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Found 132 results

  1. I moved here with my husband and 2 girls aged 10 and 12 in October last year after 3 years of stress and heartache. Now my worst fears have happenend, they love it quite understandably as they are in fantastic schools and my husband has a job he enjoys on a lot less hours than in the uk - but I am feeling so badly homesick I cannot even think about the future here. My most overwhelming feeling is guilt, the kids were in good schools in England and we had family around us especially my mum who devoted herself to us all. I have a terrible fear that if I decided I couln't cope anymore and dragged us all back, I would end up without a decent school for the girls as the competition for places is so fierce. It took my youngest daughter a long time to settle here as she is very anxious and shy and due to her age, she would have be thrown into a scary high school after being nurtured in a small caring primary school which she now loves. I spend every day in tears feeling lonely and worrying about what I have done and wondering if I should just learn to live with the pain I have created rather than run the risk of ruining their lives. We have skype and free calls to Uk, I do have some good friends here too but the ache in my heart wont go away. Australia is an amazing place I want to be happy here but my heart won't let me.
  2. Hi, I am new to this site have just started my application to Melbourne!! I have been offered a 457 Sponsorship and just wanted to chat to other Midwives who are or who have been in the same position. :biggrin:
  3. Perthbum

    Anyone found love on Pomz in Oz

    Might be a long shot but a lot of people have met their partners on forums like this, anyone know of any on this forum? p.s I am single and looking. p.s And desperate. p.s Yes I know....I am sad.
  4. Hi, I have been living in Melbourne for the past 7 years. I have an Australian wife and a 2 year old son. We both have jobs in Oz however we are finding it impossible to secure any future ie buying a home due to the ever incresing costs of living over here. My son has a British passport which we arranged last year so thats not a problem and my wife has a visa to stay in the uk as her grandfather was British. My parents have kindly offered for us to stay with them untill we get up and running which is nice. The plan is that i go to the UK first to try and secure a job then i will fly back and bring the whole family over(including our dog, which i know is expensive) any suggestions? I will not have a bank account set up in my name so any advice on how i might go about this would be fantastic It will be a big move i know, but i feel this is our best opption to have a go at securing our future. Any advise, tips or people's experiances who have done the same thing would be great. Many Thanks
  5. whoiam

    A Christmas Message

    Dear friends, It's the season again!:xmas4: The season of joy, love and sharing. Christmas is the culmination of many things and also a new beginning. May this Christmas bring you all the joy from God above, the love from your loved ones and peace within.:xmas20: May your troubled hearts find solace in the most High, strength from God and fortitude from within.:xmas31: You are not merely an insignificant accident on the earth but a predestined purposeful life awaiting to fulfil your potential. This potential is realised wholly in unison with thy creator. Seek Him, know him, and love him. :hug: Adieus amigos! Whoiam
  6. Guest

    The 'I love Perth' thread

    I thought I would bore the s*** out of you some more by sharing my love of Perth with you all. I actually went into a patients room last week..looked at the view of the Swan River and declared 'I love Perth!' I think she thought I was nuts! I hope others will add to the thread. Perth is: -Really beautiful beaches -Organised -Friendly -Has great housing -Is a cohesive society -Has great parks and open spaces -Feels like home yet kinda tropical/exotic -Everyone is in a good mood (mostly) -So sunny! fab climate -Great facilities outdoors A wonderful place to live...for a few years............ or forever, who knows:v_SPIN: love Fiona xx
  7. Ok well--as you may or may not know--I LUUUURVE fish.:em4400::happy_face_mummy_go. I cook my fish in a few different ways and thot I may share them with you. I'm also sure that many of you out there will be far better cooks than I am so I would be grateful if you could share your favourite recipes with all of us fish lovers here on PIO.! So here's three cheers to the Fishy thread! I mean fishing for recipes thread!
  8. Intelligence? Generosity? Beauty? Empathy? Kindness? Tenderness? What's your idea of an ideal soulmate?
  9. Hi there, Would any of you be able to tell me which place has the better weather - Is it Sydney or is it Melbourne? The key reason for me migrating is the weather. I have an autoimmune condition that gets better in the sun. Saying that I dont like extreme hot weather as in Perth or sweaty weather as in the tropics. So I narrowed down to Sydney and melbourne. I really dont know much about the weather in these two places except that it wouldnt be as hot as in perth. Would be very grateful if any of you could shed some light about the weather where you live and why you like it there. many thanks in advance.
  10. Guest

    Do you love Tasmania ???

    As our lovely Tassie doesn't get a mention that often, I thought it would be good to have a thread where we can keep track of all things Tassie. So if you have Tassie on the brain, or are lucky enough to be there already this is the thread for you: So, I guess I'll go first. Love Tassie, can't wait to get there. Got 475 visa, can't sell house:wacko:. Live in Bristol now and want to live in either Howrah or Kingston area. Your Turn...... :notworthy: CC x
  11. I heard it playing in J & B Hi Fi at Town Hall the other week and asked one of the sales assistants who it was? The little boy talking over the music reminds me of both 'Hole in My Shoe' & 'Excerpt From A Teenage Opera.' The trouble is, having bought the CD yesterday, I can't quite get into the rest of it. I'm hoping that multiple plays will sort that out.
  12. supa

    It must be love!!

    What a handsome couple! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2062096/Obama-arrives-Australia-amid-security-alert-ahead-talks-strengthen-military-ties.html
  13. Hi We moved to Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. So far we love the place but we we are living in a serviced apartment in city centre until we find a home and so are feeling like we in a bit of a half way house just now. We would love to meet up with some people to see Brisbane with or hang out with. Any tips for meeting new folk or feeling more at home are really welcome Thanks!
  14. Found this recently,:shocked: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/golden-ipad-t-rex-bone-costs-5m-105211961.html As I said, I love my Apple Mac gadgets but I think this is a step too far.:no: Besides the said item would still be a crumbled mess of Gold, Diamonds and T-Rex bone after I lose the plot and throw it through the window after once again saying 'Password Incorrect' :biglaugh::biglaugh:, just a bit of an expensive mistake is all.:realmad: Cheers Tony.
  15. Guest

    Maroubra...just love it

    Hi all, I posted a note on here a few months ago about where to live in Sydney...well, I have been here five weeks now and have to say I absolutely love it!!! I started in Bondi Junction for a few weeks whilst looking for an apartment...two weeks ago (after looking at loads of places) I finally moved into a two bed apartment on Marine Parade, Maroubra and have to say, it's stunning. We wake to ocean views and watch the sun come up and the whales swim past...it's just fantastic. I looked at Bondi, Clovelly, Coogee etc but have to say that Maroubra (in my opinion) is the best. Great beach, family feel and really friendly people. It's a 20/25 min commute (by bus) to Bondi Junction which seems to be the main transport hub. Anyone heading for Sydney should definitely look at Maroubra. Regards Mike
  16. Which is a smart way of asking what an 'App' is?
  17. Guest

    Gotta love a bargin

    And Waitrose for offering them. What a store :biggrin: A while back I happened to buy the 4 ready meals on the left. Cost me a grand total of 4 pence. Yes, 4 pence. Today, the two packs of salmon fillets cost me all of 19p. 19p :yes: Original price was £6.99 per pack and they were BOGOF. Joys of BOGOF offers and the going out of date stock they then put in the bargin bin. They reduce the price of the item, so it scans at that lower price then they still take off the BOGOF reduction. So you end up paying pennies for a heck of a lot of meals. Sometimes even going into minus figures has been known. Now I know about this, I don't half keep my eye open for this sort of thing :cute::yes: Anyone else found any ultimate bargins out shopping of late?
  18. whichway

    I love the honesty

    So the other day my friend came round to my house and said aw you painted your wall Yeah I said you like it Well, It's apricot what don't you like apricot No not really and it doesn't go Say it like you mean it I said And it was great, so funny and refreshing:biggrin: What a difference to have someone be honest Then she commented on how her daughter has a belly too:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  19. JoandJon

    I love Australia because...

    Nothing mean and negative here guys, I'm trying for happy thoughts only!! If you don't like stuff or think it's rubbish - pls start your own thread I love Oz because it's home and it smells right!
  20. Hey everyone, im new to this site, but came to Australia in March!! wish i had looked at this site sooner, so nice to see other people are having homesick days too. I came over with my partner, who is Australian, (we met in England about 2 and a half years ago) and his friends are lovely but he's known them years and i really miss having friends of my own....i know that sounds slightly strange!!lol I recently returned home for a month and it was fab to see all my family and friends again,but now ive returned i feel kinda lonely and outta place. I'm also pregnant now, baby is due in March 2010, which is hard some days without having my mum around. Anyways, i'd love to meet up with other people who have moved out here and make new friends. I'm 21 and am living in the Illawarra area, Albion Park way. Be really nice to get in touch with anyone who is near my way!!! thanks for reading, and hopefully i'll hear from you soon!! x
  21. We are moving from Perth to Tasmania, most of the moving stuff is sorted, car, furniture etc etc, just one last thing - the cat - Bosco I had a credit with Quantas so booked my one way flight with them, having read their booking terms and conditions on their web site concerning transporting of pets I discovered that all I needed to do with the cat was to check him in, no extra charge, he would be part of my checked baggage. All I had to do was book my flight, then ring them and tell them about the fur ball and they would organise everything......... Or so they said........ So after paying over $900 for a one way ticket via their web site I telephoned them to organise Bosco, only to be told that my stopover in Melbourne was not long enough to allow a third party (Quantas dont touch animals) to move Bosco from one plane to another (the same transfer that I'm doing), and that I would need to re book, and of course pay a fee for the privelage, to allow enough time for the transfer...... What the hell are they playing at ?? - I phoned their customer service line but was put on hold for 45 minutes then cut off, so guess what ?, after this trip I wont be using Quantas again Rant over - thanks for listening
  22. it max i love sport moving to perth ide like some friends before i get there if u r doing the same and moving to perth plz reply coz ide like meet u:v_SPIN:
  23. Hi All, We have been planning our escape to Australia for over 2 years and finally applied for our 175 visa at the end of June. I know we have a long time to wait for it to be granted (or even get a CO!). Now that it is getting closer to our dream actually coming true, we are both getting more nervous about settling on the other side of the world. I have read a lot about what people make the move to Oz (the weather, beaches, schools etc) as well as why people decide to move back to the UK (family/friends, culture, style of house, pubs :biggrin:). But what i want to know is what sort of things do people and families get up to, what activities do you fill your free time with? How do you spend your weekends? I'm interested because we have 3 children (nearly 5, 3 and 9 months) and i wondered what people get up to when the weather isn't so great (we're looking at Melbourne but i know places like Perth/Brisbane have better all year weather) or when you just don't want to go the beach? What do people get up in their spare time when the weather is just too hot to go outside, what else can you do other than stay in your air conditioned house? I am trying to get a better picture of what our life will be like in Oz, i don't want to compare it to the UK because they are different places and i think making comparisons can make it harder to settle. Thanks in advance Mark
  24. Afro Developer

    Lost Love

    Well that's it. It's over. I'm now on my own. She's leaving me for some Italian guy. I suppose considering she's Italian too they'll make a good match. It seems like just weeks ago we were playing in the snow together. It was the first time she had been in the snow, and she shared it....with me. Only last week we were splashing in some puddles together like a couple of kids. I guess those memories don't seem so sweet anymore. I can remember when she wasn't right. I done everything I could to get her better, and now she'll have someone else to take care of her. I guess I shouldn't of got too attached, but I couldn't help it. She was my first and I don't know if I'll find another scooter like her. Which brings me to the question. Anyone else struggled to let go of an inanimate object?
  25. I just read a thread on those that are moving back to the UK after not liking a new life in Oz. I just wondered are there people have lived there a long time and love it and wouldn't return? There must be:wink: