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Found 36 results

  1. Guest

    Front loading for PR

    I'm about to send in my forms for or on a subclass 309. They haven't asked me for any information such as bills, rental agreements etc, just the forms they sent me in an email. Should I front load it or hang on to everything else until or unless they ask for it?? Thanks muchly. Sam
  2. the_whites

    Front loading ENS Visa with meds

    Has anyone had their meds done before being assigned a CO? We submitted our application today 29/06/11. Police checks have been included for UK and the Oz ones are being processed. We have made appointments for meds on 19/07/11. Processing centre did not say no to us having meds done, just advised that its up to us because the costs paid upfront would be wasted if the application is unsuccessful but did say it would quicken things up by a month if they were already done. Any advice?
  3. This just in from the ASPC today: I am wanting to decrease the time taken from allocation of a GSM visa application to a case officer and finalisation of the application. To help achieve this, we would like to invite some applicants who do not yet have case officers allocated but are expected to have case officers allocated in coming months to commence obtaining and providing standard documentation that may not have been provided with their application or has expired. Attached is a notice which provides details of which applicants we would suggest "front end load" their applications in this way. Similar information will be included in the next update to the auto response from gsm.processing@immi.gov.au , which provides details of what applications have been allocated to case officers. please circulate to MIA Members. This is not a request for information and in any cases where this information is not provided prior to allocation, the case officer will take this up after allocation. Similarly any questions regarding such applications should wait until a case officer is allocated and contacts the agent / applicant. Agents / applicants who upload or email documents in response to the invitation should not separately advise GSM of this as this does not impact on the date cases are allocated. You will note in the invitation we suggest only clients from low risk countries proceed with "front end loading", however, you may on the basis of your experience choose to also do this for applicants outside of those we have suggested. The following text explains who should be front-end loading now: Health & Character Clearances for GSM Applications PRIORITY GROUP 2 (STATE MIGRATION PLAN) All applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria (Points 1 & 2 below) are invited to proceed to obtain health and character clearances now. 1. The application was lodged under one of the following visa subclasses: • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) pre 1/7/2010, • Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176), • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 475), • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional)visa (subclass 487), • Skilled - Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) pre 1/7/2010, or • Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886), AND 2. A case officer has not yet contacted you about the application. PRIORITY GROUP 3 APPLICANTS All applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria (Points 3 & 4 below) are invited to proceed to obtain health and character clearances now. 3. The application was lodged under one of the following visa subclasses between 15 January 2009 and 30 June 2010: • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175), • Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176), or • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 475) , OR The application was lodged under one of the following visa subclasses between 6 November 2009 and 30 September 2010: • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional)visa (subclass 487), • Skilled - Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885), or • Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886), AND 4. A case officer has not yet contacted you about the application. Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 applicants who meet all respective eligibility criteria may choose to initiate health and character clearances ahead of their application being assigned to a case officer for consideration and a formal request for these being made. Under the current priority processing arrangements it is likely that most applications above will be considered by a case officer within the validity period of medical and character clearances, should these clearances be undertaken now. When providing these clearances, Form 80: Personal particulars for character assessment (http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/80.pdf'>http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/80.pdf), should also be submitted. In addition, if an applicant has not already done so they should also update the Department on any change to their circumstances. To do so see information below: Change in circumstances All other Priority Group 3 and Priority Group 4 applicants should not yet provide health and character clearances. Applicants not from a ‘low risk’ country It is important to recognise that all applications are considered on their individual characteristics. As such, processing timeframes will vary in regards to whether an application is considered to be ‘low risk’ or ‘high risk’. Applicable clearances, forms or related information may be necessary and will be formally requested by a case officer on a case-by-case basis once an application has been considered. In our experience, processing of an application after allocation to a case officer may be lengthy (greater than 6 months) for people who are nationals of, or have resided for more than 12 months in, a ‘high risk’ country. We would strongly encourage these clients to wait until a formal request for these clearances is made by a case officer. By doing so, additional costs for replacement health and character clearances may be prevented. ‘High risk’ countries are those which are not included in either of these lists: • http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/evisitor/eligibility.htm,'>http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/evisitor/eligibility.htm, and • http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/976/eligibility.htm.'>http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/976/eligibility.htm. Priority 3 applications not in this date range Applications lodged outside of this date range should not yet proceed with health and character clearances. In this case applicants can periodically check the GSM Processing Update by emailing gsm.processing@immi.gov.au as the date ranges for each visa subclass will change. Benefit of providing Health and Character clearances now Initiating all necessary health and character clearances now is likely to enable an application to be considered in a quicker timeframe once it is allocated to a case officer. It may mean that a decision can be made when first considered, without a case officer needing to request any further documentation, as considerable delays can be encountered in requesting and receiving information. It is important to understand that providing these clearances does not guarantee immediate processing of an application. Applications will continue to be processed in line with the priority processing arrangements outlined below. In undertaking these clearances now, an applicant should be mindful that processing arrangements may change over time and that any such changes may impact on the validity of a clearance and the order of assessment of applications. An applicant may be required to repeat a clearance at their cost in the event of a change to the current application allocation arrangements. Priority Processing Arrangements Applications are being processed according to the prioritisation arrangements set by the Minister. Applicants whose applications have a nominated occupation that appears on an active State Migration Plans – Priority Group 2 are being processed ahead of all Priority Group 3 applications, and Priority Group 3 applications are being processed ahead of Priority Group 4 applications. Once all Priority Group 2 applications have been allocated, Priority Group 3 applications will continue to be allocated for consideration in date of lodgement order. This process will be repeated for Priority Group 4 applications in due time. To determine which priority group your application falls into please read the information on the department’s website at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/updated-priority-processingarrangements.'>http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/updated-priority-processingarrangements. htm As mentioned, changes may be made to priority processing arrangements over time and in such circumstances processing timeframes may vary. Information on changes to processing arrangements will be available at http://www.immi.gov.au and by sending a blank email to gsm.processing@immi.gov.au. Validity of Health and Character clearances Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 applicants who meet the abovementioned criteria may choose to initiate new clearances given the likelihood of their application being considered in coming months. All other applicants should not yet proceed to obtain new clearances. Rather, Migration Agents and applicants should monitor this advice until such time as the relevant date range for lodgement of an application is specified. Applicants who choose to disregard this advice risk needing to repeat these clearances. Priority Group 4 applicants The Department is not yet in a position to advise when Priority Group 4 applications are likely to be considered, other than that this is likely to occur in the 2011-2012 Migration Program Year and after all Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 applications have been considered. As such, all Priority Group 4 applicants should not yet undertake health and character clearances. Priority Group 4 applicants are encouraged to periodically check the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Processing Update by emailing gsm.processing@immi.gov.au as the date ranges for each visa subclass and Priority Group will change over time. Change in circumstances If the circumstances of any family members or dependents have changed since lodgement of an application and DIAC is yet to be notified, completion of the relevant form(s) is required. See http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/visa-enquiries/change.htm eVisa applicants should upload any relevant documentation concerning the change of circumstance (eg birth or marriage certificate) to the web-browser. Paper visa applicants should email gsm.documents@immi.gov.au with the relevant form(s) and supporting documentation. Questions Please note that specific guidance on whether or not an applicant should obtain these clearances now can only be provided once the application is allocated to a case officer for consideration, as a detailed assessment is required. Cheers, George Lombard
  4. Where the heck do you put the fabric conditioner? Fed up of crunchy clothes! I'm sure any moment someone is going to make me go - doh!!!!!:idea:
  5. Guest

    front loading medicals

    hi, my husband has Polycystic kidney disease and we are worried he wont pass the medical. We have decided he should do his medical (we will be migrating on a 121) just now. Is this possible????the visa application cant be started until he gains registration from AHPRA (nurse). I have read loads of horror stories concerning AHPRA and how long it all takes. We dont want to wait that long and be worried and just not knowing. Also dont want all the cost of AHPRA and translating doc. (german-english), Notary etc...... when we might not need them. So, is it possible to do the meds. just now???? What meds does he need, as I said he will be permanent and working as a nurse. thanks in advance for all your help. sharon.xx
  6. Hi I'm applying for a few jobs... Some of the salaries are given as a basic + superannuation Others give a figure which includes superannuation I can easily get my calculator out and compare these but I have just seen one which seems to include all sorts "includes base salary, annual leave loading, superannuation and maximum additional benefit of salary packaging" How do I compare this?? Can anyone explain what annual leave loading is? It seems to be something to do with giving extra monies when you are taking holiday? I'm just wondering if including all these things is just a cover up for what is a much lower basic salary and whether I need to be careful about these things? Cheers Vicky
  7. Hi, I was told by many Cat3 applicants that they received a letter from DIAC indicating a CO will be assigned for them in the next 3 months, urging them to get PCC + health checks done (they got this letter around March 18th) - however, I did not get such a letter. Anyone may have an idea why? Do you think I should also get prepared?
  8. Hi all, I have been offered a job in Sydney so plan to migrate with my family. For background, wife and 3 children are all registered Aus citizen's with dual-passports (UK-AUS). We have been resident in the UK for 12 years. We have had 10 years of married, but inclement, bliss. Job offer is flexible about start dates as long as it is before July 10. I have 3 months notice to work so would like to get cracking on the visa. I will make a subclass 100/309 application. I have (maybe foolishly) set-up radiological and medical exam appointments (this week and next week). I say foolishly as we are probably a few weeks away from being in a position to submit the visa application - is it a problem that the meds are being done before the visa app is submitted (other than expiry dates on the visa being set by the dates of the exam)? What happens to the examine reports and are there any pitfalls about 'front loading'? Can I check that it is Form 26 I take the med exam (they couldn't tell us on the phone). The radiological folk told us Form 160 for their report. Does anyone have experience of being granted a permanent visa (100) straight away? Many thanks for any help, Fleabo
  9. Hi, Iam new to this forum. I like to know what are the documents or process can be carried before filing the 856 visa. As I complete two years by this June being on 457 working in IT. 1. Police clearance certificate - US,AUSTRALIA,INDIA (Is the PCC require validity of one year before filing the application as got a PCC date May 2010 but never went put of Australia) 2. Medical checkup ( Can we front load this as well as I need to do for my 4 month old child) - Is it advisable to expose them to chest xray now (may have to do the medical checkup for 457 visa extension as it expires by June as well) 3. If the application is once applied can we go out of Australia and come back as looks like I might have to visit home country after the application what are the cons of going out of Australia for a month after the application of 856 I appreciate if you have details on the above question
  10. Hi Guy Wondering if anyone is able to help with something The recent news that DIAC are asking a certain category of applications t front-end load their medicals and PCCs etc is great news, and we have a 175 lodged in Dec 2009, so are lucky enough to fall into the category for front-end loading meds, PCCs etc. However,we have an agent who is still suggesting that we don't do it! Is anyone else using an agent that advising against front-end loading? She says it could all change again in a few months and we may be stuck with out of date meds this time next year - that doesnt seem to be the vibe I'm getting from the information being released from DIAC. Why would a well-respected agent such as George Lombard publicise an article is agents are still advising against it! Surely by now they want to crack on as much as possible and clear the backlog for their own sake, as much as anyone elses Any feedback would be great! Hmmmm confused! :unsure:
  11. kellyjamie

    what is front end loading?

    i know im probably stupid asking this question but what does it mean? thanks
  12. Hi all, I'm putting together my prospective marriage visa 300 at the moment and keep reading about "front loading" the medicals and police checks. I'm applying from Dublin through London, do they require a medical and police checks up front or will they request only if need. Thanks!
  13. jsnowling

    Front loading medicals??

    HI, we have decided to front load our medicals and have got them on Monday next week - we lodged our application with an agent - just wondered what happens to the result of the medical when we havn't been assigned a c/o yet.
  14. Hi people, I am in the process of a 457 Visa just now. The sponsorship has been approved :biggrin: and I have just spoken to my employer who thinks that after sending some further info the nomination should be all good for this week. I have heard of people "frontloading" to speed the visa application ... what exactly does this involve and how do I go about it ? Should I get my meds and Police check now ? Thanks in advance, Graeme
  15. Hey guys, Just getting to the end of all the forms and the compiling/listing of evidence before we parcel it all up and post it in. We've just asked a few friends for their "supporting witness statements", so have a few weeks to wait for those. So we thought about front loading the other stuff. So the questions, when people "front load" this meds and police checks, how do the medical people pass you info on, if you haven't actually applied yet? What's the process? Can the supporting witness statements come from people in the same family? We've a few friends who have already emmigrated, but they are all the same family. Also, what did the Australian in the spouse visa application, write as a statement for their "sponsorship obligations"? Thanks, any help will be very appreciated! Bibbs.
  16. Hey all, I am going for my medical tomorrow so I can front load my application, and they advised I should bring form 26 and form 160. I cannot find any reference to these forms anywhere? :eek: It seems to be something you only get once you have actually applied?
  17. Guest

    Front Loading Meds Cat 5 ?

    Hi all Good to see optimism back on the site.... I would like some advice if possible. I have applied for WA state sponsorship Cat 5 non CSL in September 2009. I am told this should be granted within 5 months. Should i front load my Meds and Police checks once SS is granted (Jan/Feb) as i can also apply for a Defacto Spouse Partner visa in June 2010, this is when i have 12 months evidence of living with my Australian girlfriend who has come back to London with me. So either was i can use my Meds & Police Checks to apply for either visa as i am desperate to get back to sunny Australia.:biggrin: Thanks so much for any given advice. Tom
  18. Even though DIAC website advises against it you can still submit Health check and character check right? OK, so seen Panel doc list no danger, but website seemed to suggest police checks were in Aus, that can't be right, I probably read it wrong, can anyone advise on police check process for a 175 application from UK eg what type of check, a website link, how long it takes etc?? Appreciate any help kind people!! Thanks TS
  19. Guest

    Back to Front Loading

    This is possibly one of the dumbest questions ever because I've trawled through the posts and no-one else has done it! I've got meds booked - put my name down on the cancellation list and one's come up. For Thursday, Xray tomorrow. I've not applied for a visa yet!! I'm planning to go on a 457 sponsored long stay - so I probably don't need most of it. By the time PR application comes around it'll probably be out of date - but the hospital has a "0% refund within 7 days" (they said it would be weeks 'til they get a slot!) It's paid so I'm thinking I may as well go:wacko: No idea where they'd send it as I've no reference number etc. And I didn't get time to diet :err: Has anyone else done this? Or maybe done meds for one visa then ended up applying for another??
  20. hi i know that you can front load the midicals and police check however i am confused. i know with appluing for spouse and prospective marriage visas, that if u front load , ur visa will start from whatever was done first the police check or medical, how would the police check work as i am appluing for uk and oz police check, and oz police check takes like 30 days or more. would the date of visa first be the date i signed the form, or the date it was recieved or the date it was sent back etc etc. or does it simply mean the date diac recieves it? please help beacuse i am trying top time when is best to hand in my aplpicationa nd do not want to lose like a month of visa. please please please could someone clarrify for me, and any ideas on how to time my medical, uk police check, and oz police check and application i would really really appreciate it!!!! or should i just send off apllication then wait, till asked for. i also wear glasses so should take contacs and lenses with me, and the prescription? i have a slight slight hearing loss, have a hearing aid haven't worn it in years and haven't had a hearing test in years or seen a specialist. should i bring my hearing aid a long to medical, and also maybe go see a specialist and get a letter explaing my hearing loss and that it doesn't appear to effect me etc etc. or just the percent i'm deaf anyway. also haha the list goes on, ive been having recent bllod test for my liver, and they are picking up a slight abnormality, think it could be gilbert's syndromw, to do with billy ruben or sumat im not sure. it's not a danger but can make you jaundice. would i also need to declare this with a letter from my gp if it is this syndrome, otherwise i'd be worried they would pick up on it for a blood test for somthing else and investigate more. sorry for going on just want to make sure i am doing everything the correct way. as nearlly time to send off my forms. :rolleyes: Nadine
  21. emmaroo

    Front Loading Medicals........

    What does this mean? Sorry if I am being a bit dim, but hear this all the time and never really been 100% what it actually means! Thanks Emma
  22. Can someone explain what this means please? How long do they take to get done if you don't front load them and how far in advance can you send them?
  23. Guest

    front loading medical

    is 6 weeks to far forward to front load medicals for a prospective marriage visa? would they get lost? Nadine
  24. when front loading police checks or having them ready to hand in with your application(im applying for a prospective marriage visa) what date is counted for the start of your visa is it the date you signed the check, or the date they recieve it in australia, or the date that someone signs in in australia? ahhr i dont know. 40 days days processing and returned back to us is that excluding saturdays and sundays. also do you use normal postage or recorded delivery? ahhrr some one help i feel so silly always asking tiniest questions on here but i need to know hahaha Nadine:elvis:
  25. I keep reading about benefits/drawbacks of front loading medicals and police checks. Could someone tell me what the benefits and drawbacks are? Why would I do/not do it? Also, what is frontloading, exactly? Does it mean you send them in with your Visa Application, or do they go separately. If they go separately, how are they matched up with your application? Lot of questions, I know. But getting close to having a package together to send over and want to get it as right as possible on the first try.