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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    European Van Lines

    Hi, I was just reading a forum post which says EVL have gone into liquidation. I had seen them at the end of March and they picked up my boxes to move from UK to Oz. I am now in Oz and today got a bounced email from them. I am now worried about my goods, does anyone have any advice for me. I have emailed bar.co.uk but is there anything else I can do? Greg
  2. The Curfew tolls the knell of parting day Thomas Gray - Elegy written in a Country Churchyard <TABLE id=table23 border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width=30></TD><TD style="WIDTH: 100%" vAlign=top>A thing of beauty is a joy for ever</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> John Keats - Endymion "The man hath penance done, And penance more will do." Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  3. Hi folks, We submitted a skills assessment to ACS a couple of weeks ago. I just checked its status and it's at stage 4 ("Your Application is being Assessed by an Authorised Assessor.)" Last time we checked it was only at stage 2 ("Your Application has been Allocated and is Currently in Progress."), so it's gone through stage 3 ("A Request for extra documents or information has been sent to your email address. Please check your email address for further details.") without us hearing anything. I know this is probably an impossible question, but is this a good sign or a bad sign?? Does the fact that stage 3 has been passed mean that the application is looking good? Or is it just that they've gone through a basic checklist to see everything has been submitted but have in no way assessed it yet? Or is it a really bad sign and they've already decided not to say we qualify, hence not even bothering to ask for more information!? Surely in this case they would ask for more info, though? Third possibility: can it in fact go backwards and return to stage 3 if they decide later on that they need more evidence? As I said, impossible question so I don't know why I'm posting really! Just wondering if anyone has experience with how ACS works and can interpret this in any way. We feel like the skills assessment is our major hurdle. If we can get past this, we're pretty confident that everything else will work out. So it's a tense old time! :rolleyes:
  4. Guest

    Time lines

    :sad: We have just made the biggest decision of our lives and decided to upsticks and move our family to Oz (Melbourne hopefully).:wink: However have just been told by an agency it takes approx 2 years to gain the Visa we will be applying for :sad: My husband is a carpenter and we are looking to gain a skilled migrant visa (hopefully with ss) my husband is only 35 and our children are 6 and 18 months so we are relatively a young family. Does everyone agree 2 years is the most likely time frame we should be working to. I'm sure the 2 years will fly by just wanted to start our new chapter sooner rather than later.:frown:
  5. Waitingawhile

    Vetassess skills assessment time lines

    hi I wondered if there was any difference between length of time the different types of skills assessments were taking at VETASSESS. Would it be useful to start a list with people if they are willing posting what skill group they were assessed under and for what occupation and how long it took?
  6. Just looking on their website...all sounds fab...but has anyone used 'European Van Lines International Ltd' removal company??!! I like to go on advice...not just what their website says. :huh: Thanks in advance Jenny
  7. Guest

    Chat Up Lines . . . . .

    No it doesnt say 'Chat Lines' before anyone misreads it :no::biggrin: What do you think is a cheesy chat up line? And on the other side what is cute? :cute: Funny examples most welcome :laugh: What is the worst way you have been 'approached' by someone and also what was the winning one that made you 'agree' to whatever you agreed to :wink:
  8. Hi, I'm after advice with regards to processing time for a 457 application after completing medicals. we started our application 12 months ago after my wife was offered a job in sydney as a nurse, unfortunatly we then spent untill november jumping through every hoop the NSW nursing board threw at us to get her registration. This is now complete, we have uploaded every piece of information requested (and can see on the online tracking that this has been recieved). We have completed or mediacls (in birmingham 2 weeks ago) and were advised yesterday that these have now been posted to Oz. I'm anticipating that we have 2 weeks before they arrive in Oz but wonder how much longer after that before they usualy complete processing all the information ? It's been a very long journey to get this far and we feel like we have been living on the edge for a year. thanks steve
  9. Guest

    Time Lines???? Help

    Hi All New on here, me and george my Partner are in the middle of our visa application, we have used a visa spec, we have applied for a sub class 136 or a subclass 175 as i think they are called now, Questions: We have sent our visa to oz now and they have taken payment £900 from our account and we are now just waiting for a case officer, how long would it take for this type of visa to be granted? Many thanks Gareth