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Found 20 results

  1. briggs

    Student Loans

    Hi, I have a student loan repayment in the UK, Would i still have to pay this back if i migrated to Australia? Thank you fro your help
  2. Rogmandera

    University Funding

    Hello I am a dual citizen of the Uk and Australia, by descent in Australia as my dad was born there. I am considering going to university in Australia but was wondering what (if any) help from the Australian government I am entitled to, meaning loans or grants. I know that in the uk you have to be a resident for 3 years as well as a citizen to receive a loan. Is this the case in Australia? Hope you can help, thanks
  3. Guest

    Australian Student Loans

    Hello. Can someone give me some information on how the student loan system differs? in Britain the loan covers your fee's and also you get a certain amount for living costs etc per year whilst you study. Is the Australian system similar? I hold dual citizenship. Is there a student forum set up for Australian students similar to The Student Room: Student Guides, Help, Advice & Community I've searched about a little bit but can't seem to find anything. Thanks.
  4. MazPaul

    Loans and Credit cards

    How long is it before your able to get loans and credit cards after you land in oz.
  5. I'm setting up to buy a home, and have 16-20% saved up for the homes within my purchase range (160-200k). However, I also have about 45k in student loans and 11k of car loans left. The car loan has 7.99% fixed interest; the student loans have a variable interest that dropped to something like 3.5% due to the economy. My question is "should I refinance my student or car or both loans to get better terms before applying for a home loan, and how long should I wait after refinancing before applying for a home loan?" I know large purchases hurt you when getting a home loan, but I heard from a coworker that refinancing can actually help since it closes a current loan, even though it opens a new one.
  6. Guest

    UK student loans??

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can emigrate to Australia whilst still having a student loan, can you continue to pay it off whilst in Oz or do you need to pay it off before you go. Has anyone had any experience with this? We are currently enquiring into emigrating and trying to cover all the bases. Cheers Dave
  7. Guest

    outstanding loans in the uk

    Hi, we have just applied for ss SA. If our visa gets granted we would like to move asap. If we cant sell our house and have to rent it means that we will have some outstanding debt. What happens to these, can they be transferred over to oz? Thanks, Shelley and Jake.
  8. Can any one shed any light on how long it takes for your credit rating to build up before the banks will look at you for mortgages and loans. I am selling my business in the uk and want to start another in oz but will probs need another business loan to achieve this. Will the banks take your uk history into account? Any info/advice welcome. John.
  9. Anybody any info on student loans from Uk unis.. How this works when moving permently to Oz?!
  10. Lauren82

    Repaying UK Student Loans

    Hiya I have a ridiculously large student loan debt!! so it is not something I can just pay off and be shot of. I was just wondering what peoples experiences were of making payments to the student load company from Australia. Anybody had any problems? Do they take the same percentage of your income as when you're in the UK?
  11. Guest

    Loans on a 457

    Hi there, as we trundle toward getting the 457 through and start planning for our move in early April, the details begin to enter my brain with increasing frequency. One of the things I need to understand is how easy it (if at all) is to get a loan from an Aus bank when on a temporary 457 visa? The visa is for 4 years, as is my contract with the firm I am joining, will it be easy for me to get a loan? We will need one immediately we land, since we have no savings to take with us, and selling all of our stuff here is only going to get us to an even point. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks! Chris
  12. HI all Am in process of appying for spousal 309/100 visa via British/Australian long term partner. She has a students loan via the Commonwealth Bank/ Dept Education Employment and Training (DEET) dating back to 1996-7 for 7000 Aus $ (then). She has been living here for 12 years with me and we now plan to move back together. We are worried that this may be a problem as the form asks if we have any oustanding debts to the Aus govt/ civil depts.. Does anyone out there know if they write these things off/what to declare/ how we could find out about it etc. Would appreciate any advice from 'Poms in the know' cheers Dan:GEEK:
  13. Guest

    Bank Loans on a 457 Visa?

    Hi Guys, We were just wondering if any of you guys on a 457 visa have taken out a bank loan? We have been here 10 months now and settled in really well, work is going great and I have just been promoted, I was car sharing but now need to drive myself in as I will be working different hours, we are looking out for a second car for my wife to use, she is looking at people carriers and has seen a few for around $12000. We were hoping to get a bank loan but we were just wondering if its possible on a 457 and we were hoping to get info from you guys e.g. availability to 457 visa holders, banks used, amount loaned and repayments. We understand that finances are very personal so if you dont want to answer some of the questions then thats fine, also if you prefere you can PM us. Terry
  14. LKC

    Home loans on a 457?

    Hi. We are currently in Sydney on a 457. We have only been here for a month, but have decided that we would like to start the process for PR (either ENS or 175) as soon as we are able to do so. We are currently renting, but would rather buy to give us and our children stability and security. Plus I don't like the idea of paying someone elses mortgage for them! I went in to a bank today, just to see how mortgages work, so that when our lease is up on the rental house (we paid 6 months up front) we know how to go about it and what roughly we could afford, to be told that they do not offer home loans to temporary residents and that we should wait until we have PR before we think about applying. Is this true of all banks? I am going to be disappointed if it is, becuase PR could be a year or more away, which is alot of money to be throwing down the drain. We have a failry large deposit already, and have our property in the UK which is on the market (and we are in negotiations about with a buyer), and have a chunk of equity in that too. I would be very grateful of any advice/experience that anyone wanted to share. Thank you!
  15. Guest

    Student Loans

    Hi there. Has anyone had any experience with Student Loans from the UK once relocated in Australia? Anything about repayments etc etc. Many thanks in advance. Michael.
  16. Hi, We are just applying for our visa's - skilled independant visa's as husband is a joiner. Its early days yet but at least we have started the ball rolling !! We are looking to (hopefully) be leaving end of 2009 and our house is up for sale. We have some credit card debt and the remains of bank loan debt, We are hoping that we will be able to get these paid off with the sale of our house. However, with the UK house market the way it is, it will depend on if we can sell our house at the asking price or if we will fall into negative equity (eeeeeek ) If this is the case we will have cut our loses and go ahead with our migration as we will have already spent the time, money and love on visa applications. My main worry is that if i do have to leave any bad debt would this follow us to australia ? - Would bad credit affect our new life in Oz ? Affect us getting a bank account ? What would they ask for when we arrived in OZ to open bank accounts or mortgage ? Sorry i have waffaled a bit (!!) but its just a concern (hopefully it wont come to this ) Any Info would be appreaciated as we have just submitted the first payment and part to our visa application.
  17. Guest


    Ok if you were coming to oz next year and pehaps needed to get a loan for a car what would be the best way to do it? I have seen that the loans in oz have well high apr as oppossed to the u.k. So would you be better off getting a loan here before you leave? let the posting begin!
  18. Guest

    Student Loans and Emigrating

    A friend of mine, who has recently emigrated to New Zealand, told me that if a student leaves the country after leaving Uni and doesn't return to the U.K. for two years, they don't have to pay the student loan back. Can anyone confirm or refute this please? I would DEFINITELY :wink: be interested :!: Cheers :!:
  19. Help!!!!!!!! I have just realised that i have around 14K of student loan debt (which i cannot afford to pay off in one lump sum) Will this stop me from moving to Oz? :sad: Is there any way i can live in Oz and still pay my debt? ...........or i could just not mention it? somehow dont think that will work:twitcy: Thanks in advance for any advice :wubclub:
  20. Guest

    Student Loans

    Hi any one had any dealings with their student loans since they have gone to OZ as I quite like the idea of leaving for oz and not telling the student loans company :jiggy: Does anyone know what the repayments are when you have left the uk