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Found 6 results

  1. Scotlass

    North or South Sydney

    Hi Im looking for advice on where is best to rent if working in Roseville. I wouldnt have a car so would need to commute to work. I was originally looking at South of the bridge but now thinking North may be better for getting to work. I would like to rent somewhere with a good busy vibe, a bit like Glasgows Westend. Nowhere too quiet or suburban as Iam single 30 something and would want to meet people and make new friends. Also and area with good links to get South and to beaches. Any suggestions and advice would be very welcome, thanks.
  2. Guest

    Will Canberra be lively enough??

    Hi, I've just started my application for a 176 visa through ACT sponsorship. I do think Canberra sounds wonderful from what I've read about it, heard from people who live there and through this forum (which is brilliant by the way and so helpful.). My only concern is the nightlife - I'm not really one for packed bars and night clubs but love nice wine bars and restaurants. Are there some nice trendy places for people in their 30's to chill out and have fun in? I'm also interested in the best areas to live in. I hate traffic jams and want somewhere pretty and close to the bush, but which won't cost $100 to get a cab in and out of the city! Thanks in advance and really hoping I my application's successful as I've lived in Oz before and just love it.
  3. Guest

    How lively is Brisbane?

    Hello all - Would be grateful for some advice - I have the potential to move out to Brisbane & work in the CBD early 2009. Originally I had hoped for a move to Sydney, but a role has come up in Brisbane that appears very attractive. Making the potential move would be myself & my wife and I will be on a 457 visa with my company who are sponsoring me. My partner will be working once she finds work after we arrive & get settled. We both like being out and about most nights and am hoping that Brisbane will have plenty to offer for us. What would you views be versus a city such as Syd or Melbourne? Cheers all
  4. Hi everyone! We are a newly married couple in our twenties with no children and are planning a move to Brisbane in August. My husband has a job at Brisbane airport so we would like to be no further than 45 mins to an hour of the airport but other than that our requirements are to be near the coast (- a nice beach if possible!) and would also like to be somewhere a bit lively (just a few local bars would be nice). We have been searching online but we don't really know where to start, many of the posts on here relate to findng good schools for children which is obviously not a concern of ours really, so any advice greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Nina and Gareth :cute:
  5. After the exhaustion of completely redecorating our house (nearly finished!) in the last 6 weeks and sorting out 20 odd years of stuff, we are now trying to establish where a good place to live would be a what would be the right Co Ed school to send our creative and outgoing kiddiwinks to!:spinny: 9 weeks to go! The children are aged 15 13 & 10 and are all on the bright and arty side. Having gone through our finances with a fine tooth comb, reckon we will be able to pay $700-800pw rent. (Keeping aside sufficient money for a good Sauvignon Blanc of course!) :wacko: I've researched Davidson High School, Frenchs Forrest (as they take part in the Rock Challenge which the older 2 girls do in UK....wonderfully contraversial too, as i found an article about their performance this August depicting President Bush as a fighter plane pilot and addressing the war in Iraq.....just 2 days after George Bush arrived in Oz for a visit! We do like a bit of political backbone and freedom of expression!). It was interesting to find that people travel from all over to see the residents Xmas lights in Davidson.....however, not sure i want to do all that having just arrived! (Expecting to come end of Nov) Also found it a bit weird that 82% of the residents of Davidson or Frenchs Forrest (can't remember which it was) send their kids out of the area to private schools! Hmmmm.... should i deduce that the people of that area are a little snooty or is it something else? Also a bit concerned how bushy it is round Davidson....thinking forrest fires here....don't want to wake up dead do we? :no:Can anyone enlighten us of what life is like in this area? Have also looked at Killara High, Kai-Ring-Gai. YOu have to live in Gordon, Killara, Lindfield or Roseville to get into this school. Looks good but area seems a little pricey. Again, does anyone know what it's like to live there? Have also looked at Turramurra High, Ku-ring-gai. Looks like a lively, smiley co-ed, with an informative website, which is what we want, but again, does anyone know the reality of the place? I now have a big fat folder of crime statistics and socio econimic listings to help with the decision making, however, as a real life human, realise that this really doesn't give the full picture! We really want to land in the right place and not have to keep moving around so all help and local first hand knowledge of life and schooling in Northern Beaches suburbs is most welcome!!! (Or anywhere else of natural beauty where OH can commute easily to Ryde for his new job). Thank yooooooooooooo! :jiggy: Katherine (& Geoff) X