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Found 32 results

  1. My partner and I are moving to Tinonee near Taree in Feb 2014 and wondered if there was anyone else close by? Any local info would be hugely appreciated too Many thanks!:biggrin:
  2. Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend have recently moved to Torquay, been here just under a month now, I am 25 and my boyfriend is 29. We both feel like it would be good to meet others living locally to us, is anyone else local to Torquay and fancy meeting for a drink? Hollie :-)
  3. Hello Darwin. We should be heading your way May of next year if we sell our house....but just wondering about best area to live with 2 small children with regard to pre-schools, entertainment, 'nice' safe areas, etc, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :daydreaming: This is as close as the 'Smilies' get to sleep deprived I guess.
  4. Hi, Can I use my local country driving licence after arriving to Melbourne. Is so how long? thank you, horizone
  5. Hello there, Trying to get my 5 yr old into Year 1 in a local village school in UK. Secured a rental & are only x3 mins walk from the school but have been advised he is unlikely to get in. Spoke to the school directly & they have a waiting list & have suggested it is first come, first served, even though the school is 3 mins away for our new address.... Any advice on what we can do? Can we appeal? Wondering if anyone else has experienced this & what they did?! thanks.
  6. Petals

    Local Newspapers

    Local newspapers provide a lot of information about the areas in Melbourne and if you read them regularly you get a feel for the suburbs they represent. Leader Newspapers are on line and you just register with them and they forward the paper to your mail box, also you can read other papers from other areas on their site. I love the fact that they have been doing this as it saves on paper and also is so convenient. They come out in the beginning of each week. http://leader-news.whereilive.com.au/
  7. Hi All, We have had to abandon Redcliffe as our chosen place to live as the commute has been much longer than anticipated. We are now looking south of the river in the bayside but we don't know this area well. Today I saw a house in Ormiston on Fletcher Tce which seems nice and I think we would like to go for it but what is the area like? What choice do we have for primary schools as we can't stretch to Ormiston College unfortunately? It seems like we would have to use the car to get to anywhere as I couldn't see any shops or parks nearby but maybe I missed them. I would prefer to walk sometimes at least. Also, is there much going on for under 5's? Redcliffe only seems to have storytime at the library and three playgroups which are full. Any local info very much appreciated as we are under pressure to find something soon. Thanks in advance Louise
  8. Hiya everyone. Hope you're all good. Just thought I'd let you know I have a radio show in North Devon, if you fancy a listen. (Time difference might make it difficult.) I'm on air right now, but my usual shows are: Thursday - 2pm-6pm Friday - 6pm-10pm Sunday - 9am-1pm (All GMT) Just thought you might like to have a listen, and see what's happening. A real mix of music played. Best regards, Anna.
  9. Guest

    Local Removalist wanted

    Hi there I live in Perth (northrtn suburbs) I am looking for a removalist . We are only moving locally but there are so many listed. Not sure what they charge either. We are on a pension and want a reasonable firm. I know someone out there will be able to help me and put me in touch with someone good. Cheers to you all Bonnie
  10. Petals

    Newspapers local areas

    Leader Newspapers now deliver their papers on line. These are local area newspapers and a source of information about areas, also local jobs etc. Have a look at the Leader Web Site Leader News newspapers Melbourne news, sport, events, blogs, competitions - whereilive You can select the paper you are interested in and read on line. You can also sign up to have it emailed to you each week if you are very interested in an areas. Gives you an insight to the crime, local services etc.
  11. Hi, I present a radio programme which airs on all the local BBC stations in the midlands.. well, most of them. I'm looking for ex-pats from the midlands to chat - by Skype - about what it's like to live overseas. The time would be 00.30 British Summer time on Saturday. It's last about 10 mins. if you can help, please drop me a pm I'd be massively grateful! Thanks, Dean BBC Coventry & Warwickshire BBC Derby BBC Hereford & Worcester BBC Leicester BBC Lincolnshire BBC Nottingham BBC Shropshire BBC Stoke
  12. Can anyone recommend a CHEAP (note the capitals for emphasis!) removal company for a small house move in Brisbane? We are moving from a 2 bedroom, 5th floor apartment in the city out 20km to a low set house in the suburbs. We only really need all the big heavy furniture and fragile stuff taken. We thought about doing it ourselves, but frankly we'd rather we had professionals with insurance doing it. Has anyone used any local companies they could recommend for a cheap and quick move (this weekend!)
  13. Hi everyone, My husband and I are moving from London to the Sunshine Coast (thinking Mooloolaba or nearby, can't wait!!) in June. We both currently work as managers in local government in London (me in housing and he in business improvement) and while I'm keen to get a similar job in Oz, he is really after the seachange and wants to be a postie (currently has L plates on his motorbike over here but is keen to get full licence asap). We would be really grateful for any advice about how difficult or easy it might be to get work in these fields on the Sunny Coast, and what kind of pay could be generally expected? I am Australian citizen but from Melbourne and have been living on London for 7 years so have no idea about what to expect! OH is UK citizen on a subclass 100 visa and wants to try something different after 25 years with the same employer in London. Thanks so much, and thanks in general for this great forum, it has been so much help for us in planning our move!
  14. Well, that time has finally come! We board the plane in a little over 12 hours. We are taking a 'vacation' for 10 days in Manly then jetting up the coast in a shiny new ride to find a place to live in GC. Are there any locals we can meet up with for a frank and honest chat about neighborhoods, places to live, nightlife, schools etc? We have one 19month old rambunctious little misfit Perhaps someone with young kid(s) might give us some tips? A quick coffee by the ocean or even a tour of nice spots would be greatly appreciated - we've done our reading, but nothing counts as much for us as talking to someone that's living there. Thanks! See you on the flip side! Andrea & Darren & Jonah.
  15. cherrytree

    local servicies in your area!!

    We live in North Lakes!! Put all good trade services in your area that others can use as we know this can sometimes be hard when looking for the right person for the right job!
  16. Petals

    Local Newspapers

    For those who are interested you can now read the local Leader newspapers on line these papers have local information, employment, real estate etc. You just select the area you are interested in. Leader Community ePaper
  17. Hi-Ive been emailing primary schools NOR in Perth although my kids wont start till Oct term. Most schools seem to be local intake area which is fine, but we want to rent in Butler area possibly to start with whilst we look about and decide what we want to buy. If the kids start at a school in whatever area we are renting in, do they have to move schools if we then , for example , buy a house a couple of suburbs away ? Obviously Id have to be driving them but just thinking about moving schools again and putting them through more upheaval !! :unsure: Thanks.
  18. Hi, just wondering if anyone can say for definite if a local government officer is able to witness statutory declarations and certify copies of documents. I notice they are on the list of people who can countersign passports, it's just i have neighbour who is one and this would save me a fair bit of money if he were able to sign for me. Sarah
  19. AUSTRALIAN-BORN workers have been shielded from the worst of the global recession, as employers have mainly restricted the economy-wide job losses to migrant workers. Although unemployment is rising across the board as opportunities vanish, there is a clear divide emerging between the treatment of local and overseas-born workers.
  20. Jobs in our local pager as at May 18 Cabinet Makers Graeme Dart 03 9783 7900 think this may have been posted already New Home Maintenance Sub-Contractor Hallbury Homes P O Box 661 Mount Eliza 3930 hallbury.homes@optusnet.com.au Bricklayers and labourers 0418 506 219 South East Suburbs Cabinet Maker hastings 03 5979 8850 Forklift Operator Somerville 03 5977 7212 or apply P O Box 133 Somerville 3912 Panel Beater Somerville Phone Bill 0421 699 626 Panel Beater Rosebud phone 03 5981 2033 Part Time Bookkeeper four hours per week day to suit applicant MYOB and BAS 1300 656 221 Apprentice Diesel Mechanic harley.fremlin@solo.com.au Casual Screen Printer 9.30 - 3 pm flexible five days Lisa Cartwright lisa@sagamore.com.au 03 9781 8084 Sales Office Manager Fletcher International Pty Ltd 21 Rutherford Road , Seaford, no phone calls LPG Fitter and Mechanics Wignall Group apply Lou Danchos Group Fixed Operations Manager on -03 59 70 8700 or idonchos@jeffwignall.com.au Frankston South Permanent part time medical receptionist experience in general practice 25 hours per week including some evenings and Sat mornings 03 9787 4266 Boilermaker - Hastings - Jack Thompson Engineering jtehast@jte.com.au 03 59794250 Confident with reading drawings and working minimum supervision $19.95 per hour plus super, training and equipment supplied Usual lots of chefs and health workers
  21. Hi all I have a 3 month visitor here ( Kinross ) :wacko: who needs to get out a bit!! Any one lonely for some company? He is fully functional!! and clear thinking chatty 92 year old fella He gets terribly bored when we are all out at work during the day. All suggestions gratefully received!! regards Tracyx
  22. kelmart

    Choosing A Local Football Team

    This is one for the footie enthusiasts: I am an Aston Villa fan here in the UK and my husband is a Birmingham City fan. I would like to support a local team in Australia. I have recently heard of Perth Glory only because they have made an illegal approach to buy Kevin Philips and may be playing Wolverhampton Wanderers soon. We are looking to emmigrate to the Brisbane area but I don't want to pick a dodgy local team like WBA or be a glory supporter to the likes of Manchester United either !!! Some may not think that I have good taste but in any event I need some help in picking a good team especially if my husband and I pick rival teams !!! Cheers Kelly x x x
  23. TEMPORARY skilled migrant workers will earn the same wage as local workers under a tightening of the 457 visa program announced by the Rudd Government yesterday. The changes, unveiled by Immigration Minister Chris Evans, will also lift the standard of English required for 457 visa holders. And employers seeking to bring in foreign workers will have to meet tougher benchmarks to prove they are committed to training and recruiting local workers. Senator Evans said the measures were aimed at protecting overseas workers and ensuring local wages and conditions were not undercut. Under the current 457 visa scheme, all temporary skilled migrants are entitled to a minimum wage of $43,440, regardless of their profession. That salary will be increased by 4.1 per cent to $45,221 from July 1. Migrant jobs to attract local wages | The Australian
  24. Hi can anyone shed any light on the cost of local council taxes in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, Is this the same as we pay here in England ie, rates, water rates, council tax etc. Also what is the minimum rental agreement on property. We are worried we find a house to rent only to find we later dont like the area or it is too fare to commute to work. Its so hard to tell from the internet. :arghh: many thanks Lynne
  25. Herald Sun Poll Poll Popup | Herald Sun