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Found 19 results

  1. I got the invitation to apply for 190 visa. Started the application myself and went upto last page. I couldnt find any pages asking to upload documents (i.e., assessment, passport, qualifications etc.) except one page asking to upload national identification certificate. Does it mean we dont need to upload anything else - because they were already there from skillselect ? Any ideas please ??
  2. Hi all, We have recently lodged our 189 application (17/06/13). I've uploaded more or less all the requested/required documents and now await our Case Officer. I know there are no hard or fast rules, but are there any similar recent applicants out there who can advise how long the period between lodgment and being assigned a CO? From what I read, things can really move quickly once you have the CO, hence my interest! Much obliged, Neil
  3. Hi - I've just lodged my application with DIAC and am now looking at the long list of documents & evidence I have to provide. I have a couple of questions... 1 - I'm in the UK - apart from asking on this forum, is there any official phone number I can use? An email from DIAC in response to an online enquiry suggested I ring (+61) 1300 364 613. To find out the time zone I looked up area code 13 and it appears to be Macquarie Island. Anyone know if this is right? 2 - Timescales for submission of documents/evidence. How quickly will these need to be submitted? I will need to organise an IELTS test for my wife which will take weeks. Will this be OK? 3 - Health checks - I've read elsewhere that I'm supposed to wait for DIAC to tell me to get these done. The checks are appearing on the checklist when I log on to the DIAC application tracker. Does this mean that effectively they have asked me already? Thanks all, Andy
  4. Watcher

    DIAC Post Lodgement Information

    DIAC have some new webpages providing post lodgement information, these include the information re what applications have been allocated to case officers currently provided by the auto reply from gsm.processing@immi.gov.au. See http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/lodged-information.htm lets hope the allocation page gets updated regularly.
  5. Guest

    For PR lodgement

    Good day, please enlighten me with my dilemma. I am a dentist and is about to lodge my state sponsor application after my ielts in march. In my assesment, it states there that my documents are sufficient for me to take an examination to be qualified as a registered dentist in oz, i nid to pass all the exams b4 i can practice there. Is it possible to apply first for a visa before taking the exams, i plan to take the exam hopefully aftr a visa grant. Would diac grant me a visa or they will ask me to finish all my test b4 visa grant? Thanks in advance. One thing more, OET is the required english test of my assesing body, is it ok if i take the ielts first just for visa lodgement and take the OeT when im about to take the exam? Tnx
  6. Gang Has anyone lodged 175 or 176 visa application nominating 261399 ( Software and Applications Programmers NEC) as the occupation but provided ASCO 2231-79 (specilization) based skills assessment from ACS ? I'm about to lodge my 176 visa app ( I have 2231-79 Unix ACS assessment dated 11May 2010, got VIC ss under SMP on Nov 3rd 2010) and I wonder whether I"m safe to nominate 261399 as the occupation and provide 2231-79 ASCO assessment. VIC gave SS under 261399 ( I gave them my ASCO based assessment) and I know 2231-79 maps to 261399 in ASCO-ANZSCO correlation table, yet just double checking whether 2231-79 ( specialization ) maps to 261399 as well. Any suggestion? thanks tarini
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help, this has probably been asked before but just wondering if changing job will affect/delay our application in anyway. We applied in Oct 2010 for 176 fam sponsor visa with husband trade-Carpenter, he is changing jobs late Jan/early February as a Contracts Manager with a new company. Is it true that this is ok as he showed all evidence in that trade at time of visa lodgement and also do we need to notify Diac of the change,also he is finishing his current position at x mas, so if he is unemployed for a month will this matter when they finally get ound to processing our application? Any information welcome.
  8. Hi Good day I just found out that I have made a mistake in date of IELTS test in lodgement, How would I rectify the mistake ? Regards:hug:
  9. Hello. How's everyone's Easter break? I'm going to have to work from today till Monday :wacko: I'm currently studying Dip. of Hospitality and the last class is on the 11th of June. I have my TRA assessment done(pre-Jan 2010), and have IELTS 7 each band. Here's 'if'. If DIAC does not apply the new rules in June, I could probably apply for 885 PR visa that time. Age 30 SOL 60(Cook) IELTS 25 Aus Study 5(2yrs TAFE) - If I lodge an online application on the 30th of June, is it what they call lodgement date? - What if the school cannot produce course transcript by June even though the course completion date is 11th of June. Can I upload the transcript later in July without taking any risk? - Any suggestions to prove course completion? I have problem getting this transcript on time. School admin does not wanna give me an answer when they can print it out. They just say I can get it on Graduation day in July. This is by the assumption that the new rules will apply from July. And I clearly understand 885 nonCSL non MODL no Sponsor will have no promsie how long it's gonna take to be granted. :sad: Thank you all for the answers ahead.
  10. Guest

    Lodgement date 08.Feb , help...

    Hi, My paper 176 visa application is delivered by post to DIAC on 08.Feb :sad: and I am now very confused of what will happen to my application. My application is VIC sponsored CSL at the moment. I Just received DIAC's acknowledgment letter and application date is 08.Feb (bad luck?) What happens to my application if my occupation is not in the new SOL? I appreciate if Gill or any other professional adviser could help and answer my question. Thanks, Siavash
  11. Guest

    visa lodgement

    can anyone tell me how long it is from when you send your visa application until its actually lodged with the DIAC?? coming up for 45 and panacking a bit about missing the cut off:confused:
  12. Hi all I received this reply Dear Mr H Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. As a case officer has requested health checks for your family and it is state nominated we MIGHT consider processing this application. The time of processing is likely to be related to when the health checks expire and as they don,t expire until October next year then it MIGHT be a long time before any more processing if any happens. If you read the following policy statement you will hopefully understand the reason for my answer. The Department is processing applications according to Ministerial Direction No. 42 - Order of consideration - certain Skilled Migration visas. The Department anticipates that a small number of State sponsored non-CSL applications will be finalised this program year. Finalisations will focus on applications where health and character checks have been requested by the case officer. I must re-iterate that there are no guarantees on allocation of or decision on your application. Yours sincerely, R Butler for General Skilled Migration Department of Immigration and Citizenship Has anyone had a similar reply to this and what does 'MIGHT' mean and 'any more processing, if any'........ Can anyone shed any light on this.:confused: Many thanks Helen x
  13. Hi All, I am a GSM 175 (MODL) applicant, My occupation is present in current MODL. So, at the time of lodgement I have opted for MODL 15 points to meet the 120 points eligibility criteria. According to the latest DIAC updates, MODL will be revised in another couple of months. Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) Review opens for submissions If my occupation goes out of MODL in near future, will it affect my application in further processing ? I understand the delay in MODL processing, but I am worried about the Eligibility part, Also confused with below statements..... DIAC website says - "If your nominated occupation is on MODL either at the time your application is lodged or assessed, you will be eligible for 'occupation in demand/job offer' points on the General Skilled Migration points test. You will receive extra points if you have a job offer from a suitable Australian employer." My online application says - "Changes to the Migration Occupation in Demand List and the Skilled Occupation Lists between the time of lodgement and the time of assessment may affect the points awarded when your application is assessed". Can any one please give some clarity on this..... Cheers for any help. SAM :confused:
  14. John Gilfillan

    Time from Lodgement

    Hi All, My Fiance and I are just about to lodge our application within the next week. Can anyone tell us what is the average time it takes for completion? We are applying for a 175 as my Fiance is a Cook. Cheers, John :Randy-git:
  15. Guest

    Change of job after lodgement

    Hi guys, I want to put a question out there and see if you can help me, we made full lodgement last week ( Happy days ) but i have since been sounded out about another job outwith my trade, it looks realy good but i'm not sure how this will affect my application now it's gone ? ? ? ? ? Has anybody been here before ? Look forward to your comments Koala Brothers :skeptical:
  16. Guest

    Post lodgement query?

    Hi all. Please send the detail if any one lfilled the pst lodgement query form to DIAC and what reply the got and timeline of that reply?
  17. Hello, I applied for subclass 176 (relative sponsored) in sep 2008. I can also easily complete all points for subclass 175 (skilled independent). Is it possible that I change my visa category from 176 to 175 now after I have lodged it? Thanks
  18. We've been out here in WA working in construction in the Pilbara since March 06 and have followed through the process from 457 and now through the ENS and are awaiting our award for our Permanent Residency. Our application was lodged mid-June 08 and we were hoping for an award this side of Xmas... Is this wishful thinking or do any of you guys have an inside line on the approximate times for processing? By the way, I do sympathise with everyone having to go through the paperwork and so on...it's hard work! :skeptical:
  19. Hiya, Does anyone know approximately how long between lodging the application and getting medicals requested? Do you get the medicals requested after you have a case officer? Just checking, as I need to cardiologist report for my medical, and my appointment isnt until end of Nov, and lodging early Sept hopefully. Do you think I should bring my cardiologist appointment forward in case? Thanks for your help in advance, xxxxxxxxx