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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Calling all electricians and Instrument fitters! Im planning on moving to Queensland next summer and this license thing sounds like a nightmare! Im an Instrument & Electrical Technician by trade but have been working the last two years as a commissioning and maintenance electrician in Germany. Got my ARTC already and been classed as an Electrical Fitter (Instruments), which from what I've read only qualifys me for a restricted license. So I wouldnt be able to do any of the elctrical work I do know, which restricts my employment opportunities! Ive heard a few times that applying for a license in SA is the easiest and quickest way. However with this ARTC, I can probably only get the restricted license no matter where I apply?? Does anyone know if I can still get a full license and if so what do I have to do? How can I do this quickly? and what can be prepared from Germany/UK? If I can only get a restricted license, should I still go through SA and what is the exact process, the SA websites etc seem to provide little info on the exact procedure. HELP! Do I just need the ARTC or do I need resus course and wiring regs etc? The Queensland route seems to be out of the question with training permits and logbooks and all sorts of bureaucracy. Can't afford to be messing around for months, want to get working, and need to get the best license I can! I was told the only way to get a electrical mechanic license would be to do an apprenticeship in Australia, which would be obsurd! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks guys Danny
  2. Hi, Can anyone help in providing information on the licensing requirements for painters and decorators to work in NSW (over and above the requirements for visas)? I am trying to find out exactly what licensing is needed to actually start work in NSW as a painter and decorator, and how to go about getting this. I have found a lot of information on TRA certificates, etc. for visas, but after doing some research, I know that a trading certificate/ license and blue card will also be required to actually start work. Does anyone have experience of this and could tell me more, or could refer me on to someone/ somewhere for help? Most websites also refer to the Australian qualification of BCG30603 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating being required in order to get a trading license for NSW. Is a TRA certificate be acceptable instead of the BCG30603 Certificate when it comes to getting the trading license? Any information would be appreciated - it's all v confusing! Thanks
  3. :policeman:Does a Software Engineer require licensing and registration with ACS to worj there?] ?
  4. Hi Good day I am gonna apply for Queens land sponsorship, Studying QLD required docs I saw this Made contact with the relevant licensing or registration body for your nominated occupation and met requirements to allow you to work in Queensland – www.immi.gov.au/asri I am a civil engineer and have already obtained EA positive skills assessment as a civil engineer, How would I satisfy given condition ?:eek: Regards :wubclub::hug:
  5. JuliePaul

    Carpenter Licensing

    Hi Guys We are moving out to Oz (Queensland) in January 2011, OH is a Carpenter, while we have been looking at job websites there have been a few jobs which would be suitable for him but the majority of them ask for you to be licensed - does this mean to have your own Australian business (self employed in effect)? Also, can anyone help us out with what we need to do to enable him to start work for a company? We know he will need a Blue Card is there anything else? Thanx
  6. HI can anyone help? Any tips on whether to apply 4 license in uk or oz? Any advice to help? Most appreciated.:biggrin:
  7. Dear all, I am still awaiting my visa but things are getting moving now and we should still be able to come over to oz by september. I have already recieved my ARTC (I had it sent to a friend who is in Australia). It came back as being an electrical fitter (Instruments). From what ive read i can only get a restricted license with this cert. Problem is, all the jobs i have found on the net who want an instrument tech, instrument / electrical tech, instrument fitter, dual trade tech whatever you want to call it. Most of them seem to want someone with an unrestricted license? How can someone with my trade obtain an unrestricted license?? Also, although my trade got me sponsorship in Queensland, there doesnt seem to be that much work around from what i can see. Is there anyone out there who knows of instrument contracting companies or agencies that i can register with? I am probably going to uni in march 2010 to complete a bachelor of engineering technology in electrical major. But until then i need to find work! What kind of electrical work can i do with a restricted license? could i do anything if i worked alongside someone with an unrestricted license? I dont mind what kind of work i do, as long as i can earn money until i go to uni. What are my employment prospects after i get a bachelor of engineering technology - Electrical and electronic major. Appreciate any help! Thanks Danny
  8. Guest

    Plumbers Licensing WA

    I have been in touch with Plumbers Licensing, Department of Commerce WA, relating to licensing on arrival in Perth. They have told me I can apply for a Tradespersons License on the basis of a sucessful Vetassess pass. I have noted in QLD it can be difficult to get a full license as a provisional license is issued on arrival in Oz. I am not sure if additional training is required in WA? Any one with experience or advice on plumbing licensing in Perth WA? I have not asked this question to Plumbers Licensing, Department of Commerce WA as I did not want to through a spanner in the works. Thanks in advance for any answers. As with all on here I live in hope that someone will have a simple answer to a simple question!
  9. Hi there, i always wanted to know what to expect after vetasses and have done some research and found out. Hope this helps everyone and makes things a bit clearer They tell you vetasses is the only thing you need this is not true, once you have your OTSR from vetasses and get your visa granted, to get licensed iin australia you have to do about 12mnths worths of on site training, now i have spoken to the energy regulators of 3states and they all say about the same thing. Submitt vetasses papers This lets you apply for a provisional license which allows you to work supervised Do competency based training, this is practical,and college based Depending on the experience they want you to have this can take up to 12mnths but not neccesarily. Do the CAPSTONE TESTS this looks to be something similiar to the UK AM2. After that you get issued with a CERTIII electrotechnology systems,once you have this it can be transferred to any state as it is recognised nationally. Here are the numbers of Electrical regulators in AUS NSW... Barbara fernandez 02 93388953 Victoria.. Ken Gardiner 03 92039710 Queensland.. Owen pezel 07 32383135 WA.. Don saunders 08 9422 5255 SA.. 08 8204 9643 Tasmania.. John Hammersley 03 6233 7869 Northern territory.. Penny de souza 08 8999 5516 I HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE if you need individual email adresses pls email me and il send them to you JUst want to bump this up as im getting some messages from guys concerning this...HOPE THIS HELPS
  10. Guest


    HI can anybody help, please Do i need a license to work as a cook? iam looking at going to brinsbane. i carn't seem to find out from anywere :unsure: cheers Tracey
  11. I was a qualified plumber in the Isle of Man, UK for 10 years before moving to Brisbane in July. I was issued with a provisional plumbers/drainers licence and got a job through an agency within a week of arriving. The money wasn’t what I was use to but it was a start. The company I was placed with has just taken me on full time but the money has gone down because I’m not “technically qualified” as my boss put it. Although I feel I’m being taken for a mug I don’t have much to bargain with until I complete the Plumbing Licensing Course. Has anyone completed the Course? If so can you give me any advice and how long did it take?
  12. Guest

    National licensing for Trades

    Hi to all trade persons out there just something I thought might be of interest. A national licensing system for electricians, carpenters, plumbers and other tradespeople will replace state-based accreditation after federal and state governments reached a historic agreement to combat skills shortages. Under the biggest restructure of trades accreditation since federation, companies employing apprentices will receive a national licence, replacing the eight state and territory-based qualifications. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/...9257%255E601,00.html Regards Mick