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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Qualifications for Logistics

    Hi, it been a while since I was last looking at a possible move to Australia, I was looking around 3 years ago but on a 457 visa but nothing came of it. I have recently completed a Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, have been looking to see how this compares with an Australian qualification. Are there any website of people on here that can tell me what how this compares with an Australian qualification or has anyone on here migrated to Australia with this qualification.
  2. My husband flys to Perth on the 3rd Jan and has 10 nights booked in a hotel in central Perth. He's not sure what to do after this as short tem lets don't seem to be economical for 1, so he thought it would be best to look for flat share whilst he is in Perth. Myself and the rest of the family will arrive later (March?) once Jon has a job or our house sells. Given it will take a few months to get the furniture shipped I assume we will need to get a short term let then a long term let. The kids are 8 and 6 so will be in school when we are in the short term let - but I was hoping not to have to move them when we rent long term. How did you get on with this? If we are booking the short term let only a month ahead of arriving what if we just end up settling where we can get a place to stay.
  3. My husband and I are would like to ask advice as to whether or not our existing careers are in demand within Australia. I work for a private health company providing complex care to patients in their own home. I would like to work more within a commnuity based environment. My husband specialises in logistics. We hope to investigate both routes such as seeking a skilled visa and also by applying for online jobs. We are currently doing some investigative work and any words of wisdom or advice would be appreciated. We also have 2 children aged 10 and 13. I am a little worried as to whether the eldest will settle so any any advice would be great. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, i'm looking for some guidance in finding a sponsorship position in a logistics management role. I could do with the names of some employment agencies who specialise in logistics positions so i can get my C.V out there. Cheers.
  5. Hi there I'm new to the forum and by way of background have been in Adelaide for 6 years with my Aussie hubbie and 2 children (under 6). My hubbie lived in the UK for several years, which is where we met. After reading the posts on this forum, I have very similar feelings to a lot of people re. not feeling completely settled, and missing family. My hubbie of course does not feel like that, being near all his family and friends from way back. However, we have recently returned from a visit to the UK and his feelings have changed, i.e. he is prepared to move back there and can see himself enjoying it as much as he previously did. I of course am taken by surprise, having accepted over the last few years that here is where I will be living for the future, and I'm still trying to work out how I feel about the possibility of moving back. We are investigating the options for returning, but I'm currently focusing on the practical aspects. Can anyone give me any advice on what they have done on returning in terms of initial accommodation, belongings etc. We have a home to sell here, and obviously shipping our gear would take several weeks. I'm thinking we'd have to take out a serviced apartment or something initially as we'll have no furniture, crockery etc. Also, can anyone tell me whether we will have lost our credit rating due to being overseas for 6 years? We have maintained a current bank account in the UK which has been used occasionally. Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.
  6. I am working as a Transport Planning Manager for a national Supermarket and have bought a ticket for the Australia Opportunities Expo 2008. I am wondering what the chances are of getting sponsorship in this industry? Has anyone managed to get a Visa this way? Ideally getting work for Woolworths, Coles, Tesco in the Distribution Centre would be great but obviously, would consider anyone/anywhere. Mike Leeds
  7. Guest

    The Logistics Of It All!

    Hi Is it just me or is anybody else having worrys about the whole logistical thing! Stuff leaves uk and have been told to allow 12 weeks before it arrives in oz. What do you do for that 12 weeks? How long should I think of staying in temp accomodation for to give us enough time to find a place to rent. For some rease this has been the only thing that has been worrying me since we started the process in Feb! any ideas/suggestions would be very greatful Thanks Ness