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Found 31 results

  1. Only in Australia surely? A driver who tried to squeeze a massive organ into the boot of her car has left police dumbfounded. Officers stopped the Ford sedan in Perth WA on Sunday after spotting the instrument almost completely hanging out of it. Tied down with just a few loose loops of rope, the large timber organ appeared to be far from safely secured. Have you seen worse?
  2. Hey i'm Sam i moved to perth about a month or so ago!(i'm a dude btw) i just turned 16 yeterday haha but bit gutted as my only friends are my family atm (N) wouldnt mind meeting up with people in the near future, we're renting a place in joondalup and hoping to be moving in to a new place in kinross in the up coming month! but anyway just get back to me if anyones interested thanks! P.s i'm on facebook also >:] Seeya
  3. Hi All, This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/ Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for? I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome? Thank you for your time, Mark p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.
  4. So my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and move out to oz, we were there on WHV last year, loved it and want to go back, mainly since jobs here in NI for a quantity surveyor are non existent!!! No quality of life etc.. We think we may decide to use an agent purely since we are both busy and he works away 5 days a week. Should we do the DIY option, my question is do people start a skills assessment first before applying for visa? If so how would one go about that, if anyone has done the quantity surveyor one? Timescales costs etc? We want to get visa application in before these new "'don't call us we'll call you' to apply for a visa change takes place!
  5. I have worked as a Community Service Supervisor in Scotland and I can honestly say that this job gave me the most satisfaction out of the jobs I have done. Where would I find info on the same or similar position in Oz?
  6. LOL I did not realise but you can view all the threads that you have ever started on PIO, I have just has a right good old laugh at my last 2 years from the initial what’s a visa, being taken off the CSL, my hubby being made redundant and my boy making silent 999 call at Easter. I’ve just been on a right journey.:wacko: Did not realise there had been so many highs and lows in the past few years Give it a try sure you will have a laugh too.:jiggy:
  7. My hubby is a self taught Aerial Installer, Virgin Media installer and Sky Installer. We are stuck as to what the Australian terminology is. Could it be Telecommunications Technician or Telecommunications Linesworker? Any help would be much appreciated. He has a digital tick Thanks so much
  8. :biglaugh:here i am scanning our passport pics for 176 visa :eek: My we look a happy bunch ! ( Not) Even the 3 yearold looks like he should be locked up ! :biglaugh: I WOULDN'T LET US IN ANY COUNTRY CHRIST !!! Wonder if the oz offices have a giggle and chuckle and say "ere shelia look at these funny bunch of wierdos " :biglaugh: :embarrassed:
  9. 2 weeks after having our 119 appoved.:biglaugh: seemingly we have to withdraw our application for the 176.
  10. Baby-faced 13-year-old becomes father: report Wasn't there another one just last year? Wat's happening in the good old blighty!?!?
  11. hey guys! Been in Sydney 3 months know and nuckled down at work to get sponsorship!... now i have this I think its time to buckle down and meet some new people and hopefully some mates.. Deffo up for drinks/movies/sight seeing/coffee's etc!! so drop me a line!
  12. Seem to be getting a few crossed wires lately. I was under the impression that LOL in posts meant for a long time, 'Love You Lots', its only recently that one of my kids said , 'No you plank, it means, 'Laughing Out Loud'. So I would like to take this opportunity of apologising to ALL those members of PIO who I have PM'd after reading LOL in one of my posts/threads saying: 'Thanks a lot, but I barely know you. I'm sure if I got to know you better a loving relationship could form, and who knows a long and happy future may await us both. But at the present even though you say you love me I feel a little tentative to reciprocate as I barely know you, but thanks for the sentiment anyway:wubclub::wubclub:' Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. Hi all not been on here for a while..have been sooo busy...am getting married in July so have been busy booking my wedding, also finishing off last minute touches to the house..just tidying up really..a bit of decorating so we can put the house on the market in the hope that it will sell b4 we move out to Oz...also trying to get as much help as pos cos have to take this HORRID IELTS test...is not that easy so need some practice first but rlly need to start ASAP...might just about pass it by the time we all ready to go lol lol..hope to go out on 457 Visa so once have passed this test..got married and have the house on the market can hopefully get things moving...not much stress about in my house at the min then eh!!! lol lol trace1
  14. coming from freezing scotland and very very rarely experiencing 30 degrees....and on days when it did occur ...it felt like an absolute heatwave lol ....no joking i was one of those peeps who would hide indoors and melt !!! ..... well after experiencing the last 3 days of 42 / 43 degrees and barely sleeping through last night ....what a lovely feeling to get up to a cool 30 degrees this morn .....today im gona have to do all the housework .... all the shopping ...and maybe even a bit of gardening .....who would have thought that 12 degrees or so could make that much difference :jiggy: mrs keily
  15. Hi to all of you out there, we are in the process of applying through an agent to migrate to either South Australia or Victoria, but im banging my head against the wall, i would like to know what the job situation is in both these parts, my heart is telling us to go to Victoria, although they both look warming.If anyone is from leicester and would like to say hi ROCK ON. Any information would be welcomed and by the way im a plumbing/gas fitter. Well thanks for reading this and if you can advise us it would be muchly appreciated.........Gary,Amanda and the girls
  16. hello all im very happy and would like to say to all those who attended the 8th april date congrats to you all who passed. and a big thank you goes out to tallyho your great and wish you well ?
  17. Guest

    Help!!! lol

    hi guys well we have done it...........we leave manchester airport @ 08:25 on 1st June 2009 arrive in Brisbane 2nd June 2009 @ 23.45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jiggy: we have a 175 visa going through at the moment but if it is not completed by this time we are getting a working holiday visa. O/H has very good job offers which he couldn't possible turn down. we are just trying to get everything in order now aaarrrrrrr seems a bit rushed now haha. if anyone would like to offer any advice or a simple chec list to help us out would be great. than in advance and look forward to ur replies. Danielle :hug:
  18. keily

    the car is dead lol

    hi guys being an excavator operator , ive always wonderd what it would be like to run over a car , lol so today my car that wouldnt pass another mot , and i dont realy need any more cos we got visas , found out lol toatly flattend by mee :biglaugh: thats one more ambition of my list before i go to ozz lol what mental things do you want to do before u go ? pictures to follow shortly lmao :biglaugh: mr keily ..
  19. Hi Everyone, My names Clare, have a hubby Kev and a 5 month old daughter Leela. Weve been out here for 18 months...finally settled but really want new friends preferably of the pome kind because of sense of humour and the language barrier (some people struggle to understand us...the queens english is a hard one to fathem in a eeerrmmm english speaking country lol - god help the aussies if they went to england with the diferent dialects in a 5 mile radious lol) Were very easy going and laid back love a good laugh. Would also be great to meet other mums with young babies. were in browns plains brisbane. I'm 22(like to think of myself as mature my husband may argue that lol) and kevs 30 were origionally from wolverhampton in the midlands. (starting to sound like an ad for a dating agency lol) hope to meet new people soon - oh and we have a dog also a pom if that interests anyone (dont know why it would but there you go...ill stop typing before i put you off if i havent already lol):jiggy: Clare
  20. Just had hubbys cousin & family out with us for 2 weeks, they were in oz for a total of 7 weeks & had a ball visiting different states in oz & spent a fortune !!!! - they have taken some gifts back to Spain for us (as it takes forever for the parcels to get to spain from oz for some reason) My mother in law arrives this thursday coming for just over 3 weeks, will be great to see her, (she's a gd'n & dosent give me any grief) but the best bit is she is bringing a sackful of chrissy presents for us, several issues of CLOSER magazine & a few other mags & lots of bars of GALAXY oooh & some tubes of germolene too yeah i know im sad - :jiggy:but she will also be taking presents back to peeps in the uk for us too - guess shes playing world wide santa this year !!!! LOL Ju x
  21. Hiya I'm an Aussie and hubby is a Bristol boy and we have an 8 year old son. Would love to make friends in the Brisbane area as I think hubby needs a bit of male bonding with some of his fellow countrymen, he's been here for 5 years and with work and building a new house as such haven't had the chance to really extend our circle of friends. I didn't even know sites like this exsisted it's amazing the internet. He is 42 and I'm 39 so hey you can never have enough friends right :smile:
  22. ok i really worried cause there all these poms living here and i so cant work out who a pom and who not unles they speak lol It like the other day while shopping in Woolworths my other half said did you see those Poms as they where saying how expensive things are here i replied well yea the reason we convertung back to sterling and i said no not really i was more concerned with somethinf else:wubclub:(converting back to sterling) I so convinced you would all know if you meet this cranky pom in the shopping malls cause i been told i lok so misberable lol
  23. Guest

    lol or lol??????

    Just wondering do people know what lol stands for. Dave aka Davyone1 has been putting this on his posts thinking it means lots of love only to be told by me and his 10 year old daughter it means laugh out loud!!!! Hes a bit dumb but he says thats because hes got man flu any excuse..!!!!:arghh: is he on his own here or do others think it means something else???? Julie:wacko:
  24. Well Guys I thought my CO had fallen of the face of the earth !! But they have contacted our agents to tell them that all our docs are in and no further info required and now we have been passed to the 'Decision Maker' Soooo I guess thats another 2 months LOL Anyway got to sell the house still so 'no worries' Kimx
  25. Feeling a bit low and pissed off si i thought i'd change the mood a bit and do some bragging!! My eldest son,Blake (9) has just stunned his teachers by achieving Level 4 in all his SATS mind you i'm a little pissed off they were so stunned...shouldn't they know his abilities?? and Ethan (5) has won the school cup for always working well independantly, and for great achievement in reading (he is at keystage 2 level..now gets his books from yr2/yr3 class and he is only reception :swoon:) Ah smile on my face now!!!!!! Thanks for listening. Lxx