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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, We emigrated from Lanark, Scotland on the 1st of July 09. To Newcastle NSW. Well it's Cameron Park, 15mins from the centre of Newcastle. We've been here for 2 weeks! So far so good!!! The weather has been really nice. The people have been friendly. The food is amazing!!! I've been home sick twice. But it passed. I know i'll get it more, but that's life. We're staying with my uncle n aunt, plus my cousin n her BF. I was really nervous about the big move and even worse when we got here?? Things are a lot different in Australia. Like the TFN, Medicare, the Banks, Driving Licence, buying a car!!! But thats all done now! So we now exist in Australia!!!!! Yep hee! Been to the Hunter Valley wine tasting, Lake MacQuarie, Nelson Bay, Sydney and Newcastle Beaches. We also got our 1st car. The food is really good here. Some things taste really different, like the cereals. But things are a lot bigger here. Like the cans and bottles of juice. You get good value for youe money. It just shows u how much the UK Gov ripped u off!!!! Petrol is a dollar 20 cent?? Thats nearly 60p?? This theard is really long??? So i'll stop rabbiting on!? Australia has a lot to offer, but u've got to work at it!! It won't come easy! U'll feel like packing it in and going home!! But just remember why u wanted to come in the 1st place?:smile:
  2. Hi everyone, Today is officially a good day in our house - my little big girl started school this morning, we got email from our meds to say all ok and they've been couriered to Sydney today and .........we got a CO:jiggy: WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Got 28 days to get meds and police checks there (should all be there next week ) but they've also asked for form 80 - boo !!:wacko: Does anyone know, is it just random who they ask for this as some seem to get asked and others not?????Just wondered?? Thankyou everyone who's helped us along the way and to Debs - bet you have your grant by the weekend chick !!!! Lots of love, Kirst and family xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Hi all, Firstly big soz's in the delay in coming on-line. We have been soooo busy n DOWNUNDERNLOVINIT... We have always been thinking of everyone, Hi Mr & Mrs Braveheart (BillyNJeanette), Hi Nicki, Hi Ali, Hi Karen, Hi Al, Hi Joe, Ah hi everyone... hope you have all kept our seats warm LOL We have soooo much to tell you all and sooo excited in telling you all everything, its 1st class here and even more than our expectations :-) We love it and would never ever swap it not even for a win on the lottery Ellie, Lee N Fam :wubclub::Randy-git: Tim where is the smiley with the sunnies gone for Lee, he choose the humping one now LOL
  4. Guest

    Lovin' it in Oz

    Hi Guys I'm in Oz and luvin' it The beaches are great and so is the weather Reply bac Kit Kat xxx :cute::biglaugh:
  5. Guest

    one year in and lovin it

    Hi all we have been in Brisbane a year today. It has been great and we love our lifes here,but it did take time to settle. We have had some ups and downs, our dauther Gabrielle did not get on with her first school and it was very hard as a parent to see your child so upset,but then we looked at other schools and she is now very happy.We also have two older children who were 19yrs & 17yrs,one girl and one boy,now they have found it hard to settle and we heard lots of we are going home to UK we dont have any friends and the kids and music is not the same which at the time was very hard on us as David and i were happy to be here, Ashlee-Cora our daughter was working as a hairdresser and got to be with the girls from work and started to go out but then her boyfriend from home came out for 1 yrs working hoils and to cut a long story short we never liked him they ended up renting a house but he never liked it here so after 7 months he upt and left one day without telling anyone Ashlee-Cora came home from work and he was gone its the best thing that ever happend 3 months on and she has meet a great Ozzie chap that is really good to her and she is lovin it here and doesnt want to go back. Then there is Sam he has now turned 18 yrs and works and has now made some good friends and is out partying at the weekends and he is lovin it now and isnt always on MSN to his mates moning about being here and now tell them how good it is now. Now the kids are happy it has made it so much easyer for us as parents. Yes the prices have gone up here and it isnt the same as the Uk for alot of diffrent reasons,and yes we really do miss family and our friends so very much,but we are doing such alot as a family here and we go out every weekend and do something and it really does cost much great beaches great parks and barbies always clean and in working order. We are so glad that we stuck it out with the kids as we know that they have got a better life here and so have we. Hope i havent gone on too much not much of a writer. Love Sharon x
  6. Guest

    In Perth and lovin' it!!..

    Hi all..well we have been in Perth for a couple of weeks now and it's been fantastic! Unfortunately this was meant to be our move over, but due to circumstances we have had to use it as a long deserved holiday and we will be back in September..so another countdown:arghh:..i grew up in Perth for 11 years and have lived here with my own family for a few years before. We are here with our youngest and the three grown up children are back in the UK and eager for us to return to hear about our holiday and they miss their little brother! I have three brothers who live here, so it's been so good to see them again and spend time with their families. I have just fallen in love with Perth all over again..not only because it feels alot like home, but also because it is just a lovely city..since we have been back i have noticed how clean and beautiful it is, with such friendly and easy going folk, and for those who say there is not alot to do i have to disagree..we have lived here and holidayed here and there has been something for us to do every day! We are sorry we couldn't make it to the Perth meet..really wanted to come and catch up with some PIOers..next time def:smile:..hope it went well..have just spent a really chilled day with my brother and family..33degrees..blue skies..chocolate hot cross buns..pool..and beer..what more could you want?:cool:..am missing the other kids and grandaughter and wish we could share it with them.. Pingpong or Tess:cute: