and 3 water bottles, all 3 of them were whinging that i was going to fast. It never even occured to me that their was no other parents around, i just thought i was late and everyone had been and gone, so i ran into the school and the office woman came out and said slow down you still got 10 mins before breakfast club??? OMG i had only got to school a whole hour early AAARRRGGGHHH Im not looking at my computer and it says its 10:27 when clearly its only 9:27, so now i know im now mad im hot and im still all panicked hahaha :arghh::jiggy:
  21. Hi guys I am trying to complete my AHPRA registration along with my application for a 457 visa at the same time. Has anybody else got experience of the form required for general registration with AHPRA? It states that 100 point proof of id is required and if applying from overseas a passport with an Australian visa is needed. As I havent got my visa yet, I cant provide this, therefore cant get registered! My employer wants me out there asap but im stuck until I have fathomed out what to do. Trying to contact AHPRA is impossible! Any ideas greatly appreciated.....
  22. jen16

    Exciting or mad???

    Hey Poms in OZ I am new so hope this is in the right place!! So here is the dilema. we are a young family with two wee ones aged 5 and 3 dreaming of oz. I spent a year there in 2003 and have loved it ever since. trying to talk hubbie into going there on a 457 visa for 2 to 3 years. we could never emigrate as extremely close to our families and know that we could never leave them for longer, scaredy cats I hear you say but the truth im afraid:biggrin:. Hubbie is a mine deputy with so many qualifications in the industry i wouldnt know where to start! In some websites this is on the skills shortage list but not on others??? Not really sure what my question is but just an insight into the mining industry I think. My husband works on one of the remotest mines in scotland with a car and boat journey but looking near Newcastle or Port MacQuarie would be ideal! Thank you so much for reading!!P.s if you are in Oz enjoy the sunshine. It has been raining here for 3 weeks!!!!! Jen x:jiggy:
  23. Conniebygaslight

    You must be mad!

    Just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone wanting to MBTTUK, previously thought returning Brits must be mad and thought 'that wont be me'- before they actually came to Oz themselves and has it made you more empathetic with different opinions regarding other things.....?
  24. Guest

    Need a job going mad

    Hi all well we have been in Perth about 9 weeks now and settling in. Hubby working but I have applied for so many jobs and not even had a reply so getting a bit bored. I was a Podiatrist but for personal reasons need to get back into office work or really anything to earn some money if anyone in the Northern subs has any ideas please let me know. I am also free for coffee if anyone wants to meet up. I have no children and am 46 and live in Pearsall. Thanks all
  25. Guest

    World Gone Mad.

    Before I say anything just have a look at the link below: Little Miss Bayside organisers say toddler beauty pageant 'not over the top' | News.com.au Right, is it only me. Surely in this day and age people who should know better should have the common sense and indeed morality to look at themselves and say, 'No, this is just plain wrong'. We all know that certain sectors of our society are somewhat suspect, pedophiles, etc, are EXTREMELY rare cases, but they do exist, to say otherwise is living in a fools paradise. Am I thinking this is just plain wrong. I KNOW the vast majority of people who attend these shows, see them on TV, etc are ordinary members of our society, but there ARE people who will at every opportunity use, abuse, children for their own perverted ways. Exploitation in the extreme jumps to mind. I wasn't going to comment on the parents who enter their children into such competitions, they either have a screw loose, no morality, no common sense, or don't care about their kids. I am not even commenting on Australian culture here. The USA has had these types of shows on for several years. No, what I am saying that at the end of the day this is just plain wrong. Nothing short of child neglect, :shocked:. Do these people not realise that there are some who will look at these children and in their own sick minds feel fully justified in thinking thoughts that to the vast majority of us are abhorrent. I could go further. Should the people who organise these types of events, and the parents involved be held to account, or have we come so far in our evolution that as a people we no longer see this type of behaviour as wrong? I am very broad minded, and I believe in a certain degree of being able to express yourself, but to me this has gone to far, by a long way. It wouldn't be as bad, but the children involved will be participating in 'swimwear' and 'glamour' segments, surely this is just plain bloody wrong. Miss World was banned from terrestrial TV many years ago as it was deemed that it was detrimental to women, at least the women involved in Miss World had a freedom to enter or not, to a degree. The 'CHILDREN' involved in this competition I imagine are left with little choice. Their moronic parents believe that they are looking after the child's best interest, JESUS, the world has gone mad when this sort of 'entertainment' is deemed as OK and acceptable in the year 2010. May be a point too far, but the parents and organisers of events such as these need stringing up.:realmad: Cheers Tony:arghh: