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Found 8 results

  1. I don't understand why people on here are so negative. It seems like people move to Australia with their eyes closed. I thought I'd put together some basic facts. Please let me know if I am missing something but as far as I am concerned, the below should give you an indicator of the suitability of Aus life. Work If you earn a good salary in the UK, then it is likely you will have good earning potential in Aus. Equally, if you have a poor salary in the UK then you will likely have poor earning potential in Aus. The cost of living is high in Australia, ergo, your quality of accommodation, leisure activities will be equivalent only if you are used to London prices. Otherwise, you will think everything is a expensive even if you earn well. On the plus side there are lots of free, sport and nature based activities. Do you prefer outdoor lifestyle (beaches/bush) over indoor lifestyle (pubs/shops)? Home It follows that the home you can afford will be commensurate with earnings/value of UK home. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as you can easily research on the net. Again, those used to London prices won't think anything of it, those from other areas will think it expensive. Friends Do you have close friends you see regularly in the UK. If yes, you will miss them. Your shared history, closeness, knowledge of each others lives, reliability will not be quickly replicated in people you meet in Aus. You have to ask yourself, are you prepared to give it time? Family Are you close to family you will be leaving behind? How close? Every day contact, every week, every month, every quarter? How dependent are you on that contact, as an emotional and/or logistical support network? This for so many people is the deal breaker. The reality is loved ones are the most important thing in our lives. Because of time difference even telephone contact will be cut down, you might see them once a year max. Seriously reflect on whether you can deal with this. Romantic relationship This will be very different for different people. Some will be single, others married, English couples, Aus/Eng couples. Each will experience the move differently. The reality is if you are unlucky in love, don't suddenly expect to be lucky because you moved to the other side of the world. Equally, if you are dragging an unwilling partner along, prepare for a rocky ride. I haven't covered nearly every scenario, but I do feel that if people seriously consider each of these things within the context of their own lives they will find the answer as to whether or not a move is a good idea. If the answer is yes, then just like in the UK, life is what you make of it.
  2. peterhuli

    Like My Post!

    This is just a pointless thread and useless post whilst I'm waiting for visa to get granted... I'm trying to build up my total number of Likes. Please click Like! :biglaugh:
  3. firebladebally

    Who likes australia

    After reading alot of posts on here i am asking the following...... Out of the people living in australia, who actually LIKES it? It seams like alot of people are "stuck" there, like alot of people are "stuck" here. Just wondering .............
  4. Guest

    Who likes to cook ?

    I ask the question because...well I like to cook. Now liking to cook is not the same as having to cook, so housewife are excluded ...:laugh: Only kidding. So I go first. I have various interest besides making money and that is in chronological order Music Blacksmithing Woodwork Boating Big machines Cooking I have relatively recently discovered that not only I like cooking but I seem to be good at it. So for a few years I have subjected my office to some monthly lunches where I cook for about 40 with some help from the ladies. Next week it is Italian dishes, so we have a bruschetta for entree, Traditional minestrone, and a dessert made with fig preserve, savoiardi in brown Muscat, vanilla custard and whipped cream. If you like cooking tell us what you like to do. Marco
  5. Went to a barbie on Saturday for the first time in a couple of years and it just made me realise what I have always known.....I do not like barbecued food on these gas barbecues, it always tastes the same to me smokey and slightly burnt or slightly raw :dull: not just the meat or snags though even the vegtables taste crap to me. Anyone else dislike them or are you all barbie lovers :cool: P.S a real barbie is done with wood IMO and the gas barbies really suck and the taste is just not there.
  6. Why no one likes Australia anymore | Travel Advice | News.com.au
  7. Guest

    who likes football

    hi i'm tom i am 8. Me and my family are hoping to go to brisbane. me and my dad support spurs. i play for a football team. do any of you play football? I really want to know if they play football in australia and if i could get in a football team.
  8. We left the UK in late June; with a two day stop over in Malaysia. I feel it wasn’t worth the money for business class, but we managed a straight 8 hours sleep and the kids had great fun with the electric seats!! the rest of the deck didn't They buggered up our hotel booking in our stop over at the Sunway resort in Kuala Lumper, so they had to upgrade us to the penthouse floor in a 5* hotel. Felt like the Beckham’s, could get used to the champagne life style but unfortunately my lemonade wages won’t stretch that far. We spent our first two weeks in the quest Bridgewater apartments on kangaroo point in central Brisbane, it was quiet but central. The kids loved the pool and the hot tub and I can thoroughly recommend it as a place to stay. We spent this time, getting our medi-care done, finding schools, buying a car, motorbike, white goods etc. We have now been in our house in the suburb of Joyner for 4 weeks and this is just our opinion of what we like and dislike so far in sunny brissy. Likes: The Weather: Even though it is the middle of winter it reaches the low 20s every day, although it does get chilly at night. It means you can plan to do things at the weekend, without the worry of it being rained off. The School: My kids love there schools, we picked the Albany Creek primary and High school. The kids have settled well, and have made lots of friends. They play lots of sport and seem to be ahead of there Australian counterpart educationally. The Locals: They are friendly and more than willing to help you. They are proud of their country and more than willing to show it off. They say hullo to you in the street and actually come out of there houses in our estate to meet you because they know you are the newbies. Even the government officials want to help; from Medicare through to the transport department. Sport: There is opportunity for ALL, not just the elite but the ex couch potato who wants to get fit. I cycle to work each day, 21 km each way. Whilst carrying my bike in to my office, I was invited to join a cycling club on their Sunday morning ride and have unfortunately volunteered to join them on a 100km fun ride from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. The Country: It is beautiful, not just the beaches, but the mountains and the bush. Around my house are numerous parks and nature reserves which are outstanding and un-crowded. Dislikes; (and its only personal opinion) Work Ethic: I have never worked so hard in my life, my work hours are officially 0730-3.30pm, but in reality I work from 0700-5pm. With a longer commute, I never get to see the kids. I work in an office, but the tradies have it even harder, they are on site at 6am during the week and by 8am at the weekends. I have not met this famous so called laid backed Australian yet! The Housing: Yes my house is beautiful, brand new and has a walk in robe, en-suite, and electric double garage, but some things drive you batty. They have never heard of sound proofing, the walls are just painted plasterboard; you can here conversations from one end of the house to the other. Plug sockets, 4 in the bedroom, 1 in the kitchen? Durrr!!! The last small thing is the light bulbs are so dull, you turn them on and you are still are sat in the dark. You end up spending a fortune on lamps. designed by an idiot thats all i can say. Cost of Living: I was surprised at how expensive things are over here, meat and petrol are cheaper but any cost saving in fuel is off set with the distance you have to travel. In the UK we filled up once a week, here it’s a minimum of twice. The internet and mobile phones are twice as expensive as the UK and strange things such as mirrors or picture frames 3 or 4 times the UK cost. $300 to have a phone put in, $200 for satellite TV, $250 for gas bottles so you can have hot water, it soon mounts up. Rules and regulations: This must be the most bureaucratic democracy on earth, they have rules and regulations for everything from what time you can wash your car (4.30-5pm on a Sunday) to how far your bin has to be away from the kerb. There is no leniency either; my wife after 15 years blemish free motoring was stopped twice in as many days. $600 lighter in fines for such things failing to come to complete halt at a stop sign (2kph is not stopping). So all they have succeeded in doing is making her want to jump on a plane and go home! Driving: The Aussies are a friendly bunch, put them behind a wheel of a car and they change personality. I would compare it to driving in London, the ruthless attitude although the roads are no where near as busy. This is just a first impression, and we have had our ups and downs. The country is not perfect, no where is but they give you a ‘fair go’. To put it in to perspective, when the delivery man was putting white goods around my house he asked me why I had bought so much stuff, so I told him I’d just moved from the UK. He stopped what he was doing, took off his gloves, came and shook my hand and said ‘welcome to Australia son’. That’s why I moved here!