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Found 62 results

  1. doing a geographical

    856 nomination. Is there a limit?

    Hi I'm on a 457 visa and want to go for 856 visa. I havent done 2 years on a 457 yet, but have lodged my skills assessment recently (its pending). If my employer tries to get me nominated now, and for some reason I don't pass my skills assessment, the nomination will have expired by the time I have done 2 years on the 457. So is there any limit to the amount of times I can be nominated for the 856 for the same employer? Cheers.
  2. I've found out recently from an IELTS marker that going under the word limit, especially in Task 2 (Writing), may cost you a whole band score, because you will get not more than 5 for Task Achievement, after all calculations resulting in approximately one point less overall for those who aim at higher scores (it is obvious that for those who need 5, it is not a big issue). Does anyone know anything about this!? Is it true!? Seems pretty harsh, I should say!
  3. Does anyone know the limit of stirling you can take into Oz before attacting tax there. Many thanks.
  4. My hubby has an interview with the recruitment agency in a week and they said the visa will possibly take 6 weeks! I was wondering if the employers give you a date to be over by? Obviously will ask when we go but I have a house to pack up and 4 kids to take. I'd love to hear anyones experiance whos gone over on 457 :smile: many thanks Libbysmummy
  5. We just recently transferred money from the UK to Oz on a spot transfer and discovered that our bank has set a limit of £10,000 per day so on this occasion we ended up transferring in 2 lots. However, our house money is still in the UK and it would obviously take longer than the usual 3 days specified for the money to reach the exchange company. We tried ringing the bank, but sat in a queue for ages which is quite costly as we are currently in Australia. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you get round it?
  6. There have been numerous threads where this issue has cropped up on here. I was talking with my husband about the regs on a limit to number of dogs/cats at a property etc. He shrugged his shoulders and said Australia wasn't like the UK in terms of dog ownership. We are 'dog mad' over here and the Aussie culture isn't like that. He didn't say it being mean or uncaring, just that is what he has grown up with and is used to and what is the norm in the UK isn't in Aus. I guess I can see where he is coming from. Many dogs live outside in Aus, kennel in the yard type thing. Some never go in the house. I found this weird to get my head round, having a family pet but it not living as part of the family, but it does seem very accepted over in Aus. In the UK we are usually shocked if people admit to keeping their dog outdoors (I also think our colder winters mean we consider it cruel to do this) and most pet dogs live in the house in some shape or form (confined to downstairs only, or a couple or rooms or even the run of the house). I've known many working dogs live outside all year round here in the UK. Kenneled, well cared for but not kept in the house. They survived our winters. Is it so bad to think a dog will be more expected to live outside in Aus? Or that we dog owners are told we can only keep X amount of dogs at a house. In the UK some people I know keep 4, 5 or 6 even in one house with no by laws or regulations to tell them otherwise. All the people I know in Aus that have dogs, out of all of them, only one has a dog that lives inside the house. The rest are all outside dogs, with the odd one allowed in the family room or kitchen and utility. I never thought of them as much a part of the family but they were certainly not deprived or uncared for nor I think unhappy. Even the Aussie relatives when talking about getting a dog said about it living outside and didn't think much of my having a dog to live as part of the family in the house viewpoint :nah: Do we need to be prepared to adjust to the Aussie approach of dog keeping once in Aus or continue being British and having house dogs and wanting to own more than two perhaps? Also things like specific dog parks to exercise a dog in Aus, which we don't have in the UK mean dog walking may not be what it was in the UK. Personally I feel its rather restrictive to be told you can only keep two dogs and need a licence to have more but on the other hand it hopefully stops people having too many animals and not being able to care for them or afford them. Also I am used to having two or more dogs in our house (most we had was 7 at one point) and I love a houseful of doglets lounging around. But saying that, in Aus I'd probably not want more than one or two simply because of the climate, the more outdoor living and the restrictions for dog walking in parks and so on that are often in place. It would also reflect in the kind of dog we would have there. We'd certainly not be looking for a dog that required lots of long walks or was high energy as we have had in the past. We'd be looking for something that would cope well with lead walks, dog parks and shorter walks. I don't think there is a right or wrong in all of this, just differences. It's how we go about finding a solution or a way of making it work for us as individuals. Hrm, a bit of a ramble but I'd like to know peoples thoughts and/or experiences on this one. :biggrin:
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me on here. We told our parents we were emigrating last november and they have just started talking about it now...ok so it is still in the terms 'if you go'...but we have progress that they now acknowledge the fact. However, today Mum said that they will visit a month at a time, to which i replied 'oh i thought you would come 6 month at a time whilst it was winter over here' (half hearted joke). It just got me thinking, is there a time limit people can visit for and how often??? Nic
  8. Hi everyone Just a quickie - if my boss is sponsoring someone on a 457 are they able to sponsor someone else on a 121? Basically can they only sponsor one person at a time? Just wanted to check on restrictions if any. Look forward to all your replies! Thanks x
  9. Is there a time limit from visa grant to getting a label in your passport if you need one at all seeing the world is now electronic!
  10. Guest

    Age limit increased

  11. toddsim

    medicals, maximum time limit

    Hi, We have been advised by our agent that we have only 28 days now our CO requests meds and police to be booked is this right or is there no max time frame???? thanks si
  12. adw44

    New sol age limit jul 11

    Hi Folks, just got back home from london Expo,it appears age limit increasing to 49 from jul 11 and more emphasis on actual skills and quals rather than youthfull good looks! I still want to join vic police once I have shed my winter coat( if you know what I mean), but will be on bended knees praying for no further hoops......Still hanging on in there.........:biggrin:
  13. Hi All, Husband came home from work saying that a guy he was working with said that they are changing the age limit for skilled migrants from 44 to 50 years old. Does anyone know anthing about this or is the guy in his work talking nonsense lol He is a joiner / carpenter. He is 43 this november, and we had another baby. Not ready to go now, and the age thing is a big issue. Many Thanks Bebe x :hug:
  14. wns4lcm

    Age limit for emigration

    Hi, Im thinking of emigrating to Oz, howver I have heard that the cut off age is 45, Im 42 and a registered nurse, will my age go against me? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Thanks.xx
  15. Hi , this has been niggling away in my head for a while . its very premature because we are waiting for WA SS ( being assessed at the mo ) . After the Co says get med & pc done how long do they give you to get them in ? The reason im asking is we have issues with time due to hubby being out of the country 9 months of this year 3 month on 1 month off . :biglaugh:I maybe getting stressed for no reason .......but i have to make sure i have everything ready months before hand for anything :swoon: P.s , just realised i might have put this in the the wrong subject duh , can someone move it please if i have x
  16. :wub: Hi We are hoping to Emigrate to Aus and are trying to negotiate our way around the financial implications! My first question is.....If we rent our house in the Uk and then sell it later down the line when the exchange rate (hopefully) improves, will the money be taxed when we transfer it over? I have read/heard that if we bring the money with us we would be okay but if we brought it over after a couple of years, tax would be payable. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so what are the time scales...ie how long have we got to tranfer the money without penalty? We are hoping to get a 457 sponsored visa, initially it will probably be a 'temporary' before becoming permanent. If anyone knows of a website or individual who could answer all my questions please let me know. Hope you can help! Thank you Cathy x:wub:
  17. Cannot find a definate answer, bloke I know wants to retire to Oz as he has been a few times and likes it, he is 51 with a girlfriend but no children, he has enough to retire on now and a good personal pension when he is 55, he would have when he sells everthing, house cars land etc 1.2 million. question....could he retire ito Oz just with the money he has? would they let him in? he does not want to work again and with his pension has no need to.
  18. Guest

    Upper age limit for a 457 visa

    Hi My wife wants me to look into getting her mum and dad over through our company. Is there an upper age limit on a 457 visa? Thanks Rob
  19. mandymcqueen

    Time limit on previous experience

    For ENS/RSMS what is the time limit on the previous experience I mean you must have worked in that occupation for 2 of the previous 5 years etc, I am making sense?? My point is what if you took 2 years away from that occupation can you still go back to it for sponsorship.
  20. The company I worked for for 6 months at the beginning of my WHV has now got back to me saying they want to sponsor me, and Ive lodged the 457 application etc. Im wanting to go back to work with them right now, and found I can lodge an application for an extension to the 6 month limit on the grounds that I have a 457 application in process.. My question is basiically, will it jeapordise my 457 application of I lodge tihs extension request, or will it have no bearing.. ?
  21. kellyjamie

    will they limit ENS??

    hiya with the recent goings on im wondering will they ever limit the amount of employer sponsored visas? i dont think they will but im just wondering? as long as your occupation is on ENSOL and you find an employer willing to sponsor you do you think it will be ok? thanks kelly
  22. Hi My long term partner and I moved from the UK to Oz in January 2010, we submiited the spouse visa application in June, I have PR from a previous visit and he came on the WHV. We have not yet been allocated a case officer and his 6 months with an employer is up next week. Can we get an extension in any circumstance as he was hoping to stay with the employer and get a permanent post once his spouse visa was granted. Any advice gratefully received.
  23. Guest

    6 months limit?

    Hello guys, I am confused about this 6 months limit on onshore students. After completion of studies, if i want to get my studies assessed from ACS, should it be within 6 moths from completion date or I can do it whenever I want to? Thanks
  24. Guest

    Age limit for perm residency?

    Hi, we are waiting for a 457e to be approved. today I read on here that to apply for permanent residency you must be under 45 is that correct? if so any exceptions? I am 47, hoping to be moving to OZ by November - plan to apply for PR -ASAP.
  25. Hi, im a bit stuck, im on a working holiday visa, and 'ive been freelancing for a company, some weeks i worked 2-3 days and sometimes i didnt work for 3 weeks. i did my first paid shift for them 5 months ago, does this mean i got to stop in 1 months time?? and if i do, is it 6 calander months, like 5th march to 5th september? and do i have to tell them ive finished and get like p45 thingy? any ideas?? many thanks