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Found 85 results

  1. As most likely with a lot of people, I order a lot of things online here in the UK through sites like Amazon or Play etc. I can't seem to find a site for Amazon Australia. According to Amazon Australia Store | Buy electronics, laptops, cell phone and more at Amazon and ship them to Australia. it doesn't. While this site suggests alternatives (e.g. setting up a US Postal Address etc and then getting goods shipped from there), this probably is not gonna be any good for things like electrical devices etc I've become quite used to ordering items online as it just is more convenient especially with the hectic lifestyle I seem to have (or had!) in the UK. Amazon always seemed convenient as they have a variety of goods under one umbrella store,where I only need to register my credit card and address with one store. I imagine that I would have to login and register with multiple different sites for different goods. Any advice/tips/hints would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. I took our big brand (name omitted in case of legal implications) DECT cordless phones over with us and changed out the cord to an RJ12 plug (I think) by buying a cable from Dick Smith and using a travel plug for the charger and it works no problem. Now I want to get an Aussie 2 pin transformer so contacted big brand's .com.au product support team with the following query: I brought the above phone over from the UK and am using it with no problems after changing the line cord but wondered if it was possible to buy Australian transformers rather than using the UK ones with an adapter plug. Big Brand reply was: Thank you for taking the time to contact big brand with your enquiry. Due to legal restriction on Communications standards, You are not able to use phones from one country in another. Big brand Australia is not able to offer support for a Phone sold in another country. They are illegal in Australia Is this a blatant rip off attempt to make me buy a new phone as I can almost guarantee that there is no difference between the phone sold here and the one I bought in the UK other than the jack cable and 2 pin transformer. What sort of trouble could I be in for continuing to use my UK spec phone?
  3. Hi Every one, can you plz help me by providing the visa timeframe for Offshore (subclasses 309 and 100) visas especially from the Middle East. Thanks in Advance
  4. tonyman

    4rum off line 4 4 hrs

    :shocked:.......4 hrs without pomsinoz......what will we do to entertain ourselves whilst they work on the site .....im ok as i will be working but how will you guys cope .........:notworthy:......any suggestions ......
  5. just wondered how many guys on pio have decided to give up smoking, as a new years resolution,and how there getting on.--has anybody got any useful tips,or suggestions on how to make this easier.--sometimes you just need a bit of support,or understanding to kick this disgusting,and expensive habit,not to mention the health issues.--personally i smoke,and have tried many times to give up,but have succumbed to the dreaded weed all the time.--------so i thought id put a thread on as a bit of self help to see if i could give it another go,and to encourage other smokers to give up.
  6. Hi everyone, If anyone can guide me about the time WA SS is accepted (HR countries) and for how long it is valid after approval. Cheers.
  7. Hiya,i was wondering how i can get a whole load of youtube vids of my choice onto a hard drive and link it to my relatively new telly?It has got a USB port,and HDMI(whatever that is)I got realplayer which pops up in RH corner of youtube vid as its playing,saying it'll download clip,then when thats done itll convert clip to PC or Mac.Anyway,what's the best way to do this,so i can bang like 10 or so vids on the tv with ease?Thanks.:confused::unsure:
  8. UNIVERSITIES will be allowed to entice foreign students with quick visa approvals and the right to two years of work after graduation as part of a reform package to stem further losses of overseas student income. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans said yesterday they would act on a remarkably frank report on Australia's education export industry by former NSW politician Michael Knight. By mid-next year, foreign students keen on an Australian university degree will have access to a new, fast-track visa system. Students from supposedly high-risk countries such as China will no longer have to show $75,000-plus in a bank account to prove they can cover fees and living costs. Instead, as with students from developed countries such as the US, they will be able to simply declare they can support themselves. Onerous financial requirements have been bitterly criticised as an overreaction to past failings when migration was the motor of education, especially in private colleges. The reforms come after the education export industry -- one of Australia's largest export industries -- complained of "a perfect storm" of rapid and unsettling changes in visa rules and skilled migration policy, the strong dollar, more competition for students overseas and lingering reputational damage done by attacks on Indian students. Australia's education export earnings fell by almost 10 per cent in 2010-11 from their $18 billion peak, as Indian students were driven away while the US and Canada made inroads on the China market. Sharp declines in numbers at English language colleges and tertiary preparation courses suggest universities are heading into tough trading conditions next year. University leaders yesterday welcomed the life raft thrown them by the government. University of NSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer said: "The reforms announced are more positive than anyone we spoke to expected (and) they come when competitors are kicking own goals -- riots in the UK and US funding cuts." Professor Hilmer, in New Delhi yesterday, said education agents had told him that a streamlined student visa system was "the key to restoring our competitive position". Under yesterday's Knight reforms, which single out universities for special treatment, foreign graduates emerging with a bachelor's degree will be entitled to two years' work without restriction on type of job. If they want to stay for good, they still have to satisfy stricter rules for skilled migration, which are much less generous to on-shore foreign students with low-value skills. Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said the labour market implications of the reforms had not been thought through. Locals already were competing with thousands of former overseas students who were on bridging visas following a reform of the skilled migration rules, he said. ACTU president Ged Kearney said the labour market impact of any new student visa program would have to be closely monitored and steps had to be taken to ensure it did not lead to an erosion of working conditions. "Unions want to encourage Australian universities to be competitive, however, we are cautious about the potential impact on the local job market these changes may lead to," Ms Kearney said. "It is essential that any overseas student or work visa program must recognise and protect the rights of temporary migrants and their families, and not be used to undercut wages and working conditions in Australia." Also promised next year is a comprehensive review of the so-called risk assessment levels that immigration officials use to vet would-be students. This system makes it harder for students from China and India, for example, to get visas. "Unfortunately the worst perceptions about visa processing times are in Australia's biggest market, China," Mr Knight said. He recommended a new work rights regime for foreign students who graduate from an Australian university, and said this had to be "administratively very simple". "The scheme must be one which can be marketed by the universities to prospective students as almost guaranteeing post-study work rights," he said. Glenn Withers, chief executive of Universities Australia, said the work entitlement was "one of the biggest breakthroughs". "This (work right) is as good or better than the Canadian or the US provisions," he said. But Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said the labour market implications had not been thought through. Locals already were competing with thousands of former overseas students who were on bridging visas following a reform of the skilled migration rules. University of Sydney third-year international relations student Yun Liu thought about switching to the US during her six-month wait for an Australian student visa. "I kind of wanted to change my mind, but I'm pretty patient," she said. As a Chinese applicant planning to package foundation studies with a degree, she was subject to a level-4 risk assessment -- the highest currently applied. "It takes longer (than in) other countries, say Singapore or Japan," said the 21-year-old from Tianjin, near Beijing. The Australian visa application process involved depositing a large sum in a bank account to prove Ms Liu could afford to live and study in Australia. "I can't remember [how much]," she said. Mr Knight justified special measures to boost overseas student recruitment by universities, rather than by TAFEs or private colleges, on the basis universities were of "universally high" quality. He cited the "huge financial stake" of taxpayers in a university sector that had become heavily dependent on fees paid by foreign students.
  9. Hi all, I am trying to understand the trainlines/times from Berwick to Bentleigh East as we only have one car so are looking into my husband getting the train to work until we can afford another car! Also I have a potential job offer in Chadstone so want to know if I can get the train easily from Berwick? Not sure which website to look on, seems a bit confusing!:eek: Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! :wubclub:
  10. June 06, 2011-Filed for visa June 09, 2011-General email from Embassy saying the got it. CO and # assigned. August 24, 2011- Email Asking for more docs related to finances, NOIM, and Emails/Phone logs from CO. August 29, 2011- Phone call from CO. Wanted to discuss finances. Asked me to send letter from current employer and our intent on finances for the first two years. A personal discussion. September 01, 2011- Documents expected to arrive to CO today. Any experience this type succession of events? The CO said that she just need a few final things to fulfill the financial requirement which I have provided and will meet what she wants. How long am I looking at for a decision on my Prospective Marriage Visa? Days, weeks, months? Just a general time frame would help.
  11. Guest

    ENS Subclass 121 Time Line

    Job offer in Perth February 2011, APHRA registration June 2011, took 6 weeks to come through, Medicals completed May 2011, Visa Nomination for perminant residency approved July 2011 and main visa ENS Subclass 121 submitted August 01st 2011, Subclass Granted September 01st 2011:biggrin: Perth here we come!!!!!!
  12. Hi all, Can anyone tell me of the time line for these two visas please Thankyou very much
  13. Hi Guys , I'm coming to Perth in Aug on a 457 sponsored visa.. my question is about PR I am responsible for all my PR costs if I decide to go down that route after two years. Anyone any idea of the costs/whats involved ..my company have already paid for 457 ? (I'm tied into 3 yr cost recovery contract if I leave) My position is permanent though ! Also I'm 47 now ...I'll be 49 in two years will this be an issue for PR ? My family wife and son (15) come under my 457 visa as dependents How are they in relation to PR ..thinking particularly of my son who will be 17 at that stage ..is he able to apply for PR independently ..(Thinking Uni Fees !!) Many thanks FT
  14. Guest

    on line

    Socialization on the internet has become a growing trend.................... Online communications is quickly becoming a subsitute for face to face communications.......................... The increasing availability of online communication tools has not only increased the efficiency in which humans interact,............. :wideeyed:............. but has also brought about changes in the way humans interact...................................Due to the interpersonal boundaries of the internet , it is easy for people to express themselves in manners that would less likely take place in a more personal setting.:eek:..as I have been waiting for a torn achillies heel to mend...................:cry:.....I have been on the computer a lot more than usual.......:wideeyed:......and apart from the obvious information shareing....................there is a lot of social interaction..................is this a good thing.?????? ..............are we swapping the get out and meet people for anonymity.?????????what I wanted to ask..............................is do use your computer as a social choice....................instesd of going out and do you think that it is a good thing...........???????just wondered.....................:wink:and are you addicted...??If you check your threads via a mobile phone, before doing anything else online or get angered when you can't access boards, there is a good chance that you are either addicted or are on the path to being addicted.:eek::swoon::wideeyed:
  15. Sorry to ask another question tonight but we're waiting for my husbands copy birth certificate as he didn't have the full version. GRO have said it'll be sent next week and as we have almost everything else scanned and ready for lodging our 176 app online I wondered whether we can do ahead without the birth cert and upload it next week? I read on one of the other threads that you have 28 days to upload documents. Can anyone advise if this is the case and we'd be OK to proceed without it?
  16. 2and3

    On - Line form help needed

    Hope I am filling in the correct one - lol We have old visa in our passports but can't figure out for the life of us which is the visa number and its not taking any that I try and put in - any ideas?? Also, passports of the kids are just about to run out and we have not as yet got new ones - should I stick in the numbers anyway and then just update when we get them new ones?? OOPS - THey have run out..
  17. Hi, We had our medicals last week. When I've checked today it says that myself and our children's medical status is finalised but my wife's says referred. Has anyone else had this or does anyone know how long it takes after referal? The Doctor that did the medicals said that everything should be fine unless he phoned us about our blood results, which he hasn't. Hope I'm not just jumping to the wrong conclusions and I just need to relax and wait! Help welcome, thanks Mick :eek:
  18. JaseandAnne

    Help!!!! On Line Application!!!

    Hi Everyone, We are new to your site and someone on the PerthPoms site said there are more peeps on here who may be able to help, so Hello.:biggrin: I am applying for a 176 visa as a Motor Mechanic and have State Sponsorship (if they will extend the deadline). I hope you can help? Its now official after a couple of very early morning phone calls to the processing center my Paper application and all associated paperwork is LOST!!!It was sent recorded/signed for and it has never arrived in Adelaide. The DIAC advised me to complete an on-line aplication quickly to avoid losing my SS. I didnt do this originally as there was lots of solicitors paperwork relating to my children so was easier (so I thought) to send it in one! However, I've nearly completed the on-line app but I cannot find anywhere to add my Fiance? There does not appear to be a "spouse" page.? If I add her to the "other family members" it does not ask for her Passport number which it does for the children as they are on the list of migrating dependants. Also the page that asks if youve lived anywhere else for 12 mths or more won't let you pass unless you add something but I've only ever lived in the UK. I could put the UK but it only goes back 10 years and Ive been her for 40! Kinda looks odd! Anyone any experience or can help, i'm desperate to get it sent! Hope everyone having a nice week end Jase and Anne
  19. Hi all again, slightly different question, moving to Syd in just over 4 weeks now and still undecided on suburb!!!! We're looking at the Bankstown train line between Sydenham all the way too Wiley Park.. anyone have any opinions on these places!? thanks in advance all.. all help is appreciated.
  20. chiara

    Time line 176ss

    Someone put a link on another thread i started but it didn't work. I'm trying to get an idea of a time line for a 176 ss visa for a civil engineer to WA. We are living in the UAE and I want to return home to ireland with the kids while we wait for the visa, but I need to know what sort of time line I'm dealing with since I'll need to rent a house etc... any ideas?
  21. Guest

    Train line NOR?

    Anyone now if the train line is planned to be extended past Clarkson station? Thanks
  22. Guest

    Time Line

    Hello all, just thought i would add my time line on my signature now i've found out how to do it :biglaugh: Cheers Jez
  23. Hello, I am struggling to find out exactly what the coastline is like in the Bayside and in particular Manly, Lota and Wynnum. I can see on Google map that there are mangroves and very little sandy beach but I have read a little differently. We have very young kids and want to be able to easily walk to calm sandy beaches and nice family parks. I would love to hear from people who have actually been there. Thanks so much.
  24. Harkey

    End of the line :-(

    It looks like Sales Representative (Industrial Products) – ASCO 2222-11 won’t be on any SMP Lists – it hasn’t been on thus far and a good source has told us (looking at the draft WAS MP List) that it isn’t on that list either. So apart from my husband applying for jobs through his company (it’s an international company – Atlas Copco), who probably won’t relocate him, it looks like it’s the end of the line. We have tried all avenues and waited so patiently – it did my head in, I have no nails left and I put on weight from comfort eating. It’s like a bad break up, first it’s acknowledging it won’t happen then sadness (lots of tears) then anger then acceptance then reward/ fun then moving on! I am only at first stage which is acknowledging so going to be a long haul. I am planning the “reward/fun” stage though and currently looking at holidays for next year – Turkey looks good. The last stage (moving on) will probably be looking into Plan B which is New Zealand. Good luck to everyone waiting for the WA SMP. I am have a takeaway Indian tonight and washing it down with lots of wine (see where the weight problems started!) And tomorrow night, after watching Eng thrash SA in the rugby, we are going out with our friends to commiserate. We are also planning a “going nowhere soon” party for next Saturday which will involve Jägerbombs!
  25. Immigration SA would like to announce that it will launch a ‘new and enhanced’ On-line Sponsorship Application Form shortly. To do this, we will need to shut down the system for a very short period. The shut-down will occur between 4pm Friday 19 November to noon Tuesday 23 November (all Adelaide local time) 2010 More here: General skilled migration :: Make The Move i just hope part of the shut down is the releasing of SMP :cry: