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Found 32 results

  1. shibiya

    Eligibility for a 190 visa

    Hello Everyone Me and my partner are planning to move to Australia. Our last visit was 2 years back on a student visa while my partner got a TR.I have been working as a Graphic Designer since 2010. We are good on the point test, but my offshore work ex is only 2 years plus.Do i qualify for a 190 visa as i have been told that i am under experience and wont get a state sponsorship (graphic design is open in ACT). I have to take a chance on the vetasses. I don't know whether this thread is repeated, but would really like a clear opinion on this. Thanks
  2. Well, not sure if this in the right area but here is as good as any to share our whole emigrating experience.... My sister emigrated to Sydney in 2009 and after a visit in Dec 2010 and years of wanting to we took the plunge..... I am 44 so was un-eligible for an independent skilled visa without sponsorship, I am a fully qualified & experienced electrical & electronics engineer, I have never struggled to change jobs in the UK if the situation has arisen. I applied for 85 jobs through Seek.com.au over a 2 month period at the start of this year and had no positive responses at all. Basically if you're overseas, from my experience it is almost impossible to get an interview let alone a job!!! I visited Sydney for a week as I was in Malaysia with work and achieved more in 1 hour on the phone than the on-line apps I had done. I basically cold called companies that I had sent my Resume to as a follow-up, I had several informal interviews with companies straight away!!! I applied online through Seek again for a job in Sydney that took my interest, only this time I put in the cover letter that I was in Sydney.....surprise surprise I had an interview 3 days later!! The leg work pays off....for real! I then had to go through the process of the 457 application, this again I had researched and heard several tales of many weeks, even months waiting. I am a firm believer in 'You get what you pay for' I didn't bother with a migration agent, I went straight to a Lawyer in Sydney who specializes in Migration, Katy Malyon & Assoc. It took about a week of emails back & forth to complete the application and 16 days later I had the 457 approved! Awesome, I think it counts for something when an application goes in under the umbrella of one of Australia's recognised best Migration Lawyers!!! This cost me £1100 but like I said 16 days to get the visa!!! Worth every penny. I had heard nothing but good about John Mason movers, so got a quote. They were not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. I had a 20ft container myself and it was £4400 (inc. and extra £90 for delivery to the Central Coast which is about 70km from Sydney) I did exactly as they said, no baskets, no untreated wood and anything I did want to take that was untreated I lacquered beforehand. I cleaned everything meticulously & I mean meticulously! It all had a dousing with Zoflora and stank of lemons!! There was not a speck of dirt on anything (mountain bike tyres cleaned with toothbrushes etc), we brought camping gear, bikes, tools (loads of) etc as well as my Kawasaki ZX9R, this was also cleaned to an inch of its life! The container left the UK on fri 25th June, it was delivered to our home in Australia on Friday 2nd Sept. No customs or quarantine charges to pay! Other than the mandatory charges ($387 for the personal effects inspection & $187 for the motorbike to be inspected) Prior to leaving the UK I had applied for a vehicle import authority from the Dept of Infrastructure here, it's a ballache procedure that apparently I subsequently found out you can email! However it takes a long time to get and costs $50. You must have this before the bike arrives in Australia, mine was issued the day the container shipped!So I had to email it to the agents for John Mason in Sydney. No worries there. Before a motorbike gets customs clearance you have to put a value on it, if you have owned it since before Mar 98 then it is a case of taking the price on the receipt and depreciating it by 76%, you then convert the price to $ and then 10% of that is the NSW GST (Tax) that you will have to pay, I had to pay another $75 or so for handling fees & import fees on top so all in all I had a bill from the import agents for $320, its worth more than double the value in the UK here. You have to collect motorbikes from the shipping agent as most removers won't deliver them with your personal effects. Expect to have golf clubs, tents, shoes, christmas decs, bikes & a token random box or two inspected by quarantine, careful labelling of boxes by the packers helps here!!! But make sure it is all spotless!!! Every second spent cleaning in the UK is worth it has the fees for cleaning in Australia by AQIS are very expensive!!! The agents that John Mason used in Sydney were Wridgways, they were great with regular updates on the progress etc of our container through the formalities, although they were uncertain of the bike value thing so keep a check on whats what if importing vehicles! Do your research and all will be good. Our stuff was delivered & unpacked by Wridgways perfectly, nothing was damaged or missing, in fact there were several items we didn't even know had been packed from our UK house!!! Rentals here are a whole different ball game to the UK, bring neighbour references with you and get as much id as quickly as possible in Australia (mobile bill, bank statements etc ect) Real Estate agents call the shots and choose who gets what, so be careful on what you say to who!! After setting off from the UK a little over 11 weeks we are now settled in our home 2km from the Ocean and been through a winter of low temps to 1-2 degs at night & av day of about 15, with plenty of rain though! On the main it's warm & sunny though which is awesome! We are settling very fast and everyone is happy. I found an immense satisfaction with every UK plug I cut off of electrical items to replace with Aussie ones!!! We really are living the dream, it's not cheap in NSW but it's all the things money can't buy that make it worth the move! Recommendations..... Use a damn good lawyer for visa apps - Remember this is a once in a life opportunity Use a damn good shipper and do as they recommend, it could save you a fortune Save as much cash as possible before coming here, those initial couple of months are uber expensive! Be careful on how the shipper labels things, certain items are targeted! Make 200% sure that everything is spotless! Have fun - we are!!!:biggrin: Hope that some of this is of interest, if not then sorry!!! Any queries then pm me! Cheers Wayne
  3. Hiya--seen the Wise miser ad(for flights) and had been led there thru another website as well.Anyone has any experience with them? They seem to advertise verrrry low rates so just wondering if anyone has actually used them.
  4. http://www.garp.org/risk-news-and-resources/risk-headlines/story.aspx?newsid=36172
  5. I'd love to get some opinions and thoughts on my small dilemma. I'm in the midst of accepting a job for a company that is fantastic and a couple of phone interviews means that they will offer it to me.. Salary is low! I mean 45k - can we live off this in the Melbourne suburbs? Myself and my family - hubby and 3 yo - are in the uk and i'm wondering if I do take the job or wait for something better to come along.. Hubby will be able to look for work upon arrival in a few months, but still, I was looking for something double this salary. so.. is it better to take the job, because it means an income, albeit tough times financially, but a job is a job.... or wait and see what else comes along - however we would then be leaving England 4th Dec... Cheers.
  6. dalejaneaustralia

    176 Low / High risk time frames

    http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm Hi, slightly confused on the above link (right at bottom) it talks about the new low / high risk processing times for 176 state sponsorship. If you read through the info I believe it is saying a UK passport cannot be used on the ETA system and therefore will be high risk? Or am I just misinterpreting it? Thanks, be good to how others are reading it!
  7. If anyone has a low step through bicycle that is in new condition please PM me. I need one of these as I have a hip problem and cannot use my original new bike. Caz
  8. Leaving in a few weeks, wanting to sell: 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF $12000 47,500 kms, Rego to Sept. ‘11 Black 1 Owner from New 5 door 5 seat hatchback Safety Certificate Very good condition Kept in garage Engine 4 cylinder 2.0L Manual Air Con, Air bags, clean interior Full service history, last serviced January ‘11. Available to view from Tues 5 April Brisbane (Bayside) Please Dm if interested, can email pics! It will be on carsales.com.au this week. Check the price, this is a good deal, we want to sell. Prefer to have car until we leave, but flexible. Thanks for your interest!
  9. Guest

    High and Low risk countries.

    Hey all, I hope someone could give me some advice on this so that i'll be able to sleep properly at night without being too worried. I am originally from a High risk country and now have been a citizen of low riisk country for about 7 years. I was asked for PCs and Meds which were no problem for me getting them, in fact apart from abit of delay with the HR country. Although everything shows as met online now. Since I had to provide them with two PCs .Am i gonna expect alot of delays because of the Internal & external check ups? If so I wonder what sorts of things they would be looking in to? Where can I obtain the information from whether my case has been refered to wihich department for more check ups? Your comments are appreciated Cheers Leed
  10. Guest

    Low cost International calls

    Hy I came accross the following site a couple of weeks ago, Lowcall.PhoneCardSales.Com.Au it's one of those phonecard companies offering cheap International calls, anyway thought i'd give it a go and it worked fine. Now instead of trudging to to post office ( thats where i use to go and it became a habit ) i simply order online and get an email to top up my card, easy peasy. I am saving some money although not a massive amount but as Tesco says " Every little helps " lol not heard that tv advert for some time. If anyone knows of a cheaper one drop by my site and let me know.
  11. Guest

    Quality low fat dog food

    Hi all, We are gradually settling into our wonderful new life here in Perth. We have our beautiful dogs back with us after their stay at Byford. Back in the UK they were fed on Luaths kibble from Scotland (just like Burns) which was really low in fat and full of great stuff like spirulina etc. The reason we were so obsessed with the low fat bit is that one of our dogs is epileptic, the vet says that fat content of food shouldnt contibute to him fitting - but from experience we know better. Since weve got here his fits have become more and more. At the moment hes on some low fat stuff from Woolworths We are struggling to find another food thats like Burns or Luaths (neither of which will ship to Aus unfortunately) Are there any other PIOers out there who have sensitive dogs? What do you feed your animals? any advice appreciated Ad
  12. Selling our 2008 KIA RIO due to upcoming move back to UK. Metallic Ice Blue 5 speed manual 4 cylinder Unleaded Multi-point injected 1.4L (1399cc) Very economical to run Excellent condition - 1 careful lady owner (even if I say so myself!) Very low millage only 14,500 Selling CHEAP - only $9,995 - bargain for car of this age and millage. It's advertised here on Cars For Sale if you want to see more info and pictures. Drop me a PM if you're interested, we're staying in Lane Cove. Rachel :biggrin:
  13. Hi i need help regarding my 457 visa. My visa agent forwarded me an email he had recieved this morning from my case officer regarding my 457 visa.. It stated that; electrical worker grade 5 pay rate is $637.60 per week or $16.78 per hour,this rate would not meet TSMIT?(the base rate is 45k I think,and $16.78 only adds upto 33k),and it also does not meet REG 2.72(10)(cc)? I'm currently in australia and my employer has signed a contract stating he'll pay me $30 per hour... Any help please,has anybody else has this problem? How is it possible to get a 457 as an electrician if the standard set pay rate is 12k lower then the requirements??This is really confusing me now. Any help please,that I can forward onto my visa agent,and he can forward onto my case officer?? Many thanks. Nathan
  14. Ok, so yesterday I started to bite when certain members started coming out with their doom and gloom messages about how much it costs to live and survive in Australia. Those of you who know me will know that I do not normally take the bait and my apologies to the poster whose thread was taken off course. So I thought I would I would explain my situation and how my wife and myself 'survive' Australia. Married to and Australian it was always our intention to move to Australia when we retired. Three years ago I was taken ill and decided to retire from my job of 33yrs as a Paramedic and let someone else cope with the stress that it brings. My lump sum payment was invested into a shop business on a holiday camp and all went well for the first 12 months. Then the down turn came and the holiday camp was sold to investors and we lost the shop along with our money. We then decided that we may be better off moving to Australia. My wife moved out here in October 2008 while I applied for my spouse visa and I arrived in June 2009. My wife lived with her brother for the first few months and started to try and save a bit of money and look for a place for us to live. My plans were to live with my son and save some money to bring to Australia. Marge found a part time job and a place to live on Bribie Island ( a 1 bedroom apartment for $180 week). My plans to save money by living at my sons all went wrong when he lost his job due to the recession and I ended up supporting him for 6 months until he managed to get another job. I arrived in Australia In June last year with £300 in my pocket, but we had a place to live and Marge had managed to furnish it. We now live in a very nice 3 bedroom apartment on Godwin Beach that costs us $235 a week. We survive on my pension of £685 per month, (oh yes public service final salary pension, for those who think we are better off being in public service) that is now worth around $1100 a month. My wife has a part time job that brings in around $1500 a month and we survive on a combined income of $2600 a month. the first $1000 goes in rent. the rest is split between paying electricity bills, ($245 last quarter), telephone and internet, car and petrol costs, and other little essentials like food. i have been unable to get a job as yet here, there is not much call for retired paramedics and as I have no other valid qualifications there is not a lot of options open to me. No we have no children in Australia who we have to support. No I will never be able to purchase my own house No I will probably never be able to buy a big 4x4 car But we manage to live comfortably and although some months are tight (money wise) we are happy. I do not think I could rent a beach side property in the UK and live on the equivalent of the money we live on here. So to all of those who think that Australia owes them a living and complain because they are not living in big houses with swimming pools and half an acre of land, get real Australia does not owe you anything, you get out out it what you put into it. There are a lot of UK fully retired pensioners here who's frozen UK pension is now practically worthless and are in a far worse position than I am, but I do not see them on here moaning, usually its always the same few who for one reason or another have not settled in Australia (it does not suit everyone) and feel that no one else has the right to be happy here. They use the guise of giving honest opinions when in actual fact they are just biased bull, I have found in my few months on here there is only one dissenter who actually gives an honest opinion and he now lives in Spain but he does not exaggerate to make a point. I do not always agree but at least I can respect his view.
  15. Guest

    help on a low income ??

    hi, does anyone know that when workin in oz on a permenant res visa, are you entitled to any help ( money wise) with house rental/ or if you are on a low income ?? here i get help called family working tax as i don't earn big wages so the government make up the difference. does this apply in oz ??? also if you have a baby in oz is there a maternity grant you receive or what is the criteria in this situation ... ( yes i know you have to have the baby, what i mean is do you have to be living there a certain length of time ) :unsure: cheers caza :notworthy:
  16. Guest

    How low can the pound go.

    Listining to the radio this morning they are saying the pound is great for exports and helping the UK recover by using it's own produce where possible instead of importing stuff, but looking at that currency converter on the right of the screen it is sinking lower and lower.....how low do you think it could go:err: Any experts on here?
  17. pez2008

    Low $ = Minimum to take for now.

    Hi. Just about to change some currency ( Halo finance, any advice recieved please) because the $ is so low this is my plan any advice gratefully recieved. Send £25k asap to our bank in Geelong near Melbourne asap and leave £55k here until i can get a better rate (2.2 or more if poss). This is my thinking for the £25k £6K....... Car £6k....... Rental for about 6 months (small house 2 adults 1 dog) £6k....... Food, bills + petrol etc for a few months until we are working £3k.... Tv , hoover and any thing else essential. £1k.... Dog + shipping final payment. £3k....... Contingency. Then hopefully $ increases and later on i can transfer the rest. Any or all advice please.
  18. Link to articl on BBC about Auss & NZ unemployment figures.... BBC NEWS | Business | Australia jobless at 26-year low
  19. Guest

    low deposit mortgages

    Hi We really want to take advantage of the 1st home buyers grant but we will still only have enough for a 5% deposit at the end of the year, does anyone know which banks etc will give us a mortgage if we only have 5% to put down. thanks:notworthy:
  20. Hi All, I was just wondering about something I noticed on Be Update. We applied on 4th January 2009 for a 175 visa online. We are on the CSL, so should hope to be processed soon. I noticed that there are other 175 applicants being processed before us, but they mainly seem to come from hign risk countries. Are there different rules for high and low risk? Also, the latest ASPC update is saying that CSL applications will be processed when the state and employer sponsored applications have been exhausted. Does this means no 175s will be processed, as I imagine new state and employer ones are being submitted all the time? It used to say CSLs would be processed in date order, but it doesn't anymore. Does anyone know what is going on? Sorry to go on, but Im getting quite frustrated....
  21. Guest

    Low bank charges

    Can anyone advise of the best bank to open an account with before we go. Is it usually better to open one beforehand and we would like low bank charges if possible (obviously!!!) Any advice gratefully received. Vicky
  22. Hi Guys, Was chatting with the overseas removal guy earlier today...he was saying he's currently flat out moving brits back home....he was saying so many have come here, and either can't find work, or pay is too low to support their families on that they have to get back just to live rent/mortgage free with their families etc, as their savings have run out! Scary eh?:huh: Hope it's not going to make the shipping more expensive...
  23. Guest

    High risk vs Low risk countries

    Is low risk country determined by where you have submitted your application or which passport you hold? For example, if i submit my application from UK (living currently in uk), but I am holding South African passport? Am i considered as a high or low risk applicant? Also, with these new rules in places will high/low risk still matter?

    low level caution cannibis

    My son (16) has been caught with a small amount of cannibis & has been given a low level caution. Now do i tell the australian orthorities or keep quite. Our police checks have been done so this is not on there as this as only just happened. Your thoughts please.
  25. We are trying to find an area in Sydney that is fairly low on rent (looking for a 2 bed apartment) and a nice neighbourhood, we have looked into some areas 'REDFERN' bad place 'no go area' apparently, ok so we find glebe which is not a million miles from redfern but kind of has a good vibe to it...any suggestions or advice would be great...:unsure: