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Found 21 results

  1. we have reduced the price by £40k for quick sale. http://www.propertypal.com/126-kilnahusogue-road-fintona/154116
  2. Guest

    Met A Lovely Person Today

    I met with my second PIO'er today, last week I met Daniel,:notworthy:, bought me lunch, so a bloody good chap he is,:jiggy::wubclub::wink:. And today I met a second PIO'er, won't name them as they may not want it broadcasting, but I met with them, their husband (really genuine and nice fella) and two really nice kids. But as I was talking to them it made me think. I went through the migration process many moons ago, and have been backwards and forwards many times, but what surprised me was the fact that as a fairly dyed in the wool 'ping ponger' we (I) forget at times the stresses and strains put on us all when migration is spoken of. Though the person in question had been before to Australia as a migrant the thoughts and worries in their head were as real as any one of us. I truly hope they make a go of it this time, they are a loverly family and hopefully everything will work out for them, I truly hope it does. They are not going out with rose tinted specs, or even high expectations, just a realisation that Australia may be able to offer them a little more. Family, housing, jobs, etc all played a part, and like I said at times it is very easy to forget what a life changing decision migration is. To me migration is a huge passion in my life but I speak very personally when I say I forget all too easily at times what impact it can have on other people. The family I met were realistic, and expected it to be a bit of a slog, but the overpowering thing that came through from them was their determination and resilience, an emotion I hugely admire. So I will say this to not only the family I met today, but to all potential migrants, good luck, onward and upward and I truly hope all your wishes come true. And when your husband goes to Australia soon, if it all gets a bit much you know where I am and will always have a chat if needed. PS. To the lady in question, it was a pleasure to meet you and your family today, you should be very proud of the family you have, and I hope it works out for you, hubby and loverly kids,:wubclub:. PPS. I'm now going to put on my slippers, suck on my pipe, and have a doze,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony.
  3. Hi all The OH and our 3 kids, Maddie (8), Ryan (14) and Jordan (16) are hoping to arrive in Brisbane at the end of July - house sale is currently underway - oh not forgetting the main man of the family - the dog Ernie!. We want to be about 15 mins away from the coast and about an hour from Brisbane. We were thinking of baseing ourselves in Beerwah when we first arrive? What suburbs have something for everyone and good schools? :biggrin: Jo and Dan
  4. Guest

    Hello lovely peoples

    Hi Everyone.. Funny i feel like i already know so many of you.. Iv been reading posts as a visitor on and off for years... Love the site, Thought id finally register and you never know i might even be able to help some peeps as iv done the whole migration from Uk to Australia thing myself... Col x
  5. Lovely 1.5 acres for sale - Level land, lovely trees, fully fenced with gated entry. Located in quiet country lane, north of Brisbane at Glenwood. Only $170,000 urgent sale required as owners moving on. For further information or photos, please pm
  6. Guest

    To bring our lovely dog or not???

    Hi We have made the huge exciting decision to move down under but are unsure if we would be doing the right thing in bringing our beautiful Golden Retriever Daisy with us. If any of you have any advice especially if you have brought your own pets with you already would really appreciate it! I'm most worried about how she would cope with the flight and quarantine and then how easy is it to rent houses there with a dog?? So many questions!!!
  7. Guest

    Lovely jubbly!

    Hi there, Happy new year to the community of PIO! Just joined today, we are Mark (36) & Becky (45) and we have one daughter named Lucy (9)... We are going on a research trip to Perth/Melbourne/Adelaide in the next few months having holidayed on the east coast 2 years ago, looking at making the big move in the next 12-18 months hopefully. I'm going to have to go down the business visa route as i've had my own retail business in the uk for the last 15 years, so as such i'm skillless :embarrassed:.... Anybody else applied on that visa? If so any tips/advice would be great.... Anyway good luck to you all, Cheers, Mark :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Bought a lovely house...

    ...4 beds, village location, new build, fab open-plan living...kids have places at a nice school... job prospects looking rosey... ...just a shame it is in the UK, not Australia. Humpf, I miss my dream though...
  9. Guest

    Room to rent in lovely house!

    Hello, Our landlady is moving to Tasmania in 3 weeks and is leaving us with her lovely 4 bedroom house with heated pool in Westlake. The house is fully furnished so you wouldn't need to bring a thing. We are a couple in our late 20s originally from Colchester. We left the UK in January before travelling around the world for a bit and settled in sunny Brisbane two months ago. We'd ideally like to share with another couple and keep the two single rooms free so you and us can use them for guests. Rent would be around $280pw depending if couple or single person.
  10. Hi, we are currently selling a property in Bedford, a suburb just a few kilometres from the Perth city centre. As we have already moved it is empty and ready for someone buying it to move in immediately. As migrants ourselves it occurred to us this might be very appealing to someone who has just arrived in Australia. You'll find the details here http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&id=105800038&f=0&p=10&t=res&ty=&fmt=&header=&cc=&c=72857980&s=wa&snf=rbs&tm=1245570944 Many thanks. Sally & Serge
  11. Guest

    lovely people...bad drivers !

    hi all well we have been here 8 weeks now and i must say we love it the relaxed people and the weather & beaches make it all worth while oh and also been on the news that oz will probaly not have a bad recession after all . but i would just like to say one thing that is bad when people get in there cars they must leave the brains outside they are so ignorant and just love there horns it drives you mad.
  12. Guest

    What a lovely day!

    Yay the sun has come out :jiggy:Time to do some serious laundry!
  13. So if anyone can help in describing an area, doesn’t have to be affluent or flash, just nice and friendly with cycle ways and parks, a lake would be lovely. Where the hills are visible and the beach is perhaps upto an hour away I will be happy.
  14. Hi I have got my Case Officer 3 months back and now I am waiting for medical and pcc request. I have applied for 175 subclass. I guess I am close to having PR visa and just today I found this great website and just registered few minutes back. I have ever liked Australia because of its friendly folks and its great societies.It has been my dreamland since my childhood and know I am about reaching it. Just I opened this thread to share my "good feel" of coming to Australia with you. All the best for all Cheers Zartosht
  15. minlady

    What a lovely SPIDER!!!!!

    Well… here is the story… OH left his car on the slope in our drive rather than driving up under the car port as he had to go back out. Two hours later at 9pm he went to the car and flashed the lock… on his car the lights come on automatically and it’s a good thing they do as in the 2 hours since he had returned a spider had spun a web stretching 12 foot from one bush on one side of the drive to another on the other side of the drive…. The web was fantastic and so was the spider: [ATTACH]483[/ATTACH] It apparently is known as a ‘GARDEN ORB WEAVER’ and is harmless… but big!!!… their webs apparently are strong enough to catch bats… although they don’t eat them!! Morel to this story: Always put a light on to go outside in the dark!!! The web was at directly chest height… Neil would have walked right through it and would have been driving happily along when a BIG spider would have crawled up!!! Min x
  16. Guest

    Have A Lovely Easter Xx

    Hi guys. just want to say,have a lovely easter everyone.enjoy it,no matter where you are,or what you are doing. loads of love nic xxxxxx:cute::jiggy:
  17. Don't know about the rest of the country but here in Telford it has been a really lovely sunny day.... we have had the paddling pool out for the children i have done loads of washing and dried it on the line!!! lol and OH has finished a garden path which we started last year..... (for when we sell) I can't wait for weather like this to be normal instead of a miracle... I can't wait to have our own pool to dip in!!! ONE DAY.... Mmmmmmmmm:yes: min x:wubclub:
  18. :cry:oh well today we are moving out of our home spent the last nite here!! wouldnt mind but we have only been here 18months! hubby loving turned it from a tatty 2 bed to a modern 4 bed and first ensuite ever!! oo too posh for me!! just a few bits left to sort for shipping on monday and the cases and us and kids will be round the mother in laws! just 2 mins away so we will be here during the day doing things. and my lovely old yuggy(the cars name) went yesterday to a lovely family who gave us a bottle of champers! will need it cos im crying over everyything including the car!!:twitcy: not long now 12th july is coming round so fast gotta go got lots to do!!BYEEEEEEEEEEE
  19. Hello All:v_SPIN: As predicted, yours truly has logged on again despite talking all day to you all:jiggy:. It was great to meet so many of you, Fizz and Michael, Sam, Kim and Michelle (soz rubbish at remembering your OH's names), Leanne & Mark (hope Dotty's better), Nicky and Darryl(?) Phoebe, Harlea, Lyn and Sean, Sarah (Donovan) and the Baggo's. Steve, missus and girls.Have I forgotten anyone? We couldn't have wished for more perfect weather and I wish you all the best of luck with your plans. Thanks Fizz for suggesting the meet in the first place! Take care all, Rachel x:v_SPIN:
  20. We have a VW camper and we have spent a shed load of money on it and love it dearly .we thought that it would cost us tooo much money to ship it over to Aus and so we thought( reluctantly) that we would have to sell it and when we get over to Aus get another...but we love this one so much we are now thinking that ,if it does'nt cost too much to ship it out, we want to take it with us but haven't got the foggest how much it will cost any ideas :?: :? .Thanx Beckyx
  21. Guest

    Lovely ladies

    Hi ppl, simple question - what is the girly talent like in Oz Leaving in7 weeks cant wait!