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Found 38 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Book Lists

    Well I am now $300 lighter but at least my book lists are organised for next year, thank goodness they didn't need the calculators at $250 otherwise I would have been looking at a bill of over $1000 gulp. Just need to start buying Christmas presents now, pay the school fees and buy new uniform:confused:
  2. Davross

    School Waiting Lists - Melbourne

    Hi, Can I just ask, is it possible to put your child's name on a school waiting list in Australia before your final visa has come through? Or would you need to have your visa granted before beginning to even look at schools? It is a difficult one, with some of the schools already seeming to be enrolling for January 2014, never mind January 2013? Any advice on this would be appreciated. :unsure:
  3. Hi there I know the new SOL comes into effect on July 1. However there are a few different schedules of the SOL now, can someone explain why? Also, I am studying I.T, I have already done 1 year in 2010 and am going back next july to do my 2nd year (Diploma) in I.T. Have all the I.T occupations been taken off the SOL and the MODL, because I keep hearing about other lists of occupations in demand for the State Migration Plans? Can anyone kind of put it simply, I've read loads of info on immi.gov and its just bouncing around not making any sense! :err: Thank you Take Care :cute:
  4. Hello all, I am so confused by immigration and the skilled occupation lists, I know that there are two lists, schedule 2 and schedule 3 If you have a family sponsor living in a designated area does it matter which skilled occupation list that you are on if you wanted to go for a 475 provisional visa!!!!!!!!! Or if you are on schedule 3 then you have TO GO FOR A STATE MIGRATION PLAN!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? why oh why have they made it so difficult and complicated (still smiling though))))))
  5. Guest

    1st July smp lists

    Hi everyone Sorry if this has already been discussed but will the smp lists be changing on 1st July too? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  6. As a cat 4 applicant, in the hope of getting into cat 2, do we anticipate new SMP lists to publish for this program year soon? when?
  7. Changes are being announced to the Skilled Occupation Lists with effect from 5 December: Schedule 2 SOL 1. Building and Engineering Technicians nec - 312999 - Engineers Australia has been added to Vetassess as an Assessing Authority. 2. Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor Mechanic (General) - 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Bricklayer – 331111 Plumber (General) – 334111 Schedule 3 SOL Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Schedule 4 SOL Occupations added: Chief Executive or Managing Director – 111111 [AIM 60 points] Advertising and Public Relations Manager – 131111 [AIM 60 points] Art Administrator or Manager – 139911 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Conference and Event Organiser – 149311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Liaison Officer – 224912 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Jewellery Designer – 232313 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Web Designer – 232414 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Food Technologist – 234212 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Biotechnologist – 234514 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Education Reviewer – 249112 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Network Administrator – 263112 [ACS – 60 points] ICT Systems Test Engineer – 263213 [ACS 60 points] Fisheries Inspector – 311311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Primary Products Inspector nec – 311399 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Fitter and Turner – 323212 [TRA – 60 points] Snowsport Instructor – 452314 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Occupation removed: :Medical Technicians nec – 311299 [Engineers Australia – 40 points] Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 See http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/all/whatsnew/01C71AD8B74B450ACA2577EC000576B4?OpenDocument&VIEWCAT=item&COUNT=999&START=1 Cheers, George Lombard
  8. *Posted in migration as well as wasn't sure where would be best to post, sorry mods, please delete which ever is appropriate if needed :smile:* Hi all, Well now all the "new" immigration information seems to have been released I'm a little confused!! My Husbands profession was on the Old Shedule 1 as a wanted profession although worded slightly different to the UK name, now its has been removed from the new Schedule 3 and is ONLY on the Schedule 4 State Sponsored list and the name matches exactly to his UK job role. The problem is, I have checked all the State Sponsored lists that they have released and I can not find his profession on ANY of them. What is the point in the government putting a profession on the schedule 4 so people can be sponsored but then no states put the same professions on their list. I take it if his profession is not on any states lists then we can go no further with this from his professional side?? A second question, although its hard for anyone to answer, what is the general sense that the imigration rules will be changed again with in the next 5 years?? We were planning to finally make the move in approx 3 years but Im now pregnant which means 1 yr off work, which reults in quite a fair hit on our savings, which we will need so we have upped the time back up to 5 years with this new development, Im wondering if I should move departments (I work in IT but my job is not on Sched 3 or 4 but if I applied for a job in one of the teams that is, I would by then have 3-5 yrs experience in the other role, although no formal qualification) or if we should hope Hubbys profession goes back on to Sched 3 or at the very least some states add it to their SOL!
  9. The official version of the new SOL is here: http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/DA1BE00DC2F66895CA25774A0013D89E/$file/10026LI.pdf. Schedule 3 is the new SOL for overseas applicants (page 29), and Schedule 4 (page 37) is the list of occupations which may be state sponsored. The table contains relevant occupations, points and assessing authorities. The column for "Country" refers to whether it's a trade assessable by Vetassess or TRA. Cheers, George Lombard
  10. Does anyone know whether the 263112 Network administrator vocation is any State/Ensol/SOL lists in Australia at all... Any help greatly appreciated thanks Liam
  11. Guest

    WA lists most-wanted workers

    Hey guys i dont know if this news story has been posted on here, but it makes worrying reading for people like me waiting for the SMP. According to the news piece. If your trade is not on the WA priority occupations There is good chance it wouldnt be on the SMP. Due to "Mr Collier says the plan will also play an important role in framing the State Migration Plan, which will determine the mix of foreign workers brought into WA under state sponsorship" News story on WA WA lists most-wanted workers - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  12. paulswin

    Interim Lists

    The interim list does'nt include alot of jobs does anyone think they'll have more on the SMP's?
  13. Hi everyone, I have just stumbled across this. Hopefully provide some answers on what occupations the states are potentially looking to attract: workplace.gov.au - State and Territory Skill Shortages Looks to have been collated in late 2009 and early 2010. Page was updated today so seems to be hot off the press...although having looked through them they appear to be the same template and not much info seems available from the states. Not sure what to make of them. Cheers, Mark
  14. Guest

    Skills Lists, ENS and SMP

    Have just attended a very worthwhile MIA event with Skills Australia presentation. The penny has dropped. And it made a helluva noise when it did so. :wacko: Keep in the back of your mind that the Minister is sitting on about 2 years worth of skilled applications - my guess is the Minister will be thinking he can afford to bin about 1/3 without damaging the programme too much (um, hello!) That would be many of the student cooks and hairdressers etc, and old undecided applications with lower language scores and "now unwanted unless you have a job" occupations. So the thinking is they can afford make some cuts and significant programme realignments right now. The new SOL has therefore been developed on the basis of skills likely to be required for 20 years (e.g. engineering) where local training won't fill the gap (e.g. some trades) and where not having the people in that occupation is damaging (e.g. nurses). It is not a MODL, or list of skills in shortage needed to day. It is now only a long term list that will change only very little. I initially attended the meeting intending to give Skills Australia the hurry up, yearly reviews were too far apart and 141 occupations listed were too small. Now I see that the SOL is INTENDED TO BE less responsive and slower for review than other visa types. The model behind it only really looks at long term issues. I also think, as a guess only, that in the review of the Points System they will do away with points for SOL occupations (subject to some other criteria being met e.g. age and English), and the SOL will be basically this "if you're on it, you're in". Anyone not on it - "bad luck try another visa but get a job first". I would advocate that the "short visa validation visit then return in 3 years" might be curtailed, as those occupations are wanted now and in the future and why grant a visa to someone who won't really be here for 3-4 years, if ever? Methinks they should give say 12 months to show a move was made and a home has been established before the balance of the visa is granted (like NZ LTBV). On this SOL a few occupations will come and go but slowly e.g. some IT or trade specialisations, but occupations like General Manager and Marketing Manager and Graphic Artist will probably never be on an SOL again. They should however appear on the ENS, with the ENSOL being an extension of the SOL methodology with the missing occupations that might have met a few of the SOL criteria but not all of them and then adding maybe 200 more occupations to be much like it is now. Hairdressers and cooks would be there. The State programmes will then add occupations they can show DIAC they need such as geologists in Qld and WA, and their modelling will be more tactical and faster than the DEEWR/Federal one for Skills Australia/DIAC purposes. So the ENS will be a little more responsive than the SOL, and the SMP wills be more responsive and change a bit faster again, but not that fast as the States have to show research/justification for the occupation being on the State list, so there is delay while the research is undertaken and the Minister is persuaded. But it will be faster inclusion / exclusion as the States carry the can and the Minister can duck responsibility for state sponsored migrants not finding work. Then the 457 and the RSMS will be more responsive to occupation changes and their variety of occupations, as they are more driven by need and answer to either a local city council/organisation or employers. The issue here will be if DIAC require occupations on some list at time of application or time of decision with DIAC or TOA/TOD with a State - otherwise some will still be caught with changes after spending their dough and time. Agents should therefore no longer widely market Skilled Independent visas and immediate derivatives. This type of marketing should now shift to occupation channels e.g. engineering magazines, retirement/ nursing industry publications etc. The chase from here on is for employment based visas. The soon to follow points test will again bias to some occupations and visas, if it exists at all after the review. To many migrants, you will no longer be able to get a visa and go where you want. Many of you will need to go where you can be employed. The ENSOL and State lists will in 2 or so years be more workable, but at the moment my advice to migrants is to set aside any hopes of the SOL becoming broader, it probably never will. It's a tough position for you all, but it comes from earlier Government inaction creating an overflow, leading to an opportunity for the present Government to effect major reforms. I suggest you shift focus to the ENS RSMS 457 unless you have a good case and were lodged recently, with SMP being a bridge between purely employment driven visas and the less fast moving ENSOL. It's a slightly more challenging road to find the job first, but there are organisations out there that can assist you. Beware the ones with contracts that require you to still pay them even when you found the future employer! :policeman: Beware also the ones set up in States where it is illegal to charge a fee for employment assistance. (Hire A Migrant does not have either that contract issue or the jurisdiction problem about place of operation. Also, my apologies to the 40 or so people who usually click on the HAM website from my PIO signature each day, I have been moving host for the website and managed to mess it up, the website and email service for hireamigrant.com should be back online in a day or so. A PM is perhaps the best way to contact me this week.)
  15. Could this be an indication of the new SMP,s. This was up today on the website. Was there any point in publishing this to be honest or is it a slight leak of the New SMP. Id like to get the views from the agents please. Kind Regards :eek:
  16. Hi everyone! I wonder what is the difference of those lists for Skilled Migration: FSL(future skill list), SOL, Migration Occupations in Demand List, Critical Skills List (CSL). And besides MODL plus old SOL will be invalid, anyother list among them will be repleaced/corrected? Cheers.
  17. Hi, I'm very new to this so be gentle! We have applied for a 475 visa and been advised by our agents that this visa carries a 3 year wait, (we applied in March 2010) how accurate are these times? Cheers Mike
  18. Guest

    skills lists

    Hi every body, i havent been on for awhile so was wondering if there has been any news re CSL lists or any other " good news " thanks
  19. I've just been searching the Queensland government pages to see when I should apply for state sponsorship in my quest for a 176 SS visa and guess what..... As of halfway through Feb it would appear that electricians are no longer on the lists!!!! Great, I've got my skills test booked with vetassess for 14th June in the UK and it was my intention to apply for state sponsorship straight after that!! Is there any point me bothering??? any body know any more about this? In the UK I work as an electrical engineer (which is on the list) but I only have a HNC and no degree which makes it useless to me, I was trying to decide between doing my degree here before I went or doing it in Oz after I got there, I guess I dont have a choice any more thing is whos to say in 2 years time they wont have changed the list again?? How frustrating!!!!!!!:mad:
  20. Of interest to some, I'm sure: [url=http://www.gomatilda.com/news/article.cfm?articleid=570][/url]http://www.gomatilda.com/news/article.cfm?articleid=570 Best regards.
  21. The ACT has finally released it's new lists. By way of a summary, the ACT has changed its system of sponsorship and appear to have put lots of thought into the new lists and vetting process. As a result there are now 2 lists: An ACT Skills in Demand List (SDL) Baseline List for occupations that the ACT will sponsor without, apparently, a limit to numbers of applicants. An ACT Skills in Demand List "Off List" which is for occupations that will be considered only on an individual pre-sponsorship vetting basis. The website hasn't been updated as yet, and I don't know how to attach them here, so please visit our blog if you want to download the lists and instructions. Cheers, Veronika
  22. Of interest to some, I'm sure: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  23. Below is from http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/about-us/news/2009/eligibility-list-changes2 Eligibility List changes 17 July 2009 A number of changes have been made to Victoria’s eligibility lists, which detail occupations eligible for state visa sponsorship under the Skilled – Sponsored (176 and 886) and the Skilled – Regional Sponsored (475 and 487) visas. These eligibility lists are regularly updated to reflect the skills needs of Victoria’s industries. Please note that: * assessment of sponsorship applications lodged up until close of business 20 July 2009 will be based on the previous eligibility lists * after 20 July 2009 (close of business), applications for visa sponsorship by the Victorian Government will only be accepted for occupations that are listed on the updated eligibility lists.
  24. Have now passed my AQF3 and returning to TRA process. Are there going to be any states still providing sposorship to tradies in a couple of months time? I'm worried its all going to pear shaped again!:mad:
  25. Robarts Family

    Office Manager on any State Sponsor Lists

    Hi All, I just wondered whether anyone knew if there are any changes to any state sponsorship lists for an Office Manager? We are currently applying for state sponsorship for my job as an Office Manager but I believe it is only SA offering this on there list. Does anyone know if it has changed at all? Thanks alot