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Found 21 results

  1. I am currently living in Sydney and about to move back to Warners Bay in NSW where myself and husband had previously lived for 10 years. I have met lots of women who are members of the Pomzin0z here in Sydney and have enjoyed meeting up with them each week. I wish I had known about this site whilst I lived in Lake Macquarie. Could anyone contact me if any such group or members exist there.
  2. Hi there, We are a British family of four - two adults and two children (aged 7 & 4) who have just arrived in Australia. We are currently staying in a holiday home on the East side of the lake whilst waiting for our belongings and dog to arrive from Blighty. We are looking for friendship with any like minded familes in the Lake Macquarie area who have been through or are going through the same trials and tribulations you face on arriving in this magical land. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Regards The Mackie Family (Newly escaped from Ellesmere Port, UK)
  3. Built in 1810 by convicts on the orders of Governor Macquarie. I imagined I was watching for ships sailing up from The Heads. I guess they had to wait six months to find out about Trafalgar and Waterloo?
  4. Hi, I came to Port Macquarie about 3 months ago from Japan and this is my first thread. I really want to new friends who are about the same age (around uni students)as me but it's still so hard. Does anyone live around here? Or are there any good communities which I could belong to? I like sports and craft.
  5. Guest

    Lake Macquarie East

    Hello, I am new to the forum, so hope it's ok to jump straight in... My husband and I, and our two children (currently ages four and two), hope to move out to Australia in 2012 or 2013. My husband is Australian, and me and the kids have dual citizenship. Previously we lived in Freshwater, Sydney (2003-2008) for four years which we loved, but now with two kids in tow we can't afford it, so we're considering a move to Lake Macquarie East, thinking perhaps around Caves Beach or Valentines - we want to be near the water, be it lake or beach. Just wondered if any of you were from around that way, and have any opinions as to the best suburbs and schools in the area. My husband is a project manager (refurbishment) and I work in Insurance; whilst we know jobs and salaries would be more plentiful in Sydney we just fancy the lifestyle of Newcastle area. Would appreciate any opinions on the suburbs, area and schools. Thanks, Katrina
  6. Hello all just arrived with wife and kids been busy sorting out schools for the kids and the other admin stuff like driving licences, tax file numbers and medicare cards. we are staying in furnished holiday accomadation while waiting for our container from blighty and until we find a 4 bed house to rent while dealing with the indifference of Ausi letting agents. Also been looking for work which is proving more difficult that i thought I'd be grateful for any advise in these matters.
  7. Guest

    Lake Macquarie area

    A study was done back in 2008 that found the Lake Maquarie area has high levels of lead (80% higher than anywhere else in Australia) this lead level leads to learning disability in children & Memory problems in Adults, once affected this can not be reversed, lead poisoning has no cure, but the affects are very disturbing. I knew about this lead problem in 2008, but it was released by the Aus Gov at the end of 2010 that the lead levels were too high. I am glad that my family do not live near there!:goofy:
  8. I'm at second interview stage for a new job at Macquarie Bank... OH and I are also considering starting a family in the next little while, so I wondered if anyone could tell me what their parental leave policy is? I've googled but can't find it anywhere, and don't think it's something I should really ask my interviewer!!! Any other comments or tips for working at MacBank would be most welcome too!
  9. Hi, I'm possibly moving to Aus soon, the offices where i will be based are in Macquarie Park, i was was wondering if anyone knew where the best areas for housing would be within commuting distance, i'd be looking at a budget of around 450k, looking at some of the posts on here most seem to shy away from the western suburbs, ideally we would want a 4 bed (and kids want a pool :smile:) but I'm unsure of the areas/locations suitable for a family with 3 kids etc. Any help would be most graciously recieved...
  10. Guest

    Port Macquarie

    The missus and I moved to our present address on the Gold Coast a couple of years ago, we were living just north of Sydney. We enjoy the warm winters, but we miss the natural environment that abounds further south, but which is just absent here in South East Queensland, near the coast (unless you count palm trees and concrete as natural). We are thinking about having a look at Port Macquarie, as possibly a good compromise - better winters than Sydney, and a better natural environment than the Gold Coast. Anybody care to comment?
  11. Hiya, is anyone here in Port Macquarie? We arrived in beautiful Port on 3rd January this year and we are loving it so far. I'm here with my husband and 17 year old son, I'm studying hairdressing at TAFE, Zac (my son) is studying graphic design at TAFE and hubby Chris is still looking for a job! We're loving Port but would be good to meet some like minded people. I'm 35, hubby is 44, we're living in Lighthouse area and enjoy a good BBQ (obvioulsy!).........is there anyone else out there in the same position? We've left a lot of friends back in Hampshire in the UK and they are more than happy to tell us what they're upto on facebook.....theatre trips, murder mystery evenings and skiing trips to name but a few, so we're missing our friends :-( Would be great to hear from anyone....... Toni :-)
  12. Myself and my family are moving to Port Macquarie at the end of June and would love to meet up with new friends in the area. We have 3 girls (16/13&10) and love sports and the outdoor life. I have already contact Port City Hockey club to join in as soon as I arrive. If anybody is out that way, give us a shout ?? The Dickos (On the move)
  13. Guest

    Port Macquarie anyone?

    We are looking at the coast above Newcastle, NSW as the area we would like to move to. We have researched Coffs Harbour in depth and really like the look of it. However Port Macquarie has also caught our eye as we have been researching the coast. We Just wondered if anyone out there has been to Port or knows anything about the area? We are a family, with 3 children under 7 so an area that is good for a growing family is what we are looking for. Can anyone help???
  14. Guest

    From Blackburn to Port Macquarie

    Hello All or shall I say GOOD DAY I have recently moved from the uk ... the best country in the world to live and surely u dont realize it once u leave it. I am back on this forum after a while as I was busy moving down under only to realize what have I done.. Back home we curse the NHS the weather the rush and parking tickets.. surely the list in endless but once I came to Ozie and Port Macquarie is supposed to be one of the best places in Ozie huge houses and the great beeches but let me tell u folks settling has been a struggle and a struggle that at the moment seems to have no end. Missing family is a valid point but what to do if you miss the homeland you were bought up in. The great surley hectic life style.. the great BBC , Today programme on Radio 4, and the conveninece of buying Milk at any time of the day or night just by driving a few KmS. yes the weather is not great back home but u can warm up what u do when its 40 degrees and humid.. please dont think that I am a moaner but the reason for coming out here was the persual of a better life but you only remember the prevlidges you have, once you have lost them... I am not sure what I will do in terms of packing up but surely I have come to one concluson and that is no Place like the UK..ever green
  15. Guest

    port macquarie

    Hi there If all goes to plan we hope to be going to Port Macquarie next year. We were wondering if anyone knows the area and can advise us on good places to live? We have never been so all advice is greatly received Thanks Karen, Stan, Robert, Adam and Benjamin xxxxxx
  16. oldgit

    Port Macquarie

    Hi Guys Are any of you PIO members in or going to Port Macquarie? Cheers The oldgit
  17. oldgit

    Port Macquarie NSW

    GOOD EVENING ALL As some of you know we are moving to Port Macquarie (NSW) early October 2008. Has any one from PIO moved there or do you know any one who has? Any feed back will be greatly appreciated. After all the waiting it's getting so close. So to all you guys who are just starting with the process, or are in mid stream and are tired and frustrated with all the waiting, just hang in there, it will all come together soon enough. The best of luck to you all The oldgit:twitcy::wideeyed:
  18. thought I'd posted this already!!...(too engrossed in messing with my avatar!)... any ideas for to do's/ eats/ etc for under 10's in the area, queen's birthday holiday weekend.. all ideas gratefully received.
  19. We're having a road trip to PM for the queen's birthday weekend, any tips on local happenings/ eats/ to do's etc with under 10yrs?? all ideas welcome.
  20. Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double garage home on edge of stunning rainforest.Open plan, huge deck and totally private. Port Macquarie is a wonderful town of 60,000 on the NSW east coast 4.5 hours drive north from Sydney and 5.5 hours drive south of Brisbane. Great beaches, our home is 300 metres from a 30km beach and 7kms from the centre of town. Good public transport. Flights to Sydney with Virgin Blue are approximately $70 AU each way .. one flight daily.We will be overseas from 7th April until 14th August so someone movinf into this area might like a start here. We would be prepared to rent the house fully furnished to a meticulous family who would take great care of our furniture etc. Rental is 190 pounds UK per week and this includes all utilities gas, water, electricity) and phone rental.Please contact kate and peter on our e-mail : aussiemozzies@hotmail.com regardskate and peter
  21. Guest

    Port Macquarie Schools

    :notworthy:Hi Can anyone living in Port Macquarie give us any advice on primary schools in the area , we shall be arriving there in janury 2008 .We shall need some where to rent at first and as we do not know the area we would be really greatful for some good advice thank you Amanda &Gary