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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, myself and my family are hoping to move to oz next year, i was just wondering if there was much call for Nursery nurses over there!? Also will my NVQ level 3 qualification be recognised over there? Any advice would be grateful! Anna
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help me. My OH is a plasterer and has been for 4 years. We're hoping to go on an Independent 175, and are starting to prepare the skills assessment. Will an NVQ Level 2 in Plastering be sufficient? Where is the best place to find out exactly what the TRA want to see in your application, I can't find much on the website!!! Any advice about TRA and pathways greatly appreciated! Becca and Stephen
  3. Hi First time poster to the site guys. My head is up my *rse lately so please help!! We recently decided to apply for a visa to Oz... simple I thought?... not on your nelly!! Same old story... partner is a plasterer over 15 years... has run his own successful plastering co the last 10+ years BUT! never got formal qualifications (like alot of plasterers in Ireland during the boom years!). So our problem is this:- We're running out of time to apply under the old 175 Visa app process as my partner would need to get an AQF Level III qualification for Skills pathway E (since A, B or C would require a subsequent 2 years in the trade after an NVQ equivalent cert). But I'm having problems finding an AQF assessment in the UK. Also, since time is running out should we be waiting to see what happens after July 1st... if anything does actually happen as I've been reading this may not be passed until the end of the year? I think we should get this AQF cert eitherway, as you (apparently) get the 10 points in the new points system. Part of me is thinking that we'll go to alot of trouble to get this AQF, only to be told you need 5 years on the job exp with this or something as this seems to be the story every way we have turned in our quest!! (sorry ranting there). Sorry, to the point... can you tell me:- A: Is there a way of getting your AQF Level III in the UK? B: Would he be better off flying to Oz to attain this qualification? C: Is there any point in applying for a 175 visa before July 1st (even though it may be delayed) & since the TRA take about 3 months to process? D: Under the new points system it says you get 10 points for family sponsorship... my partner doesn't have family, but I have alot in Perth... can we use my family sponsorship for the 10 points even though he would be the main applicant? I wouldn't even ask him to attempt the IELTS for the extra 10/20 points, his spelling is atrocious!! I realise this is alot of questions... so if you reply... many thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi - I'm new to this, first post so please bear with me! My hubbie is a welder and we know we have to apply to TRA for recognition of his skills - however we are hoping to apply for him being a 1st class welder, as he does all of the tasks listed on the governments website for this job. The only thing is that the government website also states that the entry requirement is an AQF Level III or higher qualification.:err: My hubbie did a 2 year college course in welding and has a National Certificate in Fabrication and Welding Engineering Practice (this is his highest qualification) - is this equivalent to AQF level III, or does he have to get the AQF level III? Does the TRA do this for us when we apply for a skills assessment? I'm completely confused now! I hope someone can help :confused:
  5. Dorsetgirl1

    LAFHA - Minimum Salary Level

    Anyone know if the amount that your salary can't go below if you claim LAFHA....I think it's $50,000 but not sure
  6. Hi there i hope someone out there can help me just havin alittle trouble trying to find the right info for what i need ...:wacko: I am a beauty therapist at level 2 nvq and i am wanting to up my level to 3 as i only have two modules to do face & body electrics , my dilemma is i can do the two levels easily but would i have to do an nvq as well for each module . Would i still be able to find work with just geting a trade certificate with a govering body or would it be best to do the nvq. Or would it suffice to just do the two modules minus nvq and still get employed out there will they be happy with this qualification .:cute: so sorry for waffling on but have tried to find out correct site to answear question but have hit a brick wall hope someone can help many thanks suzy x:wideeyed:
  7. Hi there, just wondering if anyone can give any advice . Visa got, heading over summer 2012.. reason my son (20 year old) finishes his 4 year apprenticeship and our 17 year old will finish his A levels. My question is if we were to leave sooner where would my son (who cant wait to get to Oz) be regarding his education... He will have done his first year and needing to do his second to achieve his A levels, so say we were to come and he could start in January where would he start ....... ?? or is this a really silly idea and would we be putting him in a disadvantage seat with his A Levels ??? Any advice is welcome we are just desperate to get over to Oz and sick of waiting .... thanks
  8. Just going through the police checks and see that we can get a signatory who is a manager. Wondered what level manager this is and if anybody has any experience with this. Can get somebody at step down from director of a multinational company to sign for me, but want to check this is sufficient
  9. Hi, new to PIO. I am single 44 Health Care Assistant. Currently working in a Doctors surgery. Have I any chance of being job sponsered for WA. Any advice gratefully received.
  10. My son and I are visiting his grandparents in Australia for a few months. He needs a tutor. He has been in reception class in Britain. We are based in country Victoria near Warrnambool. If you would like to experience rural life and tutor a 4-year-old please contact me.
  11. can i please pliz have some ideas for an interview clinical nurse level 2 in a public hospital. ta:jiggy::jiggy:
  12. Hi I am just wondering what level of education is required for applying for a skilled visa in Accountancy. Is there anyone out there that can suggest any suitable courses (qualified accountants or someone working towards their accounting qualification)? Many Thanks Carolyn x
  13. One thing that puzzles me about the various visas is what latitude is there, if any, in changing jobs especially if promotion was on offer? For example, looking at the state sponsored 176 route if you got SS granted and then a 176 visa for say on of the IT skills required in Victoria. You arrive there, get a job relevant at that skill (I presume you wouldn't be allowed to take anything else?) but after a few months you get offered promotion within the company to a higher level, i.e. not one that you originally applied for SS/visa for and perhaps not one on the state's list (e.g. a higher management role). Could take the promotion? Similarly could you apply for a different / higher role at another company? Or even a total different job not in IT? Gary
  14. I have a NVQ level 4 for site manager in the UK. What does this mean in OZ? How can I change it so it is relevant to a qualification in OZ? I have 14 year experience in Civils & Construction. Can some one please help? Thanks
  15. News item from the BBC. Good news for Aussie. BBC News - Australian employment rises sharply
  16. Guest

    rsms / skill level doubt

    hello this is vikram again i have got a doubt in my mind that whether my qualification is diploma level for rsms or not cert 4 in cookery followed by diploma of hospitality management any advice appreciated thanks
  17. Hello all My husband has just heard from VETASSESS that he has passed the paper based test, and will sit the carpentry practical in May in Preston. On the VETASSESS site it says he has Level 1 assessment status, and we were wondering what this means? Any ideas anyone? Also any hand tips for the assessment, gratefully received. Horray for a bit of progress! Tig
  18. Guest

    AQF level 3 in Gardening

    Hi there, please can anyone advise me as to how to obtain the AQF in Gardening in the UK. We live in Manchester. Many thanks Kirsty :-):biggrin:
  19. stacybird123

    Got my Aqf Level 3 certificate, yes!

    Hi guys , yesterday i was assesed by tfia who flew to the uk to assess my carpet and floor laying skills, it cost me £2k, but im now a qualified aussie tradesman so very happy......this qualification is not handed out lightly, 3 guys failed and 3 of us passed, it was a pratical assesment of our skills and took till 7.30pm, anyway im well chuffed. Am i right in thinking that all i do now is send my aqf certificate off to tra with maybe 2 reference letters from previous employers and ill pass?, I am doing it myself without a agent as the cost of getting the aqf has skinted me out so cannot afford an agent, any way can someone please help before i send this off to tra? many thanks if you can
  20. Hi to everyone from a newbie I am a paediatric nurse with 19 years experience, of which 11 years are based in the Emergency Department. Last year I was (unexpectedly) offered a Level 2 nursing officer job in Brisbane! I had attended an expo for information & ended up being interviewed. :unsure: As with many people we have thought long and hard about the offer. Finaces would be tight (£20,000 MAX) & are currently tied up in the house so we would have to sell. We don't have a lavish lifestyle now and are realistic in our expectations. However they have offered me a relocation package. I suppose my questions are Is there any Level 2 nurses who could give me a brief overview of what the role entails. (I am currently a Band 7 nursing sister/ Emergency nurse practitioner, but not a departmental manager) Would we survive on a wage of $62,000 until my husband found work? (Me, OH & teenage daughter). He is unskilled but has worked as a security person / porter for 20 years. They have offered to hold the job until end of 2010 but obviously we would need to get things moving if we intend to go before then. Many thanks in advance for any replies. x
  21. Bad news about Corus steel . You will have to go to google for more news. Good news - i was with a mate whos in a senior position for a major national building company. They put 305 sites into mothballs 12 months ago,just shut the gates. 20% of those sites have just reopened with more coming on stream. He said things are definitely moving,confidence is returning,his words not mine. All the lads have got work to some degree or another.some have just picked up nice 12 month contracts. And more importantly i got talking to some bloke at a networking do ,who had ties to the bank of england.....he was getting technical,so i told him to simplify his wording. He told me Spring 2010 a change was expected..........dont shoot the messenger!
  22. Guest

    AQF Level 3

    Hi all. This is my first entry so here goes. My wife and I have been trying to get to Oz for 7 years now and have come up against a ton of hurdles. However, our agent has now come up with the idea of sitting an AQF level 3 exam under the category of electrician, special class. I'm actually an electronics test technician specializing in home entertainment repair/service. Can anyone tell me how in depth the exam is please. just so I can be prepared should an exam become available. Many many thanks.
  23. Guest

    What level of NVQ?

    After being ripped off by an oz agent, and loosing all of our money, and missing out on pathway D for the skilled visa, due to the agent, I have obviously been very dissapointed and annoyed how this could happen to us! :arghh:I have been looking at other options which have resulted in dead ends for us. I have found that the only way, unless anyone has any ideas, is for my husband Gary, to go and get an NVQ in joinery and start again under the skilled visa. Sponsorship is not an option due to the school fees we would incur. He is a time served joiner of 22 years, corgi and electrical qualified and registered. His main trade is joinery, he fits kitchens, so it makes sense that he goes down that avenue rather than the elects or plumbing. What level of NVQ would be needed to Gary to get the skilled visa? Is NVQ the best qualification for him to obtain or will oz accept anything else? If so what? I would appreciate any help or advice. At the moment we are getting the house sorted and the visa money together, again, so I don't have an agent at the mo. Expensive time in the current climate! I am very wary though of who to use if any!! We have resided to the fact that it may take 2 years, esp if Gary has to get an NVQ, madness with 22 years behind him. So I don't fancy paying an agent at the mo when we don't have the right paperwork in order. I want to apply and have everything there ready so there's no hold ups!! Ideas and experience appreciated!
  24. Hi Have been doing lots of research on public primary schools and was really impressed with the approach of the schools I looked at (in Northern Beaches, upper north shore), they all have great websites, load of information especially for parents of prospective kindergarten kids. And I was really pleased to see they put such emphasis on social skills and confidence building rather than just academic progress (unlike school we attend here who only seem to care that children have reading age 2 years ahead of their actual age, which is really not my top priority for a 4 year old) So for all those reasons finding a good school was one of the things I was least concerend about. But have just been reading an email from our friend who lives in Sydney who says that *most* people send their kids to private school as it's so much more affordable than in the UK and the standard is better. Is this the case, and is this something we should be considering? Or does in depend on the suburb you live in? Our eldest would be going into kindergarten in Jan 2010 and I think a less academic and more child orientated school like the ones I've been looking at would really suit him. Thanks in advance Emma
  25. Hi all I know that air pressure on the ground at sea level is x and that walking around on the ground at sea level the oxygen content of the air on a normal day is y. I believe that in a jet at 33K ft or 35Kft the cabin is pressurised to an artifical altitude which is not as high as the plane but is not ground level either. I think I've heard that the innards of the plane are pressurised to about 8,000ft but I am not sure about that figure. That would be like sitting on top of a very high mountain it seems to me so the virtual pressure could be an altitude of less than 8,000ft. The reason I need to find out is because the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth is fond of asking whether Bloggs is fit to make the long flight to Australia bearing in mind the low oxygen content in the plane's cabin. I know that airlines are stingy about bringing in fresh air from outside the plane because the air is very cold and it is very expensive to heat it to an acceptable temperature before circulating it. Heating it costs fuel which costs money. Also the air outside the plane is very "thin" - ie very little oxygen - so it is not the most desirable air to have in the cabin anyway. If possible I want to try to discover what the real deal is with the pressure and oxygen content inside an average passenger plane, please. Prefereably some figures and a description of what they mean. Does anybody either know this or know how to find out, please? Many thanks Gill