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Found 14 results

  1. We are looking for British families who have emigrated to Australia to take part in a new game show, The National Lottery: 5 Star Family Reunion for BBC One. 5 Star Family Reunion is a game show where eight family members play across the globe in a series of general knowledge rounds in an attempt to win a family reunion holiday and a cash jackpot. Four family members must be UK based while four family members live overseas. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws and close family friends can make up your overseas team. All players must be aged 18 and over. For an application form email: family@12yard.com. Closing date is 31st May 2015. More details at BBC - Be On a Show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/beonashow/5_star_family_reunion
  2. noel2538

    UK Lottery

    Hi Allbodies:wubclub: Ive been in Oz for nearly 9months now...before I left the UK I set up a Direct Debit to play the UK Lottery...Saturday and Wednesday. Direct Debit is set up from UK bank account, so if I win its just credited back to my account. However today when I logged into UK Lottery it came up saying they didnt think I was in the UK. I read the declaration and it states I cant play online games or receive texes if Im not a resident. But its says as long as its ok to play UK Lottery in the country you live in...thats ok. Can somebody tell me if its ok for me to keep playing? My address profile is my mums...UK address. Thanks Debbie
  3. Guest51810

    if you won the lottery?

    I forgot to put a lotto ticket on for tonight so theres no chance of me being a millionaire next week lol. What would you guys do with it all if you won? :cute:
  4. Please remember that it was me who made this reminder post when you collect your winnings, I'm not greedy but $1mill will be fine, thanks:notworthy: A WA Lotto player has woken up today as a multi-millionaire after winning $7.5 million in last night's draw. The winner, who bought the Oz Lotto ticket at the Geraldton Lottery Centre, is yet to come forward to collect the prize. Shop owner Johan Vorster said:* “I don’t mind who has the winning ticket as long as it makes someone happy”.
  5. Hi, I've still got my UK Lottery online account being paid by Direct Debit, and today I got the "you've won a prize" email. I can't log into the account at the moment, because it says "we think you're abroad (no kidding)". Since I have a UK VPN account accessible from home (not work!!) that I use for watching iPlayer and playing Spotify I will be able to log in later but does anyone know the legal position of playing the Nat Lottery while living in Australia, not much point paying them if they're not going to pay out if I ever get a decent win? Thanks,
  6. Smiler


    Hi Just wondered if anyone has been able to do online national lottery for back in the UK. I tried and it came up with a page saying they think I am accessing from outside the UK (Big Brother is watching me! Yikes!) and that it may not be possible depending on the country I am applying from as other countries may have restrictions. I'm on a temporary visa until I get PR later next year but I have a feeling I may still not be able to do it as I have been here for just over 6 months. I know the other way is to get my family back in the UK to do it but I would rather not put them to the trouble and I know my dad wouldn't accept the money and insist on paying for it himself. Smiler:biggrin:
  7. Guest

    A vast lottery win!!

    I've just checked my lottery tickets[my weekly{weakly??}indulgence]and I have won £49.I feel a wild spending spree coming on--next week it will be the big one.Yippeee!!
  8. stevie ellis

    caqt 5 lottery?

    Hey folks i recon that the 3000 folk to be allocated visas are getting drawn from a hat ? this is from the cat 5 group, we were asked by our C/O to get meds and police checks done but no news. Anyone else got an idea:idea: regards stevie:hug:
  9. Lady Tottington

    Another golden lottery ticket!!!!

    Hi Pom's, got the golden ticket this morning, don't know wether to laugh or cry:wink: I would like to thank everyone for the support throughtout this long journey, and would like to wish everyone every success in obtaining their VISA's. Thanks again Sam xx :hug:
  10. Flights booked, removal firm confirmed..mid July we are going home. After only 5 months, we have made the decision to return to the Uk and pick up our life where we left it. Myself, husband and three young children arrived on a spouse visa in search of the Aussie Utopian dream life that was sold to us. We said very emotional goodbyes, talked about skype,emails,telephone calls and left....ripping my children out of my parents life. However, the beach,lifestyle, bbqs,parks are no replacement for my parents , my sisters and brothers,their cousins, my family....while they are alive and well I want us to spend good quality times with them. Once every two yrs is just not enough-how did I ever think it would be? On balance, my opinion only, I dont think their lives are any 'better in quality' here. I cant wait, the children cant wait, my (aussie)husband cant wait. I now have a renewed sense of pride in my Country (that is relentlessly slagged off by its own media)and can see the positives so much more-this move has been worth it, just for that...as for the work situation, our experience is that we had more work opportunities in Uk (Hertfordshire)compared to here. Also our mortgage is a tracker-fantastic! The only upset was that our village school had filled our childrens places but I have just logged on to find an email saying they now have the space!!I am so happy I cant wait for my child to wake up so that I can tell her the news.... Australia is beautiful and for some it truely is Utopia, but its not for me.....good luck to you all x
  11. Jenny.Williams@cit.act.edu.au Ticket Number: 5647600545188 Attention: Lucky Winner, We are happy to announce that you are one of our Lucky Four(4) Star Prize Winner in this months edition of the UK National Lottery held on 24th. March. 2009 in England. This makes you a proud Winner of 750,000 Great British Pounds. To claim your prize Contact the claim office with the underlisted informations as soon as possible: Name,Address,Country,Age,Gender,Occupation,Phone, Fax. Best Regards, Richard dawson Email: richard.dawson12@hotmail.com wow lucky me lol the email came from Jenny.Williams@cit.act.edu.au which is an aussie address wonder were they got my email from............. thats really lucky to win a lottery i didn't enter why would they need my age,country,gender,occupation and why is the return email a different address these crooks are getting sloppy lmao
  12. yes yes yes bloody yes ive got my visa , incredible bloody lucky, sporny , jammy, so sorry to all those ive stepped over so sorry , i honestly dont no how or why ?? its like winning the lottery 4mths and 4 days ,probably twice or even 3 times quicker than i expected and should of had it . And you no wot that means the flight i have to see my girlfriend in 7days is now a 1 way flight crazy time and so much to do and start planning to work on the secret project (it must be time for chippies) still pealing myself of the ceiling chris:jiggy: applied believe it or not april 28th08
  13. Guest

    lottery numbers

    Has anyone kept their lottery numbers going in the uk, just interested if anyone has had a win after they left the uk. A client of my OH has just told him his son went to Hong Kong and kept them going and just won twenty six thousand pounds. Is there a lottery in Oz ? Don't know whether to keep mine going, I know I will check them every Thursday and Sunday morning!! PS what is the blue tick that comes up when I do a thread ? I'm confused by it.
  14. Guest

    Lottery win and control loss!

    Well I said my luck would have to change and it did. £10 lottery win last week. WOW! That's the first time it has paid out in about two years. I reckon that was just the run up to a big win this week. Last week also brought the Queensland College of Teachers registration. What should have taken 6 weeks actually took six months, but my name is on their list of registered teachers so that's another good thing. And my CRB check came back and I could start supply teaching. So that should have been a good thing too except that the agency rang me on Wed and asked me to go to a junior school in Carlisle. This was at 8.15, school starts at nine and I am 65 miles away and the school is on the other side of the city from the motorway. So the message is sent that I won't actually arrive before 9.15. I arrive at 9.45 and am expecting at least one motorway speeding ticket as a result! I have to say that that one day was almost enough to put me off teaching for the rest of my life. I am a teacher with 17 years experience and I have to admit to being defeated by 32 nine year olds. I am not sure that anyone learned very much in the afternoon. I had four boys who were unable to stay seated and instead wandered the class trying to beat up other children. Then there were another half a dozen who had there own agendas and it wasn't science and air resistance. The class teacher left instructions that I take the class outside and they practice running about with large sheets of card feeling the air as they ran. Well I have to say that there was no way I was taking that lot outside and letting them run about - it would have been suicidal! No one popped in to ask me how it was going or if I needed anything. I left the school at the end of the day vowing never to set foot in the door again. This morning the agency asked if I would return for the whole of next week. The school had said how pleased they were with me and really wanted me back. I had to regretfully decline as debtors prison appealed more. Surely I have got to find something better than that. I hope supply teaching improves considerably or I may have to rethink my initial supply teaching plans for Oz. Rebecca