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Found 10 results

  1. lewisant48


    Hi all. I'm being sponsored and likely to have two locations i'll work in and have had Logan as a place advised to live, South East. I've received some pretty mixed feedback on Logan so just wondered if i could get some feedback. Cheers
  2. pretty much looking for some fellow pommy friends around brisbane area, I'm 17, just graduated from high school, likes going out, parties, beach, meeting new people... Bla bla, usual girly stuff. I rarely go on here so feel free to add me on facebook for a chit chat: Daisy-Mae Sansom Thanks xx
  3. Pretty much looking for some fellow pommy friends I have facebook, so just private message me
  4. Guest

    Redcliffe or Logan?

    Hi folks, I'm applying for work (in the medical field) in both Redcliffe and Logan, Brisbane area. We have a young family - 2 kids under 3 years of age. Which area is better to live in? From what I've heard Logan City is pretty bad, but perhaps there are nicer areas nearby, which is still commutable? Many thanks.
  5. connaust

    Sandi Logan Head of DIAC Online?

    Backpackers and Pacific Islanders finding it tough going out in the fields. Competition for harvest work is forcing backpackers to falsify second year working holiday visa applications, according to a poster on Thumbrella. The comments on forum above from the Oz Tourism and Hospitality Industry about WHVs etc. has posts direct from Head of DIAC! Or at least one his DIAC people. What's the chance of getting DIAC to have someone join PomsinOz and clarify issues?
  6. radar


    Can anyone give me any info on these areas , Logan, Beenleigh, Nerang House prices don't seem to exspensive. Any information on schools ,and general areas would be much appreciated. Thanks Darren. :radar:
  7. mr luvpants

    Logan Hospital

    Anyone work there? Whats it like? How would we apply for a Nursing post there? JOHN
  8. Not wanting to upset anyone, so please don't think I'm having a go here, but I was just wondering what seems to be the problem down at Logan? as most interested in the Brisbane area will know Logan is a major town or city if you like just South from Brisbane. Almost every day each time you hear the news on the radio or TV there seems to be an incident in Logan and I don't just mean a little tiff or a truck broken down, I mean a murder or an attack on someone. Last weekend there was a very nasty "bashing" as they described it where a man was bashed to death by a gang of Somoans and other Pacific Islanders. This has caused a lot of tension as the man killed was of Aboriginal background and it looks like there is going to be a revenge planned for the killing. But it's not just this incident, since I have moved to Brisbane a few months back, I seem to hear Logans name cropping up all the time and in negative infact bad situations. The Mayor Pam Parker was even having to try and defend the city yesterday, but locals on phone in's on the radio semed to be having a go at the place. Any Brits back home thinking of settling at Logan? I have re-read this post before clicking the submit button and I don't think I have insulted anyone or the place, I am genuinely interested to know what seems to be the problem if there is one down there. REDDERS
  9. Hubby has been offered a job in Logan City and we are in the process of arranging our Employee Nominated Permanent Visa. Trying to do as much research as possible and finding it rather daunting with regards to accommodation. It appears that it is quite hard to secure a tenancy before arrival into Australia and with 4 kids im having a nervous breakdown worring about arriving at being homeless. Have briefly looked into short term furnished but dont seem to find anything in the area im looking, and hotel prices seem enormous. Anyone had any experiences or have any suggestions as im reaching for the valium as we speak. :wacko:
  10. Guest

    Any views on Logan Hospital?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone works in Logan Hosp? Have emailed them and thinking of applying for a post when i arrive. I'm a Mental Health Nurse:goofy:, any info or comments would be fab. Cal has been fab, sure she'll be around somewhere! Thanks!