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Found 38 results

  1. How can people be so cruel, RIP little boy :hug: A 33-year-old man has been charged with murder after allegedly killing his three-year-old son by locking him in a washing machine and turning it on. Christophe Champenois, from Meaux, near Paris, allegedly stripped Bastien naked and shut him in the machine to punish him for a prank at nursery school - throwing a classmate's drawing down a toilet. He is then said to have run the cold cycle wash for a few minutes at their house, in the village of Germigny-l'Eveque. Bastien's five-year-old sister, Maud, told Alice's husband that it was not the first time the boy's father had put him in the washing machine as punishment. Neighbours told the newspaper that the boy had been repeatedly abused - by being locked up for hours in a cupboard and also by being left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket.
  2. Any tips on the above - I guess after a few weeks of transit in an sealed package it may smell a bit! Any tips to minimise this would be helpful. Thanks
  3. Hi I am looking for some advice on the best places to relocate with my family. There is myself ,my OH, daughters aged 21 and 17 years, sons of 7 and 8 years. So we need an area that has lots of opportunities for a machine tool fitter, schools, colleges and university. We have state nomination for Queensland and are currently awaiting our visa 175 which hopefully will arrive in the next month or two. TIME LINE : appointed an agent Jan 2009 , TRA and application received April 2009, C0 Sept 2011, police checks and meds finalised Oct 2011 , awaiting visa :jiggy:
  4. Guest

    7KG washing machine

    Electrolux front loader washing machine. 7KG, great condition and good working order. selling due to upgrade. grab a bargain!!! please pm me for the further information. thanks :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: :SLEEP::SLEEP::SLEEP::SLEEP:
  5. Going back to UK. Selling Washing Machine-Whirlpool 7.5kg - $350 (half Price) 1000 rmp, Front Loader, white, (Only 5 months old) PM me. WA North Suburb, Ellenbrook. Need to be collected as soon as possible. Only selling coz leaving!
  6. Going back to UK. Selling Washing Machine-Whirlpool 7.5kg - $350 (half Price) 1000 rmp, Front Loader, white, (Only 5 months old) PM me. WA North Suburb, Ellenbrook. Need to be collected as soon as possible. Only selling coz leaving!
  7. :hug:Hi, we have just secured a rental and we are short of key things, washing machine, fridgefreezer, lawn mower, garden stuff etc. If you are going home and are looking to get rid, let us know. We are in Sydney (Wahroonga).
  8. Hi guys, I'll be leaving the country in just under a month and have a couple of things for sale. They are all in very good condition, almost new really. These are all under 7 months old, but like I said, in very good condition. PM me if interested. Location is Holland Park, Brisbane. All I need till the 14th is one of the mattresses really, rest can go before. Guess I'll eat out everyday, wash the cloths by hand and drink warm water (NOTE: I need these one till the 14th September ) Mattresses (All single) Chirorest single X 1 = Selling at $80 (Bought it at $249) Details Here Dream classic Single X 2 = Selling both for $120 (bought them at $398 total) Details Here Bosch 6.5kg Front Load Washing Machine SOLD Details here! Note: Bought brand new from Harvey Norman, selling price is $490, new is $1099! Westinghouse Fridge, Classic white finish, 370L bottom mount + FREE Sofa (see beelow) SOLD Details here Note: Bought brand new from Harvey Norman, selling price is $890, new is $1269! Outdoor Glass table and 4 chairs SOLD Note: Very good condition. Picture is not actual product but exactly same except that chair fabric is grey of color, price is $50 Beige Fabric Sofa, 3 and 2 seaters SOLD Note: This goes FREE with the Fridge.
  9. Guest

    What coffee machine??

    I have a Bosch Tassimo coffee machine, can I get the T-discs in Oz, if not what coffee machines do they use there that we have in the UK?
  10. Hello, Me and my family are looking for a better life for us and our kids. I am a qualified NVQ road rail machine trainer operator. Would anyone know where we should start first?
  11. We had removal companies come today to give us a quote for relocating our stuff to Perth. They advised against taking the fridge freezer and washing machine. They gave mixed reasons, one said it was because they dont travel well and maybe wont survive the trip (they're 2 years old), one said the the customs in oz dont like the gases in the fridges here and another said that you cant clean washing machines to the standards that customs require. My ex colleague took both with him and had no problems with customs. He did however have to replace his washing machine within months of being there, reason unknown. It would be great to hear of your experiences. Thanks :smile:
  12. Hi all, can anyone tell me if ozzies are on machine applied plaster render yet ,any help appreciated, cheers jules
  13. jgt

    machine plastering

    Hi all, new to site, wondered if any one knows if their using machine applied plaster render etc out their any help appreciated,:cool:
  14. Where the heck do you put the fabric conditioner? Fed up of crunchy clothes! I'm sure any moment someone is going to make me go - doh!!!!!:idea:
  15. Hey guys, Im a newbie here but have a question that i just cannot find the answer to..... My partner is a machine operator in the UK & has many years experience. All of the jobs we are seeing require, what i presume is the Australian equivalent of CPCS tickets. All courses i can find are approx 4-5 days long & cost approx $2,500. He operates 7 different types of machine so this is going to get fairly expensive!! Are there day courses available for competent operators to be assesed & given appropriate tickets? He would be willing to travel & sit the courses ahead of time if it meant he would be able to start work sooner once we arrived to stay. Can anyone advise?
  16. What the hell were the 'leaders' at the time thinking when they employed a person who likes the odd tipple to white line their country. WTF happened between the border of Victoria and NSW. I realise that it must have been one hell of a job, but there is no excuse for the dereliction of duty shown when such an important job had to be done, hiccup, excuse me. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. grainne73

    Nespresso machine!

    I got a Nespresso machine for xmas and intend bringing it with us to Oz. I got my daughter to price the capsules in Perth and they are $6.80 for 10 as opposed to 2.70 here for 10.. I am wondering whether to start stocking a few and take with us (work out cheaper until we actually start earning $$$$) the question is this, can we actually bring them with us? Has anyone else brought some with them in their container???? coffeelover grainne:biggrin:
  18. Guest

    washing machine 2mths old

    hi, moving back to uk samsung top loader washing machine 2mths old price 200.00 dollars. annemarie
  19. BritChickx

    Does Anyone Have a Time Machine?

    Because I would realllllly love to get out of here! How can I make the next year go fast???
  20. Guest

    washing machine

    Hi everyone when we ship our belongings over to oz is it worth taking washing machine to the house we will be renting as we won't find rental until we get there? Our one is on it's last legs so would have to buy new one before we ship or are they pretty much the same price in Perth? xx krysia x :cute:
  21. rockola57

    Fluff from washing machine

    Hiya, Help me please,why is my LG Washing machine front loader leaving fluff all over the clothes,especially the darker ones?Also getting bleachy streaks/fading on some cotton t-shirts.Help please.:biggrin:
  22. The Butlers

    Washing Machine !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Washing machine has died do we get one here or wait until we are in Oz ???? Thanks in advance for your time Emma and Gang
  23. Guys, once again I'm freaking out. Amazon just delivered my new pretty nespresso coffee machine with the capsules. I really want to try it but in a months time I'm finally moving down under. Will quarantine give me a hard time for a coffee machine? Or am I stressing too much? THANKS!
  24. Any one selling a washing machine qld ,ours has just poo,ed its self. :sad:
  25. [YOUTUBE]jFTS18uUpgo[/YOUTUBE]