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Found 45 results

  1. Ayman Hossam

    Doing Changes to VISA App After Lodging

    Dear all, I wonder if someone can help me with this case I am invited to apply for VISA 189 and I have a wife and 3 young boys. My wife' passport will take some time to get renewed and will probably get a new passport number. I want to know if I lodged the VISA application, will I be able to do changes (any changes, and one of which is my wife's passport details) to the VISA application after lodging and before assigning a CO? Many thanks, AH
  2. Hi, Would be grateful for any advice, getting really worried now. I thought that I would just about meet the 65 points on the new points system. I've had my skills assesed by CPA Australia before July 1st and that has come back completed. I only became a qualifed accountant at the end of May this year (last exam passed May 2010). I needed to claim 5 points for my 3 years work experience, since my role as a Finance Manager is in line with that of a qualified accountant. However, I now read that DIAC are expecting the work experience to be verified as part of the skills assessment, and looking on the CPA website this says they will only count POST qualifed work experience - which for me is 4 weeks! I've checked out IPA and theirs also says post qualified is all that counts. So, I'm now 5 points short. Any advice? I've thought about state sponsorship but that will probably change now too. Please help, think my dreams may be over right now:no:
  3. I have a question around lodging the de-facto spouse visa application offshore in London. The plan now is for my partner (the applicant) to go to Australia House and hand in the application over the counter in person. I have a few silly questions: 1. Do you put all the application form, documents and supporting evidence sealed in one big envelope for handing in? If so, what do you write on the big envelope? Also, we are a little stumped with the 47SP question where it asks "Have you paid?" and if you answer No, it directs you to the next question "How do you intend to pay" - where you have to provide your credit card details. 2. If the application form is lodged in person, do we hold off completing that question and pay on the spot to the staff, then mark the question as "Yes we have paid"? After that place the application form in the big envelope and the staff will take it in? 3. Or should we answer "No" and then just leave the credit card details in the following question and assume the case officer would process the payment based on the card information provided in the application form? Appreciate the advice. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I received a sponsorship letter from the South Aus (SA) gov in Sept 2008. I realised that their rules changed on 1 Jan 2009, but they confirmed that I still fall under their old rules (6 months to lodge an appl with DIAC as opposed to 60 days). I therfore completed my DIAC application last night online, and where given a TRN as soon as I made the credit card payment. I was taken to a screen with a document checklist, a function to attach scanned documents, and a function to create a password. I had a look at the document checklist (and realised that I had MOST of the required documents), so the next step would have been to scan the documents this week and attach them) I wrote down my TRN (as I am supposed to fax it through to the SA gov) I created a password (the function required it be entered twice) MY PROBLEM: When I tried to access the attaching of scanned documents to applications function afterwards, it kept on refusing my password. This worries me as I would like to get the documents attached to my application as soon as possible. I am not sure why my password being refused, but the DIAC site is quite vague on what my alternatives are. It states that "Applications lodged on or after 1 September 2007...If you lodged a paper application or you are unable to attach documents to the application online through the eVisa system they can be emailed to the department...adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au...When your application has been assessed you will be advised of a further email address to use in providing documents. Please only send documents to that address" ???? - I am now 100% confused, do I email the documents (such as passport bio page, sponsorship letter, etc) to the email address stated, or do I wait for them to ask for ANY documents??? The SA gov letter states that I must "FAX a copy of the full Notification document with the TRN number from DIAC together with a copy of this letter to Immigration SA on +61 8 8204 9244" - my online application did not supply a full Notification document, but did supply a TRN. It did however supply a full copy of my application which states the TRN. What exactly am I supposed to fax and is there any way I can make sure they received it and are dealing with it? Any advise greatly appreaciated. Et
  5. Hi all, I'm a recent (Aug 2010) 175 applicant patiently waiting in Cat 3. Being a bit impatient nevertheless, I applied for VIC SS under the new SMP and got a positive outcome last week. Now, according to the new DIAC rules, I have to lodge a new application, because my 175 has been lodged after Jul 1st 2010. The problem is that the DIAC electronic visa system doesn't allow me to do so! I've spoken with an operator at Adelade processing centre this morning, and she told me that I might need to lodge a paper application because of this. Did anyone lodge a new 176 application while having his/her 175 already lodged? What was your experience with this? Thanks!
  6. Can anyone tell me if i need to submit all the work related papers (emp. references,wage slips,tax records etc.) i have already submitted for my (successful) skills assessment, again with my visa application????
  7. Hello Everyone!! So my partner and i are lodging a defacto visa at some point in the next 6 months! My questions are.. * How much is it in aussie dollars? *What is the processing time if lodged in NZ? *Can i still apply whilst on a tourist visa if in Auz, or whilst on a working holiday visa if we are in NZ? * Is it easier for me to have a medical in the UK or Auz? *Will they ask me about my previuos time spent on a holiday visa in auz, inc farm work etc? *Will i have to proove i have funds in my bank if only getting a 3 month tourist visa? Basically we have been together for three years in April, lived together for over 2 years and have all the evidence to proove our relationship is ligit. We have been in the UK (where i'm from) for the last 18 months. He flew back yesterday :sad: to surprise his family for his sisters birthday :smile: i will be joining him on Dec 29th!!!! :jiggy: Our plan was for him to work for the next 4 months in Sydney doing a job which pays pretty well, after i meet him i may do some volunterry work until march when our friend is meeting us in NZ. We were then BOTH going to work for 6 months in NZ until our visa gets granted and we finally settle in auz!!!! What are your thoughts on where i should lodge the visa? Is it cheaper if done in NZ? Sorry there are SO many questions!!!! I'm sure we've all been there!!! hehe.... Looking forward to hearing your responses!!!!
  8. Hi to all of you that are on your way here. This is just a little useful note for you to know, everyone in Australia is required to lodge a tax return by law. So if you work for a company and you are on a salary they will issue you at the end of the year a Group Certificate of which you handover to your accountant who in turn looks at all your receipts that you will have saved , and then will forward it onto the Tax Man. So please make sure from the moment you arrive in Australia you save ALL your receipts, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Tax rebate you get back. This will also help you when you claim for family assistance and rent assistance. We have been here now for just over two and a half years , and trust me it is good to get a Rebate at the end of the year. To all those that go Self-Employed make sure that you put your tax money aside for the end of year aswell. Regards Mark (marknhelen) :wink::yes:
  9. Hi there, I am posting as i need further advice about my Child visa 101 (offshore) application, that is about to be lodged by my migration agent.... I am aged 23 years old, female, a British citizen, and currently a student (but about to graduate in 3 weeks with a First Class Honours Degree). Last year i appointed a registered migration agent to help lodge my application, my parents used them about 4 years ago when they emigrated to Australia permanently, and to date they have been helpful to me.......However, i have found something out, very recently, that could affacted my eligibility for the visa, of which the migration agent has not made me aware of (which is strange!). Basically i have been advised that i might have to remain a student until the visa is granted, rather than at the time of being lodged... I wanted to know if this is the case and if anyone has experienced problems with this? I have been exploring my options if this is the case, and the main option would be to undertake a Postgraduate course, full-time, which is for 1 year (of which will cost me alot of money!!!), but this would give me an extra year for the visa to go through (hopefully). Alternatively, if i graduated and then remained working part time in my job, whilst still receiving money from my parents, would i still be classed as dependent on my parents, even though i wouldn't have my student status? I will be speaking to my migration agent about this also, but just wanted some advice from others who may have experienced anything like this, or know about it. Thanks Jennifer
  10. Hello guys, I am lodging a subclass 175 application online, with a honours degree (division 2 class 1). I selected that in the honours level in the australian qualification window, however the system only estimated 110 points during the online application (giving me only 5 points for 2 yrs study in aus instead of 15 points for 3 yrs study in aus + upper 2nd class honours degree). I changed the qualification just to see how the system reacts, it turned out that master degree and honours class 1 and class 2 division 1, the system only give 5 points instead of 15 (possibe bug?), but it worked fine with PhD degree.. All those warnings of throwing me into the pool scare me a lot, did I miss anything here or should I submit with 110 points? Thanks in advance
  11. Guest

    Lodging a partner visa - Perth

    Hi again everyone. On the immigration website they say to lodge it via post (courier), but I wanted it done ASAP and was wondering if it is actually possible to do it in person at the Perth office. Not only is it more convenient for us since we work/study around there, but it will cost less since we have about 4kg worth of evidence/application forms!! Thanks for all your help!
  12. Guest

    2 months after lodging

    Dear All , i lodged an e-visa 175 subclass on march 31st , submitted all needed documents within the 28 days they mentioned on the automated reply , BUT i have seen no progress since that day i am wondering if this is normal , that non of the docs i attached had its status changed they are all in the same status , REQUIRED , and the application itself is : 31/03/2011 Application received - processing commenced what is expected next ?
  13. Hi I am in such a stress, I have questions that I need answering!! It has been such a nightmare to find solutions elsewhere so I'm hoping that some kind soul will help out here. I was on a working holiday 417 visa which expired a few weeks ago...not before I was able to lodge a 457 application through a small business that had offered to sponsor me. As I lodged the 457 application before my 417 expired, I'm not on a bridging visa which means I can still work in Oz until they decide whether or not my 457 app was successful. Unfortunately the company that lodged the application for me have now told me that they are going through difficult times and will not be able to employ me, although they are 'kind enough' to not withdraw their application for the 457 until I found something else. It has been a painstaking challenge to find something else, but after many interviews, I've managed to secure a permanent job offer with a 90k package as an Accountant. This offer is contingent on me securing sponsorship elsewhere as they wont do it. So I've been speaking to a 3rd party company Geoffrey Nathan who can sponsor me as a contractor to 'the company'...my question is..can they lodge a 457 application for me whilst I'm on this bridging visa? I think I'd need to get the smaller company to withdraw their app in order for someone else to lodge, which they will be happy to do on my word. I just need to make sure that Geoffrey Nathan wont have any problems getting a 457 for me and I need to know how long it will take as 'the company' want me to start work soon!!! ohhh its such a headache, I'm starting to get depressed :mad: Brandy
  14. Guest

    switching jobs after lodging

    Hello All A month ago , i have lodged an online 175 subclass visa ( as engineering technologist ) , and just yesterday i received an enhanced offer to work in the sales department of another company. I really want to make this move , but i need to make sure that it has no effect on the immigration visa
  15. Hi all Well is anyone in the same boat as us and still no sign of a co? This is our 6th week since lodging and 13 days since WA confirmed they have sent the 1100 form? According to auto reponse this morning we should have a co by now? Priority 2 State Migration Plan: *Priority 2 applications are currently being allocated within a week of DIAC receiving confirmation of a valid nomination from the relevant State/ Territory Government. As a result applicants are encouraged, where possible, to provide decision ready Priority 2 applications to facilitate more efficient processing and finalisation of these applications. Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 1 April 2011 VE 176 (paper): 1 April 2011
  16. Guest

    Question after lodging

    Hello POMSINOZ I have just lodged a 175 visa online , and i attached almost al document except the picture as i forgot to scan it I wanted to login again using the TRN given to me , but the choice " add an additional file " is not there anymore. should i wait for them to ask for it , or is there a way that i can upload it to them ?? ============== Another thing also , when i check the application status i can see the below 31/03/2011 Health requirements outstanding Message 31/03/2011 Medical examination required Message 31/03/2011 Chest X-Ray report required Message 31/03/2011 Chest X-Ray film required Message 31/03/2011 HIV blood test required Message Does this means that i should make the above tests NOW , or should i wait for a CO first
  17. Guest

    Online Lodging OR by post

    Hello POmsinOZ i would like to know from you which is the better way " faster way " to lodge a 175 subclass application as i am not using an agent Is one way faster than the other in terms of documents needed , papers to be certified ? Thanks in advance
  18. My husband has passed his IELTS (8+) and has received verbal confirmation from CPA that he has passed his assessment as an Accountant. Unfortunately the documents hve been in the post for a few weeks. We are planning to apply for SS from Victoria (which I am dredding after reading the forum posts). We can't apply to NSW because my husbnd has no Risk Management, Audit or Taxation experience. I am getting worried that Victoria's response time for SS is 12 weeks (or more!) and the Visa rules are changing in 15 weeks. What would be the impact of applying for the 176 (assuming we get SS) after the 1st July. I think with the new points system we would qualify for a 175 but would be back in the 2-3 year processing times??. Is it likely that visa applications will get suspended around the July time? Is it possible to lodge a 176 without SS? I realise the disadvantage of this is we would have to pay the fee and could lose it if SS was unsuccessful. Thanks for your advice.
  19. Hello! So we lodged our 309/100 back in end Nov, and already provided everything that our CO asked for. First she quoted within 6 months, then 3-10 months. It's been 3 months 2 weeks now. So my partner is moving back to Aus first to secure employment and settle everything that is needed for us to live there. So, the problem is, there will be a change of address since i'm moving out from our rented apartment here and to my parents as our lease is ending in 4 weeks. We never thought it'd be that long, lol. Just emailed CO, and she will take some time to reply. Just wondering, if I need to submit any forms, so just an email to CO to notify her would be sufficient? I'm just scaring myself :dull:
  20. Hi, I am going to lodge in my 886 application next week (I have everything ready apart from the IELTS result, which I checked online that I have four 7s but have not received the report card yet). I am wondering if the paper or online application process faster? I will be in Cate 3. I have read from somewhere about the processing times for GSM but I can't find the website again. Does anyone know about it? I have printed and completed my visa application on paper already, but I don't mind to do it online again if it's easier that way. Thanks in advance! :biggrin: PS. also... do you happen to know how long does it take to have my bridging visa? I am guessing I should have it straight after I lodge in my application?
  21. GaryandGillDublin

    Timeframe from lodging 176 to Visa Grant

    Hey, I know it's like asking how long is a piece of string... but am having a particulary bad day in work today :sad: so just wondered if we're facing months/years of waiting or if our visa could come quicker than that? From reading posts on here, it seems that some people who are waiting since 2008/2009 are getting theirs now which is brilliant but wondered if anyone who is relatively recent like ourselves has any indication on processing times. :wubclub: Timeline is below but here it is as well; Contacted Agent March 2010. TRA organised-bits and bobs gathered and sent off May 2010. TRA approved May 2010. WA SS Dec 2010, approved Jan 2011. 176 submitted 31.01.2011. If anyone could give me good news to cheer up my horrible day, this would be much appreciated :jiggy: Gill x
  22. Hi, This may seem an odd question, but can I send my completed off-shore (subclass 309 and 100) visa to Australia House in London, from Australia in order to lodge it? The reason I am asking is because we will be in a position to lodge the application in mid March of this year, but my flight home is booked for the first week in May, when my current tourist visa expires. Initially I was going to pay to change my flights to an earlier date, but then my OH pointed out that if I am going to send the application by courier when home anyway, why not send it from here and include a covering letter detailing my movements and the date on which I arrive in the UK. This would save me paying out more flight money and is better than the other option of lodging it in May, as with up to 5-6 months processing times, the sooner it is lodged the better. I need and want to work again!! I am applying off-shore because a) I can hopefully work in the UK whilst the visa is being processed and b) I know if I lodge here I cannot leave until a decision is made and two of my best friends are getting married in June c) Supposedly the processing time is shorter than in Sydney, but not so sure on that now. Thanks very much for any advice given!!
  23. Happy New year and holidays to everbody. Wish you all the best! I have an urgent question needing some expertise help. I have worked in Australia for 3 years. My comany has agreed to sponsoring my Australian PR application (subclass 856). One agent has been assigned to me. Of course the agent has asked me to provide many documents.I has been doing accordingly.But I think one point is not very clear or even not correct. My spouse and kid are not in Australia and they don't have plan to migrate with me now. According to checklist of Employer Nomination Scheme, non-migrating family members are also required to undertake health assessments.I have done my own medical check here,but one question is that, do my spouse and kid have to have health assessement before or after lodging my PR appciation ? Because in the form (1071i FORM)of Health requirement, it says that "If you are overseas – do not complete your health examination before you lodge your visa application. The department will provide applicants with detals of the medical examination required for your circumstances." The agent told me that my family members must provide the health assessements now (before lodgement). I doubt that. Does any expert know that they should have the heath examination now or after lodgement ? thanks a lot in advance.
  24. Hello All i have lodged my skill assessment with Engineers Australia a month ago , and i know that i must wait up to 4 month before hearing the results . One of my friends advised me to go ahead and lodge a subcase 175 application now , and tell DIAC that i will send them the assessment results upon receiving them from Engineers Australia is it possible to send an application of subcase 175 without the skills assessment results included ?
  25. inception

    lodging form 80 and 1221

    hi, I lodged my 885 application online in August and I've uploaded all the documents specified in the documents checklist that was in the online system. However I just recently realised that I haven't submitted the forms 80 and 1221. I've been hearing from some people that these forms have to be submitted at the time of application. Is it too late for me to supply these forms as the 28 days timeframe to lodge documents after the date of application has passed now? Please advise.