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Found 44 results

  1. Joachim

    Help - Ready to Lodge 189

    Hi All I got my invitation to apply for the 189 visa this morning and I want to apply straight away (I'm not using an agent) but I have some queries as follows and was hoping somebody would be able to help me..... 1. Once I submit the application, do I then have to wait for it to be processed before I submit all my necessary documentation? I didn't find anywhere on the application where I am required to do so 2. When do I make the payment for the visa? 3. Can I go ahead and have the medical completed so that it doesn't delay me further down the line? I'm aware that this is all I need for the medical? (a medical examination, a chest x-ray and (if aged 11 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds), an HIV test (if aged 15 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds)) I'm really confused on this question Does the applicant have any dependent family members not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents? My boyfriend is currently in Australia on a 457 visa and I've already stated on the application that we're defacto as well as the date the relationship started as requested, I'm not currently adding him to my visa application (although that may change later) I would really appreciate it if anyone has any experience of any of the above and could shed some light on it for me Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I have a bit of a dilemma. I received an e-mail from the ANMAC on the 26th May to say my application had been completed. My on-line status says 'application approved'. I have not yet received my letter of determination and I am worried I am not going to receive it before the 1st July (175 points change). I sent an e-mail beginning of last week to the ANMAC asking if the letter has been posted and if I have been found 'suitable for migration'. Up till now I have not had a reply. Just wondering if any other nurses have had their application approved and received a letter of determination saying 'not suitable for migration'. I am desperate to get my visa app in before July 1st Kind regards x
  3. IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL THOSE YET TO LODGE THEIR 176 VISA WITH WA SS Hi all, please see the following message I received from my agent today who are preparing our visa application; 'We heard from Western Australia today saying that they require all signed agreements to be with them before the 21st of June. We cannot send the signed agreement to them until the application is lodged. As this is the case I would strongly recommend having all documentation into me by the 15th of June so that we can lodge the application and have the agreement sent on before the 21st. Hope this is of help. Thanks, Lucy.
  4. I am a little confused! My boyfriend can apply for a 176 ss visa and we want to do this before 1st July. however does he need to have taken the skills assessment and passed this before we can lodge an application? If we do then i am worried as i understand that we may not get a date before then. If so i am assuming we can't apply as he wont qualify after July 1st. does anyone know please. thanks Sally
  5. Heather Law

    What happens when you lodge your visa

    :confused:What happens when you lodge your visa? Does somebody at DIAC tot up your points and decides if you are OK to proceed to a case officer or does it go straight to a case officer? I have 65 points and am counting 15 points for work experience. my skills assessment shows only 5 because it only assessed my current occupation and took it from the day i got my degree. I have scoured DIAC web site and i cannot find anywhere that the experience has to match the skills assessment and i was on the understanding that the skills assessment was a seperate tick in the box to what you actually lodge with DIAC. I phoned DIAC and they said lodge and let the case officer decide...I am worried if i do i will have thrown away the best part of £2000 if the experience has to match skills assessment. Please help:eek:
  6. Hi all, I have just lodged my application for PR last week. As I understand, I am now eligible for Medicare. However my company has been paying for private health insurance on my behalf for the last 3 1/2 years. Question is : Do I have to let them know that I have lodge for PR and they can cancel the private health insurance? Or can I wait till I get PR granted to enroll with medicare and pay for my own private health insurance? Bottom line is I would like to keep enjoying their good health insurance cover as much as I can, but not sure if I can?? Cheers Lili
  7. I have lodged my TR application Individually. At the time of lodgement I havnt meet the the requirement for IELTS. I processed the application with my old IELTS for the application. But, now I have got the score in all modules above six for TR eligibility. I need to lodge for an second TR application. I heard from an agent I can simultaneously lodge 2 TR applications. When I about to lodge the second application. I am getting an error message stating that "An application for this service has already been lodged. Please contact the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre". I am trying to process my application individually. Pls guide me with these issues.
  8. Hi all, I've been in Oz since November 2011 and worked two jobs since i have been here. I have just filled out the majoirty of my online tax return assesment but before i lodge I have just wanted to make sure that the D.I.Y way of doing it (on the gov website through etax) is the most efficient? I looked into getting an agent doing it and they quoted me a larger return figure than the online goverment did. However i'm assuming that this will decrease once they start taking fee's etc. If anyone else has experience in completing the tax return and can advise me on the best way to do it i'd appreciate it. Many thanks, Ben.
  9. Hey guys, We lodged our application in June 2009, if I want to convert my application to a SS application do I need to lodge a new application? It was told, if the application was lodged before July 2010 we don't need a new application, but with all the new changes on July 2011 can we still do this? Thanks is advance
  10. Hi guys, I recently completed a medical check and x-ray for 887 visa, then emailed the agent for instruction of lodgement of the 887 visa along with final payments, as I have prepared all documents throughly including overseas and AFP police checks before undergoing medical check. As soon as I completed medical check, I immediately instructed to lodge the application knowing that medical check results will be out after 2 weeks or so - at the same time when a case office will be probably assigned. I am wondering whether it is allowed or possible for me to lodge the same subclass visa application again for 2nd time in paper or online? This is to make sure that I don't make mistakes or to see which one goes faster to get visa granted. Sometimes both attempts would produce either one outcome -whichever is best. Also, for any one experienced in visa application handling, if my application is submitted or lodged whilst the medical results are in processing by medicare to be checked by Dimia later, does that mean my application is DRC ready? If it is submitted online and processed by Brisbane centre I am sure it would probably takes about 1 month because my agent mentioned to me that similar applicant applied it before and got his visa after 28 days. Thanks for any feedback to be made from you in opinion about this in advance. Has anyone with deafness successfully having the PR visa granted before? I'm about to be the one to give this a go.
  11. Raul Senise

    E lodge system maintenance today

    For those hoping to lodge a last minute application today to beat the 1st of July changes, be warned that Immigration will be doing maintenance on the e lodge system from 8pm tonight. See here for details.
  12. Sorry to ask another question tonight but we're waiting for my husbands copy birth certificate as he didn't have the full version. GRO have said it'll be sent next week and as we have almost everything else scanned and ready for lodging our 176 app online I wondered whether we can do ahead without the birth cert and upload it next week? I read on one of the other threads that you have 28 days to upload documents. Can anyone advise if this is the case and we'd be OK to proceed without it?
  13. I lodge my application on april 13 and it wouldhave been reached there by 20 April( I didnt check because i sent it through post -no tracking system). Until now i havent recieved the acknowledgment mail. When I can expect the acknowledgement? Do anyone near to this dates has got acknowledgment? How Can i make sure that DIAC recieved my application? impatiently Waiting for your responses Rex
  14. Hi peeps, I hope someone can help, I am forward planning at the moment and gonna struggle to get submitted before the rules/points test change in July 11, So I am hoping that after vetasses, tra and ielts has been done (this will all be by march 11) that I may be able to submit the visa application by mid june, I will be applying for the SS straight after but probably wont get a reply in time for lodgment, Any help would be great, thanks in advance fellow pio'ers :wubclub: And I tend to rabble on and people cant always understand what I am asking...lol so if this doesnt make sense please just ask...lol :cute:
  15. Hi, I am currently in Australia but plan to return to the UK to lodge my de facto application at Australia House, London (a: I would like to be able to leave oz for some weddings that are coming up, b: I have used my work visa for Oz and am now on a tourist visa, so would like to have the opportunity to earn some money at home, as savings are decreasing!) I am putting together my application whilst here and will be having my medical completed in Australia, as I literally want to get off the plane and lodge it, esp. as processing times have crept up to 6 months in the UK. All of documents will have been certified by a JP and JPs are one of the professions listed that can certify documents in the UK and Ireland. This might be a silly question, but does it matter that they will have been signed by an Australian JP and not one from the UK? Also, the stat dec 888 forms completed by our aussie friends and family may be signed by anyone listed on the 888 form, that is correct even when lodging the form in the UK? Just concerned, as many professions listed on the 888 form are not listed as professions that can certify docs in the UK (see dima_cert - Australian High Commission) Thanks in advance :smile:
  16. Hello out there, I hope someone can offer some advice and sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I am Australian and My wife is South African and we live in the UK with our 2 children (on Aussie passports). I have a job in oz and we are moving to sydney in March but my wife needs a visa. We plan to go the PR spouse visa route, but dont have enough time to get the application in and approved before we go. I phoned the embassy and they said my wife can enter on a tourist visa and then apply for PR from within Australia, however i have seen conflicting info saying that you cant enter on a tourist visa if you intend to stay. It should be noted that she has no intention of working. Can anyone advise what the best way to go is and if we did do the tourist visa thing, would immigration give us a hard time? Many thanks for any advice. Simon
  17. Hi guys, I've lodged my 885 online in Sep 10 and now I'm planning to do 886 (to take advantage of the State Sponsorship) Is it possible to lodge 886 online? Or it has to be done in papers? Cheers
  18. Guest

    Please help! Must I lodge???

    Hi I have just been contacted by an agent based in south african advising me that I should lodge my visa app myself today still before the changes. My agent in Aus can still assist after lodgement - but he said he is "worried" that there might be big changes that would affect tradies etc (possibly) and if I can lodge today even by myself I should! Can anyone tell me or give me advice? My agent is based in Aus and although I mailed him early afternoon there is no way I will hear from him before tomorrow when it might be too late? Can the application be altered after lodgement? Can documents be added etc? I have the basics I think to lodge but have no clue about anything. Only got State Sponsor approval today so I'm totally unprepared!! How difficult is it - any help please?
  19. Hi, Does anybody know if I can go offshore and lodge a 175 visa while studying in australia already on a two year student visa? I already have my skills assesed in a trade other than what I am studying, but do not want to leave australia after my studies. Am I allowed to do this? Any help would be great thanx.
  20. gaz n family

    Why do we lodge it?

    I have always been under the assumption that for State Sponsorship route is; Step 1 Apply and wait for Skills assessment - if positive move to step 2 Step 2 Apply to State Government - If positive move to step 3 Step 3 Apply to DIAC for 176 Visa - If positive celebrate, pack the bags and get out of here. So, i have see on some threads that people in the past have applied to DIAC before they had received State Sponsorship approval. Can you do that? I know it will be a risk should your SS application be refused. But does this speed up the process as i assume they have to wait until you (the applicant) informs them of the decission. So if this is the case how does it speed up the process?
  21. Hi friend, on 25/10/10 I got SS from SA as a civil engg... So i can wait for SMP or apply to DIAC for 176 .....In SA interim list there was civil engg but quota filled so they have removed from interim list so it will be in the SMP list? I want to lodge file as soon as possible....they have granted my SS on last monday so 99% civil engg occupation on SMP list.... But its matter or priority + 2575 $... So can i go ahead to apply at DIAC or wait for SMP:arghh:
  22. Firstly lots of thanks to all of u for your help. Dear I need some suggestion; I have applied for SC 176 (by Relative sponsor) in august 2010. However i would like to apply again by taking state sponsorship from SA. Now i have some queries regarding second application lodgment. 1. Can i apply again by SC176 state sponsorship (i mean will it has any problem with my present application?) 2. Someone has mentioned in earlier tread that 2nd one should be paper based application. My question is... if i can apply!! can apply second application by on-line. 3. if i get visa based on second application (by Cat 2)...then after few month of i get visa for my first application..Can i cancel my SS visa (2nd Application)? Thanks in anticipation Regards Joy :mad:
  23. Dear all, I lodge PR 176 offshore 176 (relationship sponsor) online on 8/1/2010. On 19/1/2010 my status is " Application being processed further ". All my documents are met except status of "Evidence of Specific Work Experience" is " Further checking required ". I have some questions: 1. About "Evidence of Specific Work Experience", I added my bank statement to show that my company pay me salary 4 months ago. But its status still " Further checking required". I do not know that if my CO look at my added document or not or I still need to submit another document else. Will CO email us and tell us which document I need to send them (about my self I think I upload enough documents)? 2. About health check and PCC: I did notice that I have to take this because I was looking forward to receiving email from CO (but nothing happened). Last week I read this forum and I realize that the status of them is "requested" long time ago. This means I have to do it now, right? I intend to have 2 thing done in the next 2 weeks. 3. In the document check list, I do not see form 80 ,so I do not need to submit them, is it right? 4. In document check list, just status of mine is changed (I am main applicant). This means when I finish all my documents, then they will check documents of my family. is it right? I apply by myself , no agent so I feel a bit worried. Hope that you can help me. Thanks all
  24. Hi I am a Registered Nurse with 23 years experience, 19 yrs on the wards and 4 years as a Community Palliative Care Nurse (same as a MacMillan nurse). My problem is that I don't have IELTS. I have a positive Skills Assessment from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council and Registration with QNC. I managed to avoid the IELTS by applying for these before it became compulsory last year. I applied for Queensland SS which was granted in April 2010. However, hubby didn't get the 176 paperwork sorted out before the May 7th GSM suspension. Now QLD want IELTS for SMP sponsorship. My question is do I lodge a 176 with SS and in the meantime get IELTS, QLD SMP and send them on to DIAC when I recive them or do I wait for QLD to publish the SMP, apply then lodge a 176 SMP. (The old ASCO code correlates to any of the new ANZSCO nursing codes) My fear is that I could fail the IELTS and God knows how many times I might have to resit it, delaying lodgement of 176 if I wait to get SMP first. Also the delay in submitting a 176 could mean the revised points test could hit me if takes a number of resits for IELTS (age 43 and the possibility of less points for my age). Your help - Please ! Mrs Moo