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Found 104 results

  1. Hello all! I've been living in Brisbane for almost 3 years with my Aussie gf. I'm currently on a Bridging Visa while I wait for the first part of my Partner Visa to be completed (been waiting 19 months, and lived here for 12 months prior to that on WHV). So 3 years in August. I was moving apartments on Monday and I lost my wallet - all bank cards, and also my UK drivers license. So what can I do about getting a new/replacement license? From all my research, I don't think I can technically get either my UK license replaced or get a QLD license? I don't think I can get an International Driving Permit either. I have a photocopy of my license but not the hard copy. Any suggestions please? TIA Shaun
  2. LKC

    Lost passport!

    We have been in Australia on a 457 visa for 2.5 years. Oh's company have now started the process to sponsor us on the ENS 856 and have asked us to get our medicals etc sorted out. Problem is, I have misplaced my passport. I usually carry it for driving (being on a 457 and a UK driving license), but a few weeks ago I brought it in to the house because I was applying for a savings account online, and the bank wanted my passport number. So, I know it has been lost in the house, but I have turned the house upside down and cannot find it. My husbands passport (which I had at the same time) is in the safe where it belongs. I can only assume that my passport has somehow been picked up with recycling or something and has been thrown away. There has been no one but friends in the house, so I am confident that it has not been stolen. So, what do I need to do in order to replace it? Would I need to report it lost to the police, or would I only need to do that if it had been stolen? I presume I need to inform DIAC of my new passport number to have my 457 attached to that, but do I need to inform them that my passport has been lost in the interim? Does anyone know how long the new passport will take to come? I am going to have one last look round the house today, but I am pretty sure that it is gone. There is no huge rush. I am being investigated for underactive thyroid, so wasn't going to have medicals until that was sorted out anyway. Thanks!
  3. derbycountygirl

    Still lost, advice?

    I'll give you some background: My family and i moved to Australia, originally Perth WA, in February 2008. After 8 months of not getting work, being unhappy, paying huge rent there, we decided to move to the North West Coast of Tasmania. We have been here for about 4 years now. It's a beautiful state, but there are hardly any jobs and everything is expensive my family don't enjoy their jobs and i cannot find an apprenticeship - being a girl in Automotive makes everything a little more difficult as everyone over here is sexist as hell. We're doing well with money, we have two cars, a boat, a gorgeous house with panoramic ocean and mountain views, yet we find ourselves wanting to move back to the UK. My mum's family is back in the UK and we miss them a fair bit; perhaps that's what is instigating our move. But yea, i don't feel as though i have anything here; no mates, no job, no future here. I keep trying to remind myself of the state of the UK; the traffic, etc. but i still want to go back for good. i've never felt like we fit in here, based on the fact that we're english. We're going to need a 40ft container and we are taking our 4 year old Ragdoll cat, Zach, with us. Has anyone been feeling/have felt similar and moved back? We're just a bit lost and stressing out about the process. Nothing is set into concrete, but it is more likely than not that we'll move back. Any comments or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. :sad:Hi Guys I just felt I should write a post and share my wisdom with you all. Hope you are sitting comfy and I will begin......... Around Feb 2008 I decided after a few glasses of wine to post hubbies CV around the world, OH is a scaffolder by trade and at the time we both had good jobs and owned our houses. I received a response from a company in NZ who after a few months flew OH out to Sydney. He was there around a week and subsequently offered a position in Australia. We were soo excited although quite apprehensive. As neither of us are on the most wanted list and do not possess a degree we were granted a 457 working visa. OH gave up his job in UK and flew out in Oct 2007. I was left behind to pack and sell furniture, the children and I even ended up a week with a near bare house. I joined OH in Jan 09 we gave up both houses as neither had any real equity in them anyway. When we arrived in Perth I fell in love it is absolutely beautiful we stayed in Port Kennedy and Warnbro and were looking to eventually move to Secret Harbour. Things started to change with OH job and the job he was promised Senior Technical Advisor was not really the job he was doing. He was sometimes expected to work weekends without pay and the recession started to hit OZ. We were in a furnished rental which we extended and at the last moment our permanent rental fell through, so we had no where to live and panicked with that, feeling really homesick and my mum constantly asking when we were coming home, we decided to return to the UK in March 08. A relative let us stay in their caravan a bit of a squash with three children but we had no furniture which I hasen to add did not arrive back until Oct and is still in storage costing a fortune. I think as soon as we landed at Heathrow in March I knew deep down we had made the biggest mistake of our lives and have continued feeling this way ever since. To make matters worse my sister moved out to Perth as a PR and is loving it her hubbie is a police officer. We managed to find a two bed cottage just before xmas to live in until Feb and hope to be offered Social Housing. We were lucky in the fact we left our car here with family who gave us it back when we returned only an old Volvo but so realiable, sadly someone drove into the side of me before xmas so it is written off and I am going to buy another one. I had a brand new car in OZ on finance, which I lost lots of money on when we left. We ended up spending all our savings and are starting from scratch. The lucky thing is hubby was offered his job back in the UK as soon they knew he was back. Would we do it all again the answer is simply "YES" we would. We had a fantastic experience and so wished we there now and would go back tomorrow if he could find a suitable sponsor. But sadly deep down I don't think it is ever going to happen although he has lots of experience in his trade and travelled around Australia working for the six months he was out there I don't think there are many companies sponsoring on 457 anymore in his field. We will continue to live in hope and pray. If you are considering going out go for it but please think really really carefully about returning too soon don't make the terrible mistake we did!! Good luck to everyone going out you will soo love it like we did!!!:biggrin:
  5. Hi Guys, Im in a bit of a flap as we have been granted 457 Visa and are due to leave the UK on the 10th November. Unfortunately in all the packing and moving, my husband's (primary visa holder) passport went missing. After a frantic search we realised that it had gone so he had to go and get a new one. Problem - visa has been granted to his old passport number and now he has a new one. I found a form 929, and thought perhaps this is the one I should fill in. I started to fill it all in and found there was lots of it I didnt understand as we used a migration agent and we hardly got involved in any paper work at all. I filled in what I could and mailed it to the migration agent, employer and recruitment agent in the hope that one of them could fill in the blanks for us. The migration agent mailed back today to say we need to speak to our local DIAC office (very helpful) and we havent heard back from anyone else! Can anyone tell me if I need to do anything or is there some sort of way that the electronic visa automatically gets transfered to the new passport? I have very limited time to get this sorted and dont want to get refused entry when we get there!!! :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  6. Hi everyone, we've lost all our original certificates relating to our job roles but have photo copies of the most important ones .They are for qualifications in UK engineering and UK childcare.Does any one know if employers in these fields will accept photocopies? :confused:
  7. Guest

    Lost in The Desert.

    Don't know if anyone else saw the programme last night 'Lost In The Desert' (Eden channel UK) which highlighted the journey/adventure/foolhardiness of Robert Bogucki who decided one day to take a 'walk' into the Australian Outback,:jiggy::notworthy:. If you have virgin/sky or the like you may be able to get it on 'catch up'. I was lucky enough to be living in Broome when the authorities eventually found this fella, and even though I agree it was foolhardy, his reasons for going into the outback (to me) were perfectly understandable.:idea: I had a very brief chat with him when he was on the veranda of Broome hospital, and an interesting fella indeed. Though as I said, his 'walk' was a little foolhardy, his actions but much more importantly his 'thoughts' made sense to me. And though it cost several thousand dollars to find him, his parents did give the SES and associated authorities $20,000 to cover some of the costs. But the human body and mind are very interesting things, and if not for mind over matter he would have surely died. Faith, answers, call it what you like, but if you can find the programme somewhere have a looksey,:yes: Many allegations were aimed his way, celebrity, fool, and whilst I agree to a very small degree about being a fool he has never made any money from his 'walk' and never intends to either.:yes: Cheers Tony.
  8. Guest

    Just Lost My Best Mate.

    Unfortunately Bert the Bulldog lost his fight tonight. To cut a long story short, he was 18 months old but had a 'shunt' fitted as he had problems with fluid on his brain. Had the fit from hell this evening and the vet couldn't save him. I know there is a thread on here about pets, make the most of them folks, just lost my one and only true friend.:cry: Sorry if this is not in context, but not the same typing away and not having Bert being a pain in the arse. Cheers Tony.
  9. Afro Developer

    Lost Love

    Well that's it. It's over. I'm now on my own. She's leaving me for some Italian guy. I suppose considering she's Italian too they'll make a good match. It seems like just weeks ago we were playing in the snow together. It was the first time she had been in the snow, and she shared it....with me. Only last week we were splashing in some puddles together like a couple of kids. I guess those memories don't seem so sweet anymore. I can remember when she wasn't right. I done everything I could to get her better, and now she'll have someone else to take care of her. I guess I shouldn't of got too attached, but I couldn't help it. She was my first and I don't know if I'll find another scooter like her. Which brings me to the question. Anyone else struggled to let go of an inanimate object?
  10. Guest

    Beyond Lost...

    I am 28 yrs old and have 2 kids and my husband is 31 and a plumber by trade. We are trying to find what the best and easiest visa is to move to Oz. I have friends who have moved there in the past but it seems that the rules are getting more and more strict. My husband has been doing plumbing here in Florida for 10 years (residential and commercial) but is not certified and we realize that the rules and regs are probably waaaay different over there then thay are here. I have worked in the automotive industry for over 10 years (as a commercial parts manager in retail stores for around 6 years and a warranty admin/booker flagger for Mercedes-Benz of Orlando for almost 5 years). So with this info, what visa do u think would be the best fit for our family? We are looking to move to Queensland and trying to get everything started now as far as the visa and our physicals and all the legal checks. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you All! :cute:
  11. Guest

    Long Lost Aussie Paperwork

    As some of you will know I have had a love affair with Australia since I was a kid, and to some degree my granddads relationship with the country had a huge bearing on me as well. It was in actual fact with my nan and granddad that I found the mystical 'Boomerang' on a cold Norfolk beach many moons ago. My granddad (now departed,:cry:) was in the Merchant Navy for a time and at looonnnggggg last my mum has managed to get hold from a relative his log book from his time in the merchant navy, to say I am over the moon would be an understatement of massive proportions. To cut a long story short I have included several photos of the pages in the log book where it clearly shows that he went to Australia many years ago on several occasions.:notworthy::notworthy:. To hold this in my hand is indeed and honour and a privilege, and as if I still have that connection between pop, Australia and me. I remember when I first went out there my pop was the first to ask how I found it and we would talk g=for hours about Australia. There are also has several pictures of the Harbour Bridge only half BUILT, but a blooming relative reckons they have 'lost' those,:mad:. So this thread is nothing more than a bit of sentimentality, won't mean a lot to most, but sitting here looking at his log book has bought a tear to my eye, and only reinforced the notion that I have that Australia was meant to be (for me) on so many levels. Edited to add. If anyone has any memorabilia (particular the older stuff) to do with Australia that they no longer want I would willing pay for any items, in particular any part of The Endeavour,:yes::yes::cool: Cheers Tony.
  12. sunnysun

    Help, diac lost ss form

    sent off paper based 176 visa in may, had acknowledgement on 19th May and payment taken. No word from then, so rang them. Informed that no WA SS form was enclosed in application, when i no i put it in. told to contact WA and explain situation and sent off a copy of the agreement to them. This i have done. Now i don't no what will happen. how long does it take for WA to contact DIAC? Will we then move category. feeling very annoyed! thanks
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2002083/Germaine-Greer-claims-British-troops-turn-rapists.html another one who obviously can't do without media attention:rolleyes:
  14. Guest

    Feeling lost still

    last year my husband was offered a job with his company in OZ we decieded that why not we had always thought about it just never did anything about it. Within 8 weeks we were there. We wern't given the chance to settle straight away my husband moved around quit abit so we went with him. After 6 weeks we finally settled in Melbourne. I'm not sure how it ended up this way but after a year we came home to the UK but after only being here 5 months I no longer feel settled in the UK and long to go back. We are stuck and dont know what to do about it, i would appreciate some advice. Thanks Dawn
  15. Guest

    Lost birth certificate!!

    I'm applying for a partner visa and my parents have been frantically looking for the original copy of my birth certificate. They managed to find a photocopy, but I doubt that would be accepted! It will take ages to re-order it because it's Pakistani, plus I'd have to get a translation done My parents live in the UK otherwise it may not have been such a big problem Really upset about this as the form asks for passport copy as well as birth certificate, but it says you can provide a statutory declaration stating both your parents names. Does anyone know if that declaration can be written by me? Or does it have to be signed by my parents?? Any help would be appreciated. Really panicking now as I wanted to get this application in second week of June, and especially before the visa charge goes up!!
  16. Guest

    Lost job on 457... what next?

    Having a bit of a nightmare. Came over to Sydney on 457 six monts ago. Entire department has now been outsourced and my job is gone. I've accepted a package and will leave in one months time. As I understand it this means I have the one month + 28 days and then I have to leave Australia. I really Sydney and I don't want to leave. Money isn't too tight and, in a worse case scenario I could be out of work for a couple of years and still support myself. It's legally staying in the country which is my problem. What are my options? - find a new employer willing to sponsor in the next month + 28 days? - start the permanent visa process now and then take an extended holiday somewhere cheap in asia then come back - get a tourist or bridging visa and stay till i find someone willing to sponsor for 457? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  17. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I just resigned from the job that sponsored my 457 visa. Immigration says I have four weeks to apply for another visa. I'm applying like mad for jobs, but I know that it takes longer than four weeks to get a job and since I left on 15th April, I only have till 14th of May. Given the Easter & ANZAC day holidays time is very much against me. Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do? Thanks for your help. Richard
  18. Guest

    Medicals Lost!

    Hi Everyone, I just need a little advice.... We have been flagged for a CO but she has told our agent she only has 1 of our 6 medicals!!! How does this happen?:arghh: I feel like crying, I have contacted the Medical Centre that courired the Medicals to Sydney HOC and they have confirmation of thier arrival. What do I do now... can I contact the HOC in Sydney and find out what has happened with the other medicals? How does this happen, they all went in the same envelope!! Has anyone gone through this and what did you do and what was the out come. The Medical Centre that we did the medicals sent the originals therefore if they cant be found we will have to do them again!! Please someone help!
  19. Hey, Just wondered if anyone out there could help. I'm a 31-year-old from the UK. I came here to Oz on a 417 visa in February 2009. I was fortunate to get a decent job in country NSW soon after arriving. In mid-2009 my employers tried to sponsor me through a 459, but this was rejected as we did not meet the essential skills criteria. I have been on a bridging visa for more than a year while another application for a labour agreement 1066 (involving mucho paperwork) has been considered. Unfortunately, we finally heard last week that this too has been rejected. The rejection letter has given no reasons and does not seem to explain any mechanisms regarding an appeal. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any other routes to go down? I don't live there but I have set my heart on getting a job in Sydney someday. I really don't want to go home - there's nothing really for me there and getting a job (from the looks of it) there will be mighty tough! I've tried to contact Immigration themselves, but (as I'm sure people on here know!) getting answers out of them is a bloomin' nightmare. Any advice appreciated! Thanks, Stuart.
  20. Guest

    visa advice - Im lost!

    I want to go over to Oz to be with my parents, I am now 27 so I understand I dont qualify for the child visa (under 25years) anyone have any idea of whats the best visa to go for? I considered a holiday working visa, and then apply for residency once Im there working. Has anyone managed to get residency that way? Any help would be great! :yes:
  21. Guest

    Which Visa? im lost already

    Can some one point me in the right direction please. Here are some of our details. 2 adults both just 30 3 kids From Ireland He has a diploma and gold cert in IT I am qualified at what I do but there are no certs for a service advisor in the motor industry. We are not married, I have been on the Australian Visa Wizard - Visas & Immigration website but the wizard cant help me All advice greatly welcomed
  22. Zoot

    Lost Birth Certificate

    Soon I will be able to apply for my 887 visa after finishing my 495 sentence BUT I am not sure where I have put my birth certificate with all the moving around and I see it is required for the 887 visa despite it having been provided for the 495. So my big question is how does one go about getting a replacement - my sister got one some time ago but cant remember who she approached or what she did so that doesnt help. Does anyone know how much it costs and how long it takes?
  23. Hi we are a applying for a 176 visa. We applied to Queensland way back in May. Hubby is a C sharp developer ( computers). His occupation is on the Queensland list. Our emigration agent did not check the paper work and we were asked for clarification of a item way back in May so someone has looked at our application to have noticed that somthing was missing. Does this mean that our application is sitting on someones desk ? Do we have a CO? What cat do we fall into ? so :confused: Fee
  24. Guest

    I lost my joy...

    It is just taking sooo long!!! We first requested info & looked into starting the visa process 3 years ago!!! I rang visa-first today just to see where we were... Everything is in place... we are just waiting for someone to be assigned to our case & then it will be all systems go!!! Medicals & Police checks etc... We should have our big "yes" around the first part of 2011... which makes me feel better... I just want my joy back!!!
  25. Hi, My wife and I both did our medicals at the Medibank centre in Sydney and provided DIAC with the booking reference. Once we received the letters, our migration agent forwarded them to DIAC without opening them. 4 weeks ago, a DRC list was sent to DIAC, but a week later we received a response that the DRC was not accepted because they hadn't received the medicals from the 2nd applicant. :mad: Our agent tried to resolve the problem by contacting the department. DIAC's initial response was that a computer error was the cause and that they would sort it out, but we haven't had any feedback since. It's over 2 weeks now and our agent has tried to contact them multiple times since but seems to hit a wall; no response from DIAC at all. Our agent is reluctant to push DIAC too hard on this issue because it might negatively affect his relationship with them. Is this true? :err: Now he is going to try to send a new DRC in the hope to get a response. Can anyone please advise if there is anything else we can do?