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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm currently a second year university of birmingham business management drop-out as of 3 days ago, oh the joy. However for a few months now me and three close friends (age 19-20) have been seriously considering to move to Australia to live for a considerable amount of time with the intention of staying there for the rest of our days. 2 of my friends are qualified with diploma level two qualification in basic skills of plumbing, one has a qualification in bar management and has worked in one for 2 years. I am currently a bar supervisor in a nightclub that i've been working in for about 5 months. Our end aims (5-10years) ideally are to have joint businesses in both. But we need help in how to go about this i.e. The types of visa's we should apply for (as we are only looking to book a one way flight and not have to go back) Actual location in oz, its a toss up between Sydney and Melbourne but completely open to your suggestions And finally how we should go about securing jobs any comments are welcome good or bad, as we really want to know the reality of the situation thanks Conrad x
  2. derham

    WA regional Locations

    Has anyone moved to WA under the 475 visa and if so what are the regional areas like for schools, shopping, entertainment and work:mad:?
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know any good cycle location around the Melbourne area. My GF got me a bike for xmas last year and have hardly used it and keep promising to do some cycling at the weekend. We did a track down Williamstown once but was looking for something a bit more adventous but not too far from the city! Thanks in advance!
  4. Ok, so I'm looking for recent experiences and costs of Medicals in various parts of England. I live in North London, so Knightsbridge or Brentwood would be the obvious choices I guess. I was quoted £295 per adult and £95 for my son. Does that sound about righ, and would people recommend Brentwood? I can't bring myself to look at the prices for Knightsbridge. I guess Birmingham would be doable - anyone know the costs?
  5. Sorry please ignore first post. Too many typos (I guess that's what happens when your distracted in a internet cafe) Hi All, I've just moved to Sydney and i'm looking to rent a studio / one bed flat. I've spent the last few days selecting potential locations. I'm just wondered if anyone can provide me their opinion on the following areas: - Potts Point - Elizabeth Bay - Rushcutters Bay Looks like I need to sign up to a six month lease, so hoping to be careful where I end up :wideeyed:
  6. sleepywombat

    Mobile Speed Camera Locations...

    Mobile speed cameras Safe driving folks Cx
  7. Guest

    New Years Eve Locations

    This is a request. I can't decide if Sydney or Melbourne is the place to be for New Years Eve. The TV always shows the firefowrks on Sydney Harbour every year but my brother, who lives in Melbourne, tells me that New Years eve in Melbourne is far superior. (He's lived in both cities but in Melbourne longer) Can anyone shed some light please on which is a Must thing to do and see in Oz for New Years Eve Please? thanks
  8. Would you compromise space for location and also would you rent in an area that you most likely couldn’t afford to buy a property in? In the uk we live in a largish four double bedroom detached property, we brought it brand new in 99’ and love it. Despite there being just the two of us and a kitty cat we use the space well. One bedroom is used as an office; one as a guest room and the other spare room is my dressing room. So we don’t rattle around our home. Whilst were in Australia last year we rented a three bed apartment to begin with and then moved to a two bed apartment and again we managed and were comfortable. Now that our move is getting closer we have started to look at rental properties and the areas that we would like to live. We have short-listed the following areas (in order of preference) - Subiaco Freemantle / Cottesloe Mullaloo Mindarie As you can see all these areas are very different and we like them all for very different reason but the property options in each area are also extremely different taking into account our budget (max $650 per week). Subi – Love the small boutique style shops, the more village feel, the Larma bar on a Friday evenings for cocktails and all the other lovely bars, cafes and restaurants. We are a very young at heart mid thirties kind of couple, who really enjoy going out for drinks and meals. On a more sensible note, its very close to CBD and has free transport links. I doubt we would ever be able to afford to buy a property in Subi but we are not thinking of doing that for at least two years. The properties are old and small. I doubt we could afford a three-bed house but we may be able to get a three-bed apartment in a new complex with a pool. (Lulu is a house cat so no outdoor space isn’t an issue for her, although Im not sure anyone would rent to us with a kitty) Freemantle – We both just loved the relaxed feel of this area, again lots of places to enjoy an active social life. Having searched the rental sites most properties in central freo are older and therefore smaller, if we moved slightly south maybe to Hamilton Hill we would maybe get a four bed modern-ish property with a pool. Cottesloe – An amazing beach, golf course, tennis courts, a few nice restaurants and god bars but maybe we are a bit old for some of the bars. Also good transport links to CBD. Properties are old and very few have pools, also we could never afford to buy there. Affordable rentals are few and far between. Mullaloo – A wonderful beach, some fairly modern properties with the possibility of a pool. We found a couple of places to eat and drink too. A think the local community is more mixed, Brits and Aussie which we would like, the thought of moving to ‘Little Britain’ isn’t one that appeals. There are also some lovely parklands with bbq’s to chill out in on a Sunday afternoon. Mindarie – Very new modern properties that are very affordable. In fact we could really ‘live the dream’ house wise in this area. We could def afford a 4 bed property with pool, all mod cons, lots of space but there isn’t (as far as we could see) a lot to do of an evening, I know there is a marina area with the boat pub but that was all we could see there was? Also when we visited the boat we didn’t hear one Aussie accent. So my question is, would you downsize to live in an area you couldn’t afford to buy in but you really like the area. Or would you live the dream and live like youre on cribs? What would you do? Thanks Emma X p.s. sorry for such a long winded post!
  9. Hello all!! My husband and I are in very early stages in deciding whether a move to Oz is the right decision for us and our family. We had hoped on getting a skilled independant visa but don't score enough points and so it looks like we would have to get a visa so that we go to areas of low population growth first. Fine don't mind that and one agent has told us we can go to Tasmania or Darwin only, is this the case as I found this link on the IMMI site: Regional Australia/Low Population Growth Metropolitan Areas - Workers - Visas & Immigration we would like to go to Adelaide as our first choices had been Sydney or Melbourne. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks:yes:
  10. Guest

    help houses schools locations

    :wacko:Hi everyone we hope to be moving out to the sunshine coast june/july this year and are now looking for rental properties. We are going on a student visa so we need advice on areas to rent, what commute times to college in mooloolaba,from different areas,recomend any schools,kindergarten for kids.Also house rentals is it best to rent short term first then find a place we really like these decisions are coming thick and fast we would appreciate any advice thanks karl & allison
  11. Wishing you all the very best of luck for 2008!! I have just had a successful result from Vetassess (see other post) Electricans and Motor mechanics -assessed at City College, Birmngham (2 days) Plumbers -assessed at London (2 days) Carpenters -assessed in Lancs (not sure where) Hope this helps all fellow tradesmen!! Bernie :radar:
  12. Hi We're still very much undecided as to what area we want to head for - the main criteria are: 1. year round warmth (dont mind tropical rain!) 2. affordable housing - we are looking for min 4 bed + 2 bath + pool up to AU$450k 3. WORK!! unfortunately although I intend to "pack it all in" Graham will still have to work to keep me & the kids in the lifestyle to which I am going to become used to!! No, seriously we do need to work out there as a little too young to retire. We've looked at WA - Geraldton, NT - Katherine & now looking at Cairns - surrounding areas as the houses here seem to be lower prices that the other two areas - is there something we don't know? Any advice - tried loads of websites but bricklaying jobs don't seem to be listed. Loads of friends tell us that brickies are in demand pretty much all over Oz but they don't advertise as it is a case of turn up and ask! Graham has a great track record having only worked for two employers in the past 18 years since he finished his apprenticeship so he has "staying power" and would prefer something permanent. Any ideas or do we need to wait til we get there? Also, lots of home loan sites & books refer to various offers for first time buyers - Does this mean first time buyers in Oz or first time altogether? Although we're selling our main residence to move, we're keeping a house/business in the Channel Islands when we move so won't even have sold everything ? sorry this is really long - i've got so many questions I should split them up and add one a day so as not to bore everyone to death immediately !!!!