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Found 19 results

  1. Move of Bucks center Andrew Bogut to Australian league in insurance limbo http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards/move-of-bucks-center-andrew-bogut-to-australian-league-in-insurance-limbo/2011/10/04/gIQAs7EzJL_story.html
  2. Guest

    where in uk

    just putting it out there on where to possible return to in the uk. Any suggestions would be welcome! My oh and I have decided to return and separate, not very amicably either, We agree on nothing - only that the children must come first ie share care of the children - , create stability etc. but for reasons too personal to explain, will not be returning to the area that we left. I can literally choose where we will live as my trade off for moving back, my oh has said he will live close by so we can share care of the children. What I need is suggestions on where to go. I would like the wish list that everyone else with cherries on top ideally! Great high school is top of the list. (we have young chidren) not in a city, preferably in a village with access to wider amenities, community and all that, and a hospital for work for me. I will have a reasonable budget to start again - that is not my main worry. I am acknowleging that the children will have a good deal of stress to deal with in the separation so we have thought that we would rent for 6 months together - then buy seperately, once we have more of a clue of the area. That way, the children will hopefully be settled in school, thats what I am thinking anyway. I did have a thought of devon or north yorkshire??? I know neither - other than they are both lovely. But where there?? I am hoping this goes as well as possible. I am struggling with the move back, having to make a new life, knowing no one, new friends, new area, new job without the support of any family (they are useless) and friends at an age when I always thought we would be settled. As well as creating that network of friends for the kids. I want to get this right. Heres hoping:goofy:
  3. God it's damn scary though.......what a crazy time:eek::eek:, i barely have 2 minutes to be on here with having goodbye parties, last drinks, cleaning our entire house, packing, throwing, donating to chairty shop.......trying to remember to breathe, eat, sleep, look after the kids!!:embarrassed: But this time next week we will be onthat plane - how surreal is that!:biggrin::biggrin::jiggy::jiggy: Anyone else about to leave??
  4. Guest

    Lahfa limbo!

    I'm wondering if you pay more rent do you work out with a greater take home pay? For example if we decide to pay 500 dollars a week in rent or 750 dollars a week in rent what would the difference be in take home pay if we can claim up to 32,700 in LAHFA? I could have this totally wrong, as I've been trying to understand the LAHFA for the past 4 months! Am I correct in thinking that we would be better going for a bigger house with more rent as we can use that to reduce my hubbies tax bill? These are my calculations: For example: Gross (ex Super) = 80,000 Your taxable income must 57,000 dollars per annum Therefore if my gross minus the taxable requirement = 32, 700 dollars Does this then mean that I can try and get my LAHFA as high as 32, 700.00 I'm really confused! Does this mean a rental of 500 dollars a week and a rental of 750 dollars a week will not change how much you get in your take home as it's all coming out of the gross which you would be paying tax on anyways??? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :arghh: I'm so confused, we have to decide on a house to apply for and I'm desperately trying to see if I'm right. Basically the way I see it is you might as well pay a higher rent because you would just be paying it in tax anyways? No/Yes? Is there anywhere I could find a LAHFA calculator? Basically I want to calculate: A. What my take home pay would be on 80,000 per annum less medicare and less income tax and based on the LAHFA of food allowance for 2 kids and 2 adults which comes to 459 dollars a month and a rent allowance based on a rent of 500 dollars a week OR B. What would my take home pay be if: What my take home pay would be on 80,000 per annum less medicare and less income tax and based on the LAHFA of food allowance for 2 kids and 2 adults which comes to 459 dollars a month and a rent allowance based on a rent of 750 dollars a week If anyone could help me calculate these take home pay amounts that would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also just wondering what the bloody hell is a "Novated Car lease?" And anyone managed to get a car loan on a 457 thanks y'all Couldn't possibly cope without this site and the stressful move down-under! The odd glass of Aussie Sauv Blanc helps too :wub:
  5. hubby has been offered job with sponsorship and relocation expenses phew now for visa and everything else xx:biggrin:
  6. emmaroo

    In Limbo!

    We are a bit in limbo at the moment as we are still waiting to hear about o/h's visa!. so, because of this we are reluctant to do anything with the house( renting it out!). It just seems that there is not much doing at the moment and it's driving me nuts:wacko: I am someone who likes to be organised and plan ahead but no point until we know that o/h can get in! I know that when we do hear, if it's good news we will be running around crazy and I feel like I should be doing stuff but what? Anyone else feel like this? How did you get thru this stage? A rather round the bend Emma! :goofy:
  7. munchkinpie

    Skills Assesment while in limbo?

    Hey Guys havent been on much past few months as it was just getting too much not knowing for sure what was going on etc so we took the decision to hang on till all the new announcements were made (and maybe we were wrong I dont know?? :unsure: ) Anyway since the new announcement on Mon we have decided just to fire on and see where we can get to and try our luck. Wondered if anyone could help me with a small query I have as we are trying to get as much possible done before employing an agent to keep costs down etc. My other half has almost completed the vetassess application but at the very beginning he is given the option to tick either assessment for GSM or assessment for ENS. We have managed to pinpoint his job title to come under Graphic Designer which is under ENSOL but not SOL. However, im now wondering if Ive maybe missed anything which says ENSOL will be getting rejigged or is staying as it is? Also we dont have any employer sponsorship at this exact time although we are still chasing a few channels of possibility of companies interested in him. Also waiting for states to publish their lists obviously hoping and praying Graphic designer is on any of them. So I guess my question is which option should I tick on Vetassess application or are we jumping the gun and should wait until either we have Employer nomination or see what states say? Hoping we could just get skills assessment done and have it ready and waiting for all eventualities. Sorry Ive rambled but would love your help L xxx
  8. Guest

    Living in limbo..

    We have been waiting and waiting and some more waiting.. Our case is not straight forward, and understand that this does cause delays, but the living in limbo is just killing us. I feel there is a tight wound spring just waiting to let go. We dont sleep good, as hope we may get that phone call from agent. My husbands visa has been refered to charcter assesment, and they have all evidence, but how long do we live like this. We and our agent has done everything possiable to state my husband is of good charcter. My hubbys police check runs out in 10 days, and they have stated they are aware of this, and have not asked us to get a new one. Can they realy only give you that short a time for a validation trip? Or will they just sit on it, and say "oh by the way you now need to get a new police check" if approved? I know not many on here have had this experiance with charcter assesment, but just want to vent. We have a life waiting for us, family want us home for x-mas, have a school lined up for our son etc etc... Just hope they give my hubby a chance to prove him self, he is a good man, and made a stupid descion in the past, its true, your past certainly does come to haunt you at some point. Anyway, ranted enough, hopefully will get news soon, so will just go on in limbo....:arghh:
  9. Guest

    Help needed stuck in limbo!

    Hi all PIOers! We are in a bit of a pickle,as what to do for 2010,we have a WA 176 lodged and hope of Air con engineers being on the SMP,but i have a feeling alot of trades will be affected like the march 09 changes! We are waiting to hear from my OHs company who have an office in Perth and are waiting for a new position to be created so at the moment its in asia awaiting approval. They dont seem to have any problems with the ENS121 but have never told us the job is ours when and if approval comes,its expected may/june time so we are in limbo! When we left my mum after our reccie last year we did say either way we would be in oz for xmas 2010(unaware of how hard it is to obtain an ens,employers dont want to know and agencies are equally as bad) So at last i have reached the point to why im waffling!!! Do we plan our xmas holiday which will need to be done in the next few month due to costs of flights or wait and hope about the ens and or SMP. Our WA SS was approved in nov 09 so we have no CO and had no meds or Pcs done. This visa business can easily send people loopy:goofy: Jodie
  10. boogaloo

    In limbo

    Hi guys We are soooo frustrated (as I am sure most of you guys are!) we have our visas and are desperate to move to Perth! We put our house on the market last week and I am so impatient just want that phone call that someone wants to view! It is going to be such a long process to sell! How do you guys cope with the stress of this final hurdle to Oz? Anyone want to buy a lovely four bed house in North Wales?? Sue
  11. still in limbo just need house to sell:chatterbox: waited 2 years for visa to be granted and still waiting all we need now is the house to sell !! getting the viewers but fed up living in a show home !!! and shouting at the kids to keep the house clean will be moving to perth with 3 kids not quite sure where yet anyone know what halls head is like ??? we visited 2 years ago and liked loads of different areas especially rockingham area ie secret harbour or even up north !!!! anyone else out there in the same boat or already living the dream xxx need some friends !!!!!!:yes:
  12. This article was in todays Herald Sun, it is quite sickening as we have a family who came out last year on a student visa, sold their house and everything, and now they have been told their occupation has been removed so chances of PR are slim, they are currently trying to find out what they can do to stay in Oz:cry: Here is the article: MORE than 40,000 students who expected to gain permanent residency in Australia may not qualify because of recent policy changes, research estimates. The Rudd Government has removed most vocational trades, including plumbing, welding and carpentry from its skills priority list, making it harder for international students with those qualifications to gain permanent residency. Monash University demographer Bob Birrell says the changes, implemented this year, were not getting through to the international student community. He said enrolments in vocational training were on the rise and most students expected their qualifications would lead to permanent residency. In a new paper, Dr Birrell estimated more than 40,000 international students with vocational skills had applied for permanent residency, adding however, that their visa status was currently "in limbo". "The changes will make it much more difficult for those students to obtain permanent residency," he told AAP. But Dr Birrell said there remained other paths for students to gain permanent residency. Their applications would be processed if the Government's 2009-10 target of 180,000 skilled migration visas was not met. They could also access a 458 visa, which would allow them to work for 18 months, during which time they could apply for permanent residency. Dr Birrell said the Rudd Government needed to ensure that changes to the migration policy were crystal clear to overseas countries. The Federal Opposition agreed, saying students should know their visa rights and obligations before they decided to study in Australia. The research paper, Immigration Policy Change and the International Student Industry, will be published in Monash University's quarterly publication People and Place tomorrow
  13. Guest

    Lives in limbo

    I keep stumbling across threads where people mention that although they've been in Oz for 10, 15, 20 years or so they are still homesick and miss the UK. That they couldn't move back and had to stay. Now their children are grown up, gone where ever and they long to go home, but the chance has long gone. One person mentioned that he was glad that PIO was there for other people to learn from his mistake. I feel quite sorry for these folk and it just re-enforces our decision to return to the UK as soon as we can. I do not want to be another person who lives in limbo for the rest of my life. It takes a lot for folk to move to Oz, though if you are thinking of going back don't be afraid of what people say or think as it takes a brave person to put up their hands and say 'enough is enough'.
  14. Guest

    In Limbo!!

    I am bored and can't wait to go to Oz, have our flights booked, visa got, bank account's open. In limbo now, can't sort out shipping yet as nothings packed and we've still got two months till were going. What else can I do while were waiting? Feel like i'm not being productive enough. Moan moan-sorry! :goofy:
  15. Guest

    In Limbo!

    Hi All This process really does take it's toll:unsure:.....feel so unsettled and in limbo at the moment not worth starting anything new here, no point settling into anything, which i think poor Clint is feeling more than me...both depressed we can't sell our BLOODY HOUSE...and my heart goes out to everyone in the same boat. Just feel i can't get on with the rest of my life until were in OZ and to top it all off my eldest 12, 13 in Oct after months of being fine with the situation has decided he is NOT coming( like he's got a choice bless him!) i think as time is going on he is settling more and more into secondry school and finding his real friends. Clint won't even get too excited about the whole thing because if we can't sell house we can't go!...and if we don't get approved visa of cause:notworthy:. Sorry for my rant guys just going to be one of those days i think!!!!:chatterbox: Thanks for listen, Lou.:cute:
  16. Guest

    In limbo!!

    Hi I am also new to this site, but wondered if anyone could give me some advice, my husband had his skills assessed and passed and we sent of our application forms for our visas 11 weeks ago, we have not heard anything yet, is it too early, am I getting impatient too early on at this stage? We so desperately want to go, especially as the housing market is looking so dodgy. Please put my mind at rest.:err:
  17. T-bone

    Living in Limbo!

    Sadly “Limbo” is not a suburb of Perth, or anywhere else in Australia. “Limbo” is a place in the UK that I currently reside within. “Limbo” is this land of grey skies and wet grass, instead of the land of blue skies, warm earth, milk and honey. “Limbo” is where the sea is murky and cold, and the air is full of traffic fumes, and not the warm blue seas of the Indian Ocean, and the refreshing Fremantle Doctor. The “Waiting” and “Not Knowing” are borderlands of “Limbo” and I’m tired of living between all three!! I know I’m not the only one sitting and waiting patiently for my visa, and there are plenty of you lovely folks who have been waiting longer than myself, however its just sooooooo frustrating………and I’m sure plenty of folks live in the kingdom of “Frustration” too…
  18. jo90

    capital investment limbo???

    Hi Everyone! Just wondering what decisions people are making if their 136 app has been frozen due to the withdrawal of capital investments. Are you waiting for a decision? Or are you re applying for 175 visa?? Yours impatiently... Jo x x :cute:
  19. Jackboots

    living in limbo

    well hi to you all at pio, im a new one to this site having joined recently am i glad, you know for the past few months we have kinda put our life on hold , we can't do this we can't do that due to our app to try to live in perth. even up untill a few days ago i was can't wait for xmas to be over just so we can get to nevt year ect even xmas pressies we have put ahold on the big things for our daughter cause we can't take them with us, but anyway ive finally come to think get the best xmas ever!! because it may be the last one here, and they are certainly not the same over there. so good luck to us all merry merry xmas and a fab new 2008. hpoefully on a beach of our dreams!!:jiggy: