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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, Please let me have your views on my situation. I need some advice about front-end-loading medicals. 1) I am working in Australia on 457 visa. And I am about to apply for 176 (got NSW sponsorship). Can I front-end-load my medicals+PCC ? This link appears to say I can - http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-requirements/arranging-health-exam.htm Also, I am from a High Risk country. I am not sure if that has any bearing on the process - the link has nothing on that. 2) Do I just need to book a medical appointment with Medibank and put the booking reference number in 176 application ? And then wait for the CO go-ahead to proceed with the medicals ? That's what another pomsinoz discussion seems to be indicating - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/91625-diac-not-processing-group3-order-date-received-5.html A bit longish one - but I hope it would of use to others too.
  2. Before I loos the will to leave, can someone, anyone offer me some words of advice. Have the shippers here & container is due to arrive at 12 - its hammering down with rain, the lads packing dont want top pack it & I dont want it packed from house to container as it will get damp/wet then mildew then insurance claim other side. May not even be a valid claim as it will be my fault for ok'ing to load in rain shippers say if I refuse then I must absorb additional costs, container here overnight & new crew of guys coming in tomorrow am - this is stated in their terms & conditions and they cant see why the packers cant just put cloth covers over each box (if only rain was vertical!!) Not to mention that I have excess of 200 cubic feet (appros £1000 to ship later by shared container) & lads not being able to get stuff from loft as its not boarded out. Help.....:arghh:
  3. So you sift through your worldy belonging & decide what to take & get rid of the rest by whatever means. Then get the packers in who pack & load it onto a container Then it gets shipped. Does someone go through every single box/item at the other side ? Does it go through some sort of security / xray machine ? What so they make of things like teeth etc (kids baby teeth) trying to get a mental picture of how it all works.
  4. Hiya, we're applying for a spouse visa for my hubby and I have recently found out am pregnant (very, very early days yet). I'm desperate to have the baby in Australia (due Dec) and so we're frantically trying to get the visa in. Would it be advisable to front load the application as we're on such a tight timeframe? Or does it not really matter? Secondly, I can't find the information as to how to get the medical/police checks, could some angel please help me? Also, does the police checks take the estimated 45 days really? Thanks a mill xxx
  5. Guest

    How to Front Load?

    sorry might sound a bit silly but how do i "front load" our 309 application? I dont understand... and should i do it? also what order should all of documents go in...? Cheers
  6. hi i am now a qualified midwife in the uk. hoping to go over to oz later this year if we get granted that golden ticket. i have a £10k student loan from when i was a student midwife, and pay a minimal amount every month through my wages. there is no way in the world that i would be able to repay the full amount when/if we get to go to oz. as i dont have that sort of spare cash lying around. can this debt be transferred to australia and could i keep paying it through my wages there. am really worried about this. i also have an overdraft through my bank which at present am paying back £100 per month, i still owe £2200. would this need to be paid back before going or again could this debt be carried over to oz and paid there. any advice would be great. thanks nicola
  7. Guest

    Front load medicals for 457

    I'd really like to make my visa process as fast as possible by front loading my 457 application with my medicals. I'm going into healthcare and will definitely require them. The question is can I do this? What happens if I want them done electronically? The DIAC don't even know I exist yet so can they even receive my results or will they just get lost? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  8. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are uprooting from the UK and heading Sydney because I lost my job in the UK and she is from Sydney. Because we had been living in rented accommodation, we don't really have much furniture so are mostly just shipping personal effects in boxes. Also, I am South African, so I am currently in South Africa arranging defacto partner visa while my girlfriend is wrapping things up in London before she leaves. With regard to the paperwork, it asks questions about ownership of the goods being shipped for customs. Because I don't yet have my visa, I'm technically not allowed to ship to Aus, so my girlfriend has to do the shipping. The paperwork asks that she owns everything being shipped when we really jointly own a lot of it, except for some clothes and shoes of mine as well as my 2 bicycles. How much of a big deal is it if she ships some of my stuff for me but claims ownership herself? Can we say, by virtue of being in a defacto relationship, that we jointly own it all and so she partly owns all of the things of mine which we are shipping. The other thing, bicycles are supposed to be cleaned for shipping. I gave them a quick clean, so they are basically 'as clean as a used pair of shoes', but still with a little bit of grease on them. Any help, tips or experiences would be appreciated. Matt
  9. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the process to front load the medicals at the time of lodging the file for residency, as I know we need to take a reference number from HSA now called as Medibank. But is it advisable to go for the medicals even before the case officer is assigned to you? As I have seen many people quoting that they have front loaded the medicals. So was just curious to know the process. Any thoughts on this would be well appreciated. Thanks Cheers Adi
  10. gr8leo87

    Student loan for PR?

    So I have applied for PR as an accountant. What if I wanna study there for a masters degree, fulltime or parttime, will I be able to get student loan or something of the sorts?
  11. We are desperate to get a 176 visa grant before the goal posts are moved again. We are going to be optimistic and book our flights next month for the end of the year. To save time, has anyone any words of wisdom as to whether we should frontload our medicals and Police checks? I know that the clock starts as soon as you have the first one done. JOHN
  12. bunbury61

    Global warming

    Snow this afternoon - i come out the pub ,and there is ice on the ground - i nearly slipped over .....twice I feel like wrting to those ******* ,meeting in Copenhagen - whats going on? I want to be sunbathing in Margate in December .....its crap ....so disappointed !
  13. Guest

    where to front load PCC and HC?

    Hi I applied under 175 visa CSL. I want to front load PCC and HC just to speed things up. Can any one tell me where should I send documents to ? Thanks
  14. Sandy B

    What A Load Of B......S!!!!!!!

    :confused:What a load of B......S!!!!!!!!! Cant believe it yet again, the changes, only last week I was talking with my agent and they said would start to process our visa next July, great I thought, hopefully would be there by next christmas, ye right oh!!! So now on reading this, I once again emailed them again this morning and was told it will be now a further 2 years!!!! Great!!! So first thing that came into my head was I will be 45yrs old, my son will be 21 and my daughter will be 17, cant really see them going then, or me and my husband for that matter, or I could be wrong?? We seem to have waited too long for this and you try and put it to the back of your mind and try and not talk about it, but when you have a dying Grandad, a very sick Dad, and a sister and brother who are missing you so much, that you want to be with and maybe not see them again, (my grandad) that is, its so very hard. We have been out there twice now and I said after the last time that I couldnt just go over for a holiday after knowing whats out there, like the weather, lifestyle,etc........ So I guess we will have to get on with our lives here, for now and again put it to the back of our minds, if possible, not very easy when I talk to my sister at weekends, miss each other so much, but like I said what will be will be, and things in life happen for a reason, so will have to carry on I guess as normal, well if we can?????????:confused:
  15. Hi all we applied for a 175 in April. We did not do medicals or police checks due to the year expiry of them. Was wondering if it is now worth doing them as I see that march 09 applicants are getting cos and visas granted. Also if we do them will are visa be dated from time of medical or date of visa grant? thanks em
  16. It is just me or does it take everyone about 15-20 secs for a page to load on Poms in OZ? Very frustrating!
  17. Guest

    Front load our medicals???

    Hi All I am going to OZ on a 457 temp visa, now this cant be lodged until end of June, awaiting Pin etc, so i limited for time. so i wanted to know can i get medicals done before my employer requests the 457???? (so that they are all ready to be sent off). My employer asked me to find out if my medicals could be sent off electronically (this would mean the office in OZ would recieve them same day as i had them done) but I have checked and they can only post them which can take up to a week. so i hoped that i could book them in for early June?? Thanks for your help.
  18. I've tried for a few days now and can't seem to load the online visa form. I keep getting a page up telling me about the system maintenance etc on certain days. Am I doing something wrong? Could someone please post the link to the application form, then at least I can see if I'm on the right page for starters!! Thanks
  19. Guest

    wantedn down what a load of !

    :arghh:Im sorry but this program is getting worse i like Niki Chapman i think shes lovely but the BBC ! who in hells name is in charge of the program someone who left school with nothing but cotton wool between their ears tonights show was Sydney now they showed these people two houses that they would have found hard to buy because of the price so why go and show them a third house that they had absolutly no chance of buying bloody planks or what it took they painter the husband met to explain the hosing and houses and areas they could afford come on BBC we pay your wages do your research properly or someone from this site to do it for you Thank you for listning to my rant:arghh:
  20. Guest

    Does the website load slowly?

    Hi all, I have just had some feedback that the site runs slowly in the Uk from time to time. I am not sure why. If anyone has it running S L O W L Y can you tell me:- When does it happen during the day? and does it improve after a while? Thankyou! Tim
  21. Guest

    What does front load Mean????

    Does front load mean to send your meds police checks etc with your application? I have arranged our medicals and sent off for my police check aready so they can go when I lodge my application to help speed things up. I am allowed to do this and does it help? Thanks Ruth
  22. Quite nice dusty lonely roads when you get out of the cities.....I loved my trip to busselton today and can honestly say it is a nice place....yes I said it......it is a nice place, much better than Perth with lovely scenery and a real nice "feel" to the place..if you can find work in this place I would urge all families coming over to look at this place......it's very nice indeed.:spinny:
  23. We have just returned from our rekkie in Sydney (on Tuesday) and have decided that we would like to give Australia a go. My hubby has been offered an opportunity in Hurstville, so we are looking at living in Sutherlandshire or there abouts. We are going on a 457 because hubbys company want him there asap, but they have assured us that sponsorship for a PR will not be a problem because we have to invest some money in to the new business. They want us there within about three months. I have been awake with the kids since about 3am (they think it is the middle of the afternoon so want to play!) and have been mulling over the emmigration etc and have a load of random questions that I can't seem to find the answers to elsewhere (although I am feeling ever so slightly confused and muddled at the moment!):SLEEP: Both of the children will at some point need vaccinations (for example our youngest will need the mmr in march 09). How do I go about organising these and do we pay for them? Do we pay for the childrens healthcare? I can only seem to find answers about adults and don't know if children on a 457 fall in to the same category. When we get to Australia, how do we go about registering with a GP etc? Are there any costs in owning/driving a car that we don't have in the UK that I need to be aware of? I know about stamp duty and the $25 transfer fee, but is there anything else to watch out for? Also, can you tell the age of a car by its registration number? We are lucky enough to own our own property in the UK, but have worked out that taking away ea fees/travel/shipping/buying new cars etc from our equity, we are likely to need a small mortgatge in order to buy in Australia. Plus, I guess for the first few months we will need to rent somewhere. How can we prove that we are good for our money with respect to the mortgage/rent, when we have no payment history of this because we don't pay any at present? Will the size of the deposit that we are able to put down have any bearing or could we pay so many months rent up front to prove that we are good payers? Also, as we are on a 457 (even though oh's company will sponsor us for pr) will the banks see us as too much of a risk to loan money to because it is a temporary visa? Should we push for the pr, or wait until we have it before buying? I really wanted to buy fairly soon after arriving because I want the children to feel settled. Can anyone recommend a shipping company? Are wea ble to start packing bits and pieces ourselves (eg the bits from the loft that we want to take when we sort it out), or do the removalists have to do it? Can anyone recommend an air freight/cargo/excess baggage company to take the things that we can't wait for three months for? I know that on a 457, we only get a normal baggage allowance. Do we need a tv licence? The tv stations that we saw when we were there all seemed pretty commercial to me, but I don't want to find a fine on the doormat for non-payment! Our house is on the market, but we have only had one viewing so far. My oh keeps trying to kick the ea up the bottom, but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. We are going to drop the price, and have been thinking about an auction, but in all honesty, I don't think we are going to be lucky enough to sell before we move. We have discussed renting it out but, as we have no family close enough to look after it, we are reluctant to do so. Plus, we feel that renting the house whilst it is on the market might be difficult. Has anyone ever left a house empty and on the market and gone to Australia anyway? My family seem to think that I should stay in the UK with the children until it is sold, but I don't want us to be split up - I feel that that could upset our toddler (she hates being away from her dad), and I fear for my own sanity!:goofy: Anyone got any advice/experience? Really sorry about the randomness of the questions, but they are things that came to me whilst I was playing with 'Bob the Builder' duplo at silly o'clock this morning! I have decided that I am not going to let the kids fall asleep until nap time at 12. I shall keep prodding them awake and only let them sleep for their normal nap regardless of how tired they are! Mean mummy! Thanks in advance and sorry about the length of the post!
  24. Hi, I submitted my 175 on-line a week ago. Its been acknowleged & I have been relieved of my fee already. Can anyone advise the do's & don'ts of applying now for our medical checks & police clearances ? Jon