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Found 39 results

  1. ozziepom1963

    Contributory parent visa 143

    Just want to share my happy story:) My mum has just been granted her CPV today YAY! she is 76 we've waited for this for 3 years, at long last it here we have been on a roller coaster in the 3 years my dad passed (who was originally coming with mum)and my daughter has had a baby!:biggrin::sad::jiggy: Just wanted to ask if anyone knows mums entitlement for her prescriptions will she get them for the cost that all Auzzie pensioners get it for even though she only gets uk pension? will she be entitled to commonwealth or senior. thought they would of given us more info about this stuff! :biggrin::yes: Thanks in advance peeps
  2. Proview220

    News paper link

    below is a list of News papers in Australia http://www.newspapers.com.au/
  3. Guest

    Useful Link For Perth

    Hi Guys I came across this website on Perth suburbs and thought it might be of interest to some of you looking to move out there. Hope it helps :cool: Tips on choosing a suburb in Perth, Australia This ones good for rentals for when you first arrive x http://www.westernaustralia.com/uk/Destinations/Pages/search/experience_perth/Accommodation
  4. Hi, Where to go to register for Medicare and Centre link soon after arrival. :chatterbox: :eek::wubclub: many thanks, horizone
  5. The Pom Queen

    Peninsula Link Freeway

    THE wettest summer in 15 years has failed to knock construction of Victoria's biggest road project off schedule. The $1.3 billion Peninsula Link freeway, has officially passed the halfway mark. Exclusive aerial shots taken for the Herald Sun, reveal the 27km freeway, which will link EastLink at Carrum Downs and the Mornington Peninsula Freeway at Mt Martha, is proceeding at a rapid pace. Those behind the project said it was back on track, with earthworks and structures to support 27 bridges well under way and the first asphalt to be laid soon. While construction is proceeding as planned, it was recently revealed the cost of the project has exploded from an initial estimate of $750 million to a whopping $1.3 billion. Despite the huge blow-out, the State Government has ruled out introducing tolls. When completed in 2013, the freeway will allow motorists to travel from the CBD to Rosebud without a single traffic light. Project company Southern Way General Manager, Mr David Clements, said yesterday that construction contractor Abigroup had moved both heaven and earth to make up lost ground. "The summer period of 2010-2011 was the wettest recorded in the past 15 years," he said. "Significant resource mobilisation by Abigroup has ensured that productivity has been maximised and our program targets remain within reach. "Despite the significant challenges presented by the ongoing inclement weather, the project has progressed well and we remain confident Peninsula Link will be ready for operation in early 2013," he said. A major milestone in the project was completed recently when the Stony Point Rail bridge in Frankston was slid into position. The operation involved closing the rail line for 72 hours while workers toiled around the clock to remove existing railway tracks and excavate 5000 cubic metres of earth. A crane was then used to lift the 125-tonne bridge abutments into place before the 500-tonne rail bridge was slid into its final position. Also known as the Frankston By-Pass, the project is designed to complete a missing link in Melbourne's freeway network, easing traffic congestion on surrounding roads such as the Frankston Freeway and Moorooduc Highway. Planners estimate a full trip between Mt Martha and Carrum Downs will take just 17 minutes, shaving minutes off the trip during peak periods.
  6. Hi PIO, does anyone know what the link is for shipping a motorcycle, been given one but can I find it. cheers, Troy
  7. Location: Hillarys (on the marina!!! with sea views!!!) Stipulation: Permanent Residency holders only please Salary: Neg. dependent on experience We urgently require two SEO / Link Builders to join our Online Marketing team in Hillarys, Western Australia. This position is ideal for graduates and those seeking to start a career in Search Engine Optimisation or Online Marketing. Although we are more than open to hiring those with experience as well. For those that need it we will provide full training, exposing you to a wide range of Online Marketing concepts and tasks. Your primary responsibilities will be: • identifying potential link building opportunities; • reviewing and responding to incoming link exchange requests; • planning and establishing relationships with potential website partners/advertising opportunities • proactive link building for our network of websites; • monitoring, analysing and reporting on link building activity across our network; • and competitor research. The ideal candidate will: • have excellent written and spoken English; • show a high level of attention to detail; • be able to work methodically; • have professional email communication skills; • be computer and Internet literate; • be used to working with Microsoft Word, Excel, email clients and the web; • and be familiar with the Internet as a search tool for research, shopping, general lifestyle and hobby use. Training will be provided Previous experience in Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or Link Building would be helpful but is not required as full training will be given for each aspect of the job. Knowledge of HTML or other coding languages is not required. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an international company with a solid reputation in the industry and gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing. About Infoactive Media: Infoactive Media is a cutting-edge Online Publishing firm specialising in the development of interactive websites and advanced business information services. We are committed to the creation of useful and compelling destination sites that empower our users. Examples of our online business directories include Bizwiki and Australian Exporters . Originally established in the UK, Infoactive opened an office in Australia in early 2007 and is expanding its reach as a global player in the online content market. Infoactive Media Pty Ltd is based in Hillarys with stunning views of the Indian Ocean and Hillarys marina. Our sister company, Infoactive Media Ltd, is based in Hampshire, UK. This position is offered by the Australian company and is only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. We are not able to provide visas for this position nor are we looking to hire anyone that already has a 457. Recruitment agencies need not contact us. Please PM for further details. I look forward to hearing from you! Teresha Aird | Marketing Manager Infoactive Media Pty Ltd Suite F4, 45 Northside Dr, Hillarys, 6025, WA Australia
  8. Im a student nurse and have been umming and arrring whether to go up to degree in my final year, due to hearing rumours about the AHPRA only allowing in Degree graduates within a few years. But as it stands at the moment i found this link which actually explains what is permitted. Hope it helps. Does anyone know if this is set to change any time soon? and where do i find out how many years experience i need? for western and southern australia Charlie
  9. Got a dilemma in as much as i have received my skilled 175 subclass visa for oz, and now i got a liking for new zealand after visiting Perth and not liking it. So is it possible to transfer it through a reciprocal agreement that these countries may have?
  10. Hi there just had a question about tasmania ss - In its demand occupation list there is condition which says " Strong Personal Link" for civil engineers - what does it mean exactly ? thanks:eek:
  11. pau1evs

    east link !!! West gate bridge

    monash freeway !!!! (there was a huge pile up !!!! what an horrific accident x and i hope no pio members are affected by this x east link !!! (TOLL ROAD) West gate bridge THE ONLY ACCESS FROM THE SW :biggrin: why is melbourne cbd got no infrastructure to support the commuters by car !!!!
  12. Guest

    New ACS status check link

    Hi, Most of my mates are founding difficulty in checking their ACS online application status from the link given by ACS in confirmation mail FYI , they have changed the link, you can check your status at Application Status Cheers
  13. TraceyandAlan

    Intresting link for victoria

    http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/209609/Regional-Victoria-Newsletter-Sept-2010.pdf Not sure if it is already been out there but for me being a boilermaker it gives me some hope! oct 2008 vic ss 2010 i,m feel like one of the old men of the forum!
  14. chrisandelaine

    E visa Document link

    does anyone know when the Evisa document website link will be up and running again, i think i rem a few weeks ago it saying it is due to be closed for maintanence, but i have no idea when it will be back up and running. i am trying to finsh the last few doc's to upload for my VISA.:eek:
  15. A Referendum on "Big Australia" Just saw this in my news feed. Some of the main points covered includes - Reducing population growth will reduce average economic growth rate. - The need for skilled migration. - Ms. Gillard's stand on immigration (or the lack of)
  16. I found a link on this website a while back which was to a report produced by a government agency or body for victoria. It detailed the recommendations for the skills shortages for the Victoria SMP. I have trawled through the forums on here but cannot find the link at all. Has anyone got any ideas where it is or could provide a link? Thanks in advance.
  17. Ozzieland

    This is an interesting link...

    Here is a link that is interesting. Just wondering if the Aussie Govt have even bothered to look at the needs rather than focus entirely on winning the Elections !! Economic stress if immigration falls: CCI - Yahoo!7
  18. I've looked at sooooo many posts today and my brain is frazzled, can anyone give me the link that I'm sure I saw somewhere today about us oldies being leap frogged or having to re-apply. I'm sure I saw a link and it wasn't just a post from Alan Collett. Apologies if I'm going mad and there isn't a link. Thanks Gemma
  19. Bobj

    A Good Link

    G'day all, here is a great link for anyone wanting to see Australia, maps etc. Any out-of-the-way places, just scroll and click. Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia Cheers, Bobj.
  20. Guest

    New sol

    hey everyone any ideas on when the new SOL might be out? :jiggy:
  21. Hi Everyone, I'm really struggling to find out information re applying for a 176 visa online. B1K3R has very kindly directed me to the links for the forms that I fill in but I am unable to find the link for my sponsor (aunt) to fill in. Or does this come at the end of my form? Anyhow any help would be much appreciated. It's probably me but I'm finding the DIAC site a bit of a maze! Cheers, Alan
  22. Guest

    Sex & Migration - A Link?

    Hi all. I apologise to the ladies of PIO as to the title of this post, there again there may be some ladies who are of the same persuasion as the men, (I wish, never met one yet:biglaugh:), read on to figure that one out. Anyway I think I may have discovered a link between sex and migration, it has yet to scientifically proven but I am going with it. Allegedly MEN think about sex every seven-seconds, APPARENTLY. If it were true I would imagine the world would come, (no pun intended) to a grinding halt. So here is my question. To those of you who are just starting out on the migration process, or those who are well down the road in the migration nightmare, do you find yourself thinking of Australia ALL the time. Has it impacted on your daily lives to such an extent that to be able to function as a 'normal' rational human being is nearly impossible? I know the original tenure of this post was rather glib and humourous (I hope so anyway) but I am very serious about my question. Have you for all intents and purposes become a shadow of your normal self. Do you wake and rise in the morning with thoughts and emotions of Australia on your mind, and no matter what you do the thoughts you are having cannot be ignored. Have you become a migration snob. You know, where all you do is talk and pontificate about Australia to all and sundry. Do people cross the road to avoid you because they KNOW that Australia will eventually raise its head and they will be battered into submission and eventually have to engage in a conversation that they have little interest in? Do you find yourself changing into a wholly different person? One that is unrecognisable to all those around them? Have you become rather short tempered with all and sundry? Have you found yourself not being able to carry on a 'normal' daily life because Australia is all encompassing? Or have you been fortunate enough to have been able to carry on with your lives with little thought of your application? Have you more the attitude of QUE SARA SARA, and except that the whole process is to some degree out of your control once the application has been submitted? I only ask as when I applied many, many years ago I for one found it extremely difficult to act rationally and objectively at times. My life was turned upside down and each and every second of each day was filled with thoughts about Australia and what my future held. I know that any application to emigrate is for the most part a 'voluntary' action, one we take which is free from outside influences, so in essence surely it can't be THAT important, can it? Do you wish at times that you had never started the whole process, because to have to face the possibility of rejection is a bit too much? Or will you except the final outcome and take it in good spirits and except the decision arrived at by the immigration authorities? If the link between sex and migration can be proved by this post then all of you will have contributed to the good of mankind (womankind, thingy kind, PC kind, non-sexual kind) I'm not going back to that thread again,:wink:). But there again I have a feeling that your thoughts about your migration plans will far outweigh those of sex. Thanks for your interest and looking forward to the responses.
  24. Cant find how to send a PLE, has anyone got the link again please?:biggrin:
  25. Hi there, We have just applied online for a subclass 176 visa and after completion they supply you with a checklist of documents we need to upload. Unfortunately I could not open the 'Evidence of Defacto Relationship' form and the 'Penal Clearance' form. Does somebody have a copy they could send me please. I have contacted DIAC but time is running out before documents need to be uploaded. Many thanks Sam