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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, We are moving to Melbourne at the end of May and are going to be looking for rental properties. My question - which should be obvious anyway from the title - is whether most properties already have fridges and washing machines? I know they usually have cookers, but I'm not sure about white goods? We're renting out our house in Scotland and will be leaving our fridge and washing machine here, so we need to know whether we'll have to buy new ones out there. Thanks! Suzanne.
  2. Smirfyduo

    Washing machines....

    Hi everyone, Some advice please! When we got here, I noticed that everyone seemed to have top-loader washing machines. We brought our front-loader over with us from the UK, and I have always been pretty happy with it. One thing I do find irritating is that every now and then, there seems to be a tiny little bit of mold that starts to grow on the rubber that seals the machine when the door closes. Is it only me? What am I doing wrong? It comes of really easily when I spay it with mold killer, but then I have to clean the mold killer off very carefully (or hubbies clothes tend to end up with bleach marks on the :embarrassed:) Any tips? Or is it just a case of investing in a top-loader? Do they have the same problems? Thanks Jules:wubclub:
  3. Hi Does anyone know if the VCR machines work in oz,I know everyone is on about dvd and blu-rays but but kids have scratched so much dvd`s that I bought them a VCR machine.This and the videos are still without a scratch.They more child friendly than dvd`s.I really would like to take it down with me. Can anyone help quickly cos I`m busy packing. Thanks a million.:wubclub: Mylady
  4. tommo64

    UK Washing Machines

    Hi All, Has anyone brought over a washing machine from the UK and had any problems using it? I ask the question as we know of someone who brought theirs and it wouldn't work. They said it was because the sockets here, although the same voltage as in the UK, are only rated at 10 amps as opposed to 13 amps in the UK. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, is there a solution. Our washer is quite new (less than 2 years old), so we don't want to have to buy a new one unless we have to.
  5. Great condition samsung top loader washing machine. 5kg Load with electric display settings on the front.In good working order hardly used. $150 or near offer. Please PM me for more info Thanks
  6. Guest

    washing machines

    Simple question really. Our washer in the UK broke prior to coming over to OZ. So we borrwed one before we left. We now need to buy one here. So front or top loader?? And are they compatable with the UK (you never know whats round the corner especially a couple of years down the line). Thanks all Karen
  7. mr luvpants

    Cost of fridges and washing machines

    Hi Can anyone please give me an idea as to how much fridges and washing machines are in Oz please? Our buyers for some reason want ours and we are wondering what to do? JOHN
  8. suzer

    Washing machines?

    I'm looking to get a new washing machine. Right now my hubs has a top loader. From what I'm reading, it sounds like front loaders are better (washing and efficiency-wise). I want something of a decent size and with a hand wash cycle as well. Thing is, I have had a look at Consumer Reports US (which of course is of no help with models and brands here) and have looked at Choice here (which doesn't have much good info). What brands are best in Australia? Help! I don't want to spend over $1000, I don't think. Thanks! Suzer
  9. Hi, We are moving over to Springfield Lakes soon and looking to open a bank account. I understand that unlike UK where you can withdraw from cashpoints for free, over there if you withdraw from a machine that isn't your bank then they charge you. What seem to be the most common banks around Springfield Lakes area as we don't know the area and don't really want to travel miles and miles for free cashpoint! (sure we can go into Brisbane and get all of them) We don't intend to have credit cards if we can help it. Also, once settled we are looking at the Redland Bay area. Thanks in advance Seff
  10. Barking mad question......will a UK washing machine work in Australia? I understand from an electric point we are okay with white goods but what about the pipes/tap fittings? Paul (39), Cheryl (35), James (18) & Francis (13) Submitted to AIM by post - 19 Dec 08 AIM acknowledged receipt by email - 5 Jan 09 Further info requested by email - 21 Jan 09 Submitted further information via email - 23 Jan 09 AIM acknowledged receipt - 27 Jan 09 Positive skills assessment result emailed from AIM – 9 Feb 09 (letter dated 4th) State regional sponsorship form posted to Queensland Government – 9 Feb 09 Email from QG confirming receipt and aim to give result in 3 weeks – 18 Feb 09 (agents advise 6 week – 23 March) Email from QG requesting research of our chosen area, accommodation, school, transport etc – 17 March 09 Submitted research document – 17 March 09
  11. Guest

    Australian Cash Machines

    Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to draw money from your british bank account using your british bank card at Australian cash points like you can in Europe????
  12. Hi Guys Could you help and tell me if Food Steamers, Coffee Machines, hairdryers straightners or Steam Irons work in Australia. I may pack some of the above but not worth it if they don't work or it is going to cost heaps of money to have adapted.:spinny: Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and for any help or advice you may have!!
  13. Guest

    washing machines

    Are washing machines more expesive in oz and will they work ok if we ship it out. Anybody taken theres out there or not.
  14. Guest

    Numpty alert - washing machines

    Right excuse me been thick as pig muck here. Washing machines. Do they plumb in in the same way with the same fixings down under or will I need diffrent hoses? Yeah I know a proper yawn inducing query but these are the things that keep me awake at night :SLEEP: waits to be told they plumb in upside down.....
  15. Guest

    Sky + Machines

    Hi Can anyone tell me whether its worth taking your sky + boxes to Oz with you. Thanks Liz F
  16. deanthebrickie

    washing machines and hoovers

    Hiya everybody I've just had the man from the removal company to come around and give me a quote to stick everything we own in a container. He has advised us that it would not be worth taking our washing machine or hoover as it is unlikely that we will be able to clean them to a suitable standard for the Australian customs and excise. Is this true or is it a bit of baloney. Anyone out there taken their own washing machines and hoovers.
  17. Guest

    Automatic Washing Machines?

    Hi guys, please can anyone tell me.....(don't laugh!!) Do they sell front loading automatic washing machines in Australia? I know when I've been out there, they have been the top loading style, which I really don't like...found them rough on my clothes and not as convenient as UK washers. I have a combined washer/tumble dryer here in the UK....do they sell these in Australia? If not, could I bring a new one with me from the UK and it work ok with by swapping the plug from a UK one to an Aussie one? I know it's easy to dry clothes in Oz...but when I was out there, mine were always like cardboard when I brought them in from the washing line...I like to soften them up in the tumbler dryer....me no likey scratch towels!!! :no: Jenny
  18. :chatterbox::unsure:hi,do our elctrical appliances work in oz?tv,fridges/freezers,playststions,washing machines????please help!any help greatly recieved.
  19. Guest

    Washing machines... again???

    Hi Just a thought...... I was thinking about buying a new front loader washing machine before we go ( as have heard there a bit pricey out there and my ones on its last legs) but just wondered as to wot brands are about out there in OZ???:unsure: Coz i dont really want to buy one here and find out they cant get parts for it or it cant be repaired out there!!!!! Thanx for any info Sally-ann